Clovers in The Snow (Flurries)

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Here’s today’s Clover(s):

A few flurries had fallen; which always makes Clovers fear for their saaaaaaaaafety. Clovers also fall to the ground like savages before their potentate whenever an “official” vehicle is in the vicinity – school busses and (as here) a road crew salt truck. It’s astonishing how bent over backwards Clovers will go to defer to anything with even a quasi-official smell to it. The browbeating has worked. People really do love Big Brother now….boot worship

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  1. I love it seeing Eric pass on a double yellow or is it white line. On such a straight and level road, why are there so many double lines? All you need on your car is a spray painter to paint 1 of those double lines!!! Ha Ha……………

    • Hi to5,

      Many of these now “no passing zones” were previously legal passing zones. Traffic has not increased markedly; it’s still a rural area. The road itself is exactly the same. The only reason for the change is that the powers-that-be want to eliminate all discretion and render passing illegal everywhere. This enhances their control – and increases their revenue generating possibilities.

  2. I watched a clover come to a full stop in the oncoming lane on a 55 MPH Rd so the school bus ahead of me could turn left .

    It didn’t have the red flashers on just a left turnsignal.

    She nearly bought it when NO ONE expected clover lady to yield to oncoming traffic on a 55 MPH two lane Rd


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