All it Takes is a Call

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In addition to “officer safety,” there is another  tool in the kitbag of the police state that can be used to trample on whatever’s left of our right to be left alone even when we’ve done nothing illegal.

It is the anonymous call. Whether anyone actually called or not.

Armed government workers have merely to claim that “someone called” and now it is your burden to prove you’ve not committed a crime. Check that. Prove to them that you aren’t “suspicious” – which is a hard thing to disprove since all an armed government worker has to do is claim that you are.

After all, “someone called.”

It’s halting – or ought to be.

Armed government workers detaining people under duress – you are not free to go – and berated by them for not being “cooperative” – by submitting to an interrogation without tangible legal basis, solely on account of their claim that “someone called.”

No proof of this call is required.

No requirement that the accuser show himself – so that the accused can be confronted by the witness against him. Remember that one? It’s as long gone as the right to be free from unreasonable searches. Unless you consider it reasonable to be searched without cause – without the need for armed government workers to even assert cause. So long as the search is “brief” it is legal.

But this “someone called” business isn’t even that. And it’s becoming the new Universal Trump Card deployed by armed government workers to ignore the law.

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  1. And two other disturbing things to ponder:

    1) The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE, has been authorized, quite Unconstitutionally, to conduct “checkpoints” and other investigative detentions within 100 miles of the US borders and coastlines, and is allowed to detain ANYONE until they’re satisfied as to their “citizenship status”…never mind that there’s already mechanisms at border crossing points, airports, and sea ports to monitor entry into the United States as it is. “Probable Cause” is now defined, I guess, into living within this “Constitution suspended” zone which takes in SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT of the US population! Of course, you’ll also see local and state police hanging about these checkpoints, and lo and behold, how often, especially if the ICE agents tell you to “pull over”, will THEY come along with the “Drug Dogs”, looking for a reason to falsely “Cue” the animal into “alerting” so they have pretext to further detain and harass you, and tear apart your vehicle in the process? Better be filming and have a video backup, as I always do!

    2) The cops can now show up at ANY time with an ex parte court order, based on an anonymous call (which can be from a jealous ex-spouse, or a disgruntled employee or business associate, or just anyone that has nothing better to do than ‘fuck’ with you in this cowardly and despicable manner), to seize your firearms, and good luck EVER getting them back, even if otherwise there are no criminal charges pending nor is there any signs of psychosis or mental illness that need be proven, let alone adjudicated via due process. The cops can and likely will, also place you on a “72-hour hold for observation” (aka ‘5150’), and you’d better hope that someone remains behind at your residence to secure it against any planting of ‘evidence’! The erstwhile Soviet Union, during the Brezhnev era, using “psychiatry” in this manner to quash dissidents, as they were “enlightened” compared to the late comrade Stalin…which is why Nikita Khrushchev, when he was deposed in October 1964, was quietly pensioned off and effectively under house arrest at his dacha outside Moscow. As one of the erstwhile shoe-pounding First Secretary’s grandson’s described his retirement: “Grandpa just sits about and cries”.

  2. In the late 60’s, early 70’s your “crime” was easy to see…..if you were male and had long hair. There didn’t seem to be a shortage of badged thugs to work that case either. A couple friends, brothers from a small town were walking from their house to some friends one day when some Lubbock cops picked them up and gave em holy hell. Two old drawling Texas boys were searched, jailed, had their heads shaven, held for two weeks and then kicked back out without a charge against them.

    I got stopped in “The Red Bomb” nearly daily. Got so sick of it I cycled nearly everywhere I went for many months, no matter if it was 20 miles away. Hell, we cycled to “the strip”, Lubbock’s remnant of prohibition they just couldn’t give up being such great Christians as they were. You can cycle with a case of beer under your arm and you can be stopped, and hassled and searched and every other damned thing under the sun but you can also stick to turnrows which led all the way to the “nice” part of town… which point you could also be a victim of that real phone call or if the cops were cruising and saw you, the phantom phone call.

    Ah, the glory days of Nixon, the sorry, sorry sorry son of a bitch. Don’t know why somebody like Pat thinks Nixon was anything but the lying two bit hustler he was….always been a mystery to me.

    Early 70’s found me still getting stopped and not by the ubiquitous phone call but real ones made by redneck women cashiers at the stop and go or whatever the hell it was called in Hamlin, Tx., a veritable shithole itself I avoided at all costs but had to haul cotton there to make a living. A DPS tropper I lived about 3 blocks from showed up and stopped me. Was I speeding(no speedometer)? No, he says after we greeted each other first name to first name since we’d known each other for 10 years or more…..and his wife really liked me, not being a good thing. I got a call he said “about a suspicious vehicle”. Nah, you got a call about a long-haired cowboy driving a truck….but I didn’t say it since we both knew and it would merely have been redundant. So he looks for a license plate and being registered in NM it had none on the front. We looked around, rubbed all the bs off the one on the back and best we could tell, it was current. He shook his head and said he didn’t know the source of “suspicious” and I didn’t reply since we both knew. I made it a point after that to be full-throttle(and that sucker was really loud)every time I went past that store. Sometimes I’d even see the bitch staring at me. Go fuck yourself I’d mouth to her and sometimes show her I thought she was number one. Piss me off bad enough and you can raise my ire……bitch.

  3. I have fallen afoul of this one for the apparent crime of WALKING!!! And, rather than give the Hero in question my driver’s license (obviously not needed) I showed him my (genuine) U.S. passport card. Apparently he didn’t know what it was, and did not accept this as valid identification.

    This same Porkulus Rex has essentially made my mother a prisoner in her own home by harassing her for the same “crime.” Always the same justification–some person or persons has “made a complaint” so they have to “check it out.” The difference is, she is more credulous than I am.

  4. So quit acting suspiciously Eric!

    Just carve “Guns Are Bad!” into your forehead and have “I Love The Police” tattooed across your butt cheeks.

    Problem solved. And… you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they use lube for that cavity search.


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