Murdering “hero” Not Only Got Off, He is Getting Rich

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Former University of Cincinnati “hero” Ray Tensing has of course been cleared of murder charges after two mistrials for the death of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate.

Now he’ll receive $344,000 in back pay and legal fees from his former employer.

“I realize this agreement will be difficult for our community,” Neville said. “I am nevertheless hopeful that we can focus on supporting each other as members of the same Bearcat family – even, perhaps especially, if we don’t agree.”University President Neville Pinto announced the payment Thursday in a statement.

Tensing was tried twice on murder charges that stemmed from the shooting of Sam DuBose, and each trial ended in a hung jury. Tensing shot and killed DuBose during a traffic stop on July 19, 2015, that was initiated by Tensing for a missing front license plate.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters dropped the charges after the second mistrial.

The payout by UC is the result of a contractual grievance filed by Tensing, who will receive $244,230 in back pay, along with $100,000 for legal fees.

As part of the agreement, Tensing agreed not only to resign, but to never return in any employment capacity with the university.

But he’s free to resume “duty” as a “hero,” of course.

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  1. Every government department in the US has their own police force: the NPS, BLM, EPA!! All armed and with a license to kill.

  2. The fact that this murdering scumbag got away with this murder, retained his job and received back pay is clear undeniable evidence that we are living in a totalitarian police state. The flame of freedom has indeed flickered out. There might be a few glowing embers left in the hearts of a few good men, but those will be doused by the ignorance of the masses. RIP.

  3. Back when the earth was cooling I attended a ‘state’ university. We had Kampus Kops, always a source for derision but at least they didn’t have guns.

    Then one year the “administration” passed a “law” mandating lights on bicycles. It was fun to watch a young male intent on not being spoken to to haul ass and take to sidewalks and other places they couldn’t go. It was frustrating for them so they’d have to retire to the donut shop just a block from university property and drown their sorrows.

    One night my best friend and I had Cooter Brown with us and stumbled in for some pastry. They noticed we had Cooter with us so eyed us the whole time. I left the car parked out by the curb so when it cranked up with a loud crackling noise they all swiveled to look. I left then looking at a cloud of exhaust and burned rubber. We could see them trying to squeeze through the door and get into their under-powered, over-weight cruisers to give chase.

    Less than a minute later we sat in a crowded parking lot stuffing down flour and sugar and laughing as they went by, exhausts hissing and lights on. They had no clue where we’d gone. It was always good entertainment.

  4. That whole Sandra Bland event we had down here in houston was started because she was pulled over for not signalling a lane change….


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