Latest Reader Question: Gas Shortages

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply:

Paul asks: What president was responsible for the gas shortages of the ’70s and what’s the best evidence of that?

My reply: My understanding is that it was chiefly the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) which was responsible for the gas shortages of the ’70s, not any U.S. president per se. OPEC – chiefly, Saudi Arabia – was unhappy about U.S. policies in the Middle East and so created shortages (of oil) to punish the U.S.

That’s the key take home point. The problem wasn’t a natural shortage of supply. It was a deliberate withholding of supply.

Now, that said, one can lay blame at the feet of Trick Dick – Richard Nixon – for abandoning the vestiges of the gold standard, which triggered inflation – the reduction in buying power of paper money.

Gas became more expensive as a result of that. At least in terms of the quantity of paper money needed to buy a gallon.

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  1. Kissinger negotiated the US loss in Vietnam. We won the war but the north viets won the negotiations. Dr. K is now fully in the shoes of the nwo and preaches their shit at every opportunity. He’s also old and definitely senile and demented. Too much lying and idiocy will do that to you.

  2. OPEC was aligned with the Soviet Union during the Yom Kippur war of ’73. While they did withhold oil, they did so only because they saw the reserves in Tx. dwindle during the preceding 6 years.

    What most people never question is how so much oil could be withheld since refineries operate at a given capacity and it’s not easily changed. A great deal of the price increase was due to gouging by big oil with the US govt complicity in the event.

    I had friends back then in the patch everywhere, not just the Permian Basin. They told me of going to their rig off-shore of La. and how the tankers were backed up for miles off the coast there.

    I can assure you there never was a shortage in Tx. since I immediately shifted my focus from hauling ag. supplies to oil field equipment. I was doled out fuel when not working in the patch but once I was working in the patch fuel was never an issue, only the price of it.

    I do know for a fact that every tank that could be found was brimming full. The drivers that hauled it used to joke not to leave your bathtub unoccupied too long or you’d find it full of fuel. That wasn’t that far off the mark. Every old gas station and truck stop had somebody’s fuel in them, even if they were leakers. Fuel tankers would go into the leases and fill all the old unused oil storage tanks, brine tanks, you name it.

    When you can’t get fuel it verily IS a shortage….in the sense you can’t get it. It just wasn’t the shortage they made it out to be since OPEC didn’t supply that much oil.

    But the point to be made is, the US govt was complicit in demonizing the Arabs FOR Israel because so much of our govt. is controlled by Israel. Who could have been a worse advisor than Henry Kissinger? You’d have been hard pressed to find anyone worse.

    People who lived in the patch(anywhere, Tx. in general, La., NM) knew it was a sham. How can you miss a hundred tankers waiting to offload? You can’t. For the most part, it was a lie. Once OPEC did with-hold oil, it didn’t take long for the rigs to go back up and US reserves to be refilled. They even created a huge oil storage in a large underground cavern. I can assure you there never was a plane, truck nor anything else that the govt. controlled that went without fuel. Oil companies flexed their muscles and got filthy rich.

    I’m surprised the myth continues.

    • Hi Eight, you’re spot on about that, the whole thing was a scam. There was a storage tank near here in Quincy, MA that burst from being over full. Luckily it was number 2 heating oil and not gasoline or it could have been quite the conflagration. Ah the days of tricky Dick; pretty much all our present day evil can be traced back to him and his minions- Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. all mischief makers in the GW Bush era. After 9/11 I’d gag every time the Chimp would say “our friends the Saudis”, pretending they had nothing to do with it. Wish I could line up that whole gang against a wall and shoot them. Dr. Strangelove Kissinger is still around too, sharing his wisdom at one of those DC “think tanks” ; I think I’d like to put him in a tank and drop it in the ocean.

      • MiB, I guess you had to live through it as an adult to understand it. Smoke and mirrors as usual.

        The sheeple don’t realize how much Israel and ultra-rich Jews who support it does to bring down the US. Why is Hollywood so implicit in taking away our rights and fomenting bad feelings for one group to another? It’s a conquer and divide scenario.

        Make sure the ignorant hispanics and negroes blame the white man, no matter if the white man is a citizen of Mexico, born and raised there but looking like a Spaniard. There are plenty white folk in Mexico whose families date back to Cortez……huge swaths of the citizenry.

        Convince the ignorant black man whitey is his enemy, the reason he can’t seem to get ahead…..just like white folk and everyone else can’t get ahead.

        The Marxist based pubic skool system has been doing everything they can to bring about ignorance and a lack of education for a 100 years.

        Now academia is stupid…and ignorant. People who play the system and can’t see the forest for the trees.

        BTW, it wasn’t only the ports in La. but even northern ports had tankers backed up. This is where the usual suspects, the MSM, came in handy. They didn’t report these things because they were told not to do so.

        Yeah, I’ll reload for you, even buy the ammo. Oh wait, what is this right here? What’s that green tip mean?


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