All Charges Dropped…

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News media just released body cam video of an armed government worker in Fort Collins, Colorado brutally assaulting a young woman – whom he claimed had tried to choke him. The video proves him to be a liar as well a thug. The woman’s “crime” was to question the armed government worker’s Authority – and to defend herself against his unprovoked and unjustified physical assault.

Naturally, all charged against the “hero” were dropped.

Imagine this woman is your daughter, wife or sister. How does it make you feel?

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  1. I’m married and have daughter. This is disgusting! Friends don’t let friends become/associate/worship cops.

    • I was married; I have a sister and a niece. This video and others like it infuriate me, as a man. Because I cannot grok another man who behaves this way. The women in the videos posted here – this one and the NJ beach incident – were no “threat” to the prissy pussies who attacked them. Who attacked them because they are bullies – which is the flipside of being a pussy.

      Der tag kommt. And it can’t kommt too soon.

      • I don’t have that special reaction circuit for women. If I ever did feminism and the behavior of women burned it out. I find these things equally disturbing man or woman, because even if it was a man it is still not fair fight and that pulling away she does, that would get most everyone to side with the cop beating down a man.

        • Hi Brent,

          I have a particular loathing for bullies – and while you’re right about the treatment meted out to men, for any man to mete out such treatment to a woman (or a kid or an older person) is especially vile.

          I literally would not stop to piss on one of these “heroes” if I came across one stuck in a burning car.

          • eric, my mother was once speaking of an incident and I don’t remember what but the gist of it was a local badged thug had some bad luck of some sort and she was feeling sorry for him while my dad and I were sipping a brewski and eating some chips and some homegrown and made pico de gallo.

            Something at the end just infuriated me and I had to repsond. I said “Mama, if I were going down the road and about to piss on myself and when I got out I saw that SOB on fire, I’d get back in and pretend to not even see him rather than piss on him. She looked at me and nearly gasped. My dad just had a big smile on his face and said nothing, just got another chip and a cold sip. He felt the same way but had to live with her and I’d summed up his feelings to a T. That ol boy was one of those people(sic)you could see at 100 yards and know was a POS. My mother changed the subject. I drank some more cold beer and tried to forget the image of that ahole… of those guys you are offended that you have to breathe common air.

          • I’ve had plenty of dudes tell me if some crazy girl ever swung on them all they had to do was grab her by the wrists and hold her off til she stopped. No body slamming though.

            It’s not right that they’d do this to anyone. Wildly unnecessary tactics. Just kinda ridiculous to see them manhandle a skinny college kid like that.

  2. But you know how they manage to downplay this stuff to everyone, by making up more lies to spread about the victims. I heard someone say that the girl in Wildwood had spat at the pig who repeatedly punched her; I don’t know if that’s true or not but they said it in a way that suggested a belief in it justifying his actions. Gotta be kidding me.

    They wanna keep throwing people around like this, girl looks like she could be a model, hope they start getting sued for cutting into people’s income when they’re too broken and bruised to fulfill their contracts.


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