Asset Seizure Rant

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This is an audio follow-up of my article (here) about asset seizure and the death of due process; about America as Deliverance – with the government in the role of the rabid hillbillies portrayed in the movie:

I’ll be talking about this on-air tomorrow with Bryan Hyde.


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  1. You can get pretty good odds that they were waiting for him. I would bet that he was ratted-out by his bank and he was being surveilled. Financial institutions are required to report large cash transactions. Try selling a car for cash and depositing it. Watch the “delay” as a couple people talk on the phone.

  2. Eric,
    You are correct in stating that the current AG, Jeff Sessions, and President Trump support civil asset forfeiture. However, they didn’t start this and no one else in recent memory hasn’t supported it.

    Most of this stuff, unwarranted searches, “dynamic” entry raids, roadblocks for searches, etc. began under the sainted Ronald Reagan. Conservatives, who should be opposed to this crap, support it as much or more than the statists on the Left.

    Everyone, it seems, likes a big Ship of State, so long as it’s their hand on the tiller. (present company excepted)


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