Christmas Thanks!

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Just a quick – and very sincere – thank you! to everyone out there for helping me to continue grinding the gears.

I’d particularly like to thank Dr. Jim and Scott D. and Brandon K as well as Martin B and Frank R and Susan M for their support. If you ever get stuck, need a ride or a wrench – well, you have my number!

Actually, some of the above don’t! Which means not only no number – I send that to the heavy hitters – but also no EPAutos magnets!

The new batch is on my desk and ready to go. Any of the above who didn’t send me their mailing address, please do so (mine is and I will get the magnets – and my card, with private hot line number! – out to you ASAP. Or just add it to your PayPal info so I can know where to route these essentials.

Meanwhile, best wishes to everyone reading this. I remain hopeful that – as bad as things seem at times and actually are at times – they will get better.

It’s what keeps me tapping the keyboard, keeping my claws dug into the backs of Clovers.

I think 2018 will be a good year. With you guys at my back, it can’t be otherwise!

Thanks again to all!






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