Sound Matters

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It’s confessional that they’re trying to make EVs sound like . . . something. Most notably, sound like what they’re trying to replace. The Ford Mach-e “Mustang,” for instance, has a button you can push that makes it sound like a Mustang – with an engine – when you floor the accelerator pedal (EVs have no gas pedal). You have probably heard the clip of the 2024 Charger EV demonstrating its “Fratzonic” sound amplification system, meant to sound like there’s something revving (and exhaling) that’s missing.

Why do this?

Well, they do it for the same reason companies that make meatless “meat” refer to it as meat and advertise that it tastes just like meat. They’re admitting what you really want but aren’t having tonight.

Automotive News ran a related confessional the other day – without realizing it, either. A reporter was sent to GM’s sound lab, where the way the sounds of a car not-yet-made can be simulated, to get a sense of how that car would sound if it were to be built.

“It has vibration, it has sound . . . it’s a tool that we use to make virtual cars come alive,” explained GM sound engineer William Seldon. The perennially smiling woman doing the interview can be seen pretending to drive a virtual car in the simulator, rotating the ersatz steering wheel left and right accompanied by sounds of an engine that sounds like a V8 revving up and down.

But GM is giving up on V8 engines.

It currently only sells two cars that still have them – Corvette and Camaro – and both of them are going electric (and crossover, in the case of the Camaro). There are still big trucks and SUVs based on them, like the Chevy Silverado 1500 and its SUV iterations, including the Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade, that have them. But even these are targeted for termination via “electrification,” which GM’s manageress has openly stated will happen because that is what GM’s manageress wants to happen:

General Motors is committed to putting every driver in an electric vehicle on a scale previously unseen and bringing the world to an all-electric future.

So why the bother about how it sounds?

Well, it’s because GM knows perfectly well that people like the sounds they’re about to not hear anymore. At least not authentically.

“The sound, it really helps make this connection,” confesses Seldon. “What brings passion about vehicles . . .? (Everyone knows) a lot of it is that (sound).”

Italics added.

Of course. Silence is the sound of death. There is no noise in the graveyard. No more passion six feet under.

“Sound is a way to bring character to vehicles and give them personality,” the tone-deaf reporteress admits without understanding what she just said. “If there’s no sound that relates to acceleration,” she continues, obliviously, then there’s no connection to it. Just the same as what happens when you are silently whisked up to your floor by an elevator. It’s as forgettable an experience as being soundly asleep.

GM sound engineer Glenn Pietila elaborates, explaining that sounds are the means by which a driver gets feedback from the vehicle but also something more than that. “They are a way for the vehicle to communicate back to you.”

Italics added.


But elevators and escalators don’t communicate because there’s no need. You get in or on and they take you from A to B. Not unlike electric vehicles. In fact, a great deal like them. They all move you, in a physical sense. None move you, emotionally.

How could they?

The only thing moving is the mechanism, the motor. Why simulate the sound of the engine that’s not revving? The transmission that isn’t shifting? It is for precisely the same reason that purveyors of meatless meat describe what they’re purveying as “meat” and insist you won’t miss it because it tastes just the same – even though it isn’t.

But if meatless meat is so good, why not say it without saying anything about meat? Why not tout the tastiness of soy or cricket powder or whatever’s in those “patties” that aren’t made of meat? And if battery-powered vehicles are just as good as engine-powered vehicles, why not let their authentic sounds stand on their merits?

In both cases, the answer is self-evident.

If it were otherwise, this sad effort to replace meat with what isn’t by telling people it tastes just the same and you won’t miss it – and this tragic push to replace cars with character that make us feel something for them more than we feel for the plumbing in the bathroom – would not require all this effort to make them taste and sound like what they’re not, hoping we won’t notice what they’re working so hard to take away.

. . .

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  1. The repressive government wants to limit our mobility. Jimmy Carter did that with the 55 mph nationwide speed limit. Until Sammy Hagar yelled “I can’t drive 55”

    Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55

    Stay between the lines citizen. Don’t exceed the speed limit slaves. 55 saves lives. No roaring piston car for you. Smart cities for all you woke Borgs, stay inside the “safe” perimeter.

    Last July, I was holding my truck stop coffee, driving south of Chemult Oregon on Highway 97, and I saw the weirdest thing. It was early morning, my headlights were on and it was twilight, I could see something jogging north, while I sped south to get to my Monday morning job. I’m staring at this “jogger” and a car approached it from it’s rear, it bolted across the highway about a quarter mile in front of me. I was expecting to see the side view of an elk, but I still saw that “jogger” profile which was now a runner going 35 mph into the woods. I had seen my first bigfoot, you know, a black haired humanoid which doesn’t exist.

    (It wasn’t a bear, this thing was much taller than a car, and it didn’t lope, I have hunted and trapped for much of my life, and I know my wildlife. A bear is not that high off the ground compared to a human standing erect. A bear doesn’t jog, and a bear can not run as fast as the thing I saw, which was going the speed of a bicyclist coasting downhill. What I saw does not exist, and no human would run into the woods like that anyways. I thought about it the rest of the way back to Medford, and regretted I didn’t pull over for 5 minutes and look at the tracks of that thing)

    Since that sighting, I envy bigfoot, it doesn’t have to have a job to go fast. But it doesn’t have to go fast because it doesn’t need money, or a job, or have to be somewhere. It can be anywhere, going slow or fast. Bigfoot does not need a car, it is not worried about Gruesome Newsome being installed as the next Communist President, it is not worried about license plates, driver’s license, paying taxes, rent, mortgage, or what type of shoes to buy next.

    Bigfoot runs free and we are screwed.

  2. EVs are not automotive electrification, it’s transportation “electrocution”.
    People would like to believe that future transportation will be what you see in the film “Minority Report”, with automated pods on an electronic track or grid. Won’t happen. We already pay taxes for the upkeep of asphalt roads, which doesn’t get done until well after it’s crumbling. There is not going to be any super-duper-mega-system for 95% of anyone, because they don’t want us to be transient in any capacity. The future will be more akin to what is portrayed in the film “FreeJack”, with only top-tier elites having anything approaching “modern, efficient, personal” transportation options.

      • I recall a very specific projection in 1985, that we would have flying cars by the year 2000.

        Well, another quarter century has blown by, and I’m still stuck on four wheels.

        Plus they never delivered my pony either. 🙁

        • “We’re living in the future
          I’ll tell you how I know.
          I read it in the paper,
          Fifteen years ago.”
          – John Prine

  3. EV’s have a sound……the sound of your money being flushed down the toilet….

    After 7 years the battery in an EV is dead so the car has no residual value…it just depreciated to zero…your money is gone…

    The new ice cars are a lot better then EV’s but they have been ruined too…they are full of electronics and computers so will be difficult/costly to repair and they have a shorter lifespan then an old analog ice car…

    With inflation at 60% a year, among the highest in the world, Venezuelans protect their earnings by buying cars, In Cuba too…..It is better then $ sitting in a bank account or cash…..

    Ford model T cost $846 in 1909 $826 in 1909 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $27,155.43 today,

    Ford model T now worth
    Perfect Condition $60,500 – $246,400
    Excellent Condition $50,861 – $60,500

    Since 1909 a dollar has lost 97% of it’s value…
    A Ford model T has increased in value 120%

    In 1909 a house cost $5,000 …it is equivalent in purchasing power to about $164,379 today,
    The average U.S. house is now $328,000
    A house has increased in value 100% since 1909

    This means Leno and Seinfeld are smart….

    Used-Car Prices Reaccelerate With Biggest February Gain Since 2009

    ….maybe people figured it out that $1000 invested in an old analog car is better then $1000 sitting in a bank account…

    another reason to ban them….a better store of value then the new CBDC coming soon…..

    • Venezuela a paradise for old analog classic cars….gas is 10 cents per gallon…and the cars are loved there….

      In the G7 countries classic cars and all cars will be banned, gas is $4.00 per gallon, the globalist/marxist government hates cars….

      Venezuela’s Auto Industry in a Free Fall

      “Production is drying up as big auto makers can’t obtain dollars to pay parts suppliers and sky-high inflation turns older cars into investment vehicles.”That latter part about older cars turning into investment vehicles is reminiscent of Cuba! Is Venezuela destined to become the second Cuba of the hemisphere?

      Venezuela the rare country where used vehicles climb in value.

      “I can’t find anything. Prices are climbing daily,” said Jesus Ramirez, a taxi driver who has spent a year trying to replace the 2008 Renault he purchased new for $7,441. He sold the car for over $30,000 five years later.

      With inflation at 60% a year, among the highest in the world, Venezuelans protect their earnings by buying cars, In Cuba too…..among other big-ticket items.

      Cash sitting in a bank account loses value…(with 10% inflation you lose 10% in purchasing power per year)….a used car loses value slower/doesn’t lose value or goes up in value…collector cars are even better…

      What happens when the people elect an extreme left-wing bus driver to the presidency? An economy damaged so extensively it could take 10 years or more to get it back on track…….
      This is Obama’s hope and change for the US..same thing……which will end the same way……An economy damaged extensively

      “Just another shining success story for socialism. It has never worked since the start in 1917. Obama, Hillary and Canadian politicians such as Chretien and Trudeau dedux can not understand that it simply does not work.”Well, socialism gives them control of the masses if the they’re dumb enough to fall for it, which far too many are.

      Socialism doesn’t work, especially in countries where the population has strong memories of a previous capitalistic economy. Corruption and the black economy thrive – Venezuelans will simply buy stuff in neighboring Colombia and smuggle them in and sell for much higher prices.

      Socialism after 100 years of failure must be regarded as a serious mental illness.

      Billions of dollars were lost as corrupt businessmen billed the government for imports that never took place, government officials have publicly acknowledged. Corruption is the result, not a cause, of the problems in Venezuela

      Since the first car reached Venezuela in 1904, a Cadillac delivered to a Caracas doctor, the automobile has become part of the national identity in a country with close cultural ties to the U.S. Venezuela built highways that were the envy of Latin America. And fuel remains nearly free, giving long life to Detroit’s classic gas-guzzlers, which are common nationwide.

      We love whiskey, beauty queens, fine cars and baseball here,” said Leonardo Casadiego, president of the Venezuelan Association of Antique and Classic Cars. “The money brought in by the oil industry allowed the cars to come flowing in.”

  4. I have a vegan son and when he comes home for a visit, we end up eating some of the “meatless meat”. I have to say they’ve come a long way with it, at least with the hamburger and meatball substitutes. They’re actually quite good. They’ve still got a long way to go with cheese however.

    • Doritos taste really good too, but they’re a processed and engineer substance. It’s just not food and neither are impossible burgers. Here’s the impossible burger ingredients, filled with soy (containing plant estrogens to give you man boobs) and toxic seed oil and “natural flavors”:

      Ingredients: Water, Soy Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavors, 2% Or Less Of: Methylcellulose, Cultured Dextrose, Food Starch Modified, Yeast Extract, Soy Leghemoglobin, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (Antioxidant), L-tryptophan, Soy Protein Isolate

  5. I really, truly wish I had a clear understanding of GM’s (and other similar manufacturers like Dodge’s) long term strategy of discontinuing vehicles that we (i.e. myself and regular folk) know people want and acting like their EV and small-engined turbocharged “replacements” will sell well. Do they ACTUALLY believe that EV sales will soar and bring them equal or better profits, or are they purposely trying to do something more sinister like purposefully “throwing the game” knowing they’ll get bailouts? I really want to know what these executives actually believe

    • Hi Dood,

      My take: The management class of these companies doesn’t give a damn because it doesn’t need to. What does it matter – to them – what happens – to us? Or the company? Mary Barra receives $20 million annually. She can buy anything she wants, no matter how much it costs. The price is – go along with the Leftist shibboleths. Lenin was right about the so-called “capitalists.”

      • Yeah, I suppose so. The next question is, how will GM stay afloat after falling short on sales, and the answer is probably just taxpayer payola. Of course, no one (except the upper management and the shibboleths) wins, and the taxpayers and auto buyers all lose. Just par for the course these days 🙁

        • They will attempt to ‘force’ it on you/us, by raising the cost of things they currently have in their quiver, such as gas taxes and registration fees. Maybe even insurance goes way up on gas vs EV. They will sell it by calling you/us or anyone using gas a ‘polluter’. This will be their strategy.

  6. I work for a company that creates software tools to enable what we call “virtual commissioning” That means testing all aspects of a product in the virtual world. This considers motion, physics, embedded software, and so on. Essentially, much more testing and prototyping work can be accomplished before the physical build.

    Around 2004 we showcased a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in our lobby, around the case history of the development of the new exhaust system using our software. This included the sound profile. It struck me as hilarious as a motorcyclist. All that careful engineering to perfect the factory mufflers, which are the first things to go in the dumpster.

    It’s more than sound that entertains those who actually like cars. It’s many touch points: Steering feel and feedback/response, engine response, brake feel, how the transmission shifts (how many people go on and on and on about the shift action of Miatas?).

    I have a 2019 Camaro V6 Manual, and it’s awesome in all of these areas. It’s a brilliant platform that really rewards the driver, and does so with great gas mileage on regular gas. It makes me all the sadder, because it shows what GM can do, but won’t because they are literally part of the government.

    One last thought. The way we know that the EV intent doesn’t match the rhetoric, is because if it did, there would be Manhattan project level activity to build up the power generation infrastructure to support the 3x volume required by electrification, and it would include nuclear. Instead, they are incentivizing a reduction in electrical capacity by paying energy companies to close coal plants.

  7. The GM engineer (Pietila) perfectly nailed why this fake-out is a completely stupid idea.

    The sound and vibration absolutely is feedback to what is occurring. Whether people are directly/immediately/consciously aware of that or not. It’s like a more comprehensive version of the tachometer only its purely analog and not a mechanical gauge.

    If they’re faking that out, they are giving inputs to something that is not occurring and doesn’t even exist! That is necessarily distracting the driver from getting the actual feedback from the vehicle they are driving.

    As a very hard of hearing person, I can’t disagree with this strongly enough. I *need* to hear what actually *is* happening with the least amount of distraction, never mind a fake out for something that doesn’t really exist.

    If I’m driving a fucken golf cart, I need to hear its electric motors whir and its suspension creaking and its tires rolling on the asphalt. I need *that* input as clear as possible.

    These fucken people are just very stupid. I bet that have fancy degrees which makes them the worst and most obnoxious: so very well-degreed *and* stupid. So annoying!

  8. Random list of sounds they can program the eeeeveeeee to sound like. Since the revving or whatever isn’t real, why settle for reality? Kinda like how folks personalize their ringtone nowadays, they can personalize their electronic appliance of a car to sound like whatever they want.

    -old washing machine
    -the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    -a continous fart
    -Phillys Diller laughing
    -Star Wars pew pew pew
    -Scooby saying ‘scooby dooby doo’
    -housefly buzzing
    -steam locomotive
    -Dixie horn

  9. For years we’ve been told that meat was baaaaaaaaaaaad, and yet there were the Beyond Meats and the Impossible Foods making FAKE MEAT that “tasted just like meat”. If meat was sooooooo bad, why make “plant based” versions of chicken, burgers, etc. What’s laughable is that many fast food restaurants, which have become well known for burgers or chicken they have on their respective menu, have restored to selling “plant based” versions of their signature items, such as Burger King and KFC. Even Chick-fil-A has joined the “plant based” food craze with a cauliflower sandwich.

    And now they’re doing something similar with EVs, making sounds that mimic what we’ve heard in automobiles of the past? I thought gas powered vehicles were also “baaaaaaaaaaaaad”. What next, artificial men and women? Oh wait, that’s already being pushed, as is ChatGPT.

    The things that have been pushed the past few years sound like something out of many science fiction or dystopian novels crammed into ONE dystopian nightmare.

    • Hi John,

      Read the financial reports. If you ever want to get a true feel about a company’s success or potential for failure numbers can only lie so much. Beyond Meat’s stock price was at a high of $196 in 2019 and today it sits at $18. Their balance sheet shows they are bleeding money with their liabilities outweighing their total assets. A business can only last for so long that way. Is their revenue up? Yes, but it is for everyone across the board due to inflation. The operating costs are through the roof leaving them with a negative gross profit.
      I expect them to be a penny stock in the near future. No influx of cash is going to turn this sucker around unless they can sell a product that people want. The people are speaking…they don’t want fake meat. They also don’t want EVs. The top can push their narrative all they want, but people will not buy something that does not fit their needs or wants.

      • RG,

        I read elsewhere that the “fake meat” companies were losing money, though frankenmeat might be a good way to get high ESG scores from the globalist technocrats. People may have figured out the REAL reason for this fake meat push and stopped buying such products accordingly. Until 2 or 3 years ago, I never understood why there was this push to create stuff that “tasted just like meat” or mimicked meat, as we’ve been told for years that meat was baaaaaaaaaaaad or “caused climate change”.

        The same appears to be happening with this push for EVs, especially when they don’t perform too well in certain weather conditions such as freezing cold.

        • Hi John,

          The only thing ESG will achieve is people pulling their money out of the stock market. People do not invest to feel good. They invest to become wealthy. If they are not making money, they will hold onto their funds and put it into more lucrative assets. When that stops the whole tower falls because a money losing corporation like Beyond Meat will have no hope. They can be as “substantiable” as they want, their social credit score could be out of this world, but no moolah = no product = no business.

        • In Winter in North America, it is possible to buy items in supermarkets which resemble tomatoes. They look like tomatoes, but they don’t smell like tomatoes, are not juicy like tomatoes, nor taste anything like a real tomato.

          If that’s what makes you happy, then knock yourself out. Some of us know the difference, and are willing to wait for he real thing.

      • The free market should cause companies like this to shut their doors. However, the Fed just prints up money and it will somehow find its way to politically expedient zombie companies. Eventually somebody like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or maybe In-Q-Tel will “invest” in it. This kind of thing happens all the time, with some examples being Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, NPR, Planned Parenthood, Washington Post, New York Times. None are profitable, but they continue to exist.

      • You have to know when to get in on which category of stocks they are getting ready to ramp up….

        the last three years were the time for the big pharma stock promotion….so they relabeled mild flu as bat germ and mandated masks and injections….gates just cashed out his 9X win on big pharma stocks…and made china richer…80% of the ingredients for that stuff came from china…and almost all the masks…….and made china richer….that makes sense because the rulers got elected with ccp help…they are owned by the WEF and china….

        Trillions more of your tax dollars are going to be spent on high tech surveillance equipment , computers and AI over the next few years, for the FMC…..5 min cities/ghettos/outdoor prisons they are building today….where they will herd all the rural dwellers into….that will ramp up all the supplier’s stocks….china benefits again…..most of the equipment comes from china….probably full of spyware….lol….like the cranes…..

        • Re: the cranes

          Pentagon Sees Chinese ‘Spy Cranes’ At US Ports As “Trojan Horse”

          US officials have voiced concerns that Chinese-manufactured cranes operating at major US ports and various military bases may serve as a “Trojan horse” for Beijing’s intelligence-gathering program, The Wall Street Journal reported.

          According to national security and Pentagon officials, the ship-to-shore cranes, produced by China’s ZPMC, are equipped with advanced sensors capable of detecting and monitoring shipping containers

          the ccp got brandon elected…

          from zh comments…

          and all those Chinese-sourced talking and listening toys in defence contractors’ kids’ rooms?
          Amazon Echo? Google Nest? Alexa?

          The CCP bought our government fair and square. What did you think would happen?

          Cranes are but one part of a larger logistics cybersecurity iceberg.
          Trucker Path is one of the best trucker navigation apps, but it’s owned by a Chinese firm, giving them a real-time view of America’s supply chain in-motion, the risk of potential harm being even more severe around sensitive military-related shipments to military bases or sensitive facilities

          I see 24 Chinese spies around the house, oh, it’s my TV, fridge, blender, stove, siding, shingles, coffee maker, water heater, furnace, concrete, 2x4s, 2x6s, 2×8, isolation, door knobs, shower, toilets …smart house

          company’s that the ccp control run the ports and own and control most power transmission lines and major pipe lines inside the USA..

          • company’s that the ccp control run the ports and own and control most power transmission lines and major pipe lines inside the USA..

            scary much?

      • Hi Eric,

        It’s funny that several years ago, South Park had an episode making fun of the Prius as a car full of “smug”. This was before the advent of Tesla and EVs. These days, the Prius is considered evil by the environmental crazies because it has the effrontery to actually have an internal combustion engine.

        • Indeed, Martin!

          Of a piece with the Left’s recent opposition to Free Speech and support for the war in Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

          • Eric,

            Not so long ago, “The Left” actually CARED about free speech, spoke out about the evils of Big Pharma, and opposed forced vaccinations. After 2020, they effectively became PRO-CENSORSHIP and acted as Big Pharma’s biggest shills, and advocated FORCED COVID vaccinations. How many people had their lives DESTROYED or even ENDED because they supported draconian measures out of fear of a virus with a LESS than 1% fatality rate for people under 70 years of age? We may never know, as this insanity occurred worldwide.

            “The Left” also expressed opposition 20 years ago to the military-industrial complex and then President W’s “War on terror” and wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. Now, they CHEER the Biden Thing’s war in “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev” under guise of “Getting rid of Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Putin”. There are still some liberals out there who haven’t lost their minds, but they’ve been under relentless attack from “The Illiberal Left”, to quote actor & comedian Rob Schneider.

    • Your EeeVee has transitioned — via an over-the-air update it ordered by itself, last night while you were sleeping.

      It now identifies as an internal combustion vehicle.

      ‘Vroom! Vroom!’ screeches its digital assistant. ‘Fill my tank, you brawny man!’

  10. Real engine sounds created in a lab. These car companies are finally getting it, Please, truth and reality Thats soooo last year. It’s all about how you feel. The fake, I mean real sounding engine, I mean interactive transportation device communication signals are just as real as a real engine. No confusion at all. Kind of like how if you are a male who transitions to female and gets fake boobs. That person is just as female as a real woman. Opps bad analogy, of course it is not possible to define what a woman is. Ok, a formerly female athlete who has undergone gender affirming surgery. Right. Makes you wonder whats next…..will these ah men start insisting on competing in traditional mens athletic competitions? Wait…why not are men afraid they will mop the floor with those real, er born male football players? hmm….wonder why that phenomenon is never going to happen….

    • Hi RS,

      I had an a-ha moment yesterday while working on a corporate tax return. I don’t think this woke “stuff” (the EVs, the fake meat, the ESG, the canceling culture, etc.) is going to last much longer. Will it end tomorrow? No, but I would say in the next year or two it will be overthrown and a bit more common sense may prevail.

      As I was working on one particular client’s return, I noticed a large amount spent on website development. I am naturally curious (okay, fine, nosy), so I checked out the website. Come to find out my client is a promoter of the ESG philosophy. She is building her new business around it. I should have been repelled, but I laughed. Does the client actually believe in what she is selling? Nope. This is a new business opportunity and will be pushed until the next business opportunity comes along. There is nothing like selling a product or service that one does not believe in.

      I also noticed that the “woke” corporations have moved all of their headquarters from Illinois, New Jersey, New York, California to such havens as Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Most of the addresses on the pension plans have changed…several over the past year. I found that interesting. One left Chicago to go to Florida where “woke” apparently goes to die (to quote DeSantis). Many left Newsome’s hell hole to seek shelter in Texas.

      Why are these woke companies not sheltering in place? Do they not believe in higher taxes, unsafe neighborhoods, and the agenda of their most liberal employees? No business lasts forever and for many this will be their last hurrah. I look forward to these woke companies meeting the same demise as Countrywide, Polaroid, and Enron. Just being a numbers girl several of these are in deep, deep trouble.

      • RG,

        Texas Republicans are arrogant, and both Senators are in serious trouble long term, starting with Cruz next year. The state could go “blue” faster than California, and many urban areas are already there — Austin, San Antonio, Houston.

        Once my daughter graduates high school, we are going to consider our options.

        BTW, Gavin Newsom’s in-laws moved to Florida and, upon arrival, promptly wrote a big check to DeSantis’ PAC.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          There is no doubt that Texas is heading purple, but I don’t believe she is out yet. Abbott won the governorship with 55% of the vote compared to O’Rourke’s 44%. All we can do is keep hoping that the left keeps electing commies for candidates. Their success rate has not gone too well in the Lone Star State.

          • Hi RG,

            One thing I’m a little hopeful about in re the “transition” from red to blue is that many of the immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America are pretty traditionally minded in their general outlook and that could backfire on the Left. We’ll see, I suppose!

            • Hey, Eric,
              >many of the immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America are pretty traditionally minded

              That accords with my experience. Former neighbors (they still own the place, but rent it out) are a case in point. Both parents born in Mexico, naturalized U.S. citizens, children native born U.S citizens.

              These people are more “middle class American” than I, they vote, and I guarantee they have no use for “wokeness,” or fake “victimhood.” *Very* traditional values, and more power to them. They believe in the American dream, have worked hard for everything they have got, and deserve every bit of it.

            • Yes, the folks from south of the border do tend to be socially conservative. But- the radical leftists currently wreaking havoc in this country will simply change skins to market to them. And the stupid right will pander right to that with policies designed to get them to punch the tar baby. They are already painting anti illegal immigrant sentiment as somehow racism. Even though current immigrants want it stopped too- you have to remember half of the people are below average intelligence, and many of those are FAR below.

              Mexico is great, if you understand corruption and can work the system. A few dollars have traditionally bought a lot of good will. But as the dollar collapses, that will change.

          • Sure worked well in AZ with the one of the most blatant steals lately. Kari Lake likely wom by 20 points with the in-person vote.

    • Hi RS,

      Yes, it it is interesting that “trans” men (i.e.,women pretending to be men) rarely, if ever, attempt to compete with men in contests of strength. There is a one such “trans” man at the gym where I work out. For a woman, she is pretty strong. I’ve seen her bench 135 pounds, one or two reps, pretty bad form. But – still – for a woman, this is a lot of weight. For a man – of average strength – it is a warm up.

      I feel for the real women forced to compete against biological males “identifying” as women. But I would feel no sympathy at all for a “trans” man – that is to say, a woman pretending to be a man – who insists on competing with men in contests of strength being humiliated and getting her ass whipped.

      • Eric,

        The weekly news program “Full Measure” had a story a few years ago about transgender women competing in WOMEN’S SPORTS. Host Sharyl Attkisson interviewed a few female athletes and when she asked how many of them have been beaten or negatively affected by transgenders in competitions, ALL of them raised their hands.

        • Hi John,

          Yup. There’s that guy who swims with the women at UPenn I think it is. As a guy, he has much more upper body strength than women – it’s just biology – and so regularly wins. But his times are mediocre at best vs. male swimmers. So this loser competes with women, which is like stealing ice cream from a toddler.

          • Eric,

            What’s particularly disgusting is that this crap is being pushed by, among other groups, the self-proclaimed “Party of women”, the Democrat Party.

        • Hi John,

          Female athletes could put a stop to this immediately. All they would have to do is to refuse to compete against biological males. This would force the sports competitions to either ban biological males or to end the female competitions. Imagine if, at the start of a women’s swimming competition in which a biological man inserted himself, all of the women just remained in the starting position while the “trans” woman took off all by “herself”. This bullshit would end real quickly. Female athletes have not done this because they have been morally disarmed into believing that this would make them “transphobic”.

  11. “General Motors is committed to putting every driver in an electric vehicle”
    Sounds like there’s going to be a LOT fewer “drivers”. Since few can afford one, and there’s not enough generating and grid capacity to feed very many more EVs. Since many grids are having trouble keeping up with heating and air conditioning. And no effort to increase capacity.
    Of course if ICVs are “outlawed”, as in “outregulated”, every “driver” WILL drive an EV, or nothing at all. The last part being the goal.

  12. “[Sounds] are a way for the vehicle to communicate back to you.” — tone-deaf reporterette

    Vehicles now being cell phones on wheels, soon lucky EeeVee buyers will get a long ring-tone-like menu of engine sounds, ranging from mighty V8s and V12s to modest econobox I3s.

    Most appropriate — but probably never offered — would be the ring-a-ding-ding of a three-cylinder two-stroke, supplemented by a blue fog machine out back to simulate oil mist.

    Unfortunately, CO2 guns used as fog machines emit deadly carbon dioxide. Why celebrate life at wedding receptions and dance parties by poisoning the atmosphere? /sarc

    • Can’t wait until soda pop, beer, and Champaign are outlawed because of CO2 emission. Of course Champaign will remain available on private jets, and in limos.

      • Nothing will ever be outlawed completely, just regulate the manufacturers to the point the products will be out of reach of the 99%, except for extremely special occasions. Like when your district wins the Hunger Games.


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