The Sound Police

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One of the ways the people who want to punish driving have gone about it is by attacking the burning of gas and the “emitting” of gasses. Another – related – way is by attacking the “emitting” of  . . . noise.

Because guess what kind of car doesn’t make any? 

Electric vehicles do produce artificial sounds but these can be turned off. You cannot turn off the sound produced by an engine, which will always make some “noise,” as the sounds made by engines are styled by those who hate engines.

This brings us to New York City – which is of course a city. In other words a place that is noisy by definition even in the absence of vehicles with engines because it is a city – and there are myriad other sources of noise, such as the electric subways, for instance. But never mind them and the obnoxious screeches and clattering sounds they make.

Nor the sounds of obnoxious “street performers,” either.

The focus is specifically on the sounds made by engines – so as to attack vehicles that have them. Initially, just the “obnoxious” sounding ones; i.e., high-performance and modified cars as well as poorly maintained ones. But – in time – all engine sounds will be characterized as “obnoxious,” as inevitably as bans on smoking in privately owned restaurants and bars led to general bans on smoking in public.

Including outside.

The Sound Police will deploy the usual creepy methods of electronic and blanket surveillance, via noise-sniffing (so to speak) traffic cameras that will identify “offenders” and send them punishment via the mail, in the form of a fine that is extremely punishing: $800 for a first “offense.” Of course, many people will not be able to pay a fine that high – and that will serve excellently to take the “offending” driver (and car) off the road. Or at least, place the driver in jeopardy of being caged – and the car impounded, which amounts to the vehicular equivalent – if caught driving without paying.

If that’s not sufficient punishment, the fine for second or third offense runs into the thousands.

New York City’s current Mayor, Eric Adams, is all for it. He says “noise pollution makes it hard to sleep and increases the risk of chronic diseases.” It is true, of course, that noise can make it harder to sleep. It is why many people leave the city for the country, where there aren’t screeching and clattering subways cars grinding back and forth 24/7, jackhammers pounding the streets below, howling schizophrenics, “street performers” and sirens wailing in constant tandem with the ubiquitous crime.

Let’s also not forget the light pollution that is endemic to cities. The visual smog of millions of bright lights on regardless of time of day makes it usually impossible to see the starry sky at night.

But there are millions who like the blinding lights and constant activity of the city; the being able to get top-shelf Chinese food at any hour of the night. That there always being something to do, to see – and hear. These are among the reasons why people chose to live in a city. To object to what attends is like a country person bemoaning the calm and quiet.

Never mind that.

New York’s Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution (Sleep) act will see to that. At least insofar as regards vehicles with engines, the specific target of the effort – which is overseen by the (wait for it!) Department of Environmental Protection.

Italics added.

This fact raises the eyebrows because it is the same department that has been focused on the gaseous “emissions” (all but nonexistent, unless you count carbon dioxide – which has oilily been redefined as an “emission,” much the same as drugs that don’t prevent infection or transmission got redefined as “vaccines”) of vehicles with engines, as a means of attacking the ownership and use of them and of promoting vehicles without engines as their putative replacement.

It appears that no matter how “clean” a vehicle with an engine may actually be in terms of byproducts that cause actual harm – such as smog – rather than hurt feelings it will never be “clean” enough. Kind of like the way even a single “case” of COVID warrants city-wide “lockdowns” in places like China – and places that emulate China, like Australia and Canada.

And if that’s not enough, then noise can be used as the means of attacking the ownership and use of vehicles with engines – and the promoting of vehicles without engines as their putative replacement.

Emphasis on “putative” because we all know how impractical vehicles without engines are, especially in cities. At least in terms of individuals owning them. Most of them – in cities – living in apartment buildings where there’s no place to plug one in. It’s not easy running a cord from the 8th floor to the street below.

Adams, et al., are well-aware of these and other facts. Or – rather – those behind Adams, et al., are well-aware of these facts. As they were (as they are) with regard to the facts about the medical efficacy of “masks” and knew perfectly well that few would have taken their “safe and effective” drugs had they been aware that not only weren’t they either thing – they weren’t even vaccines.

“Emissions” – of gasses and noises – are the vehicles being used to pincer-movement vehicles with engines off the road, to be replaced – to a much lesser degree – by electric vehicles few will own that people will summon when they need transportation as a service. This will be provided by mobility companies rather than car companies, who will sell you a service each time you use it.

Assuming you’re allowed to use it.

And – hokey pokey – that’s what’s is all about.

. . .

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  1. When that annoying cheddar news comes on at the pump, keep in mind that the second button from the top to the right of the screen is the mute button.

  2. It occurs to me that this whole business of 15 minute cities is nothing new. They had ’em 80 years ago, and they had names like Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, and Heart Mountain.

    The German Socialists were pikers, they killed a few enemies of the state, and had to bear the cost of getting rid of the bodies. The Yankee socialists convinced the suckers to get injected with a poison and their families bear the cost of: A. the poison injection, B. caring for the disabled and C: the cost of getting rid of the bodies. Sweet!

  3. Don’t forget the gunfire.

    On the rare occasion I’ve been forced to go to a city overnight, it is a constant roar of electric humming, cars, busses, horns, sirens, loud people

    I don’t know how anyone can live like that. Not sure that engines were big contributors, but god bless. NYC is a crap hole anyway, of which I will never return.

  4. Maybe the NFL needs policing.

    I live on the left-coast have no dog in the Bengals- Chiefs game, but I have to say this; we live in a politically corrupt world. Everything is manipulated for reason; elections, stock market, crypto, Epstein hanging in his jail cell, all for political power, personal power/gain and/or against someone else. We’ve been asleep and now find ourselves in a third world country. Many look to NFL as an escape from all this daily corruption. How anyone could watch that game and not come away with either the refs were insanely incompetent or corrupt. There can be no other choice, America’s last refuge is and has been rigged.

    • I don’t get the fascination with sports, I’d rather be doing something than sitting around a TV or bar watching a buncha grown ass men chasing a deflated ball around and tackling each other.

      My one friend loves football, him and his friend tried to invite me to the bar, I tried to be open minded but was bored right away, don’t get the appeal of sports at all.

      • Amen, Zane –

        I can see that it might be interesting to some people – and I’m not slamming them for being interested. What I will never understand is the way some people are invested in “the game.” As if the outcome had some meaning. It’s a game. And you’re not playing it.

        • Now I’m a gamer, but I don’t expect people to watch me play games. I don’t play like I used to, I work on my stories whenever I can, but at least I’m in control of how things go, even if things are somewhat predetermined by the nature of it all.

          I’ll take “Writing in a cafe” or “offroading in the pine barrens” over “(Name your sport) (name day)”

        • That’s IT, right there > “And you’re not playing it.”

          Myself, I get the appeal of sports,… the doing of it, not the watching of it so much.

          Horseracing is a sport, I am ok watching a race or two. But unless I’ve got a bet on the outcome I don’t ever think, “we won”.
          A lot of guys bet on the games they watch, that changes the equation, but only a little, imho.

          I would mention college football vs. pro, but that subject has already been covered at EPA.

          My better-half loves watching what I call, “TeeVee Football” i.e. movies & series with football, ‘Friday Night Lights’ and I have to admit that the way they frame the games, the fast forwarding (I guess you could say) I’ll watch just a little of it if I ain’t got nothing better to do.

          I’m just glad I came of age before, ‘Sports Bars’ were a thing.
          Yah, wall-to-wall TeeVee’s with multiple games on, bore the shit out of me, too. …”Anybody wanna play pool?”

            • I was thinking about your cool 4×4 link, it’s about men conquesting nature, as is the way of nature & of man.

              I thought about why I kind of like some of the non-drama segments of, ‘Friday Night Lights’. …I think, maybe, it’s a bit the same thing?

              I thought about how the guy willingly trapped in an office cubical or hooked to an assembly line 55 hrs. a week might see ‘sports’ as a (an escape?) or a connection to … masculinity, freedom, comradeship, … all the things men find in war? Not just war against other people, but against nature, their ability to operate machines or overcome problems with them or their own selves, or their shitty situation in life?

              I also thought about the upbeat feelings I, and those around me, felt when at a high school football game back in the 1980’s before it was all about ‘security this, & security that’.
              Dividing the conditioning of football as, ‘war game training’ from the, ‘men conquesting nature’ … I can’t explain it.

              …Just thinking out loud. …It’s – 1 degrees outside without the windchill. Hope that makes sense. Lotta distractions.

          • helot,
            In my teens to early twenties, I loved playing baseball. Spent a lot of my time on it, and got pretty good at it. I can’t bear to watch one. Back when I watched commercial TV I would often put one on, as background “music”, but no way was I going to sit down and watch it. There have been great games played in pro baseball, but they are very few and far between. George Carlin once explained the beauty of the sport: ” Football is played in a STADIUM, on a GRID IRON. Baseball is played in a PARK, in a quadrant of the universe.”
            By the way, I had the same attitude toward my fiddle playing, back when I was able. I loved playing one but had little desire to listen to someone playing one.

        • “Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only true sports. Everything else is just a game.” Ernest Hemmingway

          Take that woke Nike.

        • Eric,
          A great many public high schools in at least somewhat rural communities are totally obsessed with sports. More than they are with producing literate graduates. Some of the more well funded schools even recruit athletes, which is illegal, but they do it anyway.
          The local school that absorbs about 70% of my property taxes has a high school student population of I’m sure 500 or less, for grades 9-12. You cannot generate a competitive football teem with that small of a source. But they have one. A thing I remember from Ross Perot’s presidential campaign was his condemnation of the public school system, something to the effect that “the purpose of consolidating schools is to produce a football team”.

  5. You know if they could, they’d ban the cars outright, but they cant, so they’re gonna to go about this slowly

    Gonna be a divided states soon enough if these commies aint pushed back on, I just hope to be gone way before it comes to my neck of the woods

  6. And no noise can kill! Sadly, one of my sons friends was recently killed by a Tesla in Florida, when he stepped off a curb into a tesla. Now, one can easily say that he was inattentive and should have seen the tesla coming, but I don’t think we are conditioned for this yet. Maybe never, as animals, use hearing more than we think.
    The police report absolutely mentioned the lack of vehicle noise as one of the contributors to his death.
    I do not know the fallout as to who is considered at fault.

    • ChrisIN,
      I can attest to that. Being hearing impaired, I’m now always on the lookout for cars while crossing streets or parking lots, since I can’t hear them anymore.

  7. How about helicopters landing at a hospital with a badly injured accident victim? At 300 hours, you wake up to go back to sleep.

    Blaring train horns, jets, car traffic, trucks moving everything to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. If it doesn’t move, it’s big trouble.

    Noise should be music to your ears. Philadelphia’s Eagle fans made noise for hours, pure joy for them.

    When I was a child, the lions at the zoo would roar every morning about 6:00 AM. Woke you up, they were hungry, the zookeeper settled them down with some horse meat. Hangry lions are not patient animals. The lions will continue to roar until they’re fed. The sheep are thankful for horses.

    The morning radio show would be broadcasting Camel cigarettes and Carling Black Label beer. Mabel, Black Label, I’d walk a mile for a camel.

    Then some news about the Cuban Missile Crisis one day in October of 1962, everybody was nervous for a few days.

    Thirteen months later, on 11-22-63 everything changed.

    Now it’s deja vu all over again. Might want to worry some.

    “There’s roosters layin’ chickens
    And chickens layin’ eggs
    Farm machinery eating people’s arms and legs
    I ain’t hurtin’ nobody
    I ain’t hurtin’ no one” – John Prine, Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody

  8. Only thing that wakes me at night is when their damn emergency vehicles launch. They are so loud that I have ear muffs I wear when passing one of these POS during the day. They get downright stupid at an intersection, even when everyone is stopped! If I cannot get the muffs on in time I have loud ringing in my ears for hours. Loud pipes, firecrackers, etc,,, I did those for fun as a kid so not wanting to be a hypocrite I quietly put up with it now.

    The second irritating thing is how we think these lizards have this kind of power. Ten or fifteen of these low lifes write something down on a piece of paper (no farting in public), another signs it and voila! A new law millions are now suddenly having to ‘obey’. And amazingly…. they do!

    We call this crap,,, democracy.

  9. There was one of the N-type Hyundais that got ticketed for a noise violation. The rub: It was bone stock. No aftermarket exhaust at all.

    It is definitely a war on cars. Hey, if you’re electric, you don’t have to worry about “drive-by noise” detectors.

  10. As a semi frequent visitor to NYC I can confirm that most of the really loud noise comes from the constant ear splitting sirens from the cop cars and fire engines; have to cover my ears if one goes by while I’m walking. The fire trucks are the worst because they lean on the air horns while shattering glass with the high pitched sirens, at least a loud motorcycle is only within hearing range for a short time.

  11. Part of me is sorta sympathetic.

    What do rednecks/young people have against mufflers? Why do blacks/white trash insist on the teeth rattling bass speakers? Why do truckers run straight pipes & shatter the night with their jake brakes?

    I get it. Crotchety old man bitching.

      • Hi Eric, Thank you for all you do. Yes they do all the wars, overt and covert. Fake climate change is the covert supplement to the fake war on terror. They even covered our beautiful healing sun with a (fake) clean energy patent solarenspace beaming powerful RF to giant solar farms. I get sick from it. They lie and kill and try to stop us from telling the truth. So strange, the first thing I wanted to look up when I got to the screen was: ¨stop the face diapers,¨ in image search I saw your site from the ¨Mental Illness: Help Stop itś spread.¨ With pic.of the face diaper-tards. And I see all these comments from today. (I guess you get comments everyday.) Also I watched that video you shared: And btw I have a lot of experience..I know WHO they are.. (They are the fags/remote controlled robots programmed with lies.) Theyŕe not real men or women. Iḿ a mom of four, now grown children, 2 teens and two young adults. I saw it all happen. Everything can be seen, who is who, what is false and what is true. See my reply (just edited below) to this commenterś comment: @brandonchilders2667
        3 years ago
        As a Harley rider, I can say that this is 100% factual and correct


        Please wake up. The Fags are the ones putting out this PSYOP. I can explain WHO they are and what kind of a sick con-trolled world they want, involving their all electric Smart control grid of remote controlled robots programmed with lies. If you ask: ¨WHO is They?¨ They are The Chemical tech. war industry and they visibly engineered the Calif. droughts and fires since 2012. Theyŕe watching here on yt, and everywhere, trying to kill nature (health, truth and love) and corral everyone into their Stack n packs smart cities. The climate action central banker/energy barons and their facist corp. global governance (climate change lie/gnd/nwo) is fast tracked by fake climate action for their harmful to health and sovereignty, planned all electric ev/emf/led/dew/iot/gnd/nwo Smart control grid. ¨The False Smart Connection.¨ They, along with Big Ag, Big pHarma, Big Tech are The Chemical Tech. War Industry. They own hollywood and the news and the fake edu. system, where they rapidly program armies of young people in Fake Science that works against nature (us).

        • I was at a gas station today and when filling up the pump the stupid video “cheddar news” started playing, talking about how Spotify just created an all “fag” channel with all “fag” artists. I was like “why the f am I hearing this?” This appeals to like .0000000038 of the population. Then I read your comment. I’ve had the same thoughts myself before but yours drove it home. Thanks.

    • Hi Mike, I’m not even that old and I’m the same. But it is EVERYTHING like you mention.

      I work outside quite a bit and have to deal with passing traffic, etc. when talking on the phone outside.

      Murphy has an unwritten law that states: When on the cell phone and outdoors, an external noise will interrupt your conversation during the most important part of the conversation. Sirens, engines, jake brakes, train horns, aircraft, etc.

      Murphy also has another law that states: When on the cell phone and a longer conversation is needed, the ubiquitous landscape maintenance crew will arrive to mow, string trim, and blow debris preventing you from doing your job effectively for at least an hour.

  12. Apart from the non-stop clamor of cities, and the smell, and the filth, and the human misery, etc., etc., that I couldn’t stand was, when on the street, one cannot see much in any direction.

    Even in suburbs in a housing development, you can still see the horizon and trees and things.

    In the city, it’s so compressing, you’re surrounded by concrete that goes straight up. Make me get claustrophobic. Add all that to the non-stop police and fire/ambulance, drug dealers, hookers, and basically unhappy/unpleasant people and fuck that “noise” entirely.

    I’m not going back to the city outside of visiting.

    • Hi XM,

      I haven’t been back to NYC since the Towers fell. Or rather, were dropped. As a born New Yorker, I cannot stomach the thought of seeing what it has become – and so will never go back there again, I don’t think.

      • I returned to the NYC area for a job in the rail car business in warranty support during the 2001-2004 timeframe. I lived in my grandmothers old house in CT and commuted in. It was an interesting period. Right after 911, the airports were becoming the mess they are today and there was talk of tolling previously free bridges and adding congestion pricingt to the roads. All that said, it was still bearable.

        Later on, in 2018, I returned to the Northeast and could see changes underway. It was more woke, barely tolerable, but tolerable nonetheless. There were still the trappings of the place I spent some childhood summers visiting. I returned again in 2022 to the Berkshires in Mass and found it be intolerable. There were more Ukranian flags than American ones and barely fewer LGBT flags than American ones. The people became rude, intolerant and nasty. Western MA is known for its share of eccentrics, but they were tolerant. Not anymore. Gone are the people I used to associate with and gone is any of the faint sense of welcoming that existed when I was a kid visiting (between 1975-79). I have no desire to ever return after seening the flags, the markings in the crosswalks, the Ukranian flags, and the other crap that goes with it. I have not desire to return after being harangued to wear masks two years after the scamdemic began. Throw it in a landfill

      • Hi Eric:

        Cue a picante sauce commercial: “New York City!” (I’ve always wondered if they ever aired that commercial in NY). You may have been born NY, but you seem old school VA to me.

        NYC, the number one big city in the USA I never had any desire to visit, let alone, live. I don’t even think I would visit now if I had an all expenses paid trip given to me.

      • You haven’t missed much – except being accosted by some ghetto thug. Then spending your life savings defending yourself from State and Federal persecution for not allowing one of their precious two-legged feral creatures to maim or kill you.

    • XM,
      Which is why they started adding vitamin D to milk, because living in the concrete canyons doesn’t allow exposure to sunlight.

  13. At the height of the locking down of the masses, the World Economic Forum made a video BRAGGING about how locking down the masses “Reduced noise & air pollution in cities”. Could they, or one of their puppets in government, be behind this bill in NYC? And if it’s passed in NYC, what’s to stop the Biden Thing’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, himself a graduate of the WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” school, from trying to pass something similar NATIONWIDE?

  14. Of course! They intend to regulate EVERYTHING! And NOT to our advantage either. For money and power. To satisfy their psychosis. To make damn sure you know who’s in charge. As usual, at gun point.

    • “Excess noise” used to have a decibel standard, which had to be measured for a violation. Now it appears the standard will be “it sounds like an engine”.

    • Hey Roscoe,
      I saw a news item recently about how some people are beating the license plate readers, one guy actually had someone in the trunk put his hand over the plate when the driver went by one! The coolest was a James Bond gadget that actually flipped the plate around – I want one of those.

      • When the cameras are on every corner of the city, that guy on the trunk will be busy.

        (I’m not exaggerating. That’s coming.)

        That vendor’s systems frequently spec multiple redundancies, including a front plate camera, since they manufacture the hardware themselves at a plant in Canada.

  15. The rational of going after “noisy” vehicles might make a little sense if done between say 10pm and 7am but otherwise is stupid or as a redneck philosopher once said “Give the government an inch and they’ll leave you with only kilometers” or in other words; no ICE for you but here’s an EV.

    The older I get the more I like a little quiet, that may have been due to riding with straight pipes for decades. Electric cutouts anyone? One Alfa Romeo goes all electric will they become Beta Romeos? Will .gov require mandate suppressors on our thunder toys next?

    Eric: “This will be provided by mobility companies rather than car companies, who will sell you a service each time you use it.”

    If one considers what you’d pay in “rent” on a car or a home after you could have paid it off and used it for many years afterwords; this once again is all part of the “You’ll own nothing and we the “WEF” will be happy” narrative.

  16. ‘New York City … a place that is noisy by definition.’ — eric

    When I lived in a 25-foot wide row house in Brooklyn, the most objectionable noise was made by the customers of a cocaine dealer a couple of houses down. They’d announce their arrival by pulling up to the curb and honking … at 1 am, 3 am, whenever. Obviously, neither the dealer nor his customers were concerned about the cops showing up.

    At the office in Manhattan, daytime noise came overwhelmingly from emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, woop-wooping through the crowded streets. Street noise was somewhat less noticeable on the 41st floor of a Rockefeller Center skyscraper than it had been in a previous gig on the 12th floor of an older building.

    Now the WEF types buy penthouses on the 80th floor of ‘pencil buildings.’ With double or even triple-pane glass, it should be pretty quiet up there when they want it to be. This facilitates gazing down contemplatively at the teeming human ant farm below.

    With the long history of flying objects smacking into NYC buildings (such as the B-25 bomber that crashed into the 78th and 79th floors of Empire State Building in 1945), don’t penthouse billionaires worry about an explosive ‘special drone delivery’ straight to their floor-to-ceiling windows?

    • Hi Jim,
      I’ve seen those “pencil” buildings, they call that area billionaire’s row; I would be scared sh*tless to be on the top floor of one of those. Maybe one or two will get blown over in the next “superstorm” caused by “climate change”. 😆

      • It’s not like they live in those pencil towers much. Just a place to park money, and a place to stay a couple a times a year when they are in the city. The stories I have heard most of those condos are at best lived in a few weeks to a month over a year.

        I have been watching the short videos produced by a real estate agent who shows New York city apartments. I can’t believe what people pay for tiny places. Some cases showing a STUDIO apt for over 3 grand a month. One apartment featured didn’t even have a private bathroom, yes, sharing with a neighbor. Sorry but there is nothing in NYC worth having to share the shitter with my neighbor.


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