A Measure of How Left the Right Has Become

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Maybe you listened to the Orange Man’s speech at CPAC the other day. I stopped listening after about ten minutes, which is about how long it took for the man to defend Social Security – and promise to keep it going.

“We’re not going back to people that want to destroy our great Social Security system,” intoned the Duce, reincarnated.

Could there be a sadder barometer of just how far to the Left what’s left of the Right has travelled?

Social Security is the Left’s greatest single legislative achievement – next to the income tax and the “Federal” (sic) Reserve system, which gave control of the nation’s money supply to the bankers who have used both the Left and the Right to further their schemes since at least the time of Andrew Jackson and probably a lot longer.

SS established in law the principle of the Left that we are literally – legally – our brother’s keeper. Or rather, that our brothers – so to speak – keep us. Chained. Us to them and them to us, forever. By dint of existing, everyone is entitled – precisely the right word – to a monthly government check in their retirement. And everyone is obliged to “contribute” to funding this. Not their own retirement; that is something people did (some still manage to) before there was Social Security when being responsible and prudent with one’s money was expected and encouraged – and being responsible for not being prudent and being irresponsible with one’s money had consequences. You are thus obliged to hand over 15 percent of every dollar you earn to finance the retirement benefits of people you never even met, who are retired right now – and then receive alms in your turn, financed by the “contributions” of those you never met who are working after you’ve stopped – and begin collecting.

With government acting as the middleman – and controlling everyone’s retirement thereby.

You may think this is right – and that can be discussed. But what’s not debatable is that the Right once thought it wasn’t – and fought it. Rejected the idea that someone else’s bad luck or irresponsibility justified placing a lien on other people who had nothing to do with the line-holder’s bad luck or irresponsibility.

This prompted accusations – from the Left – of callousness toward others. But the Right once understood – and articulated – the worse callousness of imposing obligations enforceable at gunpoint (you can be jailed – led there by armed men who will use force if you resist – for not “contributing” to Social Security) on people whose only “crime” is wanting to be let alone and to be responsible for themselves and those whom they freely agreed to be responsible for or have a responsibility for, such as their dependent children.

It was once recognized that the surest and fastest route to arousing contempt for people is to give them power over other people, especially over their money.

Contributing charitably is among the most decent of human instincts perverted by Leftists, who make what was once done freely something done begrudgingly – under duress – and sans any way for the contributor to cut off deadbeats and cheats. Helping the neighbor get through a tough patch is well and good; it makes one feel good. Being forced to fund his profligacy and laziness while you work is effronterous.

It’s also worse because once this concept is instilled and its acceptance widespread, there is no longer a bulwark against more of a piece. And so it became. Because the precedent was set for funding retirement by filching the pockets of others, a similar entitlement – to health care – became the law of the land, eliminating any incentive for people to be careful with their health since someone else is responsible for “covering” the cost. It also eliminated most of the formerly powerful free market forces that kept health care costs down and quality up. But most of all, it eliminated forever the freedom to decide for oneself how much – if any – “coverage” one wished to buy.

How long will it be before housing and food become entitlements, too? The Left has already succeeded in persuading most of the young that they have an entitlement to a college education, to be funded by other people. Just the same – in principle – as being obliged to fund “the schools” via the endless rent you are compelled to pay on your home, just the same as the “contributions” you are forced to make to SS.

There is literally no end to this – when everyone (just about) “amens” this. But does anyone bother to ask what the point is of having a Right that agrees with the Left? Would it not be more coherent – to say nothing of more honest – to just openly advocate for socialism and stop pretending the Right has any fundamental disagreement with the Left that goes beyond my sheep has a red ribbon and the other sheep’s ribbon is blue?

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  1. The man is a moron and I am being generous.

    He does even not realize that the Congress can not pass laws restricting your right to self defense, but he thinks that the president is some form of earthly god, that can wave a magic wand and ban “bump stocks”.

    I would not hire nor trust this POS to clean my toilet.

  2. I don’t quality for Social Security payments. I only have 35 of of 40 credits. I’m 73 and don’t expect to find a non stressful full time job to work off the 5 missing credits. The rest of you can have my SS money. I do however have my own pension and have money in the bank, house and cars are paid for, so I’m in pretty decent shape. Even if I were eligible for SS I would probably only get about $500 a month, which would be reduced because I didn’t sign up for Medicare B as I wasn’t eligible for Medicare B because I didn’t have full SS credits at age 65. I do have Medicare Part A which I was eligible for. What kind of jobs did I work at to only earn 35 credits? Cab driver for a few months, Factory worker for a few years, fast food worker for a few months and army for two years.
    I’ll leave you with my old army joke about my army job(mechanic). As a young man I didn’t know as to what vocation I would do as my life’s work, so I asked my recruiter for advice. I took the full battery of army tests and qualified for all army jobs and that includes, electronics, computers, finance etc etc. The recruiter held up two tools and asked me to identify them. I said that one was a screwdriver and the other was wrench. He said boy, have I got a job for you.

  3. I think if one takes a good, hard look at most of the real-deal Trump supporters, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that they really don’t mind socialism all that much. In fact, I think they’d rather have the state run things rather than have that annoying “dangerous” freedom thing. Of course, they just want the right people to do the “running,” rather than the blithering and owned Brandon — because that would make a difference. No, in reality, most right-wingers want the State involved in most things, including there daily lives, no matter what a small fraction of them say. I mean, they call themselves “nationalists,” for Christ’s sake. Nothing says freedom, states’ rights, local government, property rights, and free-markets like nationalism!

    • Hi Logan,

      I agree with your summary. What seems to be wanted by many Trump supporters is order. That is to say, government – just one that orders things they way they think proper.Trump is basically a caudillo – a strongman, on the Peron model. The awful thing is that may be better than the alternative. God help us.

      • Hi Eric,

        I read recently that RFK Jr is indeed considering running for President as a Democrat against Joe Biden, which will be interesting given his stance on vaccines and the attempts by the Biden Thing to force
        Americans to take the COVID vaxx. However, due to his stance, RFK Jr has become unpopular with the “D” Party and some of his own family.

        I also need to look into Vivek Ramaswamy, who IS running for President. He has a book out called “Woke, Inc.” which bashes this wokeism crap in corporations. He also says the right things re this push for all sorts of sinister agendas from the WEF.

        • Hi John,

          I like RFK, Jr. as a man because he seems to me to be a genuine (honest) man, a man who one could have an intelligent conversation with. He also seems to be to a human being, with a conscience – and that low standard is one that neither Biden nor Trump rise to.

          • Eric,

            I’d have to agree with you. However, if he does run for President, there are those who won’t vote for him either because he’s a “Democrat”, “Pro-gun control”, “Climate change believer”, or because he’s some “Quack Anti-vaxxer”.

            And then there are those who are “ONLY TRUMP”. I got into a bit of an argument with someone on social media not too long ago because he appears to be an “ONLY TRUMPER”, while I prefer someone else for various reasons, including Trump’s continued advocating of the COVID jabs. I hope we don’t see “Trump v Biden 2.0” next year.

            • I have a bad feeling Orange Fail is going to team up with Desantis. There are some very ominous things emanating from Florida legislatively and Trump is still a favorite to a certain crowd down there.

      • Hi Eric.

        But in these times of polycrisis we need a Strong Man to make certain that the trains run on time!… Sadly, while I have some sympathy for the MAGA types (many seem to have their hearts in the right place). They have not thought through the implications of the policies they support. Trump is a symptom of the dysfunction that plagues the current regime (and has for well more than a century). I trace this back to at least the time of the tyrant Lincoln. But it actually goes back to the schemes of those who funded the Federalists. For their plans they needed a centralized government. That is also why there is no enforcement clause in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Once government took over “education” the die was cast. It was only a matter of time before matters reached their current sorry state.

        Both Jefferson and Jackson stalled their project. It was left to that bastard Wilson to move it forward. The rest as they say is history. Given the hysteria over the first reign of the Orange Man, certain parties will do anything to prevent him from regaining power. And I do mean anything.

        • Good morning, BJ –

          You’re quite right, of course. Education is everything – or at least, most of it. Train kids to be obedient rule-followers and that is what you will (mostly) get. Stifle or cripple their ability to reason and they will not question it. Foster immaturity and emotionalism and you will get a crop of entitled, narcissistic adults who “need” things. And the rest, as you say, is history…

        • Hi Eric, I love this piece because this is the battle that needs to take place, confronting the so-called conservatives with their hypocrisy. I have respect for the left. They effectively tell me that they are my enemy to my face. The conservatives lie to our faces then stab us in the back.

          I wrote something similar to this a few weeks back regarding the SOTU address. The Republicans were mortified by the idea that they were accused of wanting to get rid of a socialist Ponzi scheme program.


  4. To those who go on about “Universal Basic Income:”

    We already have that. It’s called Social Security. It’s an unaffordable underfunded demographically unsustainable dumpster fire. We don’t need more of it.

  5. The reality is the government by default, by definition, is left wing. So the ones that are not completely hard core statist lefties look kind of “right” wing. But they aren’t. Not by a long shot.

    It’s far more obvious in western Europe where the “conservative” parties have official policies that look like the the ones of the “moderate” Democrats in the US. Still very to the left of the majority of the public. Trump is no Libertarian and isn’t a Conservative either. On the political scale he is a “moderate” Democrat.

    The problem with government is that those of us that don’t think it even needs to exist don’t want to even participate (why would I waste my time doing something that shouldn’t exist). Or those who want “small” government are foiled by the ones that want big government. It’s easy to spend money (even when it doesn’t exist) then it is to not spend money. Those with their hands out are very vocal and loud, even using the “moral” upper hand to get taxpayers cash. They are quite shameless in that regard. They have the media make YOU look like the bad guy when you want to turn off the tap.

  6. You left out the 17th amendment. It contributed to the degenerate state of government and politics as much as anything. I’m not a fan of the scheme, but Social Security is at least workable. Medicare and Medicaid are the real anvils around our necks. I think Social Security only became a hot button issue as they made the prospect of saving for retirement possible and forced you into the casino.

    • Medicare and Medicaid…

      If it was a free market for health care it would be cheap and have far better results….

      The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned……if it was a free and open market there wouldn’t be a shortage of doctors……and health care would be very inexpensive….

      Snake oil fake cures…..
      Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

      Does the allopathic medical system work?

      The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

      over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs….
      ATTENTION: The death toll from ILLEGAL drugs stands at 10,000.

      Each one of the four allopathic medicine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
      “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

      Allopathic medicine was created by Paracelsus…a satanist….william rockefeller was an allopathic medicine salesman….selling allopathic snake oil remedies from town to town….he was also a horse thief and rapist…..his son got the monopoly for allopathic medicine in the western world….

      why would you take poisonous drugs from a snake oil salesman?

      why would someone want to sell poisonous drugs for a living?


    • “…Medicare and Medicaid are the real anvils around our necks…”

      You miss the cause…..
      Show me where in the Constitution that the Federal government has the right to make medicine a government controlled monopoly? That is the root of the problem.

      • Note: All non allopathic forms of health care have been banned….this is very dangerous….

        when you give one business a monopoly…big pharma using allopathic theories…they can charge whatever they want…some drugs have 10,000% profit margins……you end up with countries spending 20% or more of their GDP for so called health care…..a lot of it stolen….

        There should be a free open market for different types of health care…this would reduce costs enormously

        there used to be multiple different types of health care before the 1900’s people could use….

        Result of the monopoly……..500,000 doctors at the time, 2/3 disappeared, replaced by “new allopathic medicine”…nobody talks about those doctors losing their jobs…..

        All the leftist/globalists politicians talk about is how billions more dollars should be given to big pharma/ccp china…..they get huge kick backs for promoting this, so they love it….

        Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china…this just benefits china….anybody pushing this is a ccp shill…..

        Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china

        What they call health care isn’t…..
        This system of administering poisonous drugs worldwide is a trillion dollar industry and big pharma/ccp china profit greatly from it.

        Poisonous drugs are NOT a cure for disease. Many who prescribe and administer pharmaceutical drugs will admit it. If drugs cured disease, why are many who are being treated for diseases prescribed to take drugs until the day they die. This does not sound like a cure but a money making hoax.

        pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
        pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

        ATTENTION: the biggest lie of all…they say it is science based…lol….
        what you think is modern, our allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, their is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

        the modern allopathic medicine uses poisonous inj ec tions and drugs made from oil that gives people cancer, they can’t cure any chronic diseases,

        back in time to the late 1800s. John D. Rockefeller, the head of the Rockefeller family had just become very rich through extracting oil from the ground. Now he is looking for ways to capitalize his oil, and he comes across the idea of using coal tar – a petroleum derivative – to make substances that affect the human mind, body and nervous system.

        these drugs are excellent at masking or stopping symptoms, but overall do not cure the underlying cause of a disease. they also cause cancer.
        Rockefeller then bought out part of the massive German pharmaceutical cartel, I.G. Farben. This was the very same cartel that would later assist Hit ler by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war.

        Rockefeller’s father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedalling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849.

        The Flexner Report:
        How John D. Rockefeller Used the AMA to Take Over Western Medicine……note….flexner had no medical training.

        Licensing is the key….
        ultimately led Congress to declare the AMA (American Medical Association) the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States….and most of the G7….

        This suited Rockefeller perfectly – he then used the AMA to compel the Government to destroy the natural non g er m theory competition, which it did through regulating medical schools.

        After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with an allopathic drug-based curriculum.

        Rockefeller had his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since, now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing inj ec tions

        “The infection theories were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this …..after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.” now we have the 4th Reich doing the same thing.


      • Re: Show me where in the Constitution that the Federal government has the right to make medicine a government controlled monopoly? ………..

        Licensing is the key….
        ultimately led Congress to declare the AMA (American Medical Association) the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States….and most of the G7….

        This suited Rockefeller perfectly – he then used the AMA to compel the Government to destroy the natural non g er m theory competition, which it did through regulating medical schools.

        After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with an allopathic drug-based curriculum.

        Rockefeller had his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born

        everybody spent the last 3 years suffering under these monsters….with their pcr/bat germ scam….

      • Hi Joe

        The Constitution is a dead letter. But once it was the key to crafting the illusions/delusions that allow the few to rule the many. Those illusions/delusions continue to this day. But for many they are shredding. Which means that extreme measures will be used to distract people, and shift the focus off of those responsible for the current state of our people and nation. Government (especially federal) has no business being involved with education, medical matters, domestic/international trading, commerce of all types, banking (domestic and international) to name just a few. But control of all of those underpins its rise to power. And the rise of those responsible for each step of our descent from republic to empire.
        Its been a long strange trip. But it appears to be reaching its final stages. Hold on tight, its going to get really rough from here on in.

  7. Did anyone see the last State of the Union speech by Uncle Sniffy? Because, during that, our squinty-eyed President Select accused the so-called Republicans of wanting to “sunset” Social Security. They vehemently denied this charge, calling FJB a liar, and he seemed both surprised and delighted to hear that they were all vociferous SS proponents.

    That they are, and have to be, because SS is a brilliant control, and divide-and-conquer, tactic. Too many people are “on the take”, and will fight from their armchairs and voting booths to defend their monthly check.


    • Hi BaDnOn,

      That is a very common tactic used primarily by “D” politicians. It has been used as a tool for fear mongering for quite a while, and people fall for it every time by voting for whichever “D” politician uses that tactic. If the past few years have proven anything, it’s that government is a pathological liar as well as psychopathic, and will even use fear porn to manipulate the masses into complying with whatever draconian measures or sinister plans they have, and will even use those they’ve manipulated to go after those who “Disobey”.

  8. New Bill Would Classify Conservative Speech As ‘Domestic Violence Extremism’

    Proposed legislation that would classify conservative free speech as domestic terrorism is being called …………“the most dangerous bill in legislative history.”

    would establish a 13-member panel to determine what constitutes disinformation and misinformation rising to the level of “domestic violence extremism,” according to The Center Square. The panel would also collect data on incidents of their pickings of domestic violent extremism and classify noncriminal activities or speech as such.

    Free speech advocates blasted the bill for targeting conservatives and criminalizing anyone who expresses an opinion that runs counter to a regime-approved narrative.

    “This commission is specifically designed to target conservatives and quash any government opposition,

    from zh comments

    Those FEMA camps are real

    To the writers of this proposed legislation: ‘You Suck’…..That makes me a violent, domestic, extremist.

    At this rate, pretty soon it’ll be better to live in Iran. /s

    Your CBDCs are are frozen, please report to the ministry of truth…

    In the Soviet Union, if you were against the system they declared you insane and locked you up in a mental institution and pumped you full of medication until you were either a zombie or until you were dead. Or they just sent you to a gulag.


    • That awful bill sounds similar to what California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law last year, which effectively criminalized any dissenting opinions when it came to COVID and the “vaccines”. If a doctor said or did something that went against the “Government/ health department/ CDC approved Narratives” on COVID, treatments for it, or jabs & boosters, that doctor faced loss of his license.

  9. A German citizen received a letter from the bank informing him his account had been closed. He had an account that had deposits of 100,000 Reichsmark. The cost of the stamp was 100,000 Reichsmark.

    You will have nothing. Are you happy now? Now get lost.

    One of those things you read about, then you move on.

    Only 22 percent of the gold in private hands was returned to the US Treasury. Can’t fool all of the people, impossible.

    You stupid slaves can’t have gold coin! To hell it’s yours, give it back.

    Private holders in the US of gold had eagles and quarter-eagles. Most of the double-eagles were in banks. A lot of US minted gold coin was in banks overseas.

    The banksters never stop with their thieving skullduggery, it is always a theft of some kind in the financial world.

    It is always ‘Get Zee Gold’.

    Hence, gold coin was removed from circulation. Now all gold coin and bullion is numismatic.

    In 1900 the minted gold and silver US gov coins were in circulation, 2000 pennies were worth one double-eagle.

    Gold is a useful commodity that is bought and sold. There is demand for whatever use, therefore a supply.

    The price today is 1,821 dollars and 90 cents.

    You need 182,219 pennies to buy a Troy ounce of gold.

    91 times more, that’s hyperinflation, kind of. The zinc in pennies is still a traded commodity. Not worthless.

    Bring back the Indian head penny and remove from circulation the dead president.

    • I second the notion to remove vampires…I mean politicians from currency. Replace them with eagles, bison, Indians, white tail deer, pine trees, etc!

  10. ‘The Left has already succeeded in persuading most of the young that they have an entitlement to a college education.’ — eric

    “Biden’s” proposed cancellation of student loan debt — relying on the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act of 2003 — was just argued before the Supreme Court on Feb 28th.

    “Biden” asserts that he can use 20-year-old legislation, intended for a long-ago emergency, to write off some $400 billion of debt, a meaningful ding to the fedgov’s budget.

    Supine Congress Clowns have raised no protest against Biden’s attack on their budgeting authority. And the hacks in black appear to be almost evenly split, with Justice [sic] Amy Coney Barrett perhaps being the deciding vote in a 5-4 decision.

    People wonder why we have inflation, when a mentally impaired president can just appropriate $400 billion at the stroke of a pen to crassly aid his party’s midterm election campaign.

    Earth to “Biden”: Hey, man … you broke the Leviathan!

    • The “HEROES” Act of 2003. There must be an entire agency dedicated to coming up with warm and fuzzy sounding acronyms for all these ridiculous “laws” passed by Clowngress 😆

      • Hi Mike,

        Right? Like the “Patriot Act”, “Affordable Care Act”, “Inflation Reduction Act”, Mandated automotive kill switches disguised as preventing drunk driving, etc. I suppose next we’ll see something like “Vaccine Passport Act” disguised as “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” for those who did the “responsible” thing by getting vaxxed AND boosted. Or a “Digital ID Act” disguised as “Safe and secure”. Or how about “Digital Dollar Act” disguised as a “Convenient way to spend your money”, until you do or say something that the Biden Thing DISAPPROVES of, etc.

  11. Trump is one of them. Yep I foolishly voted for him twice too, not because I think votes are actually counted but just for myself, on principal.

    But if this murderous iatrogenocide we’re experiencing now due in part to “Warp Speed” isn’t clear enough….. He’s no different than Killary. Just a different puppet skin is all.

    Fuck you Donald.

    • David,

      I voted for Trump twice too, particularly since his opponents (in 2016 & 2020) were AWFUL, and Trump had never held elected office prior to becoming President. However, in his final year as President, when the “pandemic” hit, he effectively let Tony Fauci & Deborah Birx set public policy for the WHOLE country in the name of “Fighting COVID”. However, not only did their policies not freaking WORK, they RUINED countless lives and caused who knows how many small businesses to close permanently. Not only that, it made it possible for billionaires to become even MORE wealthy than they already were, and there were even NEW BILLIONAIRES that came from, where else? The pharmaceutical industry!

      My views on Trump have soured over the past year or two. One, he’s almost as old as the current President, who at 80 years old is already “The oldest President we’ve ever had”, and the WORST President in my lifetime. Two, Trump is still out there talking up the COVID shots despite growing evidence they’re NOT “Safe and Effective”. If nothing else, the COVID vaxx issue alone could sink his 2024 Presidential campaign, but on the other hand, there are people out there who are “Only Trump”. Three, he has too much baggage from his 4 years as President, which the establishment media and those who REALLY hate Trump will likely use against him. As if that wasn’t enough, his recent calls for “Freedom Cities” sound eerily similar to a technocratic proposal for “Smart cities”. I read a piece on http://www.technocracy.news the other day that made that case.

      At this point, I hope we don’t see “Trump v Biden 2.0” next year, but I’m not sure who I’d support for President. I’m certainly not going to vote for Biden given the way his regime has acted the past 2+ years. I’m curious about someone named Vivek Ramaswamy, who recently threw his hat into the circus that is the 2024 Presidential campaign. I even read the other day that Robert F Kennedy, Jr. is considering a run. He did a service to humanity by writing his book about Anthony Fauci, though from what I read recently he’s a pro-gun control Democrat and believer in CLIMATE CHANGE, which could turn off some potential voters. I also like Ron DeSantis, but who knows if he’ll run next year, or if he’ll remain Florida Governor and complete his new 4 year term.

      • A little on DeSantis…. Recently at his book signing he requested some women be removed from a parking lot because they were wearing Donald Trump shirts. They were not protesting or loud.

        Mr. DeSantis also signed into law a bill that made criticism of Israel antisemitic speech (whatever that is,,, Jews are not Semetic) signing the bill in Israel making him a Israel firster while ignoring the US Constitution.

        He was okay on the Covid BS but he still signed an extension for hospitals to kill patients (especially the elderly,,, but today concern for the elderly is not a big issue) using CDC’s Covid Protocol. Every Toe Tag worth $250,000 to the hospital for diagnosis, treatment and assigning the death as Covid… (Covid is nonexistent)

        So he is far from perfect. It seems impossible to find a decent candidate that has America’s interest first. Some talk the talk but no one walks the walk.

        The way things are going in Nazi Ukraine we may not make it to the 24 election.

        • Ken,

          I don’t think there’s anybody out there who’s “perfect.” We’re all flawed human beings in one way or another. Trump did some good as President, but he also did some questionable things like the bumpstock ban, hiring Swamp creatures for certain cabinet positions, and continued advocating of the COVID shots. He’s also in his 70s, and most of the politicians in DC are millionaires and/ or at least 70 years of age.

          As for 2024, I read a post from Martin Armstrong not too long ago that there may not even be a Presidential election next year, particularly if this proxy war against Russia gets nasty and there are calls to “Suspend elections because of World War III”, “We need Joe Biden for 4 more years because of RUSSIA!”, or “We can’t change Presidents in the middle of war!”

        • Not a damn one of the “selected” political candidates I have observed in 50 years of voting, knows enough about our based on Natural Law system, for me to even consider voting for.

          I don’t vote for any of the morons that are offered any longer.
          Not a damn one of them can think to the point of being qualified.

  12. Democracy will only last until the people find out they can vote themselves funds from the public treasury. Thanks oh so much FDR.
    It’s the overton window thing. The further you move the window to the left, the further the right moves to the left. Pretending they are “centrist”. We do have two parties, the left, and the not quite as far to the left. Anyway, we’ve fallen of the cliff, and we will see how it sorts out at the bottom.

  13. Then it appears Kanada’s euthanasia is the only answer.

    Who is going to give a weak, elderly person a yob? How can a 80 year old shovel dirt all day in the sun?
    They should save money while government is stealing 15-20% of its value every year. When I was 20 a new home was $25,000. Now it’s $350 – $400,000. A large bag of groceries was $10,,, now $150. A car was $2500,,, now $25 – $40,000. Rent was $75 – $100 per month,,, Now $1100 – $1500.

    OR they could invest in the market. With luck they might make a buck,,, most I know lost their ass 3 – 4 times over the past 40 – 50 years.

    Hey,,, maybe these really responsible kiddies we have today will support them? I don’t think so Tim! They are living with their parents sucking off some of that SS themselves as SS disability!

    They demanded we wear a mask to keep Grandma safe from a nonexistent virus. Now it seems Granny can fend for herself or die. Wonder if Kill Gates has thought of this. There was an old woman, looks to be 80+, slowly going by my house with a walker. Somehow I just can’t imagine her competing in the hustle and bustle.

    So I wonder. If we eliminate SS and Medicare should we also eliminate all SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, Section 8 Free housing and ALL the rest or do these get a pass?

  14. The “greatest conservative Republican president ever,” Ronald Reagan, was literally a union organizer and New Deal Democrat before switching parties. He famously said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” That was actually true.

    What has been passed of as “conservatism” for the past fifty years is literally the Democratic New Deal agenda circa 1934.

    By contrast, what has become the Democratic Left is pure insanity, e.g. teaching five year-olds about anal sex, having drag queens read stories to toddlers, and “transgenderism”…

    • None of these clowns should have been elected.
      They are not even Americans in their ideology.

      Reagan did more harm to this country than we will ever know.
      He like Trump and Nixon were surrounded by one worlder staff, that accomplished
      one worlder goals.

      • Amen, Joe –

        I am a recovering Reaganaholic. As a kid, I was moved by the rheumy old mummy’s paeans to “America.” It is why I am inured to the same today.

        • Eric,

          For years, I considered Ronald Reagan the greatest President in my lifetime even though I wasn’t even an adult when he was in office. However, probably the worst thing he did while President was sign that 1986 bill into law which gave vaccine manufacturers a liability shield for harms caused by their products. That law alone may have also made it possible for the CDC to add all sorts of vaccines to the “Childhood vaccination schedule” in the 37 years since Reagan signed that bill into law, INCLUDING the COVID shots they recently added to that schedule. Now there’s even a bill in California that would MANDATE an HPV vaccine for school students entering 8th grade. If that bill goes through, it’s likely to spread to other states. There’s gotta be politicians in California that are getting bribed by the maker of Gardasil to try to mandate an HPV vaccine for 8th graders.

          • Oh man, John B. I do think you’re catching on.

            …Big fat envelopes. Stuffed full of cash.
            It’s a real thing. From tiny towns to big cities.

            The film series, ‘The Godfather’ was, ~ a documentary.

            • Hi Helot,

              Someone made the point that when President Reagan signed that 1986 bill, the Cold War was going on, and there were worries even then of biological warfare, plus the pharmaceutical industry also threatened to stop making vaccines unless they got “immunized” against lawsuits. Who’da thought that even in the mid 1980s there were worries about biological warfare, and that people would be wanting Big Pharma to make vaccines for any pathogen that might arise from such warfare.

  15. Just to be painfully clear, food, housing, and utilities are entitlements at this point.
    EBT, section 8, and heating “assistance” are how way too much of the public “lives”.

    • Or death. All government is dependent upon its usurpation of authority to kill you if you disobey, and kill you they will.

  16. You know what they say? There is only one party in Washington D.C., the War Party. Trump had his chance, and failed. Social Security may be a Ponzi scheme, but everyone loves it, and not even a Republican will go against it because that would be political suicide. Back in the day when FDR railroaded the SS through, every Republican voted against it.

    The headline on Drudge this morning was riots in France over raising the pension age. Not being the hegemon like us, France can not spend like us, and thus the reality of failed socialism is putting bandaids on the system to keep it going.


    This was predicted in many Libertarian books I read 40 years ago. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne is a good one. The state maintains it’s power by creating programs like social security, and holds everyone in bondage while they manage it. It is a guaranteed fail. For one thing, Browne said, inflation will eat away at the value of the social security check, and the state will lie about the inflation rate to keep cost of living adjustment COLA below the real rate.

    Thus one day the check in the mail only buys two eggs. They still give you a check alright, but it doesn’t buy shit. So you should get your own chickens and make plans to grow your own before the check evaporates in value. Apparently, the day of reckoning is not far off, as a military intelligence sight Deagel says by 2025 Amerika will have only 99 million and 1/3 the current GDP.

    So the truth is that the real way (((they))) are going to manage the USA welfare state is simply eliminate the hungry mouths. Indeed, during the covid plandemic many hospitals were giving the elderly the “my pillow” treatment. Don’t have to pay when you don’t breathe. Did you notice no charges were ever filed?

    • I was reading about the massive protests in France over raising the pension age. There is one way to meet obligations and not go bankrupt, simply raise the pension age so it matches the average death age. Presto, problem solved.

      And you can lower the average death age by having a mandatory covid vaxx. So it looks like to me the Macron-who-married-his-mother has solved the pension problem. The pension system will still exist while you will not exist. Problem solved.

    • And thus is part of the mental trick of SS.
      Make the payments low enough to be meaningful, but just barely.
      Sort of a marginal utility. People will clamor to hold on to a small amount more than taking a reduction of a large amount.

      Thus the politicians buy those votes with the money of others and retain power.

    • I intend to survive. So does everyone else, I’m sure (including the jabbed).

      When the dust settles we’ll find out who was right. I wish it didn’t have to come down to this. But, here we are.

  17. Social Security, pensions, 401k plans…..all will become worthless not if, but when the dollar collapses and we replay the Weimar Republic scenario. While I think about it, all of those new 86,000 IRS agents that are being hired will be used to track down all the privately owned gold when the next confiscation executive order is enacted. The 1099 form bullion dealers must fill out every time gold is sold is already in the IRS’s data banks; names, addresses and how much gold is being held. When the dollar is dropped as a world reserve currency, the government will take all of the gold in a futile attempt to shore it up.

  18. “SS established in law the principle of the Left that we are literally – legally – our brother’s keeper.” – EP

    This is exactly what they told us about masking and vaxxing. You do it for others, you selfish granny killer!

    Here’s the big question though; at age 62 or 65 (whatever it is) will you refuse the SS payments?

    • Hi Mister,

      I’ve tried very hard to arrange my affairs such that, when I reach “retirement” age, I will be in a position to not ask for or accept SS. I have no intention of retiring, by the way – because what would I do? I enjoy working and don’t intend to stop until the day I croak, if possible.

      • I ask myself this question too. I don’t know that answer. On the one hand I loathe this system of theft and do not want to accept it (I could have gotten some “free covid” money, but had too much self respect). On the other, I think about all of the money stolen from me and would like to recover some of it. I also know that refusing it will not reduce the taxation one bit. It’s a bit of a dilemma.

        I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

        • Hi, Mr L. Logically, I should take it. At 58 years of working my butt off in productive industry, with joint pain, hearing loss, and etc, I have very little cash flow to show for it. If I take SS disability, I can start getting something back of the literal millions I’ve had stolen from me by the communist system.

          Also, every producer who adds his weight to the gravy train slows it down, so there is that moral angle too.

          Unfortunately I have to look in the mirror and eventually answer to God for my choices. And being part of evil is evil.

        • After being forced to pay in for my entire career, I will certainly collect what’s coming to me. For a large part of the time I didn’t know any better. When you finally do realize what’s going on, it’s too late to bail out. I don’t mind my job, but there are plenty of things I’d rather be doing.

        • Hi Mister Liberty,
          I paid into it, by force of course, so I have been collecting it since I turned 65. Am now 75 so not sure how much longer that will continue but am hoping to get back at least as much as was stolen from my paychecks.

        • @ Mr. L

          You ask a very good question and have my sympathy. You can at least take a little solace from the fact that almost every intellectually honest person faces the same dilemma as you when it comes time to file for S.S. I’ll admit that I’m no different.

          But when push comes to shove, morally honest folks will take the money begrudgingly, justifying it by telling themselves that they paid into the system for oh so long and that they’re just getting some of their hard earned dollars back. I don’t blame them. The system forces you to go along at the point of a gun and a threat of jail if you don’t comply. Good luck trying to fight city hall on that account.

          So they (somewhat reluctantly) take the cash, which also helps sooth their guilt — this brings to mind what Jessie Venture said on the big screen in 1987: “It’s payback time!”. Yet even so, there’s always a lingering doubt, that little voice in the background you always hear that you wish would go away telling you that, damn it, there’s just something wrong in Baltimore about taking a govt check. You almost begin to feel like you’re taking welfare payments.

          Now for those who are immune to these feelings I say congratulations, you probably sleep well at night. But for the rest of us I believe we have this reaction because we realize & understand that the money which was stolen from us over the years and willy-nilly handed over to those already on the take, is money that is gone forever. Which means that the money we are to receive from the system comes directly out of the pockets of the current hard-working stiffs busting their tails off trying to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately this is the hard reality we face and there’s no getting around it.

        • Mr. L,

          On the one hand I’m certain I could spend it more wisely than the government, and it will be spent anyway by someone regardless.

          On the other hand, taking it invites yet another level of government control into my life that I don’t necessarily want, and it incentivizes the system to get rid of me, which I don’t want either.

          And on the other hand if I get old and sick and destitute (but not dead) eventually someone will most likely put me on it regardless of my desires, and I won’t be able to enjoy it.

          It’s a difficult question.

    • No! I will not refuse my SS check. The more money I can take out of the hands of the psychopaths in charge, the better. Could I get along without it? Likely, but since they are giving it away, I will take it from them. At some point in time, they will have to do something about that. Like see how many they can kill in nursing homes. I’m a harder target.

      • ‘The more money I can take out of the hands of the psychopaths in charge, the better.’ — John Kable

        I concur. The US fedgov just swindled Americans by sending $100 billion of keystroke kurrency to the freaking Ukies.

        This is an enemy occupation regime. Take as much from them as you can get. It’s only keystrokes to our oppressors, not real money. They feel no pain, no regret and no responsibility. Neither do I.

      • If you make $5000 per month the social security tax is 12.4% = $620 per month contribution

        Over 40 years invested at 6% yearly return the total = $1.15 million

        If you lived another 25 years this would provide an income of $46,000 per year
        plus interest on the $1.15 million @ 4% interest = $46,000 the 1st year declining to zero in 25 years
        for a total of $92,000 the 1st year.

        The average Social Security benefit is expected to be $1,827 per month in January 2023.
        The maximum possible Social Security benefit for someone who retires at full retirement age is $3,627 month in 2023

        In Norway everybody at age 60 gets $60,000 U.S. per year no matter what other income or assets you have.

        In Canada if you have no other pension or no government gold plated pension you get a maximum of about $2000 per month can. = $1443 U.S. per month….
        in rent some cities is $2000 per month…

        • but if you croaked after only 10 years your children could inherit the money….with social security the money is gone….always was…..stolen….just an IOU somewhere….

        • investing your own money…….
          for a total of $92,000 the 1st year.

          The average Social Security benefit is expected to be $1,827 per month in January 2023.
          The maximum possible Social Security benefit for someone who retires at full retirement age is $3,627 month in 2023

          so you get back 30% to 40% of what you should get back…..

          if you paid into it….. it is not welfare…

        • this is how they killed grandma…..

          with zero % interest rates that extra $46,000 per year extra income is gone…..

          If you lived another 25 years this would provide an income of $46,000 per year
          plus interest on the $1.15 million @ 4% interest = $46,000 the 1st year declining to zero in 25 years
          for a total of $92,000 the 1st year.

          who benefited from zero % interest rates ……the Davos billionaires….their stocks and real estate went up a lot….

  19. Here’s something odd…..20 years ago, “The Left” expressed concern about the infringement on civil liberties from government during W’s “War on terror” and wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, and even opposed those wars, while many on “The Right” cheered those wars.

    Fast forward to 2020-2023, and many on “The Left” CHEERED or ADVOCATED mask and vaxx mandates and infringement on civil liberties from the same government (under guise of a war against COVID) and now even CHEER war against Russia, while many on “The Right” opposed such draconian measures and the current proxy war against Russia. There have been dissenters from people on “The Left” against THE NARRATIVES, but they’ve been canceled or smeared as ANTI-VAXXERS, PRO PUTIN, etc.

  20. Helping the neighbor get through a tough patch is well and good; it makes one feel good. Being forced to fund his profligacy and laziness while you work is effronterous.

    Well put. And to add, forced charity also hastens the destruction of tradition. Religion, the so-called opiate of the masses, replaced by the state. Except that Marx’s observation was wrong. The opiate of the masses is the state, not the church. The state creates the illusion of healing by temporally removing the pain. Or worse, creating pain where none exists.

    • Indeed, charity is one of the basic human virtues.
      And giving away the resources another has acquired is NOT charity.
      It’s theft and bribery. NOT human virtues.

  21. Social Security combined with monetary policy is a really pernicious way of creating dependence on the state. The former Eastern Bloc and Soviet Union did the same thing in a different way.

    Why do we have social security? It’s because the Great Depression and the removal of the gold standard devalued people’s savings. Before the depression and resulting policy changes which enabled money creation, people would save for the future, because future money was worth more than present money. It was great for productive savers, terrible for debtors, so there weren’t many debtors.

    In 1933, the government destroyed the value of people’s savings, and Marxist ideas were very popular since this wasn’t long after the Bolshevik Revolution, and ideas spread. So, rather than fix the problem of inflation destroying savings, our Marxist inspired progressives decided that instead, we will have a wealth transfer to help the poor people who can’t afford to stop working. Their brains were too small to understand that their other policies were causing this problem, and they had to do something to “help”.

    So, here we are in 2023. Most Americans save nothing, because what’s the point, it’s continually devalued. Because there are no savings, Social Security is critical to their survival in their elder years, so they’re completely dependent on it, and will go to the grave to defend it, and SS recipients are a huge voting block. SS isn’t going anywhere until society reverses the debtor mentality. This isn’t going to happen without some major financial crisis, like a dollar collapse or the government defaulting on its debt.

    The former communist countries were much more direct about this. They took everything you owned, everything you earned, and promised to take care of you. They completely destroyed all wealth that society owned, and thereby, created a dependent class who supports the government because they have no choice anymore as they can’t live without its “help”. This is why Putin is so popular in Russia, why Ukraine’s government is so popular, and today, my own country of origin, Poland, is having serious political problems, so their response – increase pensions.

    This madness can’t continue, as there isn’t enough money to continue it, but I can’t predict how or when it’ll fail, too complex.

    • “Most Americans save nothing”
      Because the Fed has established a plan to punish saving and reward debt. It’s been decades sine the interest on a simple savings account exceeded inflation. And given constant inflation, it makes more economic sense to go into debt, and pay back with dollars that are of lesser value than those you borrowed.
      “Money” can be printed, wealth cannot be.

      • Hi John

        Exactly. The Fed can print into existence as much fiat as it wishes. It can’t print skilled workers or commodities out of thin air. As for anyone who actually thinks that the national debt will EVER be paid, they have no grasp of economics, power dynamics or reality. Look at who benefits from all of this global debt based system. They would see the entire world destroyed, before they allowed their control to be lost.

  22. I have been astonished that since we began receiving Social Security benefits, my wife and I have more money than we ever had when we were working. Of course we could take expensive trips or buy new cars more often, but that kind of spending just isn’t in our nature. We spend 10 or 15k on new floors or a UTV, and the checking balance plummets. But within a few months it’s back higher than it was before. We literally can’t seem to spend it as fast as it comes in.
    Outrageously unjust, to be sure. But I suspect that if we refused to accept it (don’t know if that’s even possible), we would immediately be labeled domestic terrorists.

    • Indeed, SS is my sole source of income, and it’s a saving wage. I remember hearing a black comedian saying “white people don’t know how to live without money”. This one does. As Walden said, “survival is a pass time”. The truly insane part of SS is no means testing, and the cut off on how much you are required to pay into it. It is welfare, after all. Why should my progeny be paying for nicer vacations, newer cars, and big screen TVs for those who don’t need it?
      If a candidate came out and said they would do away with it, I would likely come out of my non-voting closet.


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