Latest Reader Question: Shuddering Honda Pilot

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Jay asks: My vehicle shudders/hesitates at times during acceleration. I also notice a shudder on deceleration. Went on line and cleaned the mass air flow sensor as suggested  It seemed to help but now problem is back. Thinking clogged fuel injectors? I like your informative articles.

My reply: Thanks for the kind words, first of all! This could be fuel (pump/filter/injector/MAF, etc.) or ignition-related (coil/plug(s), Hall Effect, etc.) and it’s hard to know without actually having the vehicle assessed by a competent mechanic who can identify what’s wrong and fix it. Otherwise, it’s guesswork and that can get expensive without solving your problem.

As a possibly helpful aside:  My buddy Troy’s Jeep recently behaved similarly – and then conked out. It was the fuel pump. No big deal, but he did get stuck by the side of the road. I’d get your Honda looked at before it leaves you in the same position. With modern vehicles, they often work until they don’t  – and then you’re stuck!

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