Latest Reader Question (Oct. 12, 2017)

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Here is the latest reader question, along with my reply:

Mike asks: I have very much enjoyed reading your articles over the past several years. You provide good insights and I very much appreciate how you touch bases on a myriad of car issues. Regarding “Raising the Jolly Roger” – I, too, have grown weary of their paradigm. These snobs insist the “quality of one’s character” is functionally irrelevant  . . . but being a white (straight) male is not worthy. We both know this is because they have a low quality of  character, if any at all. Yet they worm their way into these elite positions seeking to commandeer our lives and future. If it will help, I will write a respectful letter to GM complaining about your treatment. A portion of said letter will say I will never buy GM again. Let me know whom to address it to. Once again, thank you for your writings and please keep up the good work.

My reply: Thanks for the kind words, Mike. As detailed in the column, I’m baffled and depressed by the whole sorry chain of events. In particular, that the Diversity Cult must not be questioned; that to do anything other than genuflect before its priests amounts to “racism” (and “sexism” and various other “isms”) while they themselves practice precisely that by making race (and sex and sexual preference) the fulcrum of literally everything. They claim to want a “colorblind” society yet obsess about color (some colors) while having the effrontery to feign indignation when someone points this fact out.

How does “racism” go away when racism becomes official policy?

How is goodwill between people of disparate backgrounds fostered by punishing people of certain backgrounds for no other reason than that they are not members of one of the favored groupings?

I know no one who has it in mind to interfere with, much less harm, any person based on their skin color, their ethnicity or their sex or sexual preference. Certainly, there are people – of all “colors” and other such – who would and even do interfere with/hurt others based on such consideration, but they are a small minority.

What most people want, I suspect, is to not have race and sex and sexual preference shoved down their throats. To be able to freely associate, based on whether they approve of, respect or just like the other person. But the Diversity Mongers will not allow this, if they get their way. They will force us to worship – or cower – before certain preferred races and so on.

That’s the canker in need of treatment.

This Joe LaMuraglia guy, for instance. His main resume credential seems to be where he puts his dick – and his main job appears to be that as many people are aware of this as possible.

When I began writing about cars more than 20 years ago, no one asked me whether I fucked women or men or goats or nothing at all. My genitalia and the uses I put my pecker to were not considered relevant. What was considered relevant was whether I could write intelligently and meet a deadline.


It would have been regarded as bizarre if I had made an issue of my sexual preferences or even mentioned them in a work context.

Today, it seems, race and sex and sexual preference are the prism through which everything must be viewed – but this must never be openly admitted. “Diversity” is double think. It means some races, one sex and every sexual preference except one.

I pity Terry Rhadigan and other good people at GM who have to work in this miasma. His email, incidentally, is as follows:

. . .

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  1. Eric,

    “no one asked me whether I fucked women or men or goats ”

    Probably because of the video of you and that 64 LeMans circulating around Metro Detroit back in the day.

    Besides, with a Scot name like Peters, it goes without saying your fondness for sheep. 🙂


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