Radar Love, Part I

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I am testing out radar detectors, my V1 and a K40 – and this is the first video detailing the experience, my impression and the pros and cons of each.

Please note that I am having to do this on the Down Low – because I live in the one state that still bans radar detectors. I therefore mount the units in a discreet manner, on top of the dash (using some electrical tape or similar folded back on itself) which makes the units harder for the sturmabteilungsmann  to see  and also much easier for me to quickly snatch off the dash and stash, in the event I find myself in close proximity to a sturmabteilungsmann.

The downside is that this Down Low mounting technique probably negatively affects the performance of a radar detector, which is supposed to be mounted higher up (usually, suction-cupped to the windshield).

However, I have found that my V1 is still very effective at sussing out the der sturmabteilungsmann, even when not mounted high. We’ll see about the K40.

More videos on deck…

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  1. 1. Please be careful taking video of yourself violating Virginia law Andrew posting it online. You don’t need any more trouble.

    2. Valentine One did have a patent on the arrows, but it has now expired as of a couple of years ago. I am running an Escort Passport Max 360 which has the arrows and multiple receivers much like the V1, but it also has built in GPS, better filtering, and seems to have greater sensitivity than the V1, which I also have. The V1 does the arrows better, but the Passport’s function the same way, the arrows are just much smaller on the display.

    3. Have you ever run into much trouble in Virginia with the “radar detector detectors“? The V1 is not invisible to them, but I have no idea how common such devices are in Virginia. There are a few radar detectors that are invisible to these RDDs. Most of these appear to be installed versions rather than windshield mounted, with a couple of exceptions. My Max 360 is detectable to an RDD just like the V1 is.


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