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Here’s the latest reader question along with my reply!

Tom asks: Could the remedy to new cars be kit cars? Old style cars with the good modern advances,  without the drawbacks of the government requirements and the best of the old technology.

My reply:  Yes . . . and (unfortunately) no. On a small scale, kit cars are a way to get around Uncle and his fatwas. The laws (federal and state) generally allow exemptions for  low-volume/hand-built/kit cars. A good example being the various kit car versions of the classic Shelby Cobra. These are new cars – but don’t have to have air bags and all the rest.

But, the major manufacturers – and us – are outta luck on this score. Also, I suspect that if low-volume/hand-built/kit cars ever became a larger-scale thing, Uncle and his fatwas would descend – hard.

That said, there is nothing – for the moment – preventing any of us from buying an older car and restoring/updating it as we wish.

So, seize the day!

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