Jacques de Mold-ay

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I’m not a Templar, like poor ol’ Jacques – who ended up in the fire, by the way. But I am dealing with my own crusade – against mold, on account of the bath my basement took on Sunday night.

I just finished hauling out the ruined carpet (there went $800) and cutting off the lower half of most of the drywall, to air out the studs behind. Then doused everything – I mean, every joist, every stud, everything that got wet with bleach. I am probably as doomed now as a Chernobyl worker but what the hell. All in a good cause.

It will be interesting to see whether the local government creatures even respond to my complaint about the non-functioning culvert that created a lake which lake sent its agua into my house… much less the claim I filed for the $3,500 in estimated damage (this is assuming me doing all the work; I just want them to comp me for the carpet and drywall and mold abatement.

I expect I’ll see that as soon as I see the letter telling me I am free to opt out of Obamacare….

. . .

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about this, Eric.

    You should have gotten repair estimates from “professionals”, and then submitted them to the ins. co. -then you might have stood a chance of actually getting reimbursed for an amount somewhat near the actual cost of fixing-up.

    Of course though, the airing-out and mold abatement couldn’t wait, and you did the right thing- but the ins. co. will probably now say that they are relieved of responsibility, since “you created the damage”. (But would they have paid for a new house had you done nothing? )

    They have it set up so that you can’t win. Is it any wonder that ins. co.s are so involved in politics? Birds of a feather…..

  2. Hopefully no remaining standing water….your basement will become a federally protected wetlands, which means the feds will sue you for polluting the “body of water” with household chemicals…Good luck! /sarc

    They “might” fix the culvert, or use it as an excuse to cite you personally for any number of violations at your residence/business! Write car reviews without a business license? Fail to reclaim/transport/label solvent from a repair job correctly? Round-up on weeds without a hazmat suit? You get the picture…


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