Reader Question: Electric Armageddon?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Zane asks:  Do you believe if the red tsunami hits, this 50 mpg fatwa and electric push will be slowed down/stopped and if not, how will they get rid of cars that are already paid off? I assume it’ll be a lot easier for them to ban them in cities, giving special permits to delivery vehicles at most, but what about suburbs and rural areas? Thanks for taking a look.

My reply: A red tsunami couldn’t hurt. But I believe the country is at the irreconcilable differences stages of a bad marriage. Even if the GOP wins a stunning electoral mandate/affirmation of Trump, it will only further enrage the SJW/LBGTQSUV crowd – just as a blue tsunami would infuriate those on the other side of the fence.

And thats just what is needed. A fence. A separation.

I personally believe the country isn’t one any longer. It is held together by force, nothing more. There is no longer a common culture/general values/points of more-or-less-agreement that made the “democratic republic” serviceable for a long time. It is no longer serviceable. It has become intolerable – for almost everyone.

The very best that can be hoped for, in my opinion, is a relative peaceful falling away of the authority of the federal government, followed by the break up of the country into regional countries – some of them much more favorable to liberty than others.

California, for example could become a literal People’s Republican or something along the lines of a European socialist state.

The problem, of course, is that people who want socialism require those who do not want anything to do with it. In the manner of Obamacare needing the young/healthy/responsible to shoulder the cost of the care of the old/sick and irresponsible.

A fire needs logs. Socialism needs victims. For the same reason.

This will not go well.

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  1. The big tipping point comes when the money stops flowing.Until then we will muddle along.Thats the best my crystal ball is showing.Weve faced worse political climes before and we are still here.Looks like the newest gen is done with the extreme PC,the pendulum swings…..

  2. “War is the health of the state.”
    Randolph Bourne

    Now that the United States state apparatus has no enemies it had to invent some. Why not start with the internal struggle?

  3. Yeah, figured that’d be the case, now to just find a suitable state in the middle of the country that would be ideal (Since I’m from Jersey, and I already got a bad feeling about things)

    Sure you’re a few steps ahead of me here, any suggestions?


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