AGW Can Touch His Gun

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Here’s video of a man legally open carrying who finds himself surrounded by a crew of very “fearing for their safety” AGWs, one of whom has his hand on his gun – a clear (and actual) threat to the safety of the man filming.

The man accosted by the crew of  AGWs asks whether it would be ok for him to touch his gun.

The AGWs respond with a most Authoritative no – making it clear a lethal Hut! Hut! Hutting! would be triggered (literally) if he did so.

Why is it that armed government workers can illegally threaten innocent, law-abiding citizens with guns – but if a citizen objects, he opens himself up to a fusillade of lethal lead?

Why is it that AGWs who violate the law – on camera – are almost never prosecuted or even tsk’d tks’d for it?

The buzzcut, bulletheaded goons in this video cant stand the idea of anyone but them  having weapons, much less authority or sovereignty. Look for them to be Hut! Hut! Hutting! on your doorstep, the moment the order is given.

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