Today’s Clover: He Won’t Move Over

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Here’s today’s Clover – a geezer moping along at 39 in a 45, oblivious to the tail he’s growing – of cars that would like to be moving at least as fast as the under-posted speed limit. He won’t increase his speed – or move over – even when the road opens up to two lanes.

He squats in the left lane, death grip at ten and two.

It’s not his slowness that makes him a Clover, by the way. It’s that he won’t move over.

. . .

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  1. Wait until you get to NYC

    The Taxi drivers will MUSCLE You out of the way, but they’ll wait the entire time for Granny to cross the street with her walker, or show no aggression in muscling there way through the crowds to make a turn

  2. This is what a turbo-charger on a manual-transmission car is for.
    You pass within 6 inches of the passenger headlight at a speed which will clean some of the dust off of their paint, resulting in moisture on the driver’s Depends.
    And for those with weak constitutions you may have to pull over after the surprise.

    UnIess I get a ticket, I will not put up with the Left-lane C-blockers in Texas!

  3. Back in the dark ages when I learned to drive, the rule of thumb was one car length of following distance for each 10mph of speed, minimum.

    Of course, most of the cars are shorter now – LOL

  4. It may not be rocket science but you’re more likely to see a monkey do quantum mechanics than these guys figure out what lane to be in.


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