Cadillac Clover!

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Here’s today’s Clover – “driving” (if you want to call it that) a Cadillac crossover. The Clover surges – speeds up, the slows down – for no clear reason. He (she?) moseys al the way onto the shoulder – and then countersteers across the double yellow – because it’s so challenging to keep your “sporty” crossover in its lane of travel… .

And they ask me why I drink!

. . .

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  1. But the competent driver who drives “over the speed limit” will be the one to be punished…..

    And I agree with DipShift. I’ve just about abandoned road cycling. Nothing but narrow roads with no shoulders or room of any sort on the side, in my area- feeling too vulnerable with all the distracted drivers, between the cellphones/texting, GPS, touchscreens, blind spots in modern cars, etc. it’s ceasing to be carefree fun, and is becoming a struggle for survival.

  2. A few thoughts..

    1.) give this guy some slack, he’s an F1 fan and knows the shortest distance between two lines is to cut the apex off the corners.. ?

    2.) Eric, we have a clover epidemic on the Upper Left Coast. What pesticides do you recommend to ‘retard’ this outbreak? ?

    3.) On a more serious note, cyclist have been abandoning road riding in favor of riding on gravel over the past 5-7 years now. Mfg’ers now building bikes specific to this sub genre. Notabily, frames that can run both road and mt bike sized wheels. Why? Roads have become too dangerous. ?

    • What we call “clovers” here all have their personal rules of the road when it comes to bicycling. That is when they are paying attention at all. As things got worse and worse I rode less and less because of the effort it would take me just to want to deal with these people. It becomes a fight.

      The gravel trails have their own morons on them by me. So it’s six of one half dozen of the other. I prefer smooth single track dirt. Keeps the idiots away. And yes I use road bike on that. If the trail and weather is just right it’s smoother and faster than pavement.

  3. Clovers are the new drunk drivers. Probably even worse. You should see the tire marks in my ditch. My mailbox is on my side of the road, and I still have to watch for cars. These pricks can’t be trusted!

    Speaking of Cadillacs and Clovers, you’ll love this Sopranos scene of Vito whacking a Clover.

  4. That’s exactly why I don’t ride a motorcycle anymore. I live in the Tulsa OK area, and it is absolutely ridiculous out here. Clovers are the rule, not the exception.


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