Today’s Non-Clover!

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Here’s a video of a slow driver who isn’t a Clover. Why?

Because he moved over!

Just as I have no issue with electric cars as such – if someone wants to build them and people freely want to buy them, great! – it’s okay with me if people want to drive at whatever speed they’re comfortable driving.

So long as they’re not using their car to block the progress of other drivers.

So, good man!

. . .

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  1. Did that guy pull over to let you by, or did he pull over to see the view/mess with his tracking device/take a piss/etc.? (i.e. did you see him, in your rearview mirror, get back on the raod right after you passed?)

  2. Hey,thats me! All 2 lanes here,and Im NOT up to the speeds of new sport coupe downhill road racers and younger people who have great vision and fine reflexes and schedules to meet.As soon as Im slowing down anyone,Im over and cheerfully let them on their way.Might pull over once,maybe twice in the downhill twisty’s.Consideration for others,what a concept!!
    I then get back to cruising along at a more sedate pace Im comfortable with.I drive a big heavy sedan that is not a mountain road carver. However,coming UP the hill,good luck to most (yeah you pickup trucks and econo cars) trying to keep up,lets hear it for that V8,I have gobs of power after that turn! 🙂


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