Today’s Clover: The Random Stopper

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Here’s video of a Clover I found myself behind the other day… .

The guy was driving approximately 10-15 MPH below the posted limit (55) for openers and of course, wouldn’t just pull off onto the shoulder – which is what IDs him as a Clover, by the way. Not that he is a slow driver. Some people are timid or for some other reason drive slowly. Thats ok.

What’s not ok is failing to yield when you’re driving 10-15 MPH below the posted limit  – especially given that almost everyone drives 5-10 MPH faster than most speed limits, because most speed limits are under-posted by at least 5-10 MPH over reasonable speeds.

That is the mark of a Clover.

This one was just that. 10-15 MPH below the 55 MPH limit and making no effort to be civilized and make way for other drivers trying to get where they need to be at legal speed and before the next ice age. 

This Clover then decided he needed to look at something in the field off to the right and literally almost stopped in the road so he could gawp at the cows or whatever it was.

That’s when I decided I’d had enough and did what was necessary to get by this road turd.

. . .

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  1. Yesterday I had this genius woman speed up on my left and pull into my lane only to immediately slam on the brakes. Things like this get me closer to buying a dashcam all the time. As a fellow trucker said, You need a dashcam. It’s a CYA thing. Texas has always been bad about ticketing the vehicle in the rear during an accident. A dashcam verily is a substitute for the witnesses who don’t stop.

  2. Had a cut me off and then drive slowly in front of me clover. Ughhhhh, Gave him a good solid 15 seconds of horn when he was cutting in, and nothing, just continue to come at me. Was pushing his way in. Of course tons of space BEHIND me.

    I am finding I use my horn alot lately. Is that the case with other readers here?

  3. It’s moments like this you wish you had a road grader to just give them a gently control shove to one side at a wide shoulder or gravel lot. This is what the Parkway is meant for, not the main travel arteries, yet some people just can’t even take a hint. They have nowhere to go, and take all day to get there.


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