Elon’s Foot

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Elon’ is beginning to have some trouble with Uncle – which suggests Elon’s usefulness to Uncle may be coming to an end.

The SEC is looking into Elon’s doings – his sayings, specifically – and one can feel the ground shifting, almost.

Petulant Elon could do no wrong – certainly nothing unlawful – while his company was conditioning the populace to accept the inevitability of electric cars and to stop asking impertinent questions about electric cars by dazzling the populace with sexy bodywork and Ludicrous Speed.

The populace began to acquiesce – or at least, became quiescent. Hey, smartphones are cool. Surely electric cars are even more cool! Click tap swap.

The car industry felt this pressure – from the media and the regulatory apparat – and began to emulate Elon, first resignedly then whole-heartedly. It would also manufacture sexy, fast EVs but let’s-not-talk-about how much it will cost you, or how long you’ll wait – or how far you’ll be able to go in winter.

Soon, it wont matter – because you’ll have no choice.

This was Elon’s purpose and now that his usefulness has come to an end, the eye of Uncle is upon him.

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