A Cop, for Once

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Cops still exist, here and there. As distinct from armed government workers, the new species.

An example of a cop can be found in Washington state. In a rural county, the local sheriff is refusing to enforce the latest people controls (styled “gun control” by those advocating them) and is getting flack for doing so, including by the metrosexual narrator of this video, who talks of the sheriff “making a big mess of things” by not Hut! Hut! Hutting! the newly created class of “criminals.”

The sheriff, Bob Songer, is refusing to do so because the people controls are contrary to the letter of the law – as well as its spirit. He refers to the Second Amendment, which – like the rest of the Bill of Rights – is the law of the land and has decided he will hew to it rather than laws made up by the busybodies and control freaks who style themselves “the government.”

The soft-spoken metrosexual narrator is clearly appalled. He talks of the “safe storage” of guns, but leaves the definition of “safe” (locked away and so useless) unsaid. Like all people control proponents, the narrator assumes his control freakism to be a moral given and imperative and cannot fathom anyone disagreeing. This is the signature psychological/intellectual defect of control freaks and busybodies. They are always right and others always wrong – not merely of a different point of view.

“It’d be one thing if Songer was acting alone,” the stoop-shouldered, scruffy bearded  squealer continues. “But across the country, noncompliance has become  the go-to response.” His (used loosely) voice rises to an almost feminine contralto. Government schooling having done its work. “In Washington, more than 20 counties are following Songer’s lead.”

He looks on nonplussed as a local resident shakes the sheriff’s hand and the two exchange pleasantries. The twit then mewls about the sheriff’s obligation to enforce the law –  whatever the law is. You know, as they did in Germany once upon a time, too. Lots of laws to enforce there as well. The twit is surely a fan of those who didn’t enforce the laws in that case. But in this case, it’s a must-do.

The Mind of a Government Schooled drone. Behold.

The sheriff explains to the twit: “Well, you do if it’s legal”- meaning, not an affront to the Bill of Rights, which is the law, Mr. Scruffy (these testosterone deficient metrosexuals seem to all have scruff beards; it’s a kind of three-day shadow of masculinity’s retreat).

The Whiner practically stomps his feet while talking about how the metrosexual population of  cities such as Portland supported the people control laws.

The sheriff explains that he is elected by the people of his county and is represents them; the busybodies and control freaks in the state capital do not.

Notice that the state attorney general is also scruffy. It’s an interesting tell.

The other scruffy one – the reporter  – asks the sheriff whether this is “an insurrection.” The sheriff explains that if people control extends to Hut! Hut! Hut! confiscation attempts that, indeed, there will be resistance.

What is the alternative? Another question that never occurs to the scruffy ones. They take busybodyism and control freakism as the natural order of things, the Safe Space to which they are entitled and which they’ve been trained to since their Time-Out childhoods.

Their trust of “government” is the instinctive devotion a dog has toward its owner. They are lost without direction – and the leash and collar. Their food placed loving in the bowl. And when they see a wolf out in the field, it gives them the shivers.

. . .

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  1. eric, what was that reporter’s name? Gina? Reckon he’s got his winky skin preserved to make his own gina when he can? He’s obviously not of the world of real people.

    The rancher showed the same thing I showed two years ago. Two 300+ lb. calves killed, mostly likely by a cat. Their mama’s would have protected them against yotes unless there were a lot of them which isn’t out of the question.

    It rained all day yesterday and quit just before dark and then the yotes started up in earnest from all the way around. They’re so much worse than they used to be. Our cats mainly died from old age and before the vaccination, feleuk. Now they just disappear, regardless of how old or wise they are although the older they are the more likely they won’t be yote shit.

    A few years ago we looked out the kitchen window and Butter, the big orange tom had a fox treed. Butter looked bigger than the fox and the fox was really paranoid. The fox wouldn’t have survived except for my loud mouthed wife who can never seem to stay silent when necessary. The fox jumped and hauled ass and Butter was right behind.

    We don’t even try to raise fowl of any sort. Even if I made a chicken engine out of 9.5 gauge chain link, I’d need a weighted skirt made into 6 inch sections to fall down into the hole something would dig and a hot wire would just be another killer for the cats.

    And those Trotsky kids will cry and plead in their metrosexual way. I was recently at Best Buy and had a young(turned out to be male)wait on me. It wasn’t his dept. but the female was busy at the time. When she got lose they conferred and I couldn’t tell one voice from the other. I could barely tell a difference in their bodies. And big pharm still says no relation to the psych drugs and aquatic and other creatures turning all female but it’s up to 90% in the case of some fish species. Every single drop of water in Texas contains psych drugs and Roundup. I encourage everyone to watch a good documentary about how corporations are taking over water rights and polluted water is now worldwide. The name of the doc is For Love of Water.

    My point here is they’re so removed from real life. They think life is going to a fast food place every time they’re hungry and waiting for the next iPhone to come out. Give them a piece of lumber, a saw, a hammer and some nails and ask them for a coat rack. They’d be mystified and wonder what you meant. Take them for a ride in the pasture. They’ve never seen what’s out there. When you rolled down the window and blasted a yote they’d probably wondering if they were going to suffer the same fate, after all, the yote was simply standing there.

    I few years ago my citified SIL was speaking to my wife who said she got up in the mornings with me to help me get away. At 3 or 4 am? she asked. Why? Well, it’s the only time I’ll see him that day cause he goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark after I’m in bed. She still didn’t understand.

    Then the wife mentioned she had to get my dirty clothes to the cleaner so they were heavily starched and the pants creased to which the SIL replied “Oh, that’s so not in”. She has NO idea heavily starched Wranglers stay much cleaner and are better than FR in that respect. She also doesn’t realize my shirts get up against all sort of dirty shit every day but they don’t have stuff stuck to them. I think she thinks truck drivers just, well, drive a truck. What’s dirty about that? And why would I leave in the dark and get home after dark? That’s crazy. She doesn’t know anyone who does that. She probably doesn’t know anyone who runs out the door with an AR and starts cutting down on a yote or bobcat or grabs a shovel and kills a snake at the front door. They don’t have such in Yuppieville where she lives.

    • 8, I do pretty good for a city kid….but I am still learning!

      Gotta try that heavily-starched thing! Seeing old pictures from the early 20th century- even into the ’50s- I always wondered how it was that laborers- even guys working on railroad tracks- used to be able to dress so nicely (Nicer than the average person of leisure does today). I think you’ve given me the answer!

      Ain’t shot no coyotes (They never bothered my cows when I had ’em, and I like the way they clean up things) but I did shoot a possum last night. Put two .38sp’s in him, and he still scampered away! (I really need to get some proper ammo for my .357…)

      • Nunz, don’t do possums. They’re the only thing that eats ticks. I don’t kill em but CJ does and that’s between he and the possum.

        You Can look good for 16-18hrs a day when you’re heavily starched and creased. Just make sure they’re Wranglers, come down over your boot and have a good crease. You’ll stand out above the crowd. I’ve had the DOT crowd mention my windows were exceptionally clean. They oughta be. I clean them with steel wool and then wax hell out of them inside and out. I shed dirt the same with starched clothes, even the oily stuff.

        Go to Natchez Shooter’s Supply for ammo.

        • I didn’t know that possums eat ticks! I hate killing things- up until just recently, I used to take ’em a few miles away and drop ’em off in the woods. It’s not like I go looking for ’em- they come and take up residence around my singlewide because of the cat food i put out for the outside cats/strays- when one comes around, I catch it in one’a them Have-A-Heart type traps with marshmallows for bait. (I don’t have the heart to shoot the racoons…darn things are so tame! I’m setting the trap one night when one was around; I turn around, and he’s sitting right behind me watching me!)

          Ha! That’s what I wear- Wranglers! They last a REALLY long time….if I could just keep them fromn getting grease and dirt spots…. I’ll try the starch!

          Just checking out Natchez. Good deal. Thanks! ’bout $8 a bnox cheaper than the local shop. I was reading the “restrictions” for fun. NY is in virtually every one! They can’t even ship a freaking slingshot or pepper spray to NY! (All the usual suspects- NY CA MD DC IL… The commies are surrounding us!)

    • Your calf problem might not be coyotes, but dogs that people have abandoned by the roadside and have gone feral & formed a pack. A friend’s grandma shot 2-3 of them a few years ago that turned out to be owned by neighbors that let them run wild during the day. They killed a $700 calf and all the neighbor could say was “you shot my pets” (omitting that she did the deed on her land near her herd)

      • chiph, I can tell you for certain one thing I might have that’s relatively new to my area, a cross of red wolf and coyote. It’s a dog about as big as CJ(80 lbs) and bold like a wolf.

        I know red wolves are supposedly extinct but I can tell you from hunting on a large place I lived on in 82 a friend and I saw a huge dog from about 700 yds.

        A good look with 10X scopes revealed it to be a red wolf. Some A-hole in NM bred a red wolf with a coyote and did it to a large degree upon which he turned them loose. They have been working their way east ever since.

        Last spring I was looking out the kitchen window across the tank and saw something red, two somethings red, on the other side of the tank. CJ had been barking at something so I grabbed my Steiners and saw two red wolf/coyote crosses. I got a gun and went out giving CJ false bravado so he took off after them. In a matter of seconds I saw him coming back running for his life with both of those dogs after him. I shot at one but didn’t connect due to thick brush(I need a Big Caliber gun). They did turn away though. In a couple weeks I heard a neighbor 2 miles away had seen the same animals or similar.

        But I occasionally see a cougar, mountain lion or whatever you want to call them. The most recent I saw was less than 150 feet from the front door headed down a fenceline. CJ had seen it from the house and tore off after it when I opened the door that I would never have done had I known what he was barking at. I was hoping he wouldn’t catch it…and he didn’t thankfully. We have some big ones around. I’m sure everyone rurally had big cats around and it’s just we out early and late and all day that see them.

  2. Yeah, but look at that sheriff. He’s 1) old 2) male and 3) white. As the country gets less white and more feminized, the powers-that-be are increasingly open about to throwing the Constitution — a product of old white guys — into the trash and creating a pseudo-communist dictatorship.

    This cop is a throwback to a different America. He’ll be retired in five years, and will be replaced by a younger generation of cops who are hired on the basis of (blatantly unconstitutional) “affirmative action.” The younger white cops accept that their fellow officers are affirmative action hires if they want a job. The younger white cops were never taught the Bill of Rights; instead, they were taught about school shootings, “assault weapons,” sexual harassment, “domestic terrorists,” and “hate crimes.”

    Look at this image of a female cop in New Zealand, clutching an AR-15 and wearing a hijab as the country forcibly disarms its own white male population from owning the same rifle. This is our future:


    And here’s a pic of Virginia State Police marching in goon gear under a gay “Diversity” banner:


    The cops are increasingly becoming real life versions of Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional character Diana Moon Glampers, the female Government Equality Commissar in the 1961 dystopian short story “Harrison Bergeron,” who shoots Harrison dead for being superior to everyone else.

  3. You’ve really got to respect this sheriff, and the other ones, for understanding that his duty is to the people of his county even (especially) against The State if need be. You don’t see that much any more.

    • Hi Bill,

      Agreed. It reminds me of the days – it seems a lifetime ago – when I didn’t despise what is styled “law enforcement” these days. Because in those days, it was mostly concerned with keeping the peace, dealing with people who caused actual harm to others. Not perfectly, I realize. But far more so than today, when the object of the exercise is clearly to cow people into submission to whatever the busybodies and control freaks who are “the government” demand we submit to.

  4. You covered it pretty well. Not much to add. I too have been watching this usurpation of the Constitution for my 70 years. Not pretty. The Soy boys and Fems been indoctrinated to think anything written down on a piece of paper getting 51 percent approval is law. Government skools have done their job well.

    • Hi Ken,

      Indeed. They are literally Lenin’s “useful idiots,” who don’t grok that they are erecting their own prison as well as ours. They imagine a friendly cocoon of Soft Socialism, in which all will be prosperous and happy and well-fed. They imagine themselves as part of a future Nomenklatura, or Inner Party, just as That fool Trotsky did.

      A ditch awaits them as much as it does us, only we won’t be standing at the edge, baffled and wondering what went wrong.

      • Eric, Ken, et al

        What kills me, is that the fools now have the examples of the recent past, and even present examples of places where the ideas they advocate have been implemented- and have led/lead to nothing like what they envision…..and yet they ignore those examples and continue to desire that their idiotic policies be implemented here!

        Are they ignorant of how crime EXPLODED in Australia when guns were out-lawed?
        Can they not see the futility of life in “socialist paradises” like Sweden?
        Did they never notice that where ever the state attains ultimate power, as it does under socialism, that hundreds of millions are exterminated?
        Can they not yet see that the economics of collectivism lead to poverty for all (except for the the elite and politicians)? -The very thing which they say they are fighting- but which in reality, by erecting a socialist state, are in-fact furthering!

        But none of that matters to them- as long as they have the prospect of getting some free stuff- and of seeing those whom they envy and are jealous of being cut-down and looted….they don’t care.

        • Capitalism is a competition of the competent, the skilled, the hard working. Socialism is a competition of the socially skilled, the politically savvy. And thus the most despicable rise to the top in socialism. Socialism is a belief in just the right people, who don’t really exist and what comes close never make it through the social/political competition. The believers in socialism don’t understand that capitalism as numerous hurdles to prevent the worst from getting on top. Socialism is designed for it.

  5. Ive met some decent officers. They exist. But on balance the police do nothing. If they all disappeared tomorrow I dont think anyone would notice. Especially the chicago police. Theyre just waiting for the pensions Im paying for.

    • The criminals would notice.

      There wouldn’t be anyone to protect them from armed citizens – Harrrgh!

      • Testify!

        I had an apparently organized gang hit my little mini farm several years ago. They cut open a shipping container, stole scores of thousands worth of tools and building supplies, two antique tractors, a dual axle utility trailer, and utterly destroyed my travel trailer. Massive loss for me.

        They caught one of them because the idiot had one of my trailers at his house. A court rep asked me if I wanted a “no contact order” (restraining order). I asked if I could get a “must contact” order instead. I figured I’d only need a minute or so.

        You know what the punk wound up with as punishment? Three months. Three frickin’ months.

        • BillB, did you keep up with him? I certainly would have. Some day, after it was all forgotten, I would have removed his skin…until he told me who else was involved, then finished the job and headed for them.

          • He lit out for another state literally the week he was released from what I discovered was minimum security, essentially a work house. I have no idea how he got permission to relocate so quickly. My suspicion is that he was somehow connected. There’s a lot of good-ole-boy corruption around here.

            FWIW I did ask a three part patcher pal of mine to have his club keep an eye out for him. They can certainly be persuasive. Nothing that I’m aware of has come from it, though.

  6. Once again, escapees from a commie state (California) are turning the place they’ve fled to into the very image of whgat they fled.

    Kudos to the sheriff- Now if only such ones were consistent in this kind of behavior when it comes to the many other issues they deal with- such as victimless “crimes”; kidnapping people’s kids for the state, etc.) we might not be in this present pickle.

    Sadly, the few remaining good ones, like this guy, will either be removed by “the people” in the next election….or by the state- just like the county clerk Kim Davis here in KY. who tried to uphold the KY. constitution by not granting marriage licenses to queers; and a local judge, who refused to let homo couples “adopt” children.

    The state didn’t tolerate insubordination 160 years ago,..,and they don’t today. Who’s gonna fire the first shot? The leftists, in union with the state, as well as many obedient “conservatives” mean that the good guys are far out-numbered, and out-gunned.[Which is the whole point of “gun control” to begin with- so they will not tolerate non-compliance in such a matter, above all others).

    Some time soon, it will be a “media event” as those counties in WA. are squashed by the state police or BATF, etc. as “an example”- and that will effectively be the end of any resistance”.

  7. These sort of Peace Officers are pretty much the norm out in most rural counties of the West. Yeah, there’s some rare bad ones but generally nothing like the Hut! videos that you frequently post.

    The county where you live in Virginia looks suburban to me compared to the West outside ~20 mile radius of the bigger cities.

    The CommieCrat politicians are going to have a Real War on their hands if they push us Deplorable Bumpkins much further.

  8. I watched to 5:41 or so. I could NOT take that a-hole AG spouting his statist, PC bullshit…

    What I can’t wrap my arms around is the ARROGANCE & CONDESCENSION of these people! They think that, because the attended an Ivy League school and live in the city that they’re better than everyone else! When I attended college and learned stuff, it HUMBLED me because the more I learned, the less I knew; the more I learned, the more IGNORANT I felt too. Plus, while in the Navy, I was exposed to some country boys, and I was awed by what they could do. One guy I knew was from Montana, where his closest neighbor was 10 miles away! In that situation, you’d better be able to do stuff yourself! I could never grok the arrogance and condescension of these people, because, from where I sit, there’s no BASIS for it.

    • Ditto, Mark –

      The trademark of these people is a superciliousness without justification; it derives, I think, from their sense of (ersatz) moral superiority – which for them trumps knowledge/facts.

      Viewing that guy’s face made my fist reflexively ball up.

      I suspect it won’t be much longer before it comes to that.

    • Oh yes. And when you get in an argument with people like this (not even cops, just people) they will say something incredibly smug (yet meaningless) like “WeLl ThEn LeTs LoCk YoU iN a RoOm WiTh A rUnNiNg CaR aNd LoCk Me In A rOoM wItH a RuNnInG tEsLa AnD wHoEvEr DiEs FiRsT iS wRoNg!!!!11111” and then stand around congratulating each other like they just made some kind of amazing score, when all they really did is remind you of a small child trying to argue. But that’s just how they think. They buy into ridiculous “zero visions” without even realizing it. They just think “thing A is bad in certain quantities/situations, therefore we must eradicate 100% of thing A at any cost even if it means unintended consequence B, janky workaround C, and even worse problem D.”

      It’s like I was thinking… if you told people “We’re going to require your next car to be twice as expensive, twice as ugly, half as useful, and 3-4 times as difficult to soup-up, repair, or even maintain without getting a stealership involved” they would justifiably tell you to go pound sand, but if you say “we’re going to help you save fuel, clean up the air, and stay safer in an accident” the same people will beg for these changes to be mandatory across the board and think you’re an evil murderer if you don’t want to.

  9. Now, that’s a real sheriff! They used to teach in law schools that the constitution is the supreme law of the land but if the bill of rights gets in the way of controlling people I guess the busybodies want it to go.