Reader Question: Worst New Car Feature?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tamara asks: In your opinion, what is the single worst new car feature?

My reply: Have I got space for this?

If I had to name just one, it’d be the “feature” common to almost every new car – horrendous visibility to the rear and sides. I’ve ranted about this before, at length, so I’ll keep it brief here. The government – that is to say, the busybodies and control freaks who constitute it – hurls fatwas that all new cars must be “safe” as defined by, among other things, their being able to absorb a side-impact hit of such-and-such force and support the weight of the vehicle if turned upside down, without the roof crushing the occupants. To comply with these fatwas, cars are built with A, B and C pillars that are at least twice and often three or four times as thick as was once typical – and very high door sills.

These combine to create enormous blind spots, making it much more likely you will have an accident. Good thing they are more survivable now, eh?

I think it’d be sounder policy to design cars with better visibility, which would make an accident less likely. A car that isn’t crashed being the safest car of all.

But that’s just me!

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  1. Good list Zane. A couple more…

    -lane keep assist
    -adaptive cruise control
    -an astronomical number of airbags
    -not being able to back up with the door open
    -start/stop buttons
    -ridiculous touchscreen “entertainment” centers/radios
    -blind spot monitor
    -front assist (see VW)
    -TPMS (not really new but still…do we thank Ford or Firestone for this?)

    • I don’t mind TPMS at all, only feature next to Backup cameras I actually like (Helps my cameras crisp and I got a big ass truck I back into my driveway)

      That said, if the cars born before or a decade after I was (1988), it’s on my list for my next car

  2. *ASS
    *Undefeatable traction/stability
    *Back up sensors that SLAM the brakes on you if it doesn’t trust you
    *Automatics that gear hunt for fuel economy
    *Integrated Hybrid tech
    *Fact you can’t get what you want, have to package
    *SAAAAAAAAFETTTTTTTY features we didn’t ask for and the price increase
    *Lawyer mode starting up

    Sure there’s a lot more, just those are from the top of my head


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