Thank You!

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I would like to thank everyone – and there are many of you – who recently tossed a few bucks in the hat to support this site after reading the article about my “dangerous and derogatory” scribblings (well, typings).

This is how we fight back. Not – I pray – with weapons – but with words and ideas and a determination to speak freely and not tolerate anyone being stifled – and smeared and punished – by for questioning orthodoxies.

We can win this fight – on a plane those who stand opposed would prefer not to fight. Because haven’t got sounder ideas. All they have in their quiver is force. They are troglodytic creatures.

We are not.

So, again – thank you. I am honored and grateful. A massive mailing of stickers and magnets will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Best wishes to everyone on this Easter day!



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