First Drive: Speed Limit “Assist”

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Here’s a first look at the speed limit “assist” coming to a car near you – or rather, will be embedded into the electronic guts of your next new car.

The EU has mandated this “assist” be installed in all new cars sold there beginning with the 2022 model year, so expect every European brand car sold here to have this “assist” as well.

And expect other brands to have it, too –  once the Safety Cult’s high priests issue a fatwa requiring it be part of the standard suite of saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafey systems here as well.

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  1. I’ll bet this annoying crap won’t stop a brakeless, run-away semi down a mountain grade. Combined with the
    “Lane-ASS-ist” it also won’t let anyone else get the hell out of the way of that run-away semi. Look for more fatalities similar to the one in Denver 2 weeks ago! We can only hope some pseudo-important bureaucrat gets smeared all of the road to make this clear to everyone else.


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