Another Hut! Hut! Hutting! for Trash Collecting

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Some of you will remember the incident (and video) posted here a month or so ago. A gang of armed government workers descended upon a man cleaning up his own back yard – which almost escalated into a fatal Hut! Hut! Hutting! when the man voiced objections to the AGWs’ demands he produce ID and drop his “weapon” – the grab-stick he was using to pick u trash and place in the bucket he was carrying.

Well, here we go again.

Video has surfaced of another Hut! Hut! Hutting! over trash collecting – this time with a gun drawn on the victim.

Apparently, the AGW has resigned after the hideous video you’re watching now became public. But the AGW was not arrested and charged with threatening to summarily execute the man under color of law.

The thick blue double standard – again.

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  1. Hey Eric,

    Wow, that cop is terrifying. He’s clearly an insecure coward who desperately needs his “authoritah” to be respected. Note how he won’t let go even after another cop confirms that the “perp” lives there and is what he says he is. He is essentially ordered to stand down by another cop and he obviously doesn’t like it. Too bad that the other cop still feels compelled to minimize the insane escalation of the first cop.


  2. Hey Eric,

    Wow, that’s an awfully conscientious trespasser, I’d love for him to come by my house and clean up for me.


  3. Eric,

    If someone in a costume (Batman, Captain America, Homey da Clown…) wanders on to your property, eventually pointing a gun at you, are you going to get lippy or comply?

    • Hi T,

      I honestly don’t know. I hope I would assert my rights in a forthright manner. But these days, even if you’re absolutely right in terms of the law (as well as moral law) you can still wind up dead and there’s no appealing that. At some point, of course, one has to decide whether to submit to abject tyranny – or fight it.

      • eric, good answer. You just never know how things will play out. Feeling threatened to a point of taking action isn’t out of the question. We all(real people)hope to avoid violence and simply live our lives free from tyranny or bad words with anyone.

        The “weapon” the guy has is a Harbor Freight thing. It’s the more expensive one and the least effective. The end has some tiny rubber cups that are mounted on some very thin flexible steel, the failing of that unit as I see it. I don’t know how you’d hurt anyone with it. Weapon my ass.


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