Reader Question: Technocratism?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply:

Laura asks: Here is something the Agenda 2030 people are pushing; they want most of us on bicycles or walking.

My reply: Indeed. I wanted to post the link you sent, but it wasn’t working. In any event, the gist is just what you’ve written. They want to get the majority of the “proletariat” – that’s us – out of our cars and on foot or – better – into some form of “public” – read government – transportation.

Implied by this nudge is a nudge into urban collection points – and away from the suburbs and country, which (if you read the more extreme views of the 2030 technocrats) is to be returned to a state of nature, presumably for their enjoyment.

These people are only incidentally technocrats. What they really are – at core – is elitists. The same now as always. The only difference being they’re using technology to achieve their ends.

I am becoming a reluctant Luddite for this reason. I don’t dislike technology, per se – and make use of much of it, such as the Internet and WiFi and so on. It makes it feasible for me to do what I do – as opposed to being a newsroom slave for the Man, as I once was. ne upon a time.

Aber, the tech is being used for malignant purposes – and has made possible a degree of human control, of human farming, heretofore inconceivable because not technically possible.

It now is.

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  1. This brings up another point about living “out in the woods,” rural broadband. In my industry we’re always hearing about some new fiber broadband initiative involving stringing up fiber to small towns, with a healthy allotment of tax money. Even now Colorado is “building” a fiber ring around the state to service rural areas. Of course it will spend a lot of money and not actually produce anything, because they’re using leased fiber already in the ground and not building out to all the homes (AKA the last mile).

    What doesn’t make sense to me is why there aren’t co-ops or even telecommunications companies that specialize in serving rural markets. Or why the telcos are still sitting on their hands when it comes to repurposing the so-called Universal Service Fund for broadband? There are places in Colorado where there are no people, no houses, no electricity and not much of anything other than dirt but you’ll see phone pedestals along the street. But that was built out with 30 year bonds. If you figure that people will be pushed into the cities by 2030 you’re not going to back infrastructure out in the sticks.

    • That’s how it is in rural Montana: our electricity and telephone service is provided by “user owned co-ops.”

      We just got hooked up to fiber optic service a few months ago. They plowed the lines in last summer and fall but not hooked up until March I think it was. We’re near the end of the line and we had too much snow for them to even get into our yard until then.

  2. Technocracy is not necessarily based on technology. It’s about a system where ‘experts’ run things. These experts are “technocrats”. The currency is supposed to be energy based and everyone gets a certain allotment per unit time. Sound familiar? Well it’s being put into practice but the ideas go back to the 1930s at least. It sort of merged into progressivism. The HG Wells film “Things to Come” shows us the technocratic future. Well the one they see it as.

  3. The Nazis used the best tech of the era too.

    That said, we can use that same tech against them by throwing wrenches in it. Maybe someday we will be like the french and attack red light cameras etc. Most tech lately is pretty flimsy.


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