Reader Question: The No Clovers Logo?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Philip asks: Could you explain your logo to me? I cannot find and explanation of its significance on your website. Thanks.

My reply: Years ago, there was a regular pest here – on the site –  who identified himself/herself as “Clover.” This person championed every government program, every action of the government; not from a principled or logical basis but just because he/she favored whatever the action or program happened to be. Cheered for laws and regulations – often using “because it’s the law” as the basis of his/her argument. Spoke disingenuously, using the predictable euphemisms of collectivism and in general typified the arbitrary, bullying authoritarian collectivist personality.

After awhile, his/her name came to be synonymous with authoritarian collectivism – at least, to the regulars here. We began to use it as a kind of shorthand for everything we oppose.

This is the origin of “Clover” as well as the No Clovers! logo!

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  1. eric, you might want to hook this person up with a bunch of clover’s worst of the worst when she’d build a ridiculous, nonsensical strawman, attribute it to you and then show you what an idiot you were. Those were priceless, stupendously stupid missives that only made sense to her. I sorta miss her in a way. She was much like an ingrown toenail you can’t seem to get any relief from. Gil was a winner too who always had a clover on his comment.