Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 6/25/19

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Here’s the audio of my latest chat with Bryan Hyde!

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  1. Hey Eric,

    I was having a beer with an old friend of mine and he brought up his fear that “climate change” was going to create a terrible world for his son. I replied, without any any confrontation or ridicule, that “what you fear is probably a lot less likely than you imagine”. He asked me what I meant and I tried to explain, again with any claims of fraud, conspiracy, etc… that there is legitimate doubt about the claims of climate alarmists. He got increasingly angry, would not let me finish a point, insisted I was ascribing motives and engaging in conspiracy thinking, etc…

    Now, this guy is very smart, an often very unconventional thinker and a professed non-believer. Yet, his reaction was indistinguishable from the reaction of a religious zealot when his faith is questioned. The experience was very depressing to me, the worst part being that he is entirely convinced that I was the fanatic and conspiracy theorist while he was the rational one.


    • It’s not referred to by many as the “Climate Cult” for no reason. For millions of useful idiots, who may otherwise be quite intelligent, it really is a religion. This makes it incredibly difficult to tackle using facts, reason, logic, and common sense. You’d have an easier time trying to turn a devout Christian into an atheist.


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