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You have probably heard of AAA. You may never have heard of the NMA. The former is the American Automobile Association. The latter is the National Motorists Association.

In italics to emphasize the difference.

Triple A blandly references “automobiles” in its title. NMA specifically references motorists – the people who drive automobiles.  It’s an important distinction – if you are a motorist. If you care about driving. As opposed to being someone who owns an automobile and maybe wants a roadside assistance plan.

The NMA does not offer roadside assistance plans. It assists motorists – by advocating for their interests. One such successful effort being the repeal – after almost 20 years of drivers being mulcted over it – of the so-called 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit, which was imposed by the federal government as a “fuel saving” measure that greasily somehow morphed into a “safety” issue. Probably because it was easier to justify mulcting motorists for “unsafe” driving than for using “too much” gas (according to the government, which wasn’t paying people’s gas bills).

And so it was that for almost 20 years, driving at speeds that had been legal – and so, presumably, safe – became illegal “speeding.” Millions of people were mulcted over those years – and not only by the government (via the issuance of  “speeding” tickets) but also by the insurance mafia, which used those “speeding” tickets as evidence of “unsafe” driving to justify raising what they charged people for the “coverage” they couldn’t say no, thanks to.

If you were driving during this dismal era, you probably thought Drive 55 was forever. It sure felt like it, every time you went for a drive.

It’d probably still feel that way, were it not the NMA, which lobbied doggedly for the repeal of the 55 MPH NMSL.

This finally happened in 1995 and since then, Americans have been able to legally drive at speeds that were legal back in the early 1970s (before the imposition of the NMSL) again. Millions of people have not been mulcted via tickets for driving 65 or 70 MPH on the highway, as you were able to legally drive back in the early ’70s – and insurance “adjustments” have been harder to make now that most people aren’t getting tickets for “speeding” as often as people did during the NMSL era.

Triple A had nothing to do with it.

Yet not many know of NMA’s role in getting rid of it. If you’re reading this, now you do.

You might also want to know that NMA – unlike Triple A – is currently advocating for motorists’ rights, including the right to travel freely, by car. And to be free to choose the kind of car that meets your (rather than the government’s) needs and wants.

Triple A may have “automobile” in its name but what about the motorists who drive them? Well, it offers roadside assistance programs, help with booking travel, even merchandise. There is a whole section devoted to – wait for it! – “safety” on the Triple A web page. There’s also a section about Triple A’s commitment to ESG:

“We deliver value for our Members by investing financial and human resources to address social and environmental needs. This empowers our teams and builds partnerships that strengthen our impact in the communities where we live and serve. Our annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report is now available to highlight club activities and the progress our Organization has made in these core areas.”

Italics added. “Environmental and social needs” having what, exactly, to do with motorists’ rights? With driving?

Well, a great deal, actually. In terms of minimizing those rights and corralling driving. As via assertions that the “climate” is “changing” (note the curious lack of specificity) that require us to drive less and even – ultimately – give up driving altogether. You’ll never find ESG (or DEI) on the NMA website. Nor in the pages of its newsletter, wherein you’ll find the latest news about the threats to your driving rights and how to oppose them.

Including the intellectual ammunition needed to do that – such as data about the safety of right-on-red and the danger of traffic signals timed so as to trap as many “red light runners” as possible via automated camera enforcement and blink-of-an-eye yellow lights. The NMA understands that smoothly flowing traffic makes for safer driving and that courteous driving (e.g., not being a left lane hog and yielding to faster moving traffic) makes for less stressful driving.

NMA can also connect you with a traffic law attorney who understands that “speed” doesn’t “kill.”

But that traffic court can cost you a lot.

The take-home point being that the NMA actually cares about motorists and their rights. It is the only organization that’s opposed to the forces that are determined to do to owning and driving a car what has already been in many parts of this country to owning and using a gun. There is very apt corollary here. NMA is like GOA – Gun Owners of America. Triple A is like the NRA, which (like AAA) seems much more interested in making a buck off its members than protecting their interests.

If you’re a motorist looking for an outfit that gives a damn about motoring – as opposed to selling you roadside assistance or luggage while selling out your rights – check out the best motorists’ advocacy outfit you’ve probably never heard about.

Until just now.

. . .

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  1. Another job for the NMA, no long life tires for you Comrade in the Soviet of Washington:


    And face fines for using normal tires, unbelievable how this state has gone off the rails.
    Jason Rantz summed up how this crazy stuff gets implemented. Float the crazy idea, everyone gets worked up. Shelve the idea for about a year then pass it & gets signed into law while everyone has forgotten or is distracted with the next “thing”.

  2. Information regarding traffic calming (speed bumps, et al) from the
    National Motorists Association persuaded me to do a one-man-show
    (successful) to stop speed bump installations in my neighborhood.
    Proving that NMA is most useful and that one person can stop
    anti-driving initiatives.

    • I’m going to be doing that soon for my neighborhood. They apparently got conned about 5 years ago. Prior, there were 0 accidents on the street. In 2016-2019, there were 0 accidents except for 2018. In 2019, the first year of the bumps there was 1, 0 in 2020, 1 in 2021, 1 in 2022 and 2 in 2023. So much for being saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe.

  3. Here in Aus we have these AAAs under the RAC banner, depending on state. These crims go along with every government anti motorist agenda. No advice on how to fight unjust fines, total support of 30 and even 20 kph limits around shipping centres, schools, and any reason the gov justifies to entrap people wanting to drive normal speed limits in non inclement weather situations. The RACs want people to use bikes and support bike clubs and other road restrictive measures. I don’t join these criminal groups, who really have been hijacked by the WEF to impose anti motorist agendas. The best motorist group we have is Aussiespeedingfines.com which is a great group. I have used their methods to fight several fines.

  4. Maybe this will put everyone in a better mood. It’s from the Telegraph, a very influential British Paper

    My opinion; In a couple of years only two types of EEEVVVs with limited niche markets will survive; California HotRods (nice weather-look at me cars) for those who demand ludicrous acceleration and cheapish, limited range urban runabouts probably made in China….. We now return control of your television set to you, The Outer Limits “He’s dead, Jim” Dr. Leonard McCoy

    • Maybe this will put everyone in a better mood.

      Well, not quite. The article claims that “There is nothing wrong with EVs themselves.” As if problems such as short ranges, ridiculously long charging times, exorbitant prices, poor resale values and fire risks did not exist. Unbelievable…

  5. For $42 a year (or less) I think I’ll give ’em some support, Eric. Someone needs harangue the Powers over the endless deluge of BS!

  6. ‘It is obvious that none of our fearless leaders are familiar with the seminal classic by Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”. — Ugg

    An anonymous internet commenter ably expanded on your observation today:

    Fuck Sun Tzu, Clausewitz and all other military thinkers. Our leading military geniuses, one a Dindoo in a hospital bed, the other packing for a seniors home, know better. Here is what really happens. Call it the 10 commandments of Morons brought down from the Hill and cast among the sheep.

    1. They announce they are going to retaliate
    2. They choose targets that don’t mean shit
    3. They call the adversary and give them all the details about the strikes
    4. The recipients of America’s unwanted attention thank them and move away
    5. The US launches dozens of missiles costing $2M apiece. Cost? $100M
    6. They blow up rocks, goats, a camel and a fuck who missed the memo and was taking a dump
    7. The “militants and terrorists” return the next day
    8. The US military experts go on CNN and declare victory. “That will teach them”
    9. The “terrorists” set up their mobile launchers and rocket another bunch of US Dindoos
    10. The US announces it will retaliate. Return to #1 above.

    To celebrate this great victory, the Swamp dwellers and their Goy shills dig around the WH freezer for Joey’s favorite ice cream! American hysterians (beg pardon I meant historians) will tout this as the greatest victory since the Battle of Actium……and the females, males, shemales and LGBTQ alphabet hustlers will suck on it and beg for more cock.

    • Excellent Jim,
      Has anyone calculated the cost, oh and don’t forget the “carbon footprint”, of flying a couple B2 bombers from the USSA all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to drop some bombs on “terrists” and then flying all the way back. Quite the return on investment for the Houthi’s, one $10,000 drone vs. how many millions for Uncle to respond, so that Joke Biden can pretend he’s a tough guy. What a pathetic crock of sh*t.

    • My pleasure, Gary!

      NMA is a great outfit. I got to know Gail Morrison – one of their most effective lobbyists – as well as a number of other people who work there, over the years. All top shelf folks.

  7. ‘If you were driving during this dismal era, you probably thought Drive 55 was forever.’ — eric

    Drive 55 (to save energy, ostensibly) could be viewed as ‘rationing lite’. My dad showed me some ration coupons for gasoline and sugar from 1945. From ’42 through 45, the US was a fully Sovietized economy, with the fedgov controlling all production and retail distribution. The needs of the troops overseas came first.

    Currently, the ‘Biden’ regime is recklessly bombing sites all across the Middle East. Friday it was Iraq and Syria; Saturday the Houthis in Yemen. This morning the neocon Nimirata skank, from the RINO so-called ‘opposition’ party, has her photo in the New York Slimes (house organ of the State Dept) with the never-before-seen Mister Haley. He is dressed in desert camo and deployed to Djibouti. His surfacing in battle fatigues is not a random coincidence.

    Various ‘stakeholders’ — ‘Biden,’ defense contractors, the Israel Lobby — need a big regional war, and they are pulling out all the stops to get it. Becoming a ‘war president’ is Dementia Joe’s only shot at clinging to power.

    If war occurs, we’ll drive (or not) at their whim, paying whatever prices they dictate, as the exigencies of war sweep away the niceties of civil society and polite debate over ‘laws.’ Empowered regulators, in a permanent state of emergency, don’t need no stinkin’ laws.

    • Hi Jim. I won’t argue whether war is just or unjust but if we go to war can we at least win? To do otherwise only bankrupts the nation morally, militarily and psychically.

      I might be wrong but that’s what I think. Some one said something about “Just say no to land wars in Asia…”

      On Afghanistan: Has any one ever won their? I remember reading about Alexander the Great looking at the situation and marrying Roxane ; a powerful Bactrian lords daughter and never going back. So yes a win.

      • ‘if we go to war can we at least win?’ — Landru

        We are already at war with various ill-defined enemies (Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, al-Nusra, Rahaweyn, Iranians, etc).

        Absent a massive land war with boots on the ground, no possible path to ‘winning’ exists. This is just a continuation of a generation-long permawar, which bleeds off our economic surplus and finances Uniparty politicians.

        It offers only heartache, loss, inflation, and eroding living standards to actual Americans. (Many of those pushing this war aren’t.)

    • Hi Jim,

      With who we have as president, it appears unlikely we’ll win any wars. It’s also unlikely we’ll win given the dismal state of our military the past 3 years, from LOW recruitment levels to an obsessive focus on “wokeism” to the Biden regime having terminated service members who were either “too white” or refused to take the COVID jab. And with more & more people who are refusing to “fight for the Biden regime” (to paraphrase the Biden Thing’s pathetic press secretary), there’s speculation that the Biden regime might implement a draft. There’s also video of Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin saying we needed to make people illegally crossing the Southern border U.S. citizens so the U.S. military could meet recruitment goals.

    • [Currently, the ‘Biden’ regime is recklessly bombing sites all across the Middle East. Friday it was Iraq and Syria; Saturday the Houthis in Yemen.]- Jim H.

      Yes, it’s said that America loves war and war presidents and will vote for them foreva! What is it about having family members killed or maimed that Americans love so much? Hero status? My son died for his country! USA USA USA! While in Viet Nam transporting the dead and wounded back to hospitals I failed to see any glamor in it. Just as the DIE White House spokes hire said, our soldiers are dying for Pedo Joe and company to maintain American hegemony and corporate profits just as General Smedley Butler commented. While our military is fighting for borders ‘OVER THERE” our borders here are a disaster with our government openly fighting tooth and nail to keep them wide open. Doesn’t matter what party ,,, ALL of them are involved up to their lying thieven necks
      Look for a draft soon folks because if they can’t con you to join they’ll force you. Be the first on your block to have your son (and now daughter) come home in a box.

  8. I joined the last time Eric mentioned the NMA. Pretty cheap and lots of benefits.

    Re: passing on the right. Passed a semi (on the left) while going around Chicagoland. Sign on the back with arrows pointing “Left”and “Right”. Left “Passin Side”, Right “Suiside”.


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