Reader Question: Oldsters Off The Roads?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: Somehow, this website came up (on a Lew Rockwell page, of all pages!)

It basically lays out how drivers licenses are taken away from old people. Especially odious to freedom is the form MED-3, which is a medical review request form that (I guess) a police officer can fill out and file if he (essentially) thinks you are too old. Obviously, there is some innocuous, “helpful” or “caring” intent cover story for him to file the request. Wow. People who believe that America is a free country are really delusional! Thanks for the great site.

My reply: This does not surprise me. It is of a piece with so-called “Red Flag” laws that sic a Hut! Hut! Hutting! on people who’ve committed no crime, own their guns legally – but have been deemed “dangerous” according to someone’s opinion.

Well, why not also just grab someone’s license on the same basis? Not because they’ve wrecked or harmed anyone but because a “concerned” person thinks they might? I harp on principles for exactly this reason.  If it’s legitimate to take someone’s guns based on someone else’s opinion about their fitness to possess them, I can see no logical reason why the same principle wouldn’t also apply just as well to people over say 65 regarding driver’s licenses.

It’s just another mechanism for the exertion of arbitrary authority – which is the very essence of tyranny….

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  1. Well: I was in the Dr’s office the other day, and they also asked me 3 questions regarding depression, mental health, etc. I am absolutely sure that this ties in to the Red Flag laws you speak of. It is getting to the point whereby you must answer questions, to everybody!, in such a manner as to not trip any undesirable process reactions. I think I will have to lie more, and to more people, as time goes on.

    • If you’d like to get used to it, just try applying for some entry-level jobs. Some of them use these ridiculous personality tests which I’m fairly sure are based on Nazi mind science, and it’s usually painfully obvious what they want you to answer.


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