Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED Oregon (7/1019)

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Here’s the audio of yesterday’s chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED in Oregon!

07-10-19_WEDNESDAY_EP on KMED     


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    • Thanks, Robert!

      I will do my best to keep ’em coming.

      PS: I broke my right toe last Friday (running; hit a root full-force; also fell and rotated/sprained my left ankle). I have been gimpy – and not getting much if any sleep – since then. So if my rants are “off,” some, that’s why… hoping I’ll be operational again soon!

      • eric, that made my ass have a sharp pain when I read it. I have done same and worse once when my dad was going to pull forward a bit(I was young and dumb)to line up the hole for a trailer pin. It was a pickup trailer full of scrap iron. When that tongue smashed my foot it took the nail right off…..after we finally got my foot dug out. My boot was smashed flat and the only thing that saved my others toes(they were black and blue)was the soft ground.

        That was the 3rd time I broke that toe and it still looks like a snake trying to move fast. The first time was when I was 6 and was trying to move a really big cedar post, stumbled and dropped it on my toe. A doctor’s visit and he removed the nail and cleaned it up, put a splint on it and said I was good to go. I don’t recall that one being anywhere as bad as the one I got playing football. It was jammed like yours and it takes a while to go away.

        I don’t know if I’d live through another one of those jams. Naw, my BP would just go up and I’d go on…..and not sleep like you’re doing. Wish you had some of the muscle relaxers I have. A couple beers and half of one of those and you’d sleep. You could skip the beer and take a whole one but I take as little of any drug as possible and somehow, most of the ones that relax you are greatly increased in strength by alcohol. Tizanidine(Zanaflex) works great for sleeping or taking the edge off an injury. I use it when the old bad leg gets fired up. I started taking CBD oil a few months ago. My leg doesn’t get fired up like it used to. Not to say it never hurts but it doesn’t make the nerves go wild. I used it for about 4 weeks before it began to work on a daily basis. No side effects I can tell. Just a few drops under your tongue a few times a day.

      • Eric- they have these new things you might be interested in. They are called ‘SHOES’. They protect your feet. You should check them out. ;-]

        • That tongue that broke my toe ruined my boot too. Then, I guess to take my mind off my toe, my dad said “Here, you drive”. I didn’t get to drive a lot when I was 10 and really didn’t want to then. Couldn’t tell it helped my toe a bit.

  1. Rumors on the GM forums is that GM has stopped all development of the next generation Camaro. It’s apparently going away again.

    • If they’d lose a third of it, not only would it look better but it would run like stink with a smaller engine. I guess losing that piece of old rail iron in the door wouldn’t pass govt. standards.


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