Latest Radio: iHeart with David Goronski 8/1/19

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Here’s the audio (via drop box) of my chat with David Goronksi, who hosts the iHeart radio show Neighbor’s Choice!

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  1. The next to the last question always amuses me when I hear it. “why don’t we have flying cars?” We never will. The level of responsibility is at least on par with General Avition, which, in some cases, even a few private pilots are not fully qualified for. Travel in a 2 dimensional plane is already more than a lot of the driving public can handle, aside from the fact that the govt. wants to do away with all of that. Piloting an aircraft requires non-stop concentration, responsibility, and a level situational awareness most of the ground-driving public just won’t ever exercise, nor would they want to. Asking people to do as much in an automobile is now becoming an almost absurd expectation, so it’s best we just not ever add a 3rd dimension at all for most people, lol!

    • Hi Graves,

      I agree in re flying cars. Even if fully automated, the “reliability factor” would need to be much higher than it is for cars, for all the obvious reasons. Imagine the inspection/teardown/replacement requirements which current aircraft have to comply with applied to millions of private flying cars…

      • Yes, exactly. That’s just one more responsibility that would cause the average driving public to drop “flyng cars” like a hot potato, lol!

      • Eric,

        “I agree in re flying cars. Even if fully automated, the “reliability factor” would need to be much higher than it is for cars,”

        Funny you say that Eric.

        Basically innovation has been regulated out of aviation. With the FAA running things, what we have is sort of a Cuba as far as above ground transportation goes.

        According to the FAA and Boeing the 737 is “substantially” the same today as it was in the 1960’s.

        As far as I know, the current automobile engines are far more reliable than the current aircraft engines. (At least as far as general aviation planes.)

        I don’t think you can even find an iridium or platinum spark plug for a Continental engine.


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