Reader Question: Things in Germany?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bernard writes: More than one year ago, I was writing to Pat Buchanan that in my humble opinion, Henry Ford was the greatest businessman and the greatest economist of all times. Reaction – zero.

You are much better than Buchanan, Stockman, Luongo and all the rest of ” experts,” as you are in touch with reality and the things we need for Freedom and Fun: The car.

Now you have written about the car that almost was and about Nissan. Again right on the money.

Yesterday, here in Germany, Eisenmann, one of our major automotive suppliers, filed for bankruptcy. The chickens come home to roost. Maybe you have heard about the total disaster of Deutsche Post with their electric vehicle Streetscooter.  What a nonsense waste of money. But then, the Post have us to bail them out. Now, we have to pay 80 cents for a regular letter instead of 70 cents. A 2 percent increase in sink with official inflation rates if you calculate like the Friday for Future Kids. Our city is oh so modern and has a couple of loading stations for electric cars where it says: “zero emissions.” All Free. It is a blatant lie, as you have pointed out rightfully. But I often can see Teslas, which cost 90.000 Euros, loading up for free while another poor schmuck who earns minimum wage or less has to pay 6 Euros per gallon at the gas station. Germany is oh so modern and oh so socially motivated. I would say it does not get any dumber than this. On top of it: The electricity at the free loading station has to be produced.  We citizens now have to pay 30 cents per kWh, the highest price in Europe. Really good for the economy and really good for the well being of all of us. So Thank you again. Keep on writing.

My reply: H.L. Mencken wrote that “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

It’s the same today as it was when Mencken wrote the above more than 100 years ago.

The fanaticism embodied by the “climate change” cult reminds me of accounts I’ve read of Klan rallies and backwoods tent-show holy rolling religious revivals in Mencken’s time.

The great danger in our time is that the mania has become mainstream. It’s no longer a sideshow.

Millions of people now believe – in a religious sense – in the imminence of environmental catastrophe, notwithstanding that this imminence – which has been predicted for generations – never seems to actually arrive. To notice this telling fact would require critical thinking, which has been systematically undermined for generations – deliberately, with the aim of creating what another philosopher I admire (George Carlin) styled “obedient workers.”

But this practical aim has metastasized into a general hysteria – and that presents a danger of immense magnitude. We’re no longer talking about a chicken in every pot but about people – “deniers” – being arrested, charged with crimes and possibly put into prison for questioning the religion of “climate change.”

Possibly worse.

It may already be too late for reason to persuade. Reason being held in general disrepute. 

I’ve read accounts of pre-revolutionary (Tsarist) Russia and also of post WWI Weimar Germany. We all know what came after.

The same – in theme – may well recur, here. In our time. Violence is already percolating up, having been encouraged from the top. Once this beast is loosed, it’s hard to get him back in his cage. 

I will do everything I can to help prevent this but sometimes the cynic in me whispers to myself that the smart move would be to get out while there is still time. 

But then, where to go? 

Russians who wanted to avoid being consumed by Marxism could flee to Western Europe, then largely still sane. Germans who wanted to avoid being consumed by National Socialism could flee to America, then still sane. 

But America is going insane – and Europe has already gone.   

Our options are not what they were. Therefore, we must stand and fight – even if we might end up losing. It’s a fight worth picking. And more to the point, it’s a fight we can no longer avoid.

Thanks for the kind words!

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  1. Isn’t Buchanan a new urbanist?

    Speaking of new urbanists, I see Lew Rockwell recently interviewed that crazed peak oiler, James Howard Kuntsler.

    • Hi Handler,

      Pat – I know him, a little – is a city guy but not a new urbanist. Politically, he’s what’s styled these days a paleocon. That is to say, an old school conservative of the Taft-Eisenhower sort. He’s a good guy.

  2. So German power is now 30 cents per kwh. 20 years ago in Australia it was 13 cents per kwh. Now it is also 30. This must be the starting price to bankrupt the people and the small businesses. The high rate here is twice that for businesses. As a business you still get power for 14 cents per kwh. My son has told me this as he has a small business. Our recycling companies cannot pay this price and going bankrupt and leaveing the Holy councils with no where to place their recycled materials, our government having just pissed off China that they refuse to accept the packaging that accompanies all the goods that come from China.

    • Hi To5

      Yup. One of the many things which bothers me about electric cars is the gulling of people over “cheap” electricity. Which won’t be, once electric cars become commonplace (or worse, once you can’t avoid them). It doesn’t even have to be the result of sinister motives. First, they will impose new taxes on electricity – to offset the lost taxes on gas and diesel. Then they will have to raise these taxes – to pay for the new generating capacity needed to support millions of electric cars.

      But the thing I’m certain they’ll do after those two things is add a “carbon tax” – the result of a sudden realization that producing electricity produces C02…

  3. Those words of Mencken are timeless. Only a people cowering in fear can be easily controlled. A society filled with confident people who have relative control of their own lives cannot be pushed around and corralled easily. (I say relative control because you can’t control all things. If a storm comes along and blows the roof off your house you can’t control that. Bad stuff happens.) I would like to see that phrase frozen on the Telescreen prior to any candidate debate. No, I don’t have the money to buy that ad, I doubt any network would accept it anyway.

    As far as George Carlin. he nailed what we now call The Deep State in the 3 minute clip you obliquely referenced…

    • Hi Mark,

      Mencken’s writing is like a whole house fan – it clears the air. He had perhaps the best bullshit detector since Spooner and was just as fearless in calling BS by its proper name.


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