Hacking at the Root

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The chief enforcement mechanism being deployed to force Americans to join the Sickness Cult – to give the appearance of universal agreement with its tenets via the wearing of the Holy Rag over their faces – isn’t the government.

It is the “free” market.

In air quotes to emphasize that it is not free.

The market – businesses – have become adjuncts of the government by dint of having accepted that they must obtain permission from the government in order to be in business. This, in turn, gives government control over the business – which now extends to the demand that businesses enforce “mandates” that are not even laws such as the wearing of the Holy Rag within their establishments.

If they fail to enforce the “mandates” – irrespective of their dubious legality – they are threatened with extortionate fines and the rescinding of the government’s permission to be in business.

And so they enforce the “mandates.”

This follows naturally – inevitably – from the precedent set once-upon-a-time that it is the job of businesses to collect taxes on behalf of the government. Which they now do unconsciously, as a matter of routine.

How did it come to be that to be in business in this country means becoming an unpaid tax collector for the government as well as the enforcer of government “mandates” that aren’t even laws?

The very concept of having to obtain permission to exercise a right – and what right could be more foundational than the right to buy and sell without permission? – is anathema to morality as well as obviously unconstitutional in the sense that it is unimaginable that the men who wrote the thing and approved it ever conceived that free men would be required to beg leave of the government to buy and sell.

The notion is absurd.

As ridiculous as the notion that free men are obliged to obtain the permission of the government to posses arms, something every man possessed without permission – and without question – when the Constitution was ratified. Search the records in vain to find a copy of a permit to carry a gun from that era. Or any law requiring one. And yet, men carried guns. No one questioned their right to do so – just as no one, at that time, questioned the right of free men to freely exchange goods and services – to be in business – without permission from the government.

Because free men once understood that to beg permission from the government is to cede control to the government. Try to imagine Ben Franklin’s print shop printing freely if Ben knew that the government could “pull” his business license at its pleasure.

So how did it come to pass that businesses must obtain permission to freely exchange goods and services?

It happened because Americans accepted it. Along with the income tax, the education of their children in government schools – paid for by compulsory and never-ending taxes on real estate, thereby obviating the possibility of true home ownership – and other planks of the Communist Manifesto.

It is a hard truth to look in the face but America has been a communist country for at  least the past 107 years – the date the 16th Amendment was imposed on the American people empowering the government to not only “collect” – that is to say, to take – their earnings but also by dint of that to have control over their transactions, including the no-longer-free exchange of goods and services. Everything we transact must now be “reported” to the government – so that the government can exercise control over everything we transact, in addition to seizing a portion of the proceeds of our labor.

It was inevitable that government would expand the principle by taking it back one step farther and telling the American people – per Karl Marx – that they were obliged to get permission from the government to be allowed to earn the money the government would then take whatever portion of which it deemed its “fair” share.

So, here we are.

With government in control of everything and freedom in tatters.

Businesses exist only with permission and that permission can be yanked by the issuer of permission whenever it likes, which means that businesses are become mere puppets of the government.

They cringe, pathetically, in fear of it. They do its bidding – including the enforcement of “mandates” that aren’t even laws – for the sake of being allowed to earn money.

I empathize with small businesses and want to support them. But money isn’t everything and this business has got to be resisted. And I mean resisted at the basement, foundational level.

Business owners have got to reject the idea that they are obliged to obtain permission from the government to engage in the free exchange of goods and services. A despicable, servile thing our ancestors would never have tolerated.


People have been conditioned to accept these outrageous affronts to their liberty as normal but they are only normal in a system where people have lost and forgotten their basic rights – including the right to freely exchange goods and services.

It is time to remember those rights – and insist they be respected.

The very idea that one can be fined – caged! – for opening his door  to customers who are free to not walk through it but who choose to do so because they wish to engage in the free exchange of goods and services is an inversion of morality, an assault upon decency that the men who wrote the Constitution and the once-free people of this country would never have tolerated.

The question is, why do we?

. . .

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  1. Eric, you’re living in the past. How did it happen? They way everything happens. How did the Colorado River carve the Grand Canyon? My buddy who fixes our crappy cars out of the barn in back of his house where he installed a lift can be shut down in a minute if he pisses off the wrong folks in town or runs afoul of some state bureaucrat. We can stage a protest and get busted and he’ll still get shut down. The massive uprisings you envision only happen after power fails for other reasons.

    America is destroying itself as you frequently note. Quietly, people take steps to lay in supplies and create mutual help networks for when the hard times come. Eventually law enforcement crumbles as the enforcers themselves have no further fat of the land on which to feed. We should stop complaining, and those who can should start prepping. You know about cars and trucks. What do we need when the gas pumps go dry? Better yet, what can we run a buckboard on as a motor supplement to the horses?

  2. A huge shout out to the 100 business owners in Orchard Park, New York. The police and local health inspector were called in due to the large crowd of non mask wearers discussing the new Covid restrictions on their organizations by some meddling Jaren or Kim. The business owners stood their ground and knew their rights. The police and health inspector had no choice but to leave since they were trespassing on private property.

    There are still a few sheep dogs out there. 😊

    • Morning, RG!

      Yes – exactly! These brave Americans – the Orchard Park, NY people – set an example. That’s how it’s done. Others may follow, having seen men and women act. This is what I urge, even as regards the easy things like not wearing the god-damned Diaper unless you absolutely must for work or some other thing – and even then, I urge people to refuse. A job is no small thing.

      But our liberty is everything.

      • I went to the dollar tree to get pantihose a couple months ago. I cut up pantihose and use sections as a mask. Works great. Easy to clean, cheap & durable. It is a mask as defined by our govener, yet i can breathe and even sip drinks through it. Gotta wear a mask to work or shop. Only a few people have questioned the effectiveness of having pantihose over my face. But I only wear them where the business requires it.

        • You should just wear the whole thing over your head like a bank robber. When people freak-out upon seeing it, thinking that you’re gonna rob the place, just say “I have to wear it, it’s the mandate, ya know!”. Then maybe rob them for comedic effect.


    The question of whether the Income tax is constitutional is essentially moot…it never claims to be constitutional because it never mandates compliance on the “citizens or residents of the United States” as defined commonly or constitutionally. Put another way, if it did mandate compliance, then there would actually be massive constitutional arguments to be made surrounding the ‘direct and indirect’ tax implications. The zionist banking cartel members who created the Federal Reserve and IRS got around this issue with a very sly change in definitions as they apply specifically to Title 26. The scam is so simple that it is difficult at first to recognize. All of the standard arguments surrounding the constitutionality of the IRS effectively amount to a Rube Goldberg approach. By the way, as soon as a person signs a 1040, and thereby enters into contractual obligation, then the whole thing in a way becomes quite ‘constitutional’ with regard to being liable for essentially a breach of contract. The entire thing is predicated on a very simple definition of “citizen or resident of the United States” as it applies to Title 26…which is defined very differently than in other Sections/Titles of U. S. Code(as I will show below).

    As per multiple Supreme court decisions, the law shall be interpreted as it is written. For instance…

    Meese v. Keene, 481 U.S. 465, 484-485 (1987)

    “It is axiomatic [obvious, self-evident] that the statutory definition of [a]
    term excludes unstated meanings of that term…. As judges, it is our duty to
    construe [understand, interpret] legislation as it is written, not as it might be
    read by a layman, or as it might be understood by someone who has not even
    read it.”

    Gould v. Gould, 245 US 151, 153 (1917)

    “In the interpretation of statutes levying taxes, it is the established rule not
    to extend their provisions by implication beyond the clear import of the
    language used, or to enlarge their operations so as to embrace matters not
    specifically pointed out. In case of doubt, they are construed most strongly
    against the government and in favor of the citizen.”

    Here we go….the crux of it…

    “26 CFR § 1.1-1 (a)(1) Section 1 of the Code imposes an income tax on the income of every individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States”

    “26 CFR § 1.1-1(b) Citizens or residents of the United States liable to tax. In general, all citizens of the United States, wherever resident, and all resident alien individuals are liable to the income taxes imposed by the Code whether the income is received from sources within or without the United States.”

    Citizen is defined in “26 CFR § 1.1-1 – Income tax on individuals.”

    “26 CFR § 1.1-1(c) Who is a citizen. Every person born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction is a citizen.”

    For the purposes of 26 CFR § 1.1-1, “United States” is defined as “United States. The term United States means United States as defined in section 26 USC 7701(a)(9)”

    “26 USC 7701(a)(9) The term “United States” when used in a geographical sense includes only the States and the District of Columbia.”

    “26 USC 7701(a)(10)The term “State” shall be construed to include the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out provisions of this title.”

    Therefore, for the purposes of Title 26 (Tax Code), a ‘citizen’ is a person born or naturalized in the District of Columbia.

    The definition of “United States” is very different under the US Code concerning United States Citizenship as we generally regard it and as it pertains to ‘Nationality’ and passports….for example, here in 8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth.

    “8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth
    The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:”
    (the Code then goes on to list all of the ways one can become a citizen of the United States at birth)

    8 U.S. Code § 1401 references 8 USC § 1101(a)(38) for the purposes of defining “United States”

    “8 USC § 1101(a)(38) The term “United States”, except as otherwise specifically herein provided, when used in a geographical sense, means the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.”

    This definition of citizenship is the one we commonly think of….The definition in Title 26 (Tax Code) is very very different….hmmmmmmm???? Nefarious intent in the Tax code??


    You can look this up for yourself, it is quite easy to do on the ‘law.cornell.edu’ or ‘govregs.com’ websites.

    The IRS and the Federal Reserve are clearly very devious, this was done deliberately is no ‘accident’.

    • I have not filed or paid income taxes in over 40 years and over the period of time have belonged to a number of “Patriot” type organizations. I’ve also met some of the early people who got the tax honesty movement off the ground, such as Irwin Schiff. Despite this I cannot recommend that people get involved in this unless they fully understand what they are in for, and even then they should think twice if not three or more times about it before they do so.

      It is 100% correct that there is no law making wage earners liable for the federal income tax. It is also 100% true that it doesn’t matter one bit what the law says. I have seen many good people destroyed who had perfectly legal arguments, and have sat in on tax trials where judges would flat out say the Constitution was not a defense in their courtroom. Tax trials are carefully orchestrated political events. The (In)Justice Dept. cannot and will not let you win. Victory is rare and depends on a jury selected from a pool of government employees and entitlement recipients being convinced that you are correct and voting against their own interest. Judges know they can be destroyed if they don’t toe the line. To drive the point home, a judge who would not give the IRS any special privileges was made an example of about 30 years ago (Judge Claiborne). Rest assured that lesson has not been lost despite the passage of time. They don’t care about your rights. In this venue you have none. There is no mystical paperwork or questionable legal theory (NAMES IN UPPER CASE, strawmen, etc.) that will make them say, “Oh, you’re on to us, now we’ll go away.”

      It is also correct that under the Constitution the IRS really needs to obtain a judgement from a court in order to seize your property, your bank account, your wages and this would be difficult or impossible for them to do legally. In reality though Constitutional protections are ignored and 3rd parties such as banks and employers will roll over backwards to comply with bogus IRS levies because they are afraid they will be attacked if they do not comply. Your legal argumens, no matter how correct, will not work. Been there. Done that.

      Then there are the “gurus” promoting nonsense like UPPER CASE NAMES, strawmen, and other nonsense. There is no mystical, magical incantation that is going to make them say, “Oh, you found us out, we’ll go away now.” Of course since arguing the law doesn’t work either, you might just as well bay at the moon. The result will likely be the same.

      If this was about the law it would have been over a long time ago, but it’s about the abuse of power. What the law says doesn’t matter when the parasitical State is protecting its vampire-like ability to extract revenue from the people who earn it.

      This is not going to change unless millions of people decide they’ve had enough and just stop “volunteering” to go along with the income tax scheme. I don’t see it happening with half the population receiving government largess one way or another and the other half scared to death of the IRS.

      In a sense I hate to paint such a bleak picture but I would hate to have anyone read about this stuff and go into it half-cocked without understanding the reality of what they’re dealing with.

      (So you say, how have you managed to “get away with” doing this for decades? By becoming as judgement proof as possible, establishing a low-profile cash business, and a bit of luck as the dirtbags have simply not bothered to put me in a cage, at least not yet. I can also say that getting involved in this to save money would be about the stupidest thing a person could do. If saving money is your objective you’d do a lot better by just staying in the system and “cheating” every chance you get.)

      • Hi Jason,

        Everything you’ve written is – unfortunately – true. Power, rather than the law, is what determines the course of events. The only way I know to avoid taxes without repercussions is to not earn income. If you don’t make it they can’t take it. This is not easy for most people, obviously- chiefly because of debt. They have to earn a sizable income to pay the rent or mortgage and that means paying sizable taxes, too. The only way out is to own a home and live very small. This is doable. I do it. But it does require being willing to eschew debt in all its forms, which usually means no new or even recent vintage car and living in “the sticks” where you can live on not much, as I do.

        • Eric, I’ve seen all too many good people who discover the fraudulent nature of income taxes wind up having their lives destroyed when they leap into the fray without fully understanding what it is that they are up against. I’ve seen families torn apart, businesses destroyed, peaceful productive people thrown into prison for simply following the law as written, and even suicides. So I say again for anyone finding out the truth about these taxes and thinking they are going to directly confront and take on this monstrous looting and killing machine that calls itself “the government” – DON’T DO IT, at least not directly, not that way. Find another way to fight them.

          The only way to stop paying income taxes without having to worry about them moving against you is to keep your “income” below the IRS’s filing “requirement”. Although I’ve never made a whole lot of money since getting out of the system, it’s never been that low. Except this year thanks to the economic destruction wreaked by the gunvermin’s response to the so-called pandemic, business is nil and for the first time in decades they actually wouldn’t even “require” me to file.

          • Rightivists, leftivists, centrivists…collectivists all, clods in Donne’s continental glut gotta’ clot, gotta’ throw clots – metastasize. Choice has nada to do.

            “Power” that so many ooh & ahh over, to, & about…does not exist.

            What does exist amongst the collectivists is the compulsion to submit.

            And when submissives project, as they must, to justify, & explain-narrate their prostrations, the word they assign to that projecting is “power.”

            So powerlessness projects, calls the flickering external locus “power.”

            ♫♪ I usta know, this old scarecrow. He was my song. My joy & sorrow. Cast along, between the furrows, of a field, no longer sown, by anyone…

            …the internal strawman, in his forever fallow, or barren, or desertified, field of dreamt fallacies (“if we build it, they will come, & we will control it!) is cast on, & out, on the winds.

            Remember the scene, from American Beauty? An empty plastic bag dancing to the tune-strings of invisible, but still obvious, inferrable, breezes.


            The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the endless summer, is the fate of self-domesticated arrested development, & wo/manchildren crying for mommy-daddy as far as the eye can see is the figure-ground from which sprouts nothing but feet, & yards, & miles, billions & billions of miles, of stardust clay…no wonder Cassius changed his name.

            Domesticity is domesticity. Decency is decency. Saddle/wagon horse apples & oranges. How’d old neech put it? “Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”

            ((White is the color of domestication, believe it or not. So equating domesticity with decency might be like saying, “mighty white of you.”))

            “Deferring” – to “imposed” {projected-inverted…being yourself, being what you are} boundaries that supplant boundarylessness — feels good to the domesticated. And dominance hierarchies are biological (nature) too.

            I don’t know how you were diverted/You were perverted too/I don’t know how you were inverted/No one alerted you…

            …sure, the floor needs sweeping, & the guitar is weeping, & the world is turning…but with every mistake we must surely be learning? Nah.

            ((Peterson would have human competence as being the component that builds hierarchy structures…would that it were, says I. Between Peter Principle & the force & fraud of collectives, hallowed be thy names, competence’s continuum seems to run from rear guard to rout, over & over again.))

            Doing that, deferring, looks a lot like enabling, but that’s an illusion, as enabling implies agency.

            And agency’s illusion does indeed have something to do with imbibing too much Christian brothers Brandy…she’s a fine girl, & she keeps lonely sailors’ looking glasses covered over with whiskey & wine…and the sailors, in their compulsioncy cups, maintain they can cut the sauce, any time they agency-want to…sure, Brandy agrees, with a wink.

            ((Saw this recently, bunch of aussie apologist-rah-rahs re mature adult selves-congratulation-aggrandizement coming lovingly together to defeat the cold virus: “community is more important than economy.” Cells gotta’ have those walls, whether teachers nurturing leave those kids alone, or not.))

            Hatfield hysteria is inherent in the McCoy mass, amped up irrationality is always there, just under the surface, lying in potential, waiting for pretext to go kinetic ambush.

            When the only tool is a tulip bulb-topped nervous system – a very, very nervous system – then the world looks like a cemetery garden in need of ever more planters buying & selling & planting…their, & each others’, bulbs.

            Law of the instrument projects self-fulfilling prophecies, posies, & tulips that it, the instrument, tiptoes thru until, yet again & over & over, it is time to run through the jungle.

            It’s not “conditioning” – nurture – it’s nature.

            But nurture-shall-overcome-arguers are very in touch with their MLK ultra fem sides…of course, being throttled, if not raped, or sniped, entails being touched.

            And so, tempting, compelling even, as it is to hoist the black & start slitting throats, clambering down into the arroyo when you hear the thunder so as to stand athwart the principle that flash floods of white(domesticated)water shall not pass is martyr-rebel without a cause to be found anywhere but, yet again…say it with me, in nature. Same difference, people swim into/under waterfalls, trap themselves in the hydraulic thereby, and drown themselves, every year.


            It has to, & will, play out, loop back ’round to the groundhog day clock alarm, yet again.

            Nothing done in the arroyo, by anybody, will via that purely symbolic gesture staunch the literal flood. Get out of the arroyo. Get as far away from the edges of the arroyo as you can (as edges can wash away too…arroyo can canyon, just like that).

            And if the flood still gets you, so be it. But you’ll have had dry powder longer, in the mean time.

            Roman “civilization”…starting with force & fraud ends badly…then force & fraud starts again. No such thing as a civilized collective…so there ain’t no shortage of collectivized conceit, & cogdis. What big R/eprehensible did to others, it did to itself, as well. Stupid…can’t be fixed…which is to say unfixed…cuz that fix is in…permanently.

        • Yes, we have found that fighting the illegal income taxes on legal grounds, although legally correct, does not work. So playing their own game against them is what works. Here are some ways that work, and there may be other ways too…
          1) Be self employed, which gives YOU control over what is reported or not reported. Yo also have many deductions to offset your reported income.
          2) Get a job, that does not require a W-4 or 1099. The best and easiest way if you can find one!
          3) If your reported income is less than the ‘standard deduction’ for that year, you are not even required to file a return. Although, it may be better to file anyway, if you need a tax return for proof of income for various reasons.
          Lastly, if you can’t avoid reporting a lot of income, then arrange your finances to have enough deductions to offset it. (Home offices, car leases, employment expenses, real estate and mortgage expenses, etc…)
          Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.
          If you can’t avoid filing a W-4, then you can enter EXEMPT on line 7, to not have tax withholding given as an interest free loan to the treasury for that year. That way you aren’t giving the treasury an interest free loan for that year, which is what you do when taxes are withheld.
          They are incorrectly ASSuming that you WILL owe taxes, but you may not, and even if you do, you just pay them out of pocket when you file.
          Most people qualify for that, but a very few don’t, and the conditions for that are stated on line 7.
          Would you rather have that tax refund at the end of the year, or that withholding money every pay check? Now you have a decision on that.
          It has worked for me and many others, and is totally legal.
          Tax avoidance is totally legal, if you avoid them correctly, and not evade them!
          Just see how the corporate tax attorneys do it… LOL

          • Just a word of caution for those that wish to use Exempt on Line 7 on the W4. It is not illegal to do this, but you will likely incur a very hefty tax bill and estimated tax penalties if you do.

            I am not going to question the integrity of not reporting your income, but please be aware that low or no income will hurt any chances of purchasing a home, a car, or a boat, unless you are strictly paying cash. You are then opening yourself up to an IRS audit (because we know every transaction over 10k is reported to the Federal Reserve). Someone who hasn’t filed taxes in years is going to get a second look on where the cash is coming from. If you don’t file a return that tax filing year is always open to IRS audit, otherwise, they can only go back 3 years or 7 years if they believe there are cases of fraud.

            I am a big proponent of an individual working for themselves. There are many ways one can offset taxes legally where one does not have to run abreast of the US Treasury.

            Just my $.02.

            • Part of the deal aside from working for cash in the underground economy so it cannot be traced is not owning anything substantial in your own name.

              When you talk about doing things “legally” bear in mind you are not referring to the law as written, but the federal mafia’s gang rules which are contrary to the law’s actual intent.

              • Hi Jason,

                My “legality” follows the 16th Amendment, which clearly states “that Congress has the power to levy and collect taxes from whatever source derived“.

                Before anyone gets up in arms stating “that bitch is a socialist and wants us to pay more taxes.” I am not advocating the righteousness of taxes, but what is recorded as part of the Constitution. We are all for backing the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments when we feel our rights are being trampled on. The 16th Amendment is also there for a reason (blame the states and Congress for passing it, if you want), but it is part of the law of the land whether one agrees or disagrees with it and has been upheld as legit all the way to the SC.

                • It’s not that simple. There’s a lot of info out there if you care to do some research.

                  The following is the first part of a six-part video series made in the early 1990s that is a good place to start. (The fundamentals have not changed in the ensuing years.) It takes you step-by-step through a detailed analysis of the historical and legal basis of taxation in the U.S. and as well as the federal income tax code itself:


                  A word to the wise should be sufficient as to not putting this kind of information to direct use aside perhaps from voting “not guilty” if you wind up as a juror on a tax trial.

                • RG, Why would you feel that what some dudes scribbled on a piece of paper 200 years ago, and had some other guys affix their signatures to, somehow grants others the right to your property/labor?This short vid ‘splains it quick and simple.


                  And if the government doesn’t even feel compelled to abide by the terms of the very document which is supposed to define, regulate and limit THEM, why the HELL should anyone else feel constrained to be constrained by it or the government which it supposedly enjoins?

                • Morning, RG –

                  You probably know this, but I think the argument is that the 16th was never properly ratified. But I agree with you as a matter of law; the amendment is “on the books” and that provides pretext for its enforcement. What galls me is that so are others – e.g., the 4th and 5th – and they’re not respected.

                  This illustrates the arbitrary nature of government, which once it has power does as it likes. That is the conundrum. “Limiting” government is like trying to limit the spread of an oil slick on water or – better – order the tide not to come in.

                  • That’s one aspect to it, but really what it comes down to is that irrespective of whether the 16th Amendment was legitimately ratified or not, the tax code as written does not establish a tax liability for individuals, and words such as “taxpayer” and “income” are given different definitions in the code than what people understand them to mean in everyday language.

                    It’s actually a masterpiece of deception and misdirection. I remember quite a few years ago listening to a recording of a radio debate between the guy in the videos I linked to and an IRS attorney. The IRS “expert” could not even identify any section of the code that imposed a tax liability on individuals and actually made light of that fact that it could not be found.

                    The federal income tax truly is an “Emperor’s new clothes” situation.

                  • A key characterization, David – who is actually Goliath, with god on his side to boot — versus Goliath. Inferiority complex. And Fight Club.


                    Point is “the constitution,” as well as the rest before & after, was, & is, continuation – not the beginning.

                    As for the first ten, the bill of rights, a spoon of sugar helps the medicine down. Downstream side effects, which were the point & goal all along, is beyond the time preferences of all the little proxy’d thereby munchausens, as the poisoners well know.

                    Peterson’s good useful accurate calorie rich perspective is to view history as a perpetrator – not as hero or victim. History is indeed one long perp walk. “Seeing it” those other ways is a fatal conceit-deceit.

                    • & fooked traverses that spherical continuum. sectual selection. What yin-yang-yong thru yonder window breaks?

                      Tiptoe thru the trinity (bloody triplicate ovum’s near the bottom):

                      “Like a banana republic,” so many keep mouthing.

                      As if getting to “yes, we have no bananas” wasn’t, & isn’t, always the peel point of the collective impulse collection “agency.”

                      Tragic basis points the way, all the way to science fictional negative interest rates of “return” to sender, address unknown, no such number, no such zone.

                      This graceland is your land, this graceland is my land…figuratively speaking:


                  • Morning Eric,

                    ‘“Limiting” government is like trying to limit the spread of an oil slick on water.’

                    Or, more timely, “limiting government is like trying to limit the spread of an airborne virus with face diapers”.


                • Bill Benson and Red Beckman clearly demonstrated in their two volume book The Law That Never Was that the 16th Amendment was never lawfully ratified. When they introduced this to the SCOTUS, the Court disregarded it and allowed the “traditional” amendment to stand.

              • That is the main reason why the fed is going to eliminate cash, and go digital only, so they can track everything, and eliminate the underground economy.
                They try to claim the reason is to eliminate so called “money laundering” and “drug trafficking”, but their real reason is to eliminate the cash economy that they cannot track.
                Everyone knows that the politicians are the biggest money launderers! Just ask Hunter… LOL

            • “Just a word of caution for those that wish to use Exempt on Line 7 on the W4. It is not illegal to do this, but you will likely incur a very hefty tax bill and estimated tax penalties if you do.”

              That is not true if you are prepared to pay whatever taxes you MAY owe for that year.
              Your so called “tax liability” for that year will only be what is owed on what you made that year. Be prepared for that.
              There are no penalties, unless you do not pay any taxes owed for that year, out of pocket, as mentioned.

              “I am not going to question the integrity of not reporting your income, but please be aware that low or no income will hurt any chances of purchasing a home, a car, or a boat, unless you are strictly paying cash. You are then opening yourself up to an IRS audit (because we know every transaction over 10k is reported to the Federal Reserve). Someone who hasn’t filed taxes in years is going to get a second look on where the cash is coming from. If you don’t file a return that tax filing year is always open to IRS audit, otherwise, they can only go back 3 years or 7 years if they believe there are cases of fraud.”

              That is all obvious and does not apply to most people.
              Understanding the major difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is key. ALL corporations and wealthy people use tax avoidance as far as they legally can. So should everyone.

          • Never EVER file a return! Without a return, you’re not even on their radar until and if you do something that triggers a tattling- which requires an SSN.

            Once you file a return, you’re on their radar, and if you do anything “creative” they will get you for fraud sooner or later.

            • SSNs are now issued at the hospital with the birth certificate.
              I can still remember applying for mine, along with a lunchroom full of other students, in junior high school, long before I could legally enter into such a contract.

              • Heh, yeah, Bill- mine came in the mail when I was 16. I never asked for it or applied for it…it was apparently just assigned to me.

                Trouble comes if you use it- “I just need you to fill in your ‘social’ on this form, (comrade)”.

                Anything that requires that, is going to be under the watchful eye…and when they ‘report the data’ it’s forever connected to you.

      • VERY well said, Jason!

        The very idea that one is somehow going to obtain justice from corrupt larcenous traitorous crime-syndicate known as government, at the hands of the courts and judges and juries who comprise that very corrupt syndicate, is the height of absurdity.

        And the gurus who promote this nonsense to well-meaning people, often destroying their lives and costing them everything they have, should be strung-up! If the courts can not be forced to be constrained by the Constitution, which is technically the law of the land, how do those who are taken in by this nonsense think that somehow those same courts can be constrained by anything else- especially some mis-applied Black’s LawDictionary definitions which were NEVER the law?!

        We’re right and the filthy bitches known as government are dead wrong, and have no right to do what they do- but THEY have the big guns, and plenty of mercenaries to wield them; and the mind and hearts of a few hundred million people who will happily side with them and throw you in a cage.

        Like everything else when yoiu live under tyranny- the only real way to not be a victim, is to fly under the radar. Drop-out. Live in the real world, not on paper. Trade your labor for moeny or barter…don’t let your right hand know what your left is doing. Don’t keep records; don’t tattle on yourself.

        By avoiding taxes and debt, one can actually live very nicely on very little…and maintain great privacy and freedom.

        Luckily, I’d figured this out when I was a teen- so’ve been doing it my whole life. I’ve NEVER been a “client” of the IRS. I will not live as a slave. I’m just thankful that I realized so early on, that this is a game of Keep Away, not Chess.

  4. Yup force businesses to become enforcers while bankrupting as many as possible so only the few biggies left have to be kept in line.
    There is a small grocery store gas station gun shop near me with a sign on the door that says “help us stay in business wear a mask.” I asked the clerk about it and she told me that they have received several visits from the State Labor and Industry goons in response to complaints of customers in their store without masks. Enforce or be shut down they have been warned and there are plenty of snitches watching.
    Another sign on their door informs that gun store business is by appointment only because of the recent huge increase in business.

  5. Here in Central FL where you have to look real hard to see any Democratic office holder, either at the county or state level, mask mandates are in full-force. What say you?

  6. Is it even possible for the ultimate tyranny we see on the ever closer horizon to succeed? Of course it can in the immediate future, but can it hold up for any length of time? Without doubt, it will bring tremendous hardship upon the general population. Which ultimately destroys the most despotic tyrants. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand, may bring out pitchforks, and perhaps gallows and guillotines. Once the population determines it has nothing to lose, there is no reason for restraint. Those of us who desire liberty above all else are already there, or nearly so. However, every single human on the planet desires to eat, and sleep indoors.

    • One ray of hope! Anyone capable of realizing so can clearly see that our current tyrants are total morons. Just look at who the two parties put forth as their best and brightest, in all offices, not just the POTUS. Add in the bank cartel that thinks printing money is the same as printing wealth, and how long can they manage to keep this soap opera going?

      • That’s why the last two US Presidential campaigns have utterly flabbergasted me. That the one major party wing that poses as the one of “The People” against the “rich” and/or “privileged”, could be so OPENLY backed by rich plutocrats, and sponsor so many haughty, CLUELESS boobs and boors. And the OTHER wing of the “Demopublicans” is just about as bad, putting forth one candidate after another that promises to “clean up the mess” in Washington, which (s)he soon becomes an integral part thereof. It finally took “Orange Man” to inject SOME common sense, but even he’s too much ingrained in the mold of “Gubmint MUST ‘do something’ “, include override the rights of Americans to take into their bodies whatever they freely wish and to not give cops free reign to abuse sans accountability, to even come close to what a Libertarian can vote FOR. Never mind his boorish, crude, and egotistical ways, but “Fred Flintstone” in a tie and jacket actually showed the gaggle of hyporcrites in DC how to ACCOMPLISH something. Hence the sheer HATRED and VITUPERATION from the opposition which from the beginning gave no pretense of “loyalty”. Sad to say, DJT has been our best bet, which is indicative of how far we’ve fallen.

    • It managed to hang around in Russia for 70 years….. -and they didn’t even have the technology and mesmerizing media that we now have…..

  7. You have got to have the feeling that a lot of people are still alive even with the dreaded corona virus, whatever that is. lol

    “Do you hate them now, Grandfather? Do you hate the white man now?” – Jack Crab, Little Big Man

    The beat goes on, the mask mandate beatings will continue until the morale improves!

    Be happy you are ordered to wear a mask, you could be ordered to self-immolate. Be glad you’re among the elite slaves!

    The Germans in Germany protest lockdowns and get water cannoned. You have to use jackboots to get the job done, nothing else works for those untermenschen, those filthy no good rotten German people yearning to be free need to be taught a thing or two about a thing or two, goddamnit anyhow. The Lockdown Iron Curtain is here now in the real world, folks.

    Brainwashed ‘muricans already know how to be slaves, they wear masks regardless. It is good to be a obsequious slave, you know, hey.

    Got to get rid of demented dissidents by any means necessary, an Iron Maiden, the Rack, a stake with a cord of wood stacked around it, whatever it takes. Water cannons are a good start.

    Joan of Arc’s executioners were horrified when they retrieved her charred remains and found her heart still beating. It is a tall order to strike fear into an executioner, believe me.

    The mask mandate con continues unabated. I’m sick of it. The Romans would just cut out your tongue and you would have to bang pots and pans all night long. The mask wearing mandates are like cutting out your tongue, just more humane inhumane behavior by the shitheads who think they are in control. Fuck’em.

    Fuck fucking you, ya fucking asshole dumbasses. Ya dumbasses. Fuck you! lol

    Joe Biden, President Ken, the Supreme Village Idiot of and on Planet Earth, Dumbass Nonpareil, is gonna make it all happen!

    We’re all gonna DIE! lol

    “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.” – Voltaire

    The fear is real, the virus is like a mouse in your house, a little mouse under the couch scares the bejesus out of Sasquatch, even.

    You’re gonna survive the attack by the killer mouse, believe me. Set a trap, voila, mouse exterminated.

    The Karens and Kens supposedly rule the roost. Whatever they are, it ain’t much fun anymore. Mask tyranny sucks big time.

    Where do these people come from? Some idiot Ken writes a letter and the entire state is masked to the hilt. You know the true colors of someones who are either kens or karens. The reality is that they all have shit for brains. uff da looey

    Pisses me off, I hate it all. I hate hate, big time.

    “Tricks and treachery are for fools who don’t have the brains to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Give us this day our daily beer.

    “Stop quoting your laws, we have swords!” – General Pompey

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who posses it; and this I know, my lords: that where law ends, tyranny begins.”

    William Pitt

    Here endeth the musings.

    • an obsequious slave

      I know I said it in my mind, but omitted the ‘n’ after the ‘a’. It’s a dyslexic thingamabob.

      Made a mistake, so sorry

  8. Today, the company I work for told us that if we plan on spending Thanksgiving with anyone outside of our household, we must tell them about it and quarantine for 14 days!!! They even said that we should self report and that if we do not do so, they may find out because people tend to post pictures on social media!!!!!

    I have 3 kids and a wife to support, so I am at a true crossroads. I don’t know what I’m going to do. These people are absolutely demonic.

    • You need to look for a different job which respects you. There is no sin in lying to them- the proscription is on bearing false witness- using a lie to cause harm. They are demonic.

    • yes it is demonic. its the final takedown of us by g;obal communism. what are you going to do. if you resist you’ll be fired – like you – or arrested or killed.

    • Philo,

      My family is having Thanksgiving….there are 22 of us (just under the Governor’s 25 person mandate). I picked up Henry today (our 20+ fresh turkey) and he is sitting in the garage fridge waiting to be brined. I refuse to participate in this garbage. Covid was in America this time last year and we all made it through the holidays. My parents are approaching 70 and my grandmothers are in their late 80s. I refuse to be kowtowed by not seeing my family. This could be a last holiday for any of us. I want my family to have happy memories not seeing each other through Zoom.

      You do what is right for your family….collect everyone’s phones at the door if needs be. Enjoy your holiday, eat a lot, and be thankful for your family and friends sitting around the table with you, most importantly, tell your work nothing, and if they find out, screw them. What are they really going to do? Especially, after the fact.

      • I, my g/f, my son, his wife, my grandaughter and I will all go to my sisters for Turkey day and hopefully I’ll get to see my niece and nephew (they’re quite grown and great young people with stimulating careers and great prospects). Frankly, I don’t give a flying fvck how many are there, my sis doesn’t, and anyone that presumes to bother our familial happiness will be turned away with as much prejudice as is necessary. Usually I don’t get to SHOOT a Thanksgiving “Turkey” but this year I COULD make an “exception”!

      • Let me be clear about one thing, my conundrum doesn’t involve in any way what I will be doing with my extended family. Nothing could stop me from spending time with loved ones. I think I wasn’t clear on that. 🙂

        My conundrum lies with my need for this employment and my absolute disgust with the company’s decidedly evil behavior today. The HR “guy” (and I use that term lightly; he proclaims his preferred pronouns in his email signature) is giddy with his new powers of Covid rule making. It’s absolutely hideous the way he couldn’t wait to instigate masking and social distancing rules in the office. That is the day I started working remote. He is the living embodiment of the radical leftist control freak.

        I am definitely going to start a job search Monday. And when I leave, I will be sure and let them know why, in no uncertain terms. It is said that speaking Truth to demons will vanquish them. We’ll see.

        This is a company in Oklahoma, a mostly great place to be during all of this Covid BS. Unfortunately. I am in a creative field and most of the people I work with are Biden voting lefties. Time for a change. I can’t, in good conscience, remain here.

      • Zoom is just awful, by the way. Don’t take my word for it, there’s plenty of info out there such as:


        There are alternatives. For a smallish family gathering, the open-source Jitsi Meet may be a better choice:


        Of course you’re open to potential privacy and security issues with anything of this type but Zoom seems to be particularly problematical.

        • I love it when someone whom I haven’t heard from in decades pops up out of the blue….without fail, every time: “Ya have FB? Zoom? Facetime?…”.

          Me: “No, but I do have email; a mailbox down by the street; a landline….” [crickets] Never hear from them again.

          • I’ve got two email boxes, but I don’t have a need or the ability to have a mailbox down by the street or a landline, nor do I miss them. You might find me living down by the river (if there is one) in my van, though.

    • There’s no such thing as demons of course, but there is plenty of evil to go around in the hearts of men without invoking the supernatural. Your company is probably doing it due to being afraid of government thugs coming down on them.

      One possible solution would be to not tell them, go forward with your plans, but collect all cell phones and tablets which could be used to post pictures. (This is just another reason that “social media” is toxic. I really don’t see the attraction of things like Facebird and Twitshit, people putting their whole lives out there for the entire world – including snooping employers – to see.)

      • Jason, I promise you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that there are forces beyond what we mere mortals associate with our earthly existence. However, thanks to His grace, we need not fear. What some term “demons” cannot harm us save we LET them, but like their “boss”, oh, that power to DECEIVE. Realistically, most matters of things that go “bump in the night” are either our imaginations run riot, or at times something going “HUMP” in the night!

        My son would agree with you re: social media. Me, I’m stuck with it for eight more months until my “little goil” is done with her Mormon mission as she’s not allowed to use her telephone, but can Face-Chat (go figure why, I don’t see the distinction) with me once a week. Once she’s home, I’m done for good with “Fake-Book”, and I don’t care for “Twitter” (appropriately named). There is Parler, sponsored by Dan Bongino, but i’ll have to see if that’s worth the bother. Ya know, we did once get by in life WITHOUT it, and somehow found our lives fulfilling anyway!

        • I understand what you are saying, but for myself I gave up believing in the bogeyman a very long time ago. I do believe there are a lot of evil people around from all backgrounds and all walks of life without any kind of supernatural hocus-pocus behind it all.

          Definitely try to get yourself off of that social media B.S. though – it’s just bad. She can use Face-Chat but not a telephone? That’s just nuts.

        • satanism is the rejection of a Creator. it doesnt mean the actual idea of a real satan. Its the lack of humility with all the life around us. And how it got here.its nihlism and its very sad. and yes demonic

        • Amen, Doug!

          I don’t “get” the socialist media craze though. Worse case scenario, someone wants to be impersonal and just publish updates and pics to everyone they know, what’s so hard about making one lousy email and then cc’ing everyone on yer list?

          Why give up any semblaqnce of privacy and control to the communist tech giants who spy on ya; sell your every shred of data, and store everything for the NSA to possibly be used against ya when convenient?

          If anyone can’t be bothered to send me an email, I can’t be bothered to read their stuff (Not that I’d allow FB on my ‘puter!.

          Shoot, I wouldn’t mind if we had to revert back to snail mail. Life was better then. And that actually took some work and time. Email is no more time-consuming or work-intensive than FB. In fact, it’s easier.

          • The only trouble, Nunz, il paisano mio, is that email is no less secure from the marketing efforts of the host provider (like Google’s GMail) and likewise those that want to snoop, like various intrusive agencies of varying levels of “Gubmint”, can sift through one’s email just as readily.

            Hence everyone should just get a VPN. The only trouble is that ALREADY, in the OBAMA Admin, there was a ruling given to the US Justice Dept that the mere possession of a VPN license constitutes probable cause to investigate for criminal activity. It’s ostensibly b/c VPNs can be used to facilitate illicit drug or firearms sales, child pornography, and other bad things. That there may just be a notion that what I have to say and search for is no one’s Gott-Damned business evidently never entered their respective pea brains.

            • True, Doug- but I don’t think people who publish their personal stuff on the WWW via FB are too concerned with privacy….

              Amazing about the VPN ruling… The “War On Drugs” has been raging for 45 years now…. Terrorism Tgeater has been going for almost 20; Seeing as these things never go away, but they keep them around to use as excuses for destroying what shards remain of our liberties, I guess Sickness Theater will never go away either.

              • Publishing anything in the clear on the Internet is the functional equivalent of putting it on a billboard next to an interstate highway.

    • Hard to believe this is happening the the United States. We’ve all had to make sacrifices to support our families. Move to a new location, suffer bad management, perform boring, repetitive work, but being told who to associate with away from the workplace is Orwellian. Governments have used the Wuhan hoax to destroy jobs for millions and now impose corporate tyranny on those still employed.

      It is now time for person secession. In every way possible, liberty loving people need to minimize the forced payments of taxes to the illegitimate federal and state governments. Income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and licensing fees need to be avoided while all federal and state benefits such as tax exemptions, Medicare, social security, unemployment and welfare benefits need to be maximized. The beast requires the labor of honest working people to survive. Current governments are illegitimate and deserve neither loyalty or support. Economic collapse of the current corrupt system is the most direct path to social reorganization and freedom. There is no easy path from here, large numbers of Americans have been brainwashed by public education and media propaganda, but the battle must be joined.

      • I haven’t filed or paid income taxes for over 40 years. (Cash business with a low profile.) However I’ve stayed off of Socialist Insecurity and Medifraud since I’m not interested in the stolen goods of the federal mafia or getting into the clutches of the medical establishment.

    • Phil(o), in the meantime (while you’re waiting to change jobs), just delete your socialist media…and don’t tell anyone at work what ya did for Thanksgiving….. (Bet they don’t care though if you go to Walmart and jostle with 160 strangers on Black Friday!)

  9. well trump has watched as complete communism has descended upon us. And did nothing. besides hire traitors. and let assange rot. He woke up slightly at the very end of his disastrous presidency. too late now. what a clownshow

  10. The latest absurdity in our used-to-be-sensible rural community: For the annual Christmas parade, the floats will be parked and spectators will drive by in their cars.
    I feel like I’m living in an episode of The Simpsons.

  11. I hate the word resist. It draws a picture of victimhood. Like the rape victim that resists but still gets hate fucked. How about ATTACK. Good people should fiercely and relentlessly ATTACK the evil being perpetrated on them and theirs. Resistance still leaves open the possibility of incrementalism. Resistance got us here. The slow advances to the eventual rape and murder of our rights and country.

  12. The answer to your question is that at a fundamental level, might makes right. Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived, to paraphrase R. Heinlein. “They” are organized, They got the guns, They have the schools, press, courts, police, pop culture, and, finally, the entire government in their pocket. What do we have?

    Force, or the threat of force, is all that is necessary to cow everyone into compliance. Now with the technological revolution it becomes simple to control vast populations, as has been noticed here and on other small websites. It is easy to fool people who have been trained since birth to believe in progress, to believe in good government, to believe in socialism, and to hate individuals, individual liberty, and to hate personal responsibility. Much like the lazy co-workers who hate and envy the one conscientious worker who forces an honest comparison between them, so is almost the entire population of America below the age of 50 trained to hate free individuals, and hate anyone who might tear away the curtain of deceit and ruin their house of cards.
    Read Agenda 2030. The next few decades are gonna suck.

  13. I have it on pretty good (though unofficial) authority from larger business (my employer) that the major concern is liability in case someone gets COVID there and sues for megabucks.

    I have it on even better authority (friends) from small businesses that the major concern is getting fined, and there are various state agencies who are newly empowered and on the warpath.

    FWIW, from deep behind enemy lines.

    • They say they’re worried about liability, but that’s the excuse, not the reason. Because they’re not worried about public accommodation/ADA liability from people who have difficulty breathing with the holy rag. No, they like this, and will perpetuate it for as long as they can, for the increased profits and control.

      • They are definitely afraid of something. I’ve known this person for years, and I’m pretty sure I was told (between the lines) what was as close to the truth as they could communicate. I work in Crook County, in a factory. It’s not a public accommodation. It is considered “essential.” Unless there’s a lot of tax writeoffs or some kind of dark money coming in from somewhere, all this extra PPE, disinfection of work areas, new signage, time off for “cases,” difficulty training new people, etc. can’t be doing anything but hurting the bottom line.

    • Insurance doesn’t cover pandemic claims. You bet your sweet bippee businesses are scared shitless they’re going to be on the hook for anyone who can get an ambulance chaser to go after them. So their lawyer sharks (and HR lizards) are forcing the Kabuki masks to show that they’re doing something! to protect everyone (especially themselves).


      • And of course what this means, is that this doesn’t end until someone figures out a way to sue for megabucks over the various ass-covering rules. Or figures out how to sue for complying with ridiculous government edicts and not-laws. Which might not be impossible, but either approach is probably a whole lot harder than the other suit would be.

        (side note: I would like to suggest that this is the appropriate place to wear the diaper, if one is so inclined. Because that’s all it is: an ass-covering device. I just haven’t figured out how to rig it up.)

      • You are spot-on: business policies rarely cover interruption from viruses, and almost always exclude it specifically in very clear language. The linked story is one of the dumbest on the subject I’ve ever read. But what else would you expect from the Washington Post?
        It makes it sound as though insurance companies threw exclusions into existing policies after the COVID freakout began, and are now refusing to pay based on those. You can’t do that. The insurer pays based on what the policy language was at the time of the loss. I’ve been on the board of a small mutual property & casualty insurance company for more than 20 years, and our commercial policies have always had business-interruption exclusions for viruses and pandemics.
        A commercial insurance policy is a contract entered into voluntarily. If somebody doesn’t like the policy they don’t have to buy it. If they are too lazy to read it, tough luck. No company can survive if it pays huge claims for risks that it has collected no premium for. If politicians are allowed to interfere with private contracts, who will ever sign one again?

      • Excellent point. We should get osha involved, and sue everyone for unsafe working conditions.

        Masks make your safety glasses fog up, and especially in refrigerated warehouses or hot cooking/packaging facilities where the masks fill with steam, get splashed with milk or whatever and get saturated in minutes and cause bacterial pneumonia outbreaks.

        It isnt safe or healthy to wear masks outside of steril climate controlled facilities.

        • I don’t remember where I heard it, but I heard that OSHA put out a notice at some point that none of the facemasks are any good for blocking any virus.
          There was manufacturer that put a black box warning on their N95 mask box that it was of no use in protection against the COVID virus.

  14. I think I know WHY, even though conservatism espouses virtues such as courage and integrity, Republican politicians, members of the political party that allegedly stands for conservatism, so often sell us out.

    Before they become Congressmen and State Representatives, most Republicans are successful businessmen.

    And how do you become successful in business? By being fractious and irascible and drawing lines in the sand?


    So after decades of compromising to get what they want, compromise is what they know what to do. It’s what they’re comfortable doing, and it’s worked for them so far.

    It speaks volumes about our society that that particularly American variety of steel-cored lunatic tends not to ascend to the heights of power.

    Still, the world would be a better place if more of us, politicians especially, would stop trying to be “reasonable” and start channeling Yosemite Sam.

    • This is true, and the corollary is, “The more successful the businessman, the more they are willing to sell their very soul to get what they want”

  15. Another mafia steps up to make sure a good crisis doesn’t go to waste:

    The NFL is planning for the league’s first-ever cash-free Super Bowl in Tampa amid the coronavirus pandemic. The cashless project will be rolled out by NFL partner Visa and will cover all in-stadium retail purchases including concessions. [source: marketwatch.com]

    A couple of years I wrote to an executive at Visa, bashing him for Visa’s program rewarding restaurants for banning cash.

    Now the credit card mafia has teamed up with the NFL mafia. Already the Super Bowl was a test bed for mass spying via facial recognition. Now you can’t even spend ‘legal tender’ currency there.

    Shun the NFL. Shun Visa. Shun the spooks and spies. Eff ’em all to hell.

      • Nen, yeah…the day I can sit in a chair for 3 hours and watch some illiterate troglodytes chase a little ball…I’d better darn well be a paraplegic. And even then!

  16. The question is: “Okay, what nuts-and-bolts things can I personally DO about it?”

    Do I draw scathing political cartoons? Do I do a podcast, or get myself a radio show? Do I deliberately break the law to force The State to openly prosecute me and then I make the trial my soapbox? Do I resort to targeted violence and destruction of property? Do I perform stand up comedy and trash leftism humorously?

    What concrete things can I, the lone individual, do about it?

    We’re all in agreement that something should be done.

    But what?

    • That’s exactly right. There’s not one thing, either. Some people like protests or marches and perhaps there’s value putting on parades for the Crown to see. Satire is powerful to change minds, to highlight the absurd.

      Even if all you do is live free that’s doing something. They’re trying to get people to willingly stay apart from your friends and family next week. Who the hell are they to tell you that? Do it anyway. A million little acts of rebellion work just the same as a single big one.

    • TPTB want you to be despairing. Don’t despair. They want you to follow their idiotic dance of antisocial distancing. Don’t dance. They want you to hide your God-given face and your smile. Don’t mask. Smile big. They want to steal your joy. Be joyful! Live your life as a free person. That’s the beauty of it – our freedom comes from God. Unfortunately, we also have the freedom to give it away. I routinely ignore “masking” sign requirements, not out of disrespect for the owner of the establishment, but in a Rosa Parks kind of way. “If a law [or in this case ‘mandate’] is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • The only time I wear a mask is when I have to physically go to the office (I work from home) because my employer requires it.

        I don’t wear them in stores and in six months, only one Chipotle and one Hobbytown have told me I needed to wear a mask in the store or leave.

        So I left.

        I must have a face that says, “Fucking come and have it” or something, because no one’s ever even looked at me funny.

        • I have been denied service at an overpriced buffet – saved me $25! Also denied service at a dept store – even though their corporate webpage doesn’t even mention “covid” requirements. Just told the manager I’d shop somewhere else. Turns out I already had the thing I was shopping for so was glad to once again save money. Once I tried to pick up an order from Chipotle. Called 4 or 5 times from the parking lot, but for some reason, they couldn’t hear me so I finally went inside. Of course the manager told me I had to wear a mask. Told her I had called several times so that I could meet someone at the door. She walked away and I remained in line to pick up my order with no further hassle. I hate this, but it makes me that much more determined to live joyfully – mentally prepared for battle, but not going to let the stress get to me.

    • Yes. Do any of those. Draw that cartoon. Publish that blog. Air that podcast. I cannot advocate violent resistance because that would be illegal.

      And quietly break their rules. Refuse to be governed. When they attack, retreat. Lie in their faces- get other witnesses to lie with you. Try to get on grand and petit juries, and refuse to indict or convict.

      When they attack, retreat. When they retreat, advance. When they stop, harass. Know your enemy and know yourself.

      Read The Art of War and internalize its ancient wisdom. Resolve to fight for what matters in the most effective ways you can. This is what life is about- not only for you but for countless generations to come.

    • Don’t ASK us. We have no idea what you should do. You know your circumstances, skills better than any of us. Go TELL us what you’re going to do and have some fun doing it. They hate that!

    • ‘Zactly, Ice Age. It’s far too late. Society is too far gone, too dysfunctional, and the goobermint WAY too powerful. Our forefathers were not so deluded to think that they could reform England- and England was a walk in the park compared to what the US is today. Our only option is to do as they did- but not with the intention of founding a new nation…but merely finding a place that remote enough and poor enough to not be under the thumb of any real government.

      Any other option is just a pipe dream. Some speak of a possible nother four years of Trump as a little more time to prepare. Prepare for what? What more could we do that we haven’t done already? How will things be different four years from now, with our liberties even more eroded, just as they were those first four years? How does one prepare for communism?

  17. Stop paying attention to politicians scribbles as if they are anything other than that!

    I follow God’s law, moral law, natural law whatever you want to call it. The rest is just spell craft, and stautes, an opinion backed by force.
    Make it expensive for the enforcers and Karen’s to herd you around.

    Something I’ve discovered over the years. Once you’re committed and DONT CARE if the bully punches you in the face, you don’t get punched 95% of the time. I’ve had two fairly minor interactions over the masks that made it past declaring a medical exemption when entering a business. This includes hundreds maybe thousands of entries in and out over the last 10 months, standing in the same line with police all masked up etc.
    People really don’t want to enforce it, they are scared b*tches for the most part.

    Seriously… If you close your business right now and lose it. You deserved whatever you got. Put up a bit of a fight at least dammit. Make THEM have the balls to beat you down instead of sitting in the corner and pissing and punching yourself into bankruptcy.

    • Do whatever just to monkey wrench the operations. That’s their own playbook. There’s only one cop for every 470 or so people in the U.S. And that 700k includes the bulk of the Federal militarized LEOs in the FBI, NPS, IRS, etc. Cn’t be everywhere at once. They need sniveling rat fink neighbors turning each other in.

      • They wont need cops much longer. When a cashless system is achieved, and the Internet of Things completed, all it will take is a few tippy-types on a computer to shut you out of your home, block all transactions, and render your transportation useless. Shut off from the system, you could easily starve to death and no one, not even your family, will be aware of it. I give it 2-6 years, depending. Until then, plenty of folks will inform on you and shun you. It wasn’t their efficiency that made the Gestapo a terror; they got all their leads from the citizenry informing on each other.

    • Albrecht Durer did an engraving entitled “Knight, Devil and Death.”

      The point, paraphrased and in my opinion, is that the good man ignores both the cost and the consequences in the pursuit of righteousness.

      Look it up and let it inspire you.

    • “You deserved it.” Good one. Running a business is a many way street. It’s not all cops vs. the people like some stupid movie. When contracted partners walk away “because Wuflu” you should just beat ‘em up and force ‘em to do business. Sure. Idiot.

      • No doubt. I’ve been self employed for the last decade. There a risks involved and it’s a multi-dimensional set of problems. I’ve lost clients over this crap and good riddance. You might be missing my point.

        If somebody caught as best they could and it didn’t work no fault in that

        • … continued. Accidentally hit the post button

          If somebody fought their best fight and lost, I can find no fault in that. If they cowered and tried that b.s. appeasement cuck nonsense, then they had it coming.

  18. another good article, as usual

    “that it is unimaginable that the men who wrote the thing and approved it ever conceived that free men would be required to beg leave of the government to buy and sell.”

    it’ not unimaginable to me, the so called founding fathers were scoundrels who knew exactly what they were doing

    it was the confederated colonies (actually chartered privately owned companies, owned by the “People”) that waged the war, not ‘the united states’

    the constitution was a bloodless coup d’etat, a bait and switch. it was, in fact, a conspiracy.

    so there is that


    • Indeed, the convention that gave us the current Constitution was transformed from making amendments to the Articles of Confederation, to writing a new one without any legal grounds whatsoever. It was a coup, nothing more, and nothing less. The legitimate Articles of Confederation did not allow any possibility of the monster we now suffer. Which is why Hamilton and his ilk illegally disposed of it. Under the Articles, the States were the sole authority. This of course did allow particular States to become quite despotic, but also made voting with your feet and your wallet far more effective. Those are the only truly effective votes anyone has ever cast.

      • yep, and the ‘republic’ was immediately bankrupt

        CONSTITUTOR, civil law. He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation.

        the constitution is first and foremost a debt compact

    • Aye.

      Taxes hit the ground running from the outset, at treble the exaction that preceded the outset. So, “the outset.”

      Thus permission has always been sought.

      That the continuum is always perpendicular, always slides down & deeper, is a fact, but so does conveniently not starting at the start seem to be a fact.

      Franklin, btw, got the gov contract to print the counterfeit money that color of law asserted gov had monopoly priviledge to print – & woe be unto any other would be competitor counterfeiters that got caught…Franklin hung together with the crony gangster fooks of the day, & caught competitors got hanged separately.

      Start with force & fraud – incl myths — & you already know where it ends…albeit only temporarily, until the next batch of botchers gets the f/f myth pumped up again.

      The Philly cradle as cradled in the “history” books and the spoil’t Philly cream cheese of “today” are the same place, all along the temporal watchtower…& there is not so many ways out of here, said the joker to the thief, nor are there many here among “us” that see botch-life is but a joke.

        • Too bad open ain’t the sesame so many command it to be.

          Or maybe it is. Maybe the damn thing gets stuck open.

          And more than a few are convinced “close, sesame” is racist-fascist-reactionary-insurgency…when, in fact, the purpose of an open mind is to discover what needs to be closed…& to keep those lids on Pandora’s Boxes.

          Stuck wide open, it’s “non-essential” businesses that are closed, instead.

          “I can read the writing on the wall,” sang the singer of pics being worth 1000’s of words. He’s telling listeners he groks, comprehends, the read.

          But, unlike the singer’s name, when the devil calls all too many names, & whether mama loves those chips of rock off the old block or not, the greatest trick played on those usual suspects was convincing them that parlor trick reading is synonymous with comprehension.

          Or synonymous with secular deity.

          Get ‘em reading early, & you’ve got most of ‘em for life. And then many of the rest can be read the Bergeron act.

          The chains of ink & paper have Mesmer-wrecked more, Svengali-killed more, than all the other weus! weaponry combined. But that (ob)literacy always preceded all that obliteration, & continues to precede it. Bonobo-ization continues apace, here on planet of the apes.

          *In his confinement & captivity Kanzi captivates his capturers: memorization of 300+ symbols, & translation of spoken English into lexigraphic symbols pressed on a touch-screen. See-no hear-no do-no, but we’s all reader-communicators here!

  19. As a small biz owner who has been wiped out by the litany of bullshit gov’t tyranny this year, I liken it to the gov’t breaking your kneecaps, handing you a bandaid and telling you to dance, monkey! F that. In my area, some idiots are so blind they change their business to pimp masks and grovel to operate at 25%. Good luck with that. Any business that can’t operate at 100% and without BS like masks and distancing crap is doomed to fail. It’s only a matter of when. It’ll be interesting, to say the least, if all the UI and PPP ends at the end of the year and doesn’t get renewed.

    • And the already stressed businesses which accept the “help” just find themselves even deeper in debt, thus sealing their doom.

      “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

      • No one’s paying any of that PPP money back. That was the whole point. Call it a paltry restitution for damages. A bandaid for broken kneecaps. If a private entity did what the gov did a judge would award treble damages.

    • Hi Hattersman,

      I’m terribly sorry about your business being wiped out (another harm that doesn’t matter anymore and makes one a bad person for thinking it does).

      When Fauci was setting the stage for the hysterical overreaction to “the Covid” that will ultimately cause far more death and destruction than “the Covid”, he was intentionally LYING. On March 11, testifying at a House committee hearing, he said,

      “It is going to be totally dependent on how we respond to it, so I can’t give you a number,” Fauci said. “If we are complacent and don’t do really aggressive containment and mitigation, the number could be way up and be involved in many, many millions. But if we sought to contain, we could mitigate it.”

      To justify “aggressive containment and mitigation” policies, he said that “the Covid” was ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu; this is a provable lie or, at the least, he didn’t believe it himself when he said it. Check out the video in this link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-11/fauci-warns-coronavirus-far-more-lethal-than-seasonal-flu

      At the 30 second mark he elaborates on the lethality of “the Covid” culminating by saying, “it is ten times more lethal than the seasonal flu”. Unlike his call for “aggressive containment and mitigation”, which can be seen as an opinion, his claim that “the Covid” is ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu is a LIE, and I can prove it. On March 26, the paper, “Covid 19 – Navigating the Uncharted”, coauthored by Fauci, was published in the NEJM. Note this passage, “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).” So, at the same time that he told the American people that “the Covid” IS ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu, he had finished, and was seeking publication of, a paper that asserted that “…the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).”

      To my knowledge, no mainstream reporter has challenged Fauci on this or asked him to explain the glaring discrepancy between his public testimony and his actual scientific opinion, expressed in the paper.

      Kind Regards,

      • Great stuff Jeremy. Unfortunately, in this battle we face, facts and truth no longer matter. In March, I told my wife and business partner, they’re trying to kill us. As time has passed, this has been borne out. I’m making other moves and we will get by, we will survive (apologies to Garcia & Hunter). But I won’t forget…

    • Depends on who you think is fighting and why. The U.S. Civil War was probably in reality the third English Civil War. We’re living in the middle of probably the fourth one, which is serious because the Catholic Church seems to be deeply corrupt in its leadership (e.g. if you ask some devout Catholics there’s a thinking that Pope Francis is a heretic for several real reasons). Whether or not you’re personally faithful there’s been in fact a religious war waging for 450 years. It’s why we’re here in the Americas in the first place (8 of our presidents, such as Roosevelt and Bush, descend directly from the Plymouth colonists). Why the northern Puritans (Yankees) hated the American South. The superficial explanations are just what we’re taught in grade school and even scholars don’t necessarily see it because our higher education has become so secular and anti-religious. The way it’s going seems that the English will succeed over the Catholics and setting up the next cycle to be East-West again through Mongolia, Manchuria, Russia, which is itself an 800 year old conflict and probably in reality a 2,000 year old conflict. It’s why the underlying Jewish-Christian-Islam-Pagan (and potentially Tengrism in the future, which is along the line continuation of ancient religions like Buddhism and Shamanism) thread through everything. It’ll never end as long as there’s humans with faith. And I include faith in Science (not the highly important scientific method, but in so-called settled Science and government as religions).

      • ” Whether or not you’re personally faithful there’s been in fact a religious war waging for 450 years. ”

        yep, there was a rc ‘founding father’, too. the carroll family…

      • Virtually EVERY battle and decision we face in life comes down to a matter of being a battle for our mind, conscience, obedience and worship. Not if…but WHOM.

        The idea which prompted the initial founding of America was so that men might be free to live their own consciences before God. We lost that freedom long ago- and have now lost all vestiges of it.

      • I read an article once that said that the Yankees of the early 19th Century attempted to use government schooling to achieve the same end as the Puritans had in mind for the church: To reform the commoners into an operational model for all mankind.

        Where the Puritans wanted to use Christianity to turn sinners into saints, the Yankees wanted to turn everyone into smoothly-running cogs in the Great Societal Machine that, surprise surprise, they’d oversee.

        • Jason, pull up your trousers so I can see if you’re goat-legged, please. And I’ll put you down for an 11:00 AM appointment. Just report to the office of CW Montgomery Burns.

        • LOL! I love you guys claiming I’m with the people YOU believe are world-conquering supermen! Just too funny. Let out all that seething hatred now, don’t hold it in!

          BTW, just between you and me since we’re such old pals I have found the ideal car for you! (Just to make things relevant since this is a car site after all.) It’s a Joooooo-mobile from Israehell!! It even has a gen-yoo-ine huge Jew schnozzola!!!


          It is a well-known fact that those Jewmobiles were intended for highly-placed Jew operatives, and they receive broadcasts giving orders direct from the desert lair of the head Jew, Ariel Sharon. (Yeah, I know you’re going to say he’s dead, but that’s just what (((THEY))) want you to think!) Just think, you’ll be able to get a real heads up forward look at the latest evil machinations of the Jewish Conspiracy! Don’t miss this golden opportunity, snap it up while you can!

            • Oh, Markie you are so mercifully free of the ravages of critical thinking. Here you have an opportunity to receive secret radio broadcasts direct from the desert lair of the head Jew, Ariel Sharon, and get a head start on the latest conspiracies, and you claim you don’t understand? Tsk, tsk. Rest assured that you do bring a smile to my face though, so please keep the laughs coming.

      • The/se (united states). e. pluribus unum. There can be only one immortal highland scot played by a frenchman propped up by a scot playing a spaniard. Head lopped or no it’s still & always ashes to ashes dust to dust mix in a little water & fix(is in)itive & continue reconstituting the kewpie voodoo dolls forever & ever amen.

          • American writer Sylvia Wright coined the term in 1954, writing that as a girl, when her mother read to her from Percy’s Reliques, she had misheard the lyric “layd him on the green” in the fourth line of the Scottish ballad “The Bonny Earl of Murray” as “Lady Mondegreen”.


            Well, hand outpaces eye, ear too, so all that mishearing & misinterpreting gets rolled up & folded into postmodern – latest nickname – Rorschach ink blots, where nothing heard or interpreted is incorrect. Gold stars for everybody.

  20. ‘The 16th Amendment empowered the government to … have control over their transactions.’

    Yup. And it took but four short years to escalate to this travesty:

    ‘President Woody Wilson set up the War Industries Board on 28 July 1917.

    ‘Manufacturers who failed to cooperate with the war effort could be cut off from access to the materials they needed for their other products.

    ‘The WIB was largely the creation of EXECUTIVE ORDERS and ad hoc arrangements rather than STATUTES.’


    As ol’ Gomer Pyle used to say, ‘SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!’

    Thoroughly modern Woody, prefiguring Adolf H and Joseph S, went straight to executive orders to end-run the rubber-stamp parliament known as Clowngress.

    A few Clowngressmen wept tears of frustration, but they didn’t impeach the dictator, so he got away with it. Now the president doesn’t even ask their permission to start wars.

    Separation of powers among the legislature, judiciary and executive failed spectacularly. An ambitious president (Lincoln comes to mind as the first and worst) issues illegitimate orders, but Clowngress and the nine Hacks in Black cower like scared puppies. Who needs them?

    • Woodrow Wilson wanted in on the war, as he was in the pocket of major would-be arms merchants that stood to hugely profit. The American public, many of whom were one or two generations removed from various parts of “Yoo-Rup” themselves, wanted no part of the then-named “Great War”. Indeed, if anything, there was more overall sentiment for Imperial Germany than “Perfidious Albion”, and about fifty years removed from Napoleon III’s mis-adventures in Mexico, Americans were tired of the French. The UK, and especially then First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, did everything to drag the US into the conflict on its side, including setting up the Lusitania with armaments on board and sailing in the clear, WITHOUT escort, right into UK Home waters which the German government had specifically warned potential passengers in New York that doing so exposed them to attack. There is evidence that the Undersecretary of the Navy under Wilson, one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, knew all along that Churchill was setting up the passenger liner with over 100 Americans on board, and that information (that the ship was carrying munitions) was DELIBERATELY leaked to the Germans so they’d “take the bait” and provoke an international incident that would prove a causus belli for American entry into the war.

      The utter irony is that one of Wilson’s campaign slogans in his 1916 re-election bid, in which he defeated GOP nominee Charles Evans Hughes, was…”He KEPT us out of the war”. Less than six months after he was elected, we were most definitely IN it. Then, as it’s proved a century later, the American public has been bamboozled at their own consent.

  21. It is all here to stay. It’s permanent, the term sheeple is an insult to the animal. I mourn that young children will grow up in an insane, and diapered, world.

    • You ever watch those slaughterhouse videos on YouTube where lambs go in one end of the building and boxes of frozen chops come out the other?

      Well I hate to say it, but I have no sympathy for the lambs because they don’t even try to resist, even when they know they’re about to die.

      Kittens and puppies grow up to be predators. You can respect that, so you can feel bad if they’re hurt or killed.

      Sheep? Eh, whatever, I’m hungry.

      • Amen, Ice Age –

        One of the many reasons I reverence cats is their wary intelligence. Once you earn their trust, they relax. But if they doubt you, forget it. I like that.

        • Eric, why do we? Perhaps because the gang of thieves and murderers writ large, (government) will cage or kill anyone who doesn’t obey their dictates? As long as the nested illusions/delusions that allow us to be ruled exist, this will continue.

          As long as people look at those wearing the Funny Hat™ as having “authority” (the Will of the People…), this will continue. More to the point, as long as the enforcer class (the big men with clubs/spears/swords/guns) take orders from those wearing the Funny Hat™ this will continue to grow worse.

          This is a VERY profitable series of skims and scams. Why would those who rule us, ever let such power slip out of their hands? After all, they have established an “educational” system to indoctrinate entire generations. They have also established a corporate mass media that is used to create, shape, manipulate and misinform public opinion.

          Its reached the point, that they believe that they can in plain sight, steal an entire election, and get away with it. It remains to be seen if they are correct.
          That is the harsh reality that we face. We have discussed the only practical
          method of dealing with this. I suspect that is why Lind has gone active again.
          May our God help us all.

          • Hi BJ,

            I don’t. No Face Diaper for me – and I’ll take the consequences. I already have taken them. I’ve given up what was, for me, not a small pleasure – going to a coffee shop every day to work in a public setting, seeing people I know, etc. I am 100 percent ready to cancel my gym membership if the owner becomes a Diaperer. I will simply buy a full set of Olympic weights and open my own “club” – at my house – where people I know of like mind can come and lift and,if they like, donate to the cause.

            I will not abide Diapered people on my property.

            These are things we can do. We are not helpless. And it doesn’t take putting everything on the line, either. But it does take being willing to no longer take it.

  22. Eric, the 16th amendment was bad put the 17th amendment knocked the foundation out from under our constitution. 17th amendment turned the senate into the *uber-house of representatives* to which senators must pander to the people, and media for their power. This amendment made the states irrelevant and the federal government and bureaucracy the power of the country.
    Having senators *appointed* by state legislatures had it’s problems and corruption but it allow empowered the *states* with a voice in government to say no to populist ideas such as Marxism. Also, it empowered state legislators in that if the buffoon they appointed (like Romney type) acted like a jackass you could show up with a lit torch at your local state legislators office and threaten him to get rid of the bastard. There was corruption in appointing senators. However once exposed the people of the state were free to correct it via the state elections.

    • Pffft, you goyim cry about “muh constitution and bill of rights”, etc. Do you still not get it? The real problems for you is when you let (((them))) pass the federal reserve act in 1913. Like (((Meyer Rothschild))) said, ” I care not one wit who is in charge of a country, as long as I can control the minting of money in that country.” Who are you goyim not allowed to criticize? And then you will see who your real (((enemy))) is, and who is really in charge. “Muh Freedumbs!!!”, sheep are for slaughtering, stupid goyim. There will be much more wailing and gnashing of teeth before this gets better.

      • The ((((real enemy)))) is anti-freedom, cowardly little bigoted twits – such as ((((yourself)))) – who want to blame others for problems caused by members of your own tribe. The list of good ol’ regular white guys that have brought us to this point is virtually endless. But of course that matters not to truly dedicated malicious bigots.

        • Jason, If you don’t understand what sarcasm is and how it works, and what and who our real (((enemy))) is, aka, the jews, then you probably should limit your online screeds to a minimum, and stick to mechanical ruminations. YMMV

          • yes because defending whats left of chrristian culture from ho;llwood zionnazis and their degeneracy and in bankimg and our joke mews media is not allowed. the culture that buil;t this world.

            • What a pantload of hooey. There is an endless litany of regular white guys engaging in exactly the things that you blame the Jooooooos for, which is readily apparent to anyone who is not blinded by seething hatred. You are simply not willing to accept the degeneracy of your own kind and look for a convenient scapegoat. Pitiful.

            • Hi Mark,

              I’m not a Christian but my understanding is that most believers believe in free agency – that people chose and are responsible for their choices. So what of the Christian white folk who choose to force Sickness Psychosis upon their fellow men? Is their responsibility nil “because the Jews”? It makes no sense to me. Either they are imbecile patsies or they just bad people.

              Which is it?

              • Hey Eric!

                A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus ever advocate His followers force anything onto anyone?(Even you know the answer to that! 🙂 )- So then those “white Christians” who do so are no more “Chrisitian” than are Israelis who advocate communism “Jewish”.

                This illustrates perfectly what I’ve been maintaining all along in discussions on this subject, that terms such as “Jew” can refer to practitioners of a religion; an ethnicity; those who have been converted to a particular religion; those who identify with a certain culture, etc.

                The same is true with “Christian”. A white person of European ancestry living in Europe or the US can be labeled a “Christian” culturally. A Catholic can be labeled a Christian- though the tenets of Catholicism would be totally foreign to Jesus…..etc.

                Point being, labels like Jew and Christian have several meanings, which can be general or specific….which fact tends to confuse these issues…

                The Rothchilds, Karl Marx, Sammy Davis Jr., The congregation of the reformed synagogue who eat pork, the Orthodox community, Jews Against Zionism…they can all be called Jews, and rightfully so- but many of them would be at cross purposes with the others on the above list…..

                Will the real Jew please stand up?!
                Jew: “Oy! I should use my own legs when there’s a perfectly good chair?”

          • LOL Mr. Wrath – I know who the ((((real enemy)))) is. Bigoted. small-minded little aryan peckerheads such as yourself. A motley collection of liars, cowards, and weaklings good for nothing but a few laughs.

            • Ahhh, your Kung Fu is weak, (((jaded cinders)))…
              you have an empty head and busy fingers…
              Yet here your nasty scent still lingers…
              Where Gman comes for you with silver ringers….

              • What a silly little shithead you are, ((((moron wrath))))! So cute when you attempt to rhyme, kind of like a 4-year-old. You have nothing to offer but a dormant organ rotting between ((((your)))) ears and your the inherent weakness and cowardice of those with your asinine mindset. Truly pathetic.

  23. This “mandate” is not difficult to get around if businesses are willing to ignore it. The US is not a police state (yet) once outside of the cities. Ninety percent of all businesses are considered small business (anything under 100 employees) and 64% of all businesses are service based, which means most businesses deal with people one on one. If I have a small retail shop or a service business I will have to change a bit. Maybe my organization is now by appointment. Maybe I utilize my website more. I sneak customers in the back door. All businesses are essential. They are essential to the people that own them who rely on them to keep their family fed, housed, and clothed. Why would a business shutdown? If I need a picture framed I start taking appointments rather than allowing walk ins. If I own a salon I close the shades, but I am still cutting hair. Why wouldn’t I?
    Maybe I start doing a few more house calls for a surcharge. We can change with the times. If I am a designer I take my fabric samples to the client rather than she coming to me. I don’t know throw up my hands and say “the government tells me I can’t open”. Screw the government. If I waited on them to do anything I would have lost my house and my kids and dogs would have starved.

    Our business model may need to change, but it isn’t dead.

      • You know I really hate that word.

        Actually I don’t sneak customers in…..I do it in the bright dawn of day so everyone can see, but I would understand how a closed “nonessential” shop would have to scoot around the lockdown. You don’t think Washington’s spies snuck around as they tiptoed around the Brits? Ol Ben wasn’t printing articles of resistance in the light day in the midst of his shop in Philly. I am all for an underground resistance, anytime, anyway, anyhow. Plus, what is the alternative, Nunzio? Close the business up and wait for government assistance?

        We are no one slaves unless we quit.

        • Indeed- my main business is consulting in a high tech industry which requires me to be on site and in person. What has made me burn through a couple years’ worth of savings is that the customers just quit calling because they were afraid of letting anyone in.

          I can either give in and become a ward, or I can change the business to something else. And when I do, the revenue stream will change from corporations with paper trails to lots of individual customers, mostly paying cash. This gives a lot more freedom and flexibility.

    • My barber’s back door was open all spring for his regulars until some Karen or Ken snitched and he got a visit. The problem isn’t that the wannabe Pol Pots perceive authority its that “we” don’t recognize our 1000:1 ratio. Simply ignoring them would solve the problem for 99.9% of us. But the fear of being one of the 0.1% who get their door kicked in, fined and potentially murdered keeps everyone in line. All of this will continue as long as “we” tolerate it. At some point the naked emperor becomes so plainly obvious no one can ignore it. That’s the military equivalent of why the Founders wanted “us” to have guns. A population capable of saying no is all that stands between liberty and tyranny.

      It’s one thing to have a superior force in theory but when it’s YOUR home and family being put on the line, well, Janice Joplin said it best “Freedom’s just another word for having nothing left to lose.” It’s why the U.S. keeps losing wars. We delude ourselves that billions in aircraft and weapons can win against a population who literally has nothing left to lose. The reality is the military-industrial complex is about transferring wealth and giving the hoi polloi a common cause to distract them from the real criminals robbing us in plain sight. That the meat grinders overseas consume able-bodied young sons and daughters right when they’d awaken and be capable of doing something about it is just a side benefit.

      The whole thing is disgusting in the depth of its evil. The masking and overt treatment of the population like the criminals we are viewed as is just one more sign. They aren’t even being coy, just call them lockdowns the very same as a prison. And just to make it clear every diktat from international body down to tiny hamlet council has basically same wording and basic structure. It’s obvious to even the casual observer that the whole God damned thing is planned and coordinated.

      • Hi Anon,

        And this is why – for what’s it’s worth – I am putting myself on the line, professionally and personally. I will not Diaper. I will encourage resistance to Diapering. I will mock and dissect the Sickness Cult and damn the consequences. I expect them to make it actionable to question The Cult’s tenets, as is already the case in some countries. So be it. Let them come. I value my life and wish to be able to continue living it, in peace, as I always have. But I will not abide living this way and if that means the end of my life, it’s something I will put on the table. I have no family, no wife or child dependent on me. So here I am, bastards.

        Come get me.

        • Indeed. I’ll admit I have donned a face covering a few times this year. Although it wasn’t prior to 2020 (like every flu season) deemed necessary but in terms of the situation it makes some sense.

          I donate blood regularly and have for almost 20 years consistently. The donation center I go is located on the hospital campus and there’s in my estimation some logic to infection controls and the benefit outweigh the inconvenience. A donor wearing one in my mind is like a surgeon wearing a mask during the operation.

          And they don’t make us wear them actually during donating since the chairs are spaced just to allow access to the machines. Just need them on when we’re moving through the building, which in fairness contains many types of offices including cancer specialists and the donation room itself is also used by patients who need blood drawn prophylactically (e.g. pre-donating for a surgery or some ailments like hemochromatosis). They’ve always worn masks, though. So the center does seem to acknowledge that a blood donor is generally on the healthier side of the population and there’s a risk to carrying infections even when you’re not actually sick.

          IOW, I know the current climate dictated an over-the-top response but in context I don’t have a burning hatred by this particular “ask” of me. It’s a completely voluntary interaction, I am not forced to donate and most of the people working there are clearly not full tilt in favor it. A couple are clearly freaked out with masks and face shields but most appear to me are doing whatever minimum the county health dictators require of even a McDonald’s cashier and haven’t gone full hazmat suit. I’m sure they get a constant barrage of propaganda being at the hospital, too.

        • Fuck them! Just a few minutes ago I proudly and boldly entered a local Chipotle. I was the only unmasked person in the place. I held my head up and stood tall. I made and held eye contact with anyone looking at me. I confidently placed my order, paid my bill, and walked out. Don’t act like the 1%. Act like one of the 1000!

            • Again, today, I was the only one in Kroger not wearing a mask. Dennis Prager was right – little acts of courage not only make you feel better about yourself, but they add up.

              You know, it’s gotten to where I even hate the word “mask.”

          • Confidence is key. Know you’re right, be kind and thoughtful but have no doubt. The diaper-wearers are the ones at disadvantage. They can see your whole face and your non-verbal confidence is communicated while their sneers are quite literally masked. Are they happy or mad? Who knows? Who cares? You, on the other hand, smiling and thanking the kids behind the Chipotle counter goes miles to making the whole situation pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to be around a happy person?

            • I’m generally happy, but when I go to public places these days, I am filled with nothing but contempt for masked sheeple and the little gray men who enthusiastically try to enforce compliance- and that anger must show on my face, ’cause when I look at people these days, they tend to look away (Or maybe it’s because I’m not wearing a mask, and they’re afraid I may shoot a loogie their way…)- My attitude is “F*** all of you dumb sheep whose compliance and complicity have enabled this atrocious state of depotism! You’d better just stay the hell out of my way, ’cause I could snap at any moment!”.

              I used to walk around with a smile on my face- it was just my natural way- Someone I know would see me, and say “Why are you so happy? What are you smiling about?”- and I hadn’t even realized I was smiling…I was just living my life and thinking my thoughts. Now I wear a perpetual scowl, and probably look like I could kill someone!

              I despise their masks, and all of the other tyrannies for which they wave their flags. They are my enemies, just as much or more so than the dictators. I never personally encounter the dictators, and rarely even those who are paid to enforce their decrees…but these sheep and little gray men whom I do encounter, are the volunteer army and the chorus without whom the dictators would have almost no power.

              • I feel pity for the people daily. Poor fools have no idea and are just wandering thoughtlessly. They’re doing what they think is right or at least just trying to survive. I will respect someone who makes the effort to question but not doing so that doesn’t mean I have to hate someone. I guess indifference is the best definition.

                I despise politicians and media. The ones that sting are the local ones who do what they do knowing full well they are screwing family, friends and neighbors. it’s not abstract to them. They have to look us in the eye when they’re being assholes.

          • Amen, PappaS!

            I have yet to mask up and have walked into many a store, no one has said anything to me. I only had one that refused to serve me (some liberal restaurant in Mt Pleasant SC) and I left. It is all about confidence. Many businesses cannot afford to lose the potential revenue that your sale will bring. The goal then is to get you out as quick as possible.

        • I really admire that Eric.

          Hey, all this stuff is going nuclear. Has anyone seen the recent news about election fraud? It’s totally nuts — 50-90% of all congress, state positions, county positions, NEVER were elected, they frauded their way in. Past presidents too, plus worldwide in other countries too. Trump has this in the bag, if the judge(s) say ‘no’ then they’ll be jailed for life or possibly executed. I can’t even believe what’s going on — Michigan governor getting impeached, judges ruling against other governors too, most/all will be fired soon. EVERYTHING they said and say now is NULL AND VOID since they weren’t even elected. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            • One SS-N-23 missile “accidentally” fired from a “rogue” SSBN of the Russian Federation’s Navy could take out our President, if needed. If the Veep is nearby, poof! As well…guess WHO becomes Acting President, at least for the next 61 days until the media-presumed old drone is propped up long enough to take the oath of office, from his bunker, of course.

              Never mind the devastation that’d result from the attack that the USAF’s Air Combat Command and the Navy’s SSBNs would, under the current OPLAN on Russia itself. The entire mess gets blamed on the late Vladmir Putin, and his purported late “Stooge”, DJT, and those that SUPPORTED him, with the resulting recriminations.

              The stuff of what would have once been a dime store novel, played out in our time.

        • I’ts no longer a question of “if” but When. I had a wife and a son, and the social engineers determined we had no right to be a family. I remain alone after years of trying to find out how the government can steal and sell families into slavery to their opinions and never be held accountable to those individual lives that they collectively ruined.
          As far as I’m concerned, when they can take a lawful, natural child and natural parents and convert them to merchandise, they have lost all legitimacy in my eyes and I don’t back down from the Jackboots anymore. I simply tell them if you are here to make war, then make your war(to steal what never belonged to them) but don’t tell me that it is any different then your words and actions dictate.
          I tell them I won’t bother going to your crooked and corrupted “courts” as I’ve been there done that.

      • Hi A,

        Such a good song “Me and Bobby McGee”.

        Running against the law (or stupid ass mandates) isn’t guaranteed. Some us are going to get caught. There is a risk to everything and for most the potential liability isn’t worth it, but what is the alternative? Is it noble if my children and I starve? Because, that is what is happening to many people. How much longer will the American people accept a boot on their neck? If the government shuts me down I will reopen someplace else.

        I agree with you that stellar military gadgetry doesn’t win wars, but determination does, which makes the government’s attempts to restrain us futile. Thousands of years of history have taught us that.

        • No, you’re right. But you’re awake and know the risk-reward calculus with a clear head.

          Most people are still hopelessly lost thinking that if they just play along it’ll all go away. It’s why almost every small business owner is willing to sacrifice their own well being. In countries without a history of freedom, where sacrifice (perhaps as simple as deferred consumption, e.g. saving for the future) might be rewarded, the average person knows the cops are corrupt and the politicians are liars. So in their daily life they treat them as such and the interaction is mutually understood.

          We’re willing lambs going to slaughter and not unwilling bulls because we’ve been taught a history and have a culture passed down where things were above board. That is hasn’t been true for decades is immaterial. It probably never was true since the Constitution itself is flawed and with the Bill of Rights would be completely useless even academically. So despite flaws like the Federalists, Lincoln, FDR, whatever we were free because we believed it and acted thusly. It’s not like a light switch to say when that stopped being true but probably the Cold War prosperity when it was the U.S. homogeny globally lulled us into complacency and the explosion of government permission slips that put the nail in the coffin.

        • This, again, is another reason to heed Eric’s advice to get an “old school” ride, one that can’t be remotely controlled, like, say, my late model (2020) Ford can. A 1966 VW Beetle will run as long as it’s fed gasoline, and maintained with a relatively modest supply of engine oil and spare parts and hand tools. And IF an EMP burst takes out the electronics of most post-1990 vehicles, the Beetle will be worth its weight in gold…or TEQUILA.

  24. I have been getting away with blowing right past the morons offering me masks at stores, but with a countywide mandate taking effect today I doubt I would be successful now.
    So every chance I get I will tell local business owners that I am buying online instead of from them because of what politicians have dictated. Remember who did this to you.

  25. The income tax is one brick in the wall but legal tender and government chartered national banks and universal currency laws dating back before the U.S. Civil War were probably the first real gut punches. Watching Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism” was a good wake-up moment.


    Being secure in our finances is the real world foundation for liberty. It’s only slightly more crucial to be absolutely secure in ownership of our bodies for in reality ownership of your labor and mind are where the rubber that is ownership of your body meets the road.

    When they asserted that some percentage of your labor was involuntarily owned they made anyone using U.S. Dollars a slave to the system with an inevitable outcome. The income tax was a significant assertion but even just skimming a little by virtue of providing the service (one never sought by individuals mind you) of issuing currency is such.

    • Anon
      That’s a very appropriate word, assertive, because the congressional record of 1913 clearly states that they were not taxing property. And according to the legislators who were drafting the 16th, a mans labor is his property and therefore any wage, salary, gift, commission, or compensation for services was not income because it was not a gain but an exchange of property for equal value. Interest acquired from savings is gain/income. There are others but spending your labor for something is in fact just a trade. A swap that satisfies both sides and therefore no gain for either. Nothing to tax.

      • Hehe, yeah Roger Rog. Just like they say that they don’t tax property…just the value of it. Hmmm….how does one separate the value of something from the thing itself?! When they come to confiscate our property, can we tell them “Sorry, you can only confiscate the value of it, not the property itself”?

        What a steaming bunch of hypocrites they are, eh? The learned of the world, and they can pcify themselves with such simple lies, to soothe their consciences so as to not have to admit their indecency, larceny and traitorous communism.

        “We can tax the value of x, and tell you how you may use it, and make you apply for permission to own/use/modify it…..but this isn’t communism, ’cause you
        “still own it”. Now pay your tax, and buy your permit and get your insurance, or we’ll own it!”

  26. I have this year’s extortion letter from the county sitting on my desk. If I don’t pay up to help finance crappy schools for other people’s kids, they will evict my wife and me from the home we’ve (supposedly) owned free and clear for 20 years and sell it on the courthouse steps. If I pay online, which is my preferred method of billpaying, they will charge me a “convenience fee.”
    Now comes news that these same evil bastards have ordered that everyone wear the Magical Face Diaper, effective 12:01 this morning.
    And they wonder why people “snap.”

    • In a world where people still have functioning logic abilities having all the parks and schools and libraries shut down could be a teachable moment. Why are we still funding them when they’re closed?

    • Anywhere there’s a property tax, NO ONE “owns” their real estate….the county/state is the “landlord of last resort”.

      As for the NEED for schools, especially “educators” more concerned about their crackpot ideas and indoctrination of YOUR children, at least all these shutdowns have shown that the responsibility for education of a child, like its care, feeding, and moral guidance, ultimately depend on its parents, and woe unto the child that gets those from ANOTHER source, and woe upon the society as that child grows up!

      • Hi Doug,

        One of my greatest objections to government schools is that the parents have almost no control over who teaches their kids nor what their kids are taught. One gets what one is force to pay for… as at the DMV.

  27. “It is a hard truth to look in the face but America has been a communist country for at least the past 107 years” Yes, hard to accept but true indeed. We have to stop saying please and start saying – no more!

    • Which means of production has the federal government assumed ownership of in the past 107 years?
      The ownership of the means of production is the only thing that differentiates our current fascism from communism.

      • It doesn’t have to be the federal government that owns them; any government will do. So, “public” schools are socialist entities (government owns the buildings, the books, the teacher contracts, the buses). Police departments are socialist (jail cells, cars, weapons). Almost all roads are socialist. I say “socialist” instead of “communist” because these governments are supposedly “us” (haha).

          • Government which:
            Creates currency which has no inherent value.
            Outright owns much of the land and means of transportation (Roads, passenger railroads; airports, ports…)
            Controls edumacation, healthcare, insurance, industry, agriculture, business, (Control is an integral part of possession- being more so the essence of ownership than mere title or responsibility for that which is possessed).
            Taxes property, labor, sales, savings, interest, gifts, winnings (Another facet of defacto ownership)
            Defines and controls the terms of marriage and custody.
            etc. etc.

            Sure sounds like communism to me…….

            • Titular ostensible-ness goes back a ways. Fake it til you make it then sell it to others.

              Eventually you get to veneer over pressed sawdust & plastic surgery.

              And Piggy has to keep finding out, & show/tell the audience, the hard way what “I got the conch!” actually, rather than ostensibly, means.


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