The Lee Harvey Oswalding of Epstein

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It was surprising to see Lee Harvey Oswald silenced on live national TV by Jack Ruby. Lee had just (supposedly) murdered the president. Precautions to keep him capable of speech seemed indicated. He shortly was made otherwise.

Fast forward almost 60 years . . . and here we go again.

Jeffrey Epstein may not have killed the president – but he entertained at least one. Who is married (technically) to another would-be president. Others of potential interest were also, apparently, entertained by Epstein.

Who is now incapable of saying a thing about any of it.

One thing has been said, though – and it’s worth listening to over and over and over, until it finally sinks in: The government is incompetent. Say it again. As many times as it takes.

The government is a kind of metatastic duncery – a warehouse for the stunted. They should be treated as such – like mildly retarded children you hide the scissors from. They cannot be trusted to do anything competently – and yet, their serial incompetence is permitted to bolix up practically everything, from cars to the medical system to the keeping alive of a high-placed perv who probably had the goods on other high-placed pervs whose names and deeds we will likely never know now.

Because a bunch of government workers couldn’t – so we are told – prevent the high-placed perv from offing himself before he could unburden himself.

If Epstein’s Lee Harvey Oswalding was the result of incompetence, it is dispositive evidence that “incompetence” is an insufficient word to describe government. The works. All of it. This didn’t happen in a southren lock-up in the back of an old gas station outside of Birmingham to a local creep who woke up dead and that’s that.

It happened in New got-damned York. The feds were aware. This Epstein guy was at least as important in his own loathsome way as Oswald was and everyone knew it. Yet he was – apparently – handled as indifferently as some guy picked up for DWI. Eyes were not kept on him at all times – or even a closed-circuit camera. Like JFK’s brain, the recording has apparently vanished.

Epstein was also allowed to have the materials needed to do himself in – assuming he didn’t have help, in the manner of Jack Ruby helping Lee Harvey Oswald.

We’ll never know which it was, of course.

JFK out, LBJ in.

And the Lolita Express flies on.

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  1. I have a coworker who’s drunk the Bernie Sanders Koolaide. We used to have discussions about how horribly screwed up government is. These days it’s all these talking point “facts” about how government run healthcare will actually save money! I keep trying to explain to him that health care shouldn’t be an economics lesson, but OK if you want to go down that road…

    Doctors loosing the ability to charge whatever they want to will lead to even fewer doctors. So the Department of healthcare will either loosen the standards, or ration care, or likely some combination of both. Black market health care and bribes will become commonplace.

    Then, after a few high profile screwups comes the centralization and standardization of treatment for everything. If it ain’t on the list, it ain’t permitted. If you don’t respond to the standard treatment, well, I guess it was just your time to die. If you happen to survive an unorthodox treatment and the administrators find out about it your doctor will be hauled up before the tribunal for interrogation (this actually happens today in the civil court system, but the worst they can do is strip the doctor’s credentials and money. With the power of the state behind them we know what will happen).

    Soon the system will be gamed just like everything else in politics. Except that instead of cash buying you favored status, it will be political connections (if you’re ugly) and celebrity (if you’re pretty). Right back to a two tiered system, but this time the system will crow about how well they did treating some individual while sweeping under the rug the millions who are minimally patched up and sent on their way.

    And what about the economics? Those who can afford it, but without connections, will travel elsewhere for treatment, starving the system. Whatever politically expedient disease happens to get the attention of the political class will be the one that gets the research. So the system will be frozen in time, with the idea that medicine is “settled science” and therefore doctors are basically just technicians. Meanwhile there will be a superclass of humans who are able to exploit continued R&D into life extension, cognitive enhancement and corrective genetics that anyone in the existing system will never have access to. And that cheaper cost we have today will quickly be eaten up by a whole new layer of bureaucracy and then some.

    Sorry went way off topic here, but Eric struck a nerve.

    • Hi RK,

      I avoid arguing the economics or utility. I focus on the morality.

      People who assert they have a “right” to “health care” are asserting they have the right to force others to provide it- a despicable assertion. It is no different, really, than a man claiming he has the right to sex – because he needs it – and that women are obliged to provide it.

      We live in dangerous times. Because people have lost all grip on morality. They equate their needs with rights. Not to obtain what they need through their own efforts but to force others to provide it – though this is almost never made explicit.

      It needs to be made explicit – so that people once more feel ashamed about it.

      Probably, many wouldn’t. These are the privates and NCOs of the Free Shit Army. And they’re headed your way.

      • Another point I’ve brought up, and a good one. Can someone please explain how a doctor who’s being compelled to provide treatment not a slave? Can I take part in risky behavior even though I know it will lead to injury and then demand treatment? What about if a third party supplies a product or service that knowingly causes injuries? What recourse do we have, or will Uncle outlaw the activity, driving it underground (and, if you believe the drug addict apologists, incarcerating the victims)?

  2. First, Eric, your assertion that GovCo is incompetent in all things is a bit off the target. Lower levels permit ineptitude and usually cover it by overstaffing…odds being the job will eventually get done. Yes, I understand the non-thinking, “If it’s not written down it can’t be done”, mentality.


    In observing GovCo up close at the local and state levels, primarily, I’ve come to a conclusion. If a seriously bad situation arises there are usually only two reasons for the FUBAR, they’re either Stupid (the kissin’ cousin of incompetence) or Evil. And, as sure as the sun rises in the east, you can bet the farm they will ALWAYS pick Stupid as a defense. They will never admit their evil intent even when it’s screaming right in your face a la Oswald. Just as the Mob can operate just fine with the less than brilliant at the helm by the use of deadly violence, so can GovCo operate with impunity.

    And, as for Lee Harvey, when he was being brought out reporters were shouting basically the same thing, “Why did you kill the president?” His response was simply, “I’m a patsy.” Then Jack pops him with a 38. The headlines then become, “Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone”.

    The masses are loathe to admit They Government can be populated by the same evil that has infected virtually all governments since the dawn of time. They cling to the fairy tales they heard in “civics” class. They embrace the idea that the United States in the “exceptional” “indispensable” nation they’ve been propagandized to believe. Because so many have their own self-image entwined with the supposed Virtuous State they cannot admit that there is true evil in their midst.

    It’s not new. It’s as old as the idea of Earthly Government. Check out 1 Samuel 8 if you don’t believe me. It’s all their, we want GovCo to defeat our enemies instead of working to solve conflict peacefully. That applies to enemies both foreign and domestic. It’s not cream rising to the top in the cesspool that is government/politics.

    Only when we reject the violent evil that is GovCo and work on settling our problems by loving our fellow man will we achieve anything approaching peace and justice.

    Epstein was right about one thing, though. It’s an anomaly in human history that it’s a criminal act to have sex with someone in their teens. He used that criminality to his own enrichment.

    For more on the subject…

  3. Remember the DC madam? All she wanted to do was retire and move to Italy. The powers that be panicked. Arrest, trial, and eventually “suicide”. She posed no threat to them and action was taken anyway.

  4. Always thought that picture of Oswald being gunned down spoke volumes; he’s brought out into the open and the deputy holding him leans way out so not to be in the line of fire. He was absolutely executed by the PTB, and everyone else who might have contradicted the official story of JFK’s murder died under mysterious circumstances. No surprise Epstein was suicided, he had more dirt on powerful people than J. Edgar Hoover ever did. Throw a few million dollars at low wage guards to look the other way and voila – mission accomplished, I’m only surprised they didn’t get him the first time he “attempted suicide” a few days earlier.

  5. There’s a meme about this, saying you expect to trust the same government who let a man die under it’s watch with gun control

    He was either murdered or it’s a body double who was killed, clearly wasn’t suicide unless you’re a kool-aid drinking libtard who bulks at alternative media while thinking you’re the sharpest crayon in the tool shed cause you get your news from “Trusted Sources” (MSM)

    • I think JE was killed. Why? Dead men tell NO tales-simple as that. JE had too much on too many of the wrong people to be allowed to live.

      • Why would he want to talk or be compelled to talk if he was whisked out the back door, taken to his home country, and given a new lifestyle to live out his days? No difference to him what happens.

      • Think about it, if he knew his life was in peril wouldn’t he want to spill as many beans as possible before being killed off? But the opposite happened, we haven’t seen any damming evidence or politicians, harvard profs, rich CEO smucks resign or jump off a bridge yet. Actions > Words

        • Hi Brazos,

          I suspect we heard nothing because this creep hoped to cut a deal, Col. Landa style (Inglorious Basterds). But instead, a deal was made on his behalf.

          • “But instead, a deal was made on his behalf.”

            I’m thinking Maxwell had control of the ‘dead man switch’ and made a deal to be left alone by giving it to the feds.

  6. It will probably be discovered that Epstein committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head a dozen times, pausing only once to reload.

    • Many had an incentive to knock off JFK; my Pop, “Gawd” bless him, 85 years and still mentally sharp, believes it was LBJ, since part of JFK’s reason to even go to Dallas was to kick him off the VP slot in favor of brother Bobby (whom was too young in 1960), they’d already gotten baby brother Teddy in the MA Senate slot that Bobby vacated in ’62 when he was just old enough, so Lyndon knew that he was pushed aside in favor of keeping a Kennedy ‘dynasty’ going. Jack was going to personally persuade the Texas Democrats to more or less give LBJ his old Senate seat back, but maybe LBJ had other ideas…

      As for Epstein, who says that he’s DEAD? Granted, under the concept of “Occam’s Razor”, maybe indeed he did want to check out, and bribed the guards and prison staff, ala Hermann Goering at Nuremberg in 1946. Or the PTB wanted him silenced, especially the hillbilly horndog that was our 42nd President. However, methinks that Epstein was, his “pre-versions” aside, “smarter than the average Jew-type bear”, and left, in the evidence sense, a form of “deadman switch”, knowing that even if his one-time partners in crime wanted him silenced, that he’d get back at them from the grave, if need be. The idea, of course, would be a disincentive to kill him, but rather to fake his suicide and spirit him off, out of the way, to live a new life. I’ll wager that he went out, disguised, on the next El Al flight out of JFK, and right now he’s comfortably es-consed in Israel, laughing his Kosher ass off at we stupid Goys.

  7. It’s starting to look like JE HAD help! One, there were reports that there were screams from his cell. Two, the autopsy is showing broken bones in his neck. I thought from Day One that he was murdered. Why? Because too many people, including BJC & HRC, stood to benefit from JE’s death. If he had what it was thought he had on powerful people (video of sex with underage girls), there are a lot of powerful people who’d want him dead.

    If one or two things had gone wrong; if it were one or two mistakes due to incompetence; I could buy that. But for ALL their procedures to not be followed, it’s more than mere incompetence. Consider this: 1) JE was placed on suicide watch; 2) then he was mysteriously removed; 3) his cell mate was moved out; 4) the two guards fell asleep; 5) one of the guards wasn’t even a regular guard; 6) the cameras were broken; 7) there were screams from JE’s cell; 8) broken bones found in his neck. You mean to tell me that ALL of that was due to incompetence? If the guards were sleeping, why didn’t JE’s screams not wake them up? Sorry, I’m not buying it. Jeffrey Epstein was murdered-end of story.


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