AGWs Hear Their Master’s Voice

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This is priceless!

Some admirable American managed to take over the bandwidth used by the Chicago AGWs to harass and collect and piped through his voice. Click on the video link below, sit back and enjoy!

“Anyone listening, I have a little bit of an officer safety hazard,” one of them says.

Swift as greyhounds! Tough as leather! Hard as Krupp Steel!

. . .

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  1. I was a bit surprised reading a chicago cop blog how many of them hate the government. But then again they chose to work for it. So either they aren’t too bright or have some sort of disconnect.

    • Hi Brent,

      My guess is the AGWs dislike the government because of the “red tape” that makes it harder to “do their job” – i.e., to roust and brutalize people as they wish, without any repercussions. Wait…

    • They hate the government because they see it impeding their “beneficence” by bugging them with such things as those “pesky” rights and procedures, when the pigs think they should just be free to be judge, jury and executioner, and act on their “gut feelings” and “experience” so that they can do their job without “interference”.

      Don’t forget, every cop today is an egotistical self-righteous power-hungry dictator, who desires above all else to protect his own safety, and rid the world of those who he sees as being beneath him. Quite a few pigs among the ranks of my relatives (I haven’t bothered with them in decades; some of the newer ones I’ve never even met nore talked to)- the ones with whom I had contact with in the past, always amazed me with how judgmental, egotistical, and utterly unconcerned with the rights of anyone else they were.

      Everyone’s a “dirtbag” or a “scumbag”- be it a drug dealer, or someone who isn’t raising their kids the way they would. This mentality was actually propagated and encouraged to them at “the academy”- and that was on top of what they brought with them to the academy- like one relative, when he was barely out of his teens, and just wanted to be a pig- I remember the utter disdain he had for perfectly nice waitresses and clerks because he always had a huge chip on his shoulder, and imagined that they were somehow slighting him. This is exactly the kind of person they want…and you can imagine if they’re like that before getting a badge and gun, the utter monsters they’ll be with such items!

      It’s not just “the criminals”; these pricks have utter disdain for the common man- and they are often seeking authority as a way to garner “respect”, credibility, and stature that they are incapable of attaining by exercising good character and responsibility (which they lack) and by simple human interaction and cooperation with their neighbors. This is why all modern cops are psychopaths! And the system is set up so that any normal person of decent character who may have any noble (if misguided) intentions, is quickly discouraged and repulsed, and thus culled.

      One cousin who recently retired from the pigs, has some relatives on his mother’s side who are minor figures in the Mafia [Not related to me]- I’ve met them on a few occasions. They are much better people, much nicer, and much less thuggish than the pig cousin. Not that they’re great guys or anything, but if i had to pick a side, I’d choose them any day! (At least they don’t generally bother innocent people)

      • Nunz, I read an article recently by a retired cop from NYC. He said he was taught to de-escalate a situation and only use a gun as a last resort. He isn’t a fan of the current crop.

        • I think I read that same article, 8. Been a long time since cops were like that. Back then, it was more the case where it was about whether the cop was a decent guy or a prick.

          When I was young, my sister was the mistress of a sergeant from NYC. He wasn’t exactly a stand-up guy- I mean, what with the adultery, and that he’d often drive the 60 miles home from NYC bombed out of his mind- but one thing I’d have to say in his favor, is that he treated people well. He wasn’t at all violent- in fact, he’d go out of his way to avoid violence; and he wasn’t looking to start trouble or screw with normal people.

          The 70’s- at least there were a good number of cops who were somewhat human. (Funny thing was about that pig, at some point it dawned on me that I had seen him before- Turns out, the mom of one of my childhood friends who lived half a block from me at the time, was his mistress before my sister was! He used to park his car in the parking lot next to where I lived when he’d visit my friend’s mom- a few years before he met my sister! Seemed a funny co-inky-dink, seeing that my sister lived about 15 miles away)

          I guess the point is though, that even though the guy was a creep, he wasn’t a thug, like virtually all cops are today. Today, anyone with a conscience would walk out after the first day of training.

          Oh, and modern cops are also taught to HATE lawyers…or anyone who informs people of their rights, or otherwise fosters their exercising thereof.

          The men in blue have become the men in black. That pretty much says it all.

          • Nunz, I used to have friends from Brooklyn and Queens(and Harlem). They’d be sitting around smoking pot and drinking when a knock would have somebody to the door with a few cops standing there. Then they’d come in and spend the night partying with those people.

            We still had some rights back then and cops that were friends regardless.

  2. Hitler interrupting the AGW’s APB on some kid at 6240 N. Harding shooting off fireworks.
    Meanwhile on the south Side the Obozo constituency is shooting each other.

      • Well, around here they sure as heck don’t have time to interview other neighbors to determine who is a problem and who is more likely to be telling the truth. I guess they figure just let things escalate and save all that for the homicide investigation, if at all.

  3. Wow! The level of incompetence in the Windy City must be off the scale. Modern land mobile repeater systems typically are one of two systems, P25 or DMR. Both of them offer encryption and client radio authentication. Any transmission is tagged with a unique ID, which is logged by the repeater. It is a simple matter for the repeater operator to “kick” the radio if there’s an issue, such as a stuck push-to-talk switch, etc. Almost all municipal systems are networked with other repeaters, and allow for out-of-band connections via telephone modem or Ethernet.

    I get that someone would have to be available to admin the system (no idea what time this might have taken place, but probably after normal work hours), but just the fact that an unauthenticated radio got on the network is pretty incompetent. Or someone hacked their way into the backhaul network. Either way it’s pretty bad.

    • Of course that’s assuming someone didn’t just find a lost radio (again, admin should have removed it from the system), or bought it at a pawn shop…

      • Doesn’t surprise me one bit. The level of dysfunction is pretty high throughout city government. Little things like finding or disconnecting a lost radio isn’t even on the radar.

      • Probably not. The FCC made everyone go to “narrowband” about a decade ago because of… well, probably to prop up Motorola, since the use of LMR spectrum seems to be waining, except for Uncle’s minions. Then they handed out grants to the locals to “help” them upgrade to digital systems that A) didn’t work as well, and B) required service contracts and software license fees. Most of the systems were unencrypted because Moto modified DMR enough to make the encryption only work with Batwing radios. Doesn’t matter because no one’s using them anyway, except for “Dispatch please call me on my cell” calls.

  4. Nazi Germany 1933-1939 was a high trust mostly homogeneous society, Thus much less need for police than we have and they had far fewer of them per capita than we do. Fewer prisons / everything. photos of Berlin during that time look delightful. No gang raping muslims for sure. I’ll have to listen to the recording later. if chicago police arent the most incompetent in the country i’m scared to see who is. I will say they do tend to mostly leave you alone because they really dont want to get out of their cars.

    • Hi Mark,

      Homogenous, yes. Fewer police? I dunno about that. Germany (Prussia, really) was among the first Western countries to micromanage practically everything the individual was allowed to do. The Nazis doubled down on this. They used social pressure and police pressure to enforce Gleichschaltung – the coordination of everything, in accordance with the decrees from top-down authority.

      Sound familiar?

      America is in many ways the Fourth Reich. Just without the homogeneity.

  5. I remember a pirate radio station on the south side of Chicago that managed to operate a few weeks before getting shut down. Had a pretty strong signal that carried a few miles. You could pick it up on the Dan Ryan expressway. They used a ton of bad language and played dreadful rap music.

    Of course there was the “Max Headroom” broadcast interruptions that happened to several Chicago TV stations back in the 1980’s. They never managed to finger anyone for that stunt.

    • The granddaddy of them all was Captain Midnight on HBO’s Galaxy 1 C-Band sat uplink…

      CM overpowered the uplink signal from Hauppage, so that’s a different animal from the CPD intrusion. In the CPD case, it was as ReddyKilowatt posted above…some combination of incompetence in trunked system management, backhaul intrusion, or access to a transmitter with system authorization, take your pick. In any case, the irony is delicious!


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