Reader Question: Registering a Roxor?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Domenic asks: I may be able to register a Roxor Jeep (see here) as a composite vehicle but need assurance that I may pass emissions testing. Any other way to register this vehicle? Dirtlegal has a unique method but the vehicle will be tagged with South Dakota plates. I’m simply looking for a rust-free diesel-powered Jeep for fun and run.

My reply: Well, I can assure you the Roxor will not pass emissions – or sssssssaaaaaaaafety – tests, in states that have them. These vehicles are only legal for off-road use, like an ATV or dirt bike.

Registration requirements vary from state to state; you didn’t mention which state you live in so I can only recommend checking your particular state’s requirements. Many have allowances for “kit” or vehicles – though the Roxor probably doesn’t qualify as it’s sold fully assembled.

But, there are ways around all this.

Farm Use tags are one option. These allow you to legally operate on road – but beware of the restrictions – and don’t push your luck.

Another option is the ol’ switcheroo. You may be aware that VW built classic model Beetles through about 2000 in Mexico. Brand new old Bugs. They were not, of course, legal to sell in the U.S. due to  . . . sssssssaaaaafffffffffffffety and emissions regs.  But some people brought them over anyhow and once here, it would be very hard for an AGW or any casual observer to tell that your “1974” Super Beetle was really a 2000 model Mexican Beetle.

If you catch my drift…

. . .

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  1. I’d have had an old military duece and a quarter decades ago if you could license them for the street. Only govt. agencies can do so in Texas.

  2. I don’t have one but apparently you can register an ATV or Side-by-side for road use in Montana. All my neighbors have them and drive them all over locally on dirt roads, so I’m sure a Roxor would be no problem here.

    Of course keeping up on the highway would be another problem, but I suppose you could just politely pull over when necessary. There’s not much traffic on the highway to the county seat from this direction.


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