Schumer’s Electric Escort Service

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If you have to pay a girl to go out with you, there’s probably something wrong with you. Especially if you let yourself believe she is going out with you because she likes you.

The same applies to electric cars – which most people, if they’re honest with themselves, only “date” because they’re handed wads of bills as compensation for the EV’s many functional deficits – as well as its much higher expenses.

The compensation is tendered in the form of  tax kickbacks (paid for by other taxpayers) and various special privileges, such as “free” (and tax-free) electricity  . . . also paid for by others.

That this is absolutely essential – in terms of perpetrating the fiction of EV viability – tells us all we need to know about the viability of EVs.

They aren’t.

We know this because when the bribes are withheld, the EVs stop selling  . . . for the same reason the escort isn’t going to show up at your hotel room just because you ask her to.

Something else is required.

If EVs could be sold on the merits, the bribes wouldn’t be essential. And yet, they are.

QED, as the saying goes.

We’re not supposed to notice this. We are supposed to pretend the attraction is real rather than bribed. That there is a “market” for cars that cost 30-50 percent more than their non-electric equivalents, but which only go half as far (maybe, if you take it easy and don’t use the AC or heat too much) and take 5-6 times as long (minimally, if you can umbilical up to a “fast” charger) to get going again.

And which only last half as long – due to the lifespan of their batteries, which is about half that of an engine or transmission.

The “market” for EVs is like the “market” for air travel via DC-3s (15 hours in an unpressurized cabin from NY to LA, with multiple stops for fuel) vs. five hours no-stop via 757.

We live in delusional times.

Or rather, we are expected to be delusional in our thinking –  like the liver-spotted old guy with tufts of hair spouting from his ears who lets himself believe the pretty young woman in his hotel room is there because she likes him . . . not because of the wad of $100 bills he just handed her.

Speaking of delusional (and dangerous) hairy-eared old guys . . . and billions…  .

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to pay people even more of other people’s money (about $400 billion) to “date” electric cars.

His “bold new plan” – announced last week in The New York Times – would increase the existing federal bribe of up to $7,500 used to cajole people into buying  EVs to potentially more than $10,000  – the amount of the bribe depending on the range of the EV.

The farther it goes, the more of other people’s money you’d get.

But only if the bribed also give up their ICE car to be destroyed, a la Cash For Clunkers – the infamous Obama-era ‘plan” used to “stimulate” demand for new cars by destroying the supply of used cars.

It’s also similar to another government “plan”- the one that preceded Cash for Clunkers and which triggered the financial meltdown that led to it.

This was the Chimp-era “plan” to “incentivize” homeownership by qualifying everyone not actually homeless for a home loan. Lots of people “bought” homes. Voila – the Ownership Society.

It worked so long as no one had to pay.

When the bills began to come due – and then past due – the whole thing came down like WTC 7 (another government-engineered crash). People lost “their” homes – and of course, could no longer afford to buy new cars by tapping into the equity credit lines they longer had.

And then the government dried up the supply of affordable uses cars by paying people to hand them over to be crushed.

Fast-forward. People increasingly can’t afford homes. And soon, cars.

Because of Schumer’s “plan”  . . . only it is the plan.

First, bribe people into electric cars; then make it impossible for them to get out of them by leaving no alternative to them – the supply of affordable ICE cars having been eliminated.  Schumer wants to “rapidly phase out gas-powered vehicles” within the next ten years; to destroy 63 million of them over the next ten years. 

Once that has been achieved, the bribes used to get people into the EVs will go the way of the nothing-down/no-interest home loan.

With similar and entirely predictable results.

. . .

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  1. ditto (same thing) so puttin’ it here:

    …Because, after all, 10 out of 10 social proofers agree, so of course, it must be true…where there’s smoke there’s fire & not some doofus, or committee, or starchamber, or lynch mob, or other majority, democratic or otherwise, dribbling piss on dry ice…but also vice versa: where there’s a conflagration that engulfs the congregation but contradicts its cherished conformities there’s Nomex & asbestos & sunscreen, which seems like fire retardant material but refers actually to the cogdis obliviousness of retards to being set afire…& that ilk’s reverence for Phoenix bird & “mother of dragons” a la Game of Thrones myths. Stasis ain’t regeneration – so call it something cool, instead.

    That emotional gag reflex may well be found among high intelligent quotient test scorers. In fact, concede: high iq’s are some of the dumbest mofo’s I’ve ever dealt with. Cuz it can, & often enough does, corrode & weaken ego, I think is the dx…opportunity costs & net-nets: “you can have it all” (Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmo magazine) is a probable high iq but definite liar’s pitch & sorta’ rhymes dumb bitch. You can’t cheat an honest wo\man – two, at least, cheaters & cheated, in the tango line dance – but the $ HGB defrauded doesn’t alchemize her from dumb to smart…she was just as dumb as her marks were.

    But “the strong” can pretty easily eat the weak & pointiest pin heads everywhere decide that means they should, & then, short order, that it is a right, often layed off on \ conferred by some deity, secular or supernatural, to do so.

    Much less so is it found among high integrity quotient scorers. Dishonesty is stupid, despite paper & pencil test scores, or any other measurements of “success.”

    Innocent, albeit & even so on a continuum, until proven otherwise. Trust, but verify. And verification is continuous.

  2. to nunzio, cuz that thread’s 2″ wide on my screen & has no reply tab for where I’d put it if could:

    Host nation, earthling? Like by your sloppy 2nds leave, if that, sire?

    By definition “elites,” of whichever “other” are subset individuals amongst the vastly larger sunset (& largely drop trou moonrise) of “avg” jack & jill “unter” individuals (see what’s the one thing, the only thing, the tip of the tail to the crack of the bell curve have in common? Individuals all, & unique, one-off’s, from biochemistry up.).

    The eels are out in the tail, where both sides of the coin win the wagyu dog, right?

    But if all nits make lice, what’s the jew false compartmentalization gotta’ do with ceaseless cycles of infestation & Bastiat closed window defenestration? ((Cue AWB’s Pick Up The Pieces.))

    False bottom “logic” plays out to the conclusion of war of all against all, kill everybody, cuz nits o’ wits like the Frank Nitti option so much. So serially-periodically, that’s pretty much what happens due to this happenstancing of haystack needles into bloody syringe stacks & piles & drifts everywhere masquerading as “the truth.”

    The rich Zionist “ones”…the “contingent”…& here it comes & there it is, as usual: the thick oleaginous-generalizing simplification:: “the jews.”

    Or in second place, apparently, “the catholics.”

    Oh, & “essentially” (weaselwiggle) “one culture.”

    What this projects but dunno’ ‘bout “jews”’d fill the De Beers jewel warehouses…& in fact does something similar: keeping true supply of diamonds off the market keeps the price, to all foolish defrauded buyers – econ rent high, even as those buyers clamor to pay upupup for those Fast Eddie Bernays marketed symbols of “values” most subjectively high.

    Takeaway close & ya’ get the nekkid emperor’s sparkly gemstone robes that ever’body “Sees” box o’ chocolate samplers, i.e. choc Rorschach skidmark-smudges “borrowed” from other infinitely regressing-borrowing chocolate gobblers.

    Nations are the segmented parasite, (chocolate covered)grasshopper – not the hosts. Divvy, set ‘em agin the other, & conquer up the spoils.

    There ain’t no “the jews.”

    There ain’t no homogenized monolith anywhere ‘cept in prurient homosapient rules o’ libido dominandi thumb permissioning the beating of synaptic swords into plowsharecroppers, so long’s the beater stick ain’t no thicker than the schizoid fight clubber’s thumb – “there, all legal” (big sigh o’ symbolic relief).

    There’s just lots & lots of the’rs. Original, & still the worst, the•ology, that.

    The: definite artice:: of con•federation::: that was – & is — neverever anything more than a planned step in yellowbrickroad to goldbrick “constitutional” oz-coup, after oz-coup, after oz-coup.

    Consolidation. Centralization. Collateralization of extorted “citizens.” Gangsterism deploys many euphemisms, & euphemisms are all it takes – cuz too many symbol guzzlers in the matrix battery factory to count. Too many formed thataway @conception (& then were annealed across childhhood & youth), to pant after form & poo-poo function.

    Words (faith) not deeds. Scrip•tural convenience o’ counterfeiting – very convenient – very circular – twisted circular. ∞∞∞ crips & bloods & stars & stripes forever amen hallelujah.

    Punchline: collaborating with anyone — however many of them there may be, & even if they all each & every one look just the same in their sparkly robes & flagwraps as you do — that’s wrong – as all homogenizing to forcefit individuals into Procrustes model bed is wrong, factually & morally (not that there’s any compartmentalizing distinction)- is Vichy….

    ”Us” is never anything more than “our” “other” & all those strung out line-dancing individuals see Brad Pitt in the mirror – except when it’s actual self (Z)Ed Norton reflecting back. “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.”

    See can I link up some Leo Cohen…power o’ poetune might disajews ya’ (tho prolly not):

    But if I throw in some jew convert\adoptee Sammy Davis, who knows? Didn’t seem to bother Frank & Dino any. Maybe all of ‘em were evil conspirators, all in on “it” directly, instead of just more mere useful idiot accomplice-pawns (Frank & JFK, yadda-etc…..).

    & segue Sammy’s feelings of affinity with (many or most of) “the people” who once long ago & far away in less sophisticated times were more overtly slaves than the more sophisticatedly covert slaves most of ‘em are today. Similar reasoning behind Ali’s name & affinity change. I like ‘em both but symbols ouhgta’ be cymbals used musically & not taken literally, let alone imposed coercively-corrosively, within & without, as “identity.”

    ((Candy to babies from strangers bearin’ gift horse piñatas alienates babies from themselves, facilitates (along with rotted teeth & fluoride) takin’ candy from ‘em when they’s all “growed up.” Is that what the song means? It’s what I mean by the song…incl the siren song atop the I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream truck trolling thru stables o’ glue factory nay-borhoods & tolling “the jews”- or any other “others” – pied piper jingle.))

  3. Da luge anal

    Da reign, in fantasy island & not just in spain, falls mainly on da plain, in coach.

    Conception is birth. Seems like you usta’ think otherwise, some years back, Eric. Learners, think, learn. The rest autonomically defend what they’ve been fed.

    But defects are born at conception, too. All the archy’s piled atop A(n), for example. And shite, are those ever fecund past replacement rate.

  4. I saw a Nissan Leaf with California plates in St. Louis yesterday and was wondering how it got here. That’s one long extension cord, or an Oregon Trail-level series of recharging stations. Maybe be it was towed?

    • Hi Bert,

      It’s doable… if you don’t mind stopping frequently… and waiting the 30-45 minutes it takes to instill a partial charge back into one of these things!

      • or tow a good sized generator behind it (let’s see maybe 20hp to cruise, needs a 15kw generator on the trailer) good deal!

  5. It’s all about control. Limited to no use/access of ICE vehicles and an nonviable alternative EV’s, would force people to move closer or into cities and then rely of “public transportion”. Sardine like masses are much easier to control – forced compliance via access to food, water, electricity, etc. A psychopathic, kakistocrats dream. (kaki – inept, bad, evil. a more familiar word might be cacophony – same root).

    On the other hand. Might make a good income flipping used cars. Buy some that need a little “help” or updating, apply some wrench type elbow grease, resell at a profit.

  6. One explanation for this is mercantilism. Tesla is an American industrial champion so it is subsidized. Teslas are something made in America that foreigners are willing to buy that does not blow things up or deliver things that blow things up.

    Tesla is IMO already forcing consolidation, Rumor Fiat Chrystler is to merge with PSA (Citroen). Citroen supposedly is further along the self driving and EV path to ruin. Fiat Chrysler Citroen sort of reminds of Sudebaker-Packard.

  7. Great analysis of socialism at work. You can never get anything for free. There is always a cost somewhere, though it may be hidden. The catastrophe known as global warming being caused by man is driving us into pure Marxism. That is government forcing its mandates and agendas without regard to consequences or costs or the desire of the citizen. EV’s may have a niche or place apart from the mainstream of living and consumerism. They are not very good substitutes for ICVs. Eric is exactly correct when he hints that bad and impractical ideas have to be bought into existence with government bribes. Otherwise, they serve little or no real purposes, such as an EV in every garage. Just give me the ten grand and I’ll use it as I see fit…sorry about all those taxpayers that will have to pony up and that’s the point. Government will never know how to spend a buck better than most consumers.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Tom!

      It’s been a bit of a struggle lately; I often feel like I am caught in an irresistible rip tide and maybe ought to just stop fighting it… but then I get angry (like the Saxon, in the poem) and refuse to let the bastards win without at least scoring a few hits, hopefully, where it hurts!

  8. Good points Eric, no honest person could argue against what you say about the electric car scam. But there is one thing that needs to be added, so I will do that. The people pushing this garbage, electric car scam, are by far and large, Godless. Which fits, because the underpinnings of most of the eco agenda being forced on people is to get people to, worship the creation and not the Creator. It’s all anti-God at its core. Bottom line is to have, “the worker” follow man’s law over God’s law. This electric car scam will very likely if it runs its intended course be politically the same as abortion. Which is a line in the sand, you’re with the Godless or you’re with God. The a Godless can’t rule over people that believe in God. Yep, this electric car scam is only going to get worse if people don’t get wise.

    • Hi Mark,

      I agree with you – on both counts. The hysteria attending this “climate change” business has a very cult-like quality; even to the extent of the verbiage (e.g., to question the faith is to be a “denier”). I don’t think this is accidental and do think it has succeeded as well as it has precisely because people want to believe in something and if they no longer believe in this then they are easy marks for that.

      I am also with you in re abortion. I could never countenance ending the life of a child I helped to create and it seems inarguable to me, as a question of biology, that life begins at conception. Not consciousness, certainly – but life, without question. A new individual, with its own individual DNA. Not yet aware, not yet capable of surviving on its own… certainly. But the same is arguably just as true of a newborn, which would die very quickly if not cared for by others just as it was cared for by its mother while in her womb. It would be an obvious case of murder – in my eyes and as far as my capacity to reason can discern – to crush the skull of a newborn infant. I cannot understand why it is not-murder when the infant is still inside its mother’s body.

      I also oppose murdering the elderly or the otherwise helpless who can no longer care for themselves.

      I’m not a Christian, by the way. But I recoil from the culture of death and nihilism that has replaced it.

      • I still remember Terri Schiavo… They killed her by a judges order and even had AGW’s guarding the door to keep people from feeding or giving her water. It took every ounce of strength I had to not proceed with the violence I was considering. Evil,,, pure unadulterated evil.

        • Hi Ken,

          The Schiavo case and abortion are not similar at all. Terry Schiavo had been in a coma for 15 years and was kept alive only through artificial nutrition and hydration. It was a dispute between the husband and the parents, and which had greater claim to exercise guardianship rights. I pray I am never in this situation and cannot condemn either the husband or the parents, and cannot fathom anyone who believes that they can.

          Five years ago, at a full family Christmas get together, my parents explained to all of us that they did not want their lives artificially prolonged should they enter such a state as Schiavo. They asked each of us to promise that none of us would challenge this. Would following their wishes be murder? I don’t think so. Failing to render aid is, in many cases, despicable, but it is not murder. In Schiavo’s case, none of us can know who knew the wishes of Terry better, though I believe it is more likely to be the husband. In my parent’s case, insisting on providing artificial aid, against their wishes, would be reprehensible.

          There are plenty of people to condemn in this saga, the parents and the husband are not among them. Politicians, the sensationalist media and activist groups across the spectrum exploited a personal tragedy to promote their interests, none of which helped the Schiavo or Schindler families.


          • Jeremy, July 26, I held the hand of my best friend on earth and watched him die. I didn’t have the final say since we weren’t kin, but at least his kin that were there, honored his wish to not be resuscitated.

            We talked nearly every day, often for hours. I would commonly be driving a truck or operating some piece of equipment. It was cathartic for both of us. I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss him. We’d been best friends since we were 9 years old and he moved to our school district.

            We lived together more than once with our wives(think that’s not a difficult hoop to jump through?).

            It mattered not what was happening, we were there for each other. He and his wife were kidnapped once. He caught a break and got to a phone they weren’t aware of and called me.

            I threw an AR with an auto sear into the El Camino along with lots of loaded mags, a few handguns and an Uzi and did it as fast as I could. I briefly shouted something to the wife and she came running out with some more weapons. I tried to get her to stay but she wouldn’t have it.

            We met them on the road after he’d laid hands on an AR they hadn’t found and considered killing them both but didn’t want the 3 S’s thing he’d be forced to do with a wife he couldn’t completely trust. Things would have been different if I had gotten there first. That’s the way it was with us and now I feel the loss every day.

          • A few things missing. She was wanted by her family who was willing to pay for her treatment without any cost to her husband. Many have questions about how Terry was injured in her own home and feel her husband was the one that beat her up putting her into a coma. The family should have had all rights to Terry once her husband wanted to step away from her and get on to his own life. But he demanded that she die and the judge agreed to allow that. There were professionals that said that Terry was showing signs of improvement, little but nevertheless positive improvements. Everything about the Terry Schiavo matter stinks.

            • Hi Mark,

              Yes, I’ve read similar about this case; it’s appalling. In particular, the Dr. Mengele-like valuations made about her life by others. Makes the flesh creep.

              • Hi Eric,

                The virtue signaling parasites who inserted themselves into what should have been a private matter, disgust me. Activists, politicians, talking heads, vacuous celebrities, etc… should have left them the fuck alone.

                My thoughts about the ethics of this situation are simple and complex. As a libertarian, I believe that we own ourselves and that our wishes in such situations should be honored, even if we can no longer make them known. It becomes complex when the actual intentions of the person are in doubt. I don’t have a satisfactory solution to this, but would likely default to the person most likely to know her intentions, unless compelling evidence was presented showing otherwise.

                I do not have much sympathy for those who inserted themselves into this tragedy. Most were transparently opportunistic and entirely despicable. I’m sure that some were sincere and likely motivated by deep religious conviction. I have sympathy for, and do not condemn, these people, but I do not grant that they have a right to intrude and keep Mrs Schiavo alive due to those convictions.

                Kind Regards,

            • Hi Mark,

              I’m not making any claims about who was right. In fact, I’m not even sure that there is a “right” answer in situations like this. The fact is, neither I, nor anyone else, knows what Terri would have wanted, though it seems likely that the husband was in the best position to make that call. If his assessment was correct, the fact that the family would assumed responsibility for her care does not solve the issue. If the husband was sincerely trying to follow the wishes of his wife, then accepting that offer would have been an abrogation of his responsibility. Again, I am not claiming he was honest, sincere or correct about his wife’s wishes, he could have been, but he also could have been a selfish cad, we cannot know. As for questions about the husband, coming from interested parties, these should impress no one without reliable and concrete evidence. Wild speculation often turns into “likely to be true”, ending up as “fact”.

              “The family should have had all rights to Terry once her husband wanted to step away from her and get on to his own life”.

              Why? This is only valid if it is certain that the husband was not trying to honor his wife’s wishes. The husband was her legal guardian, absent proof that he was disregarding her wishes for personal interest, the parents do not have a superior claim to his. Situations like this are tragic, I feel deep sympathy for all personally involved. I cannot pass moral judgement on either the husband or the parents, I don’t see how anyone can.

              Kind Regards,

            • I had always wondered who was paying for all of those years of Terry’s care (NO ONE has insurance THAT good!)- Now I know. Thanks, Mark!

              Hopefully, no one will find me when I keel over, so hopefully I’ll never end up in a situation like that. When it’s my time to croak, I just want to croak….no languishing in a hospi’l for a week (Mucvh less 15 years!)…just let me croak, for Pete’s sake!

              • I have serious doubt that she could have ever lived. If anyone has ever lain flat for “just” a couple weeks, you find out your body atrophies very quickly.

                When I was 10 I had some serious pelvis problems and laid in bed sandbagged for two weeks. I wasn’t too lively when I was allowed to walk again. Don’t worry, the horse was fine.

      • Almost all sales are made via a transfer of EMOTION as well as the “mark’s” MONEY.

        For those pushing this EV crap, they appeal to some vague tree-hugging emotions, often evinced by gullible females and “soy boys” (they may as well have a vagina, they sure have no use for the penis other than to urinate) about the “Carbon Footprint” or “Save the Earth” or other related nonsense. And, of course, for the elitists, whom have sufficient disposable income to spend $75 ~ $100K on a vehicle with LIMITED utility, it’s on the basis that (1) a ‘status’ symbol, look at this fancy toy that they can afford, and (2) they can virtue-signal to the other libtard fools. And I would have NO objection to Elon Musk and his ilk attempting to push this crap in the free market…it’s not as if they’re hawking the only questionable products on four wheels!

        But my objections is that between the subsidies and tax credits, these EVs aren’t being sold, as you well point out, on the free market, akin to the old guy and his ‘escort’ (at least that ‘exchange’ is more straightforward!). I wouldn’t have cared one whit if the late Anna-Nicole Smith wanted to hook up with the ancient oil man, Mr. Marshall, hell, it was great entertainment while it lasted! But what if somehow you and I had to PAY for this tomfoolery? No different, IMO, with EVs…in fact, having made a recent purchase of a brand, spanking-new ride, I did evaluate the hybrid versions, and for the price and performance found them wanting. I stuck to what’s as “conventional” as it gets these days (Ford’s so-called ‘Ecoboost’, while it strikes me as gimmickry, does get some ‘giddyap’ out of that four-banger that propels the (con)Fusion quite rapidly!), getting a decent sound system (comes standard with Navigation, which, since my “sail fawn” is gimped with an “old fart’s” plan (i.e. no mobile date, just voice and text, but it’s very cheap!), is actually handy. Other than that, it’s just a larger, more comfortable version of the Focus, i.e. transportation and not much else.

    • Good points, Mark!

      It goes even deeper than that though. At it’s core, it’s about Caesar not tolerating any allegiance which is mutually exclusive. -“Freedom of religion”- as long as one acknowledges Caesar first. Those of us who have no god but the One and Only Creator God, are insubordinates to Caesar’s claim of omnipotence over all of creation, and therefore can not be tolerated. This is why the state has always persecuted true Christians, and all others who practice mutually exclusive faiths which demand obedience to someone higher than Caesar- such as Muslims and various cultists too. Those who will not be assimilated….are exterminated.

      This is exactly what we saw in Ancient Rome. First Constantine sought to assimilate the masses under the banner of a bastardized mass-culture “Christianity” by Christianizing all of the old Pagan ways…and those who would not bow to the religion of Caesar (Which became the official state religion) were executed. This continued for over a millenia throughout Europe through the auspices of the Catholic Church, who persecuted and executed many millions, for such things as distributing the scriptures in the common tongue; teaching their children the 10 Commandments, etc.

      We had a brief respite from this, but now it is starting up again….and lo-and-behold, their is the Catholic Church again, right alongside Caesar, with a Marxist evironazi ecumenical faggot-promoting “pope”!

      The sad thing is too, that there seems to be a lot of animosity toward Christians in the Libertarian/Anarchist community- which is likely why I have yet to see any mention on the internet of the fact that Rose Wilder Lane (Daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House On The Prairie fame) was a founding pillar of American Libertarianism (She got into it because she was repulsed by the election of FDR), and that there are Anarcho-Christians (Like me!); and that before the internet, the “freedom” movement and warnings of political conspiracies and the NWO were primarily from Christian sources, since the establishment of such has long been prophesied in Revelation (And now we are seeing it come to pass before our eyes!).

      And now we see, just as Jesus warned, that the world is becoming just as it was in the days of Noah: Filled with violence; everything is perverted (Culture; sex; marriage; GMO foods) and we the world is returning to the old pagan city-state model, in which everything from economics to personal relationships are controlled by the king in exchange for the “safety” of the city- and all revolves around the temple of the pagan nature god, which ultimately controls everything. And isn’t that exactly how it is in Greenie-ecologicism? Through the fear of the wrath of “Climate Change” all other aspects of life are being regulated and controlled. The inanimate earth is the temple; and rather than the earth being used for the purpose for which it was created- to support life, instead, “life must be destroyed to save the earth”.

      • Hey Nunz,

        The State persecutes all groups that create alternative, voluntary governance institutions, as well as all groups that create alternative, voluntary provision of services institutions. The State attacks and undermines any institution that challenges, in any way, the perceived necessity of State power.

        Brent and I have written a few times about the tragedy of the intentional destruction of “Lodge Practice” which, had it been allowed to develop naturally, would have rendered talk of a “health care crisis” inconceivable. Perhaps the most pernicious thing the State does is to destroy voluntary institutions that provide valuable services, replace them with coercive institutions that do a shitty job of providing those services, blame the market instead of themselves and use that as an excuse for more power. The State must conceal the cause of the loss of valued services (itself) lest risk a challenge to their perceived legitimacy; and blame the market (part of what Nock called “social power”), to maintain itself.

        “There is only one difference between a bad economist and a good one: the bad economist confines himself to the visible effect; the good economist takes into account both the effect that can be seen and those effects that must be foreseen.”
        ― Frédéric Bastiat

        This is why the State glorifies and subsidizes bad economists (Keynesians and, to a certain extent, monetarists). Keynesians downplay, and sometimes scoff, at even the idea of searching for the unseen. Note the common refrain when faced with a crisis that, “it doesn’t matter how we got here, we must “End This Depression Now”! Of course, this is a result of ignoring the unseen, disastrous effect of credit expansion. The Austrians are ridiculed and vilified precisely because they focus on the unseen, as well as the seen. How can a sane person believe that “animal spirits” provides a better explanation of the boom/bust cycle than ABCT.

        It is staggering to imagine where “we” could be without widespread GovCo intervention. My guess is that it would exceed even the most wildly optimistic scenarios.


        • Well-said, Jeremy; and I agree on all points.

          ***”My guess is that it would exceed even the most wildly optimistic scenarios.”***

          Absolutely. As a microcosmic example of that, my expectations were WILDLY exceeded when I left NY. I thought life was going to be rather basic, since I was operating on a shoestring- but at least I’d have a good deal more freedom and quietness and beauty.

          As it turned out, being rid of all that government and it’s resultant absurd economics, culture and environment, has been amaazing and better than what I’d ever imagined. Rather than being “basic”, I’ve actually been able to live at a much higher standard than expected, while putting in minimal effort, simply because I am in control of my own world, and am rid of all the unnecessary external overcomplications.

          Humans are funny. Put them in a rat maze, and rather than seeking to get out, they will usually happily compete to see who can get the biggest piece of cheese and who can live in the nicest box by performing their tasks well and pleasing their masters. It’s as if they stop realizing that there is a whole world out there, and that they could have it much better than even the best spot in the maze, and not have to please anyone but themselves and those with whom they interact.

          • Hi Nunz!

            I can “amen” what you’ve described. My quality of life here in The Woods is something it would literally have taken millions to achieve in the DC ‘burbs where I grew up… and even then, one would still be a relative prisoner since beyond the gates of your estate (and up there, 16 acres qualifies as a big estate) is a warren of overcrowded humanity and all the attendant pathologies.

            Do you know what $400,000 buys up there? A mediocre townhouse that’s an hour-plus drive away from your cube farm McJob. You do get an assigned parking spot, though!

            • We moved from CO to MT and now live on 40 acres with a decent house. The cost for this place 16 years ago was LESS than what an old rundown house on a tiny lot that ought to be torn down was selling for a few years previously back in the small town in CO where we had lived. The Calipornians were moving in even back then and R/E prices were all jacked up.

              Of course you can’t practically commute to anywhere from where we live now. I worked from home most of the time by then and that is how we managed until I retired. I could have had a lot more work but I refused to work somewhere else except for short periods of time.

              • ***”Of course you can’t practically commute to anywhere from where we live now. “***

                Same where I am. It’s one of the things I like best about it! Keeps out the riff-raff, and forces one to deal with the local economy, which stays robust regardless of what the economy-at-large does, and yet moderates prices. This is the way it should be.

                Used to make me sick back in NY, seeing the zombies getting on the Long Island Rail Road every morning at 7:00, and returning home at 7, 8 or 9PM…5 days a week, for 20, 30 or 40 years…while their kids grew up as strangers.

                Their kids were being groomed for the same thing- spend a third of your life and go into massive debt to acquire an edumacation…so you can get a “good job” which will force you to live in some urban shit-hole with insane taxes and cost-of-living; have no time for anything except work, and save for retirement.

                So ya essentially spend your whole life so that ya can retire (If you live long enough) and can enjoy playing shuffleboard in some condo in Florida in your decling years.

                And they call ya crazy if you want to live somewhere beautiful and free, and live modestly in a natural way and enjoy your whole life instead of the last few years of it……

                People are nuts…..

                  • That’s for sure, Handler. I’ve had a great life with no regrets, because I’ve always managed to avoid working at jobs.

                    Being “poor” is a joy compared to seeing bigger numbers on paper, but being miserable in some dank office among people you can’t stand. Not to mention the toll that the stress of the 9-5 takes on one’s health.

                    I’ve noticed, that the few peoplke in my family who’ve died relatively young (70’s) were the ones who worked the 9-5 all of their lives. The ones who have lived into their 90’s and were/are still healthy were either housewives or self-employed and didn’t put a lot of stock into earning money.

                    • These people busting their asses for nothing are actually poor when you factor in living costs, debt, and taxes. The middle class in this country is only a facade.

                      My dentist is barely making ends meet even though he lives cheaply. Several other dentists have already committed suicide. The only way you can make it in that profession is if you come from a wealthy family that can pay for your massively overpriced schooling and startup costs.

                    • Hi Handler,

                      Everyone I know is living on the edge; I’ve cut my own expenses to the bare minimum and live very cheaply – but the cost of government imposes tremendous pressure which I cannot do much about, realistically – except sell my place and do as Vonu does and live in a van down by the river. I’m looking at my latest “bill” from the county – what it claims I “owe” for residing in the house I paid for 15 years ago. To “educate” the children I haven’t got, apparently. There goes a sum that would have paid my food/power bill for the next three months. I get these “bills” twice a year – they break it up, to make it go down easier, like a mugger who robs you of $100 every six months instead of $200 at once. So, the government is stealing from me a sum equal to what I could live on for almost half the year… which means I am obliged to work more to make up for the loss… and then (like everyone else) more is stolen, as punishment for having the effrontery to try to support myself.

                      The tax on property, as I’ve argued before, is the most obnoxious and tyrannical of all taxes since it means you can never be free of the got-damned government and it’s got-damned mulctings. Ever.

                      You can work your ass off for 30 years; “pay off” the mortgage and never be free of the obligation to pay them. This means never being able to dial back on work after decades of work and retiring to your land to enjoy being free of the relentless pressure to gin up money in order to be able to pay out money for something you supposedly “own.”

                      If a man is free to truly own his land once he has paid for it, then he can truly be free.

                      Americans are enslaved, because they own nothing. They are allowed the sad fiction of it – so long as they continue to pay (and obey).

                    • Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos … here cuz no replybutton\option bottom o’ thread.

                    • Amen, Handler (And Eric, et al)

                      It always amazes me when I see people in these expensive yet decrepit places, saying “Yeah, but I can’t make the money I do here, anywhere else”.

                      Yeah, so they make $100K a year…but their little nothing-special house costs $500K, with 4-figure taxes; and they spend $500 a month commuting, etc. etc. and their quality of life is squat.

                      They look at numbers instead of quality of life.

                      They’re a paycheck away from starvation and bankruptcy at any given time, and they really have nothing in their life to enjoy….

                      Wouldn’t it be better to make even half of what they now make, and live in a similar of better house for $150K and pay way less taxes, and no commute…and actually have some time, and a nice environment to live in?

                      I’m just glad that I figured this stuff out when I was very young, ’cause it seems, once ya get caught up in that mentality, you can never escape it; and if a wife is involved…forget it!

                      I’ll take being a pauper any day! I live on what *they* would pay just for property taxes. I look around at the beautiful view I have, as I putter around my place, and I can’t think of anyone I know “back there” who can live like this, no matter how much they make- certainly not my cousin, who has a busy-ness which has a payroll of $12K a week…..and one of those $500K “just average” houses, that he’s still paying on though he’s my age…while I’ve owned my place free and clear for nearly 2 decades already.

                      Ya think they’d figure out that something is wrong with that equation, and that THEY’RE not getting their money’s worth.

                      But they’re so clueless, that they’re making their own kids into people who will pursue the exact same way of life as themselves….and they think this is good and right……

                      Utterly sickening.

                      And even worse: So many people here where I live- where it is so cheap to live, and where life can be so laid-back and nice…..feel the need to “make big money” that they are commuting insane distances every day. I dealt with a guy last week who works in Looville[Louisville] just about every day- 2 hours away…if there’s no traffic.

                      Are toys and new cars really THAT important?!

                    • “if a wife is involved”

                      And there you go. There’s the reason right there. It’s to make a woman happy. Either one that is already there or to attract one.

                      Prestige, social status, etc are what so many women want. I’ve seen it. Most men don’t want it, their wives do.

                    • People are more materialistic than they’ve ever been. They don’t even care how they obtain things as long they get them. My idiot brother went bankrupt like it was nothing.

                    • Hi Handler,

                      It’s surreal. My mom – who has been grossly irresponsible with money all her life – went bankrupt three years ago and had her house foreclosed on. I had to move her to a small apartment, where she lives on the government dole (SS). I recently found out she had been issued three new credit cards and has accrued debt of several thousand dollars. She also bounced several checks and (last month) was unable to pay her rent because she had Hoovered her checking account.

                      Sadly, this story isn’t exceptional.

                    • Yes, that’s all women seem to care about nowadays. Motherhood is no longer on their radar. If they do have children, they want someone else to care for them while they advance their careers. My sister-in-law dumped her babies on her mother while she was busy working and obtaining her master’s.

                    • Hi Handler,

                      It’s been pointed out – correctly, I think – that most “careers” are really just jobs; a way to earn a living (and honorable, as such) but to apply the honorific, “career” is a bit much. It implies some grand purpose, a legacy. In the end, what we did every day from 9-5 didn’t mean much except as a means by which to pay our bills – many of them self-inflicted, unnecessary and – in the end – without meaning. That $50,000 new car becomes an $11k beater in the blink of an eye. A big house with no one in it is sad.

                      Arguably, there is more meaning – and happiness, ultimately – to be had in anchoring a family; in the raising of the next generation. The current fixation – deification – of “careers” is suiciding the culture, both metaphorically and literally. The social pressure to not have kids means a negative birth rate (for the native/majority – which is literally being replaced) and it means many women spend their fertile years focused on their… “careers” (and having sex with numerous men) only to wake up one day and find themselves in sight of (or even in the midst of) menopause and the end – forever – of their opportunity to have had kids as well as to find and land a good man, as most such are no longer interested. End result? legions of embittered aging women, in search of “meaning” – who often find it in pushy/busybody politicking.

                      The men, meanwhile, are adrift. Sex is available, but real relationships – long-term commitments – so untenable as to be feared and avoided.

                      Both sexes spend their lives as mules working for the state rather than for one another and their kith and kin.

                      This is tragedy worthy of homer.

                    • Nunz, so many of those you speak of have no real skills other than those city jobs of entering crap into a computer all day or fleecing someone.

                      What would they do in a rural setting. I admit I’m about worked out but I still go as hard as I can and straining and sweating is anathema to a plethora of the population.

                    • The irresponsible vote and lobby and they always want more.

                      Be they wall street bankers or ordinary people it’s the same thing all the way around. The irresponsible demand and force the responsible have to cover their risks and the consequences of their own bad decisions. Over and over the same thing on the small scale and the large.

                  • eric

                    Some women absolutely shouldn’t be parents. Some men absolutely shouldn’t be parents. Birth rates are lower. I think this is a type of eugenics. Only not the good kind. Not the kind where we breed the strongest and best (those are the ones too fearful of parenthood). Seems the worst type of people are the ones breeding up the place. Thoughts?

                    • Hi Anon,

                      I agree. It’s almost axiomatic that the more responsible, prudent people – the ones best suited to assuming the duties and responsibilities of parenthood – are discouraged from becoming parents by the ethos that’s in place. As well as the laws that are in place – which stifle people who have initiative and seek independence; instead, the people encouraged to reproduce tend more toward being docile rule-obeyers.

                      At the same time, irresponsible people – the worst material – are literally rewarded for reproducing. And so, they do.

                    • It seems that the design is to make the trouble makers go away through changing the breeding incentives. The ruling class wants people who obey, not people who think.

                      Eugenics never went away, it simply changed tactics, names, etc.

                • Yeah, I’ve done more interesting things than most people and I only regret I didn’t do more unconventional stuff – like my teenage plan to get a horse and a rifle and just head into the hills forever.

                  • Exactly, Anon!

                    I could never have endured the boredom at just working at one or two careers my whole life.
                    I’ve been a clam digger; a handyman; a landscaper; an auto-salvage guy, engine rebuilder, day trader, beef rancher, and more…..

                    I get bored easily.

                  • I ended up logging for a long time instead of trapping. Deep inside, I think I really couldn’t handle killing and skinning animals all the time.

                    I do really wish that I had gone to Nevada and tried to get on at a big ranch. Years later I discovered that they needed cowboys out there bad enough to sometimes take on a city kid. Most places it’s a no-go unless you were raised on a ranch.

                    • Ditto, Anon- I don’t like killing things- ‘specially the 4-legged variety.

                      Everything else about trapping would’ve been right up my alley though…like spending long periods of time alone out in the forest…….

                      Cowboying is way too social for me….and not enough pay for too much work! (I learned with my own cows: It’s hard to get cows to go where ya want them to go 🙂 And who’d have thunk they can run so fast and be so agile?!)

                    • You would be surprised how much easier cows are to move from horseback. It’s really quite fun. I sometimes urge the neighbor’s cows a little ways just to show my horses how it’s done. Once the horse gets the idea, they just want to keep doing it!

                    • I could’ve used a horse.

                      Fresh from the city and starting out with a few calves, one got away and I chased it into the woods…finallyt got a hold of it’s tail as it was crossing a creek in a rut.

                      I had grabbed a roll of duct tape before taking off on the chase. So I duct taped it’s legs together- hog-tie style….. Went and got my truck, and brought it home.

                      ‘Least I got ‘er done…..

                    • I did used to work winters for some folks in CO who also had cows. They worked them from the ground and it was a nightmare. I actually hated cows for a long time unless they were in a freezer.

                    • Anon,

                      Since I could only run about 10 cows on my place, I pretty much had them trained like pets.

                      It was quite amusing. The only hard part was getting them in a trailer when it was time to sell ’em- since I didn’t have any facilities for such. I’d just lure them into a small pen I’de construct out of cattle panels….and my neighbor and I would chase ’em around with those plastic paddles and a snap whip.

                      Only time I’d worry is if they’d get out. That’s why I’m not running any now….I built new fences along the road and across the back…but my sides must be 50 years old and are literally disintegrated….. (And I’d have to bulldoze brush and mature trees to re-do them)

                    • Our former neighbors had a couple steers that they would feed out. One day they got out and I real quick tried to help the lady get them back in while her husband was at work. What a disaster! Finally I got smart and saddled my old gelding and got them rounded up in short order.

            • So true, Eric! What I paid for my 28 acres wouldn’t even buy ya a parking spot under a leaky pipe in NY! And yeah…the increased freedom here is unavailable in NY for any price. I can run down to the store and in 20 minutes have a new AR or .308 or .357- and can carry that .357 on me wherever I go (Except the Post Office, of course; can’t expect the Federal Government to actually do the thing they are supposed to exist for, and actually uphold our rights!)

              My friend in NY who’s worth a few mil and now lives in Fl,: When he was in NY, just had a run-of-the-mill 3 bedroom house on a 40×100′ lot- with “cheap” taxes (“only” $11K a year…)….and NY was bankrupting him. Now he wishes he would’ve gotten out sooner, as I had prodded him to do for the last 20 years.

              All I know is that I’m glad I was able to get out when I did. Funny thing was, I don’t think one person encouraged me; everyone thought I was nuts; but now….those same people have either moved-out themselves, or are wishing to, but can’t.

  9. I despise the federal tax credit for EVs as much as anyone. That said, the $7,500 max federal tax credit doesn’t run in perpetuity. The bride…er, income tax credit… phases out after a certain sales number is hit. After a manufacturer sells 200,000 qualified vehicles, the maximum falls. (The phase-out is different for each manufacturer.)

    Tesla hit the milestone first in July 2018. Tesla vehicles delivered from January 1 to June 30 were eligible for a federal tax credit max of $3,750. Tesla vehicles delivered from July 1 to December 31 are eligible for a federal tax credit max of $1,875. There are no federal income tax credits for Tesla after that.

    I suspect this is the primary reason third-quarter Tesla sales tanked 39% and why Chuckie jumped into the fray.

    • Hi Joe,

      Yes – exactly.

      EVs cannot compete on the economic (or functional) merits and that is why subsidies have been essential to perpetrate the fiction that EVs are “the future.”

      But it’s much more – and much worse – than a crony capitalist con. EVs are being used as means toward an end – that end being the elimination of affordable, autonomous cars – the ones we control, which can’t just be turned off via an “update” sent out over the 5G network.

      The end goal is to make cars what they were before the Model T appeared: Indulgences for the affluent. The cattle – that’s us – are to be herded into ride-sharing or “public” transit.

      • eric, there are the usual suspects that are now proposing to raise that subsidy to $10K. I don’t see it coming to fruition now(thankfully) since so many carmakers have finally found some balls or had some implanted to give a finger to the “slimate(sic)change” bunch.

      • Many “urban planners”. of the same TRIBE as “Chuckie Boy”, have their own wide-eyed notions of getting the “goyim” out of their cars and onto mass transit, as if the free movement of Americans is something to be STOPPED.

        But even IF one is ALLOWED to purchase an automobile, the trend to to effectively absorb it into the “Collective”. It’s well-known that modern cars don’t have to be stopped with the strip of tacks to blow the tires, a signal can be sent that shuts the vehicle’s computer down and it will coast to a stop and remain inoperative until the “kill switch” is overridden…which the owner or driver will be unable to do himself, since that’s PROPRIETARY software with its rights retained by the manufacturers, but released on demand to law enforcement. Of course, as a prominent insurer advertises, they can also monitor your driving habits and nag you like a scolding old Hebrew hen when you “misbehave”. I recall leasing a 2011 Ford Fusion and it was “gimped” to not exceed 75mph under any circumstances, one of the undocumented “conditions” of the lease. With the increasing trends towards monitoring and ultimately SELF-driving cars (well, mine is THAT regardless of who controls it!), all the “motorist” will likely be able to do is get in, mention where he wants to go, and IF “permission” is GRANTED, get there at the pace and itinerary decided by OTHERS. It’ll be like everyone’s ride is a part of BART.

        And don’t get me overly going on how the control won’t just be limited to whether one drives and under what allowable conditions! No, those elitists are frothing at the ability to enforce a myriad of “social credits” and thus stifle dissent and opposition to their schemes, much as is already done in RED China. So if one criticizes “Comrade Chuckie” too lustily, he may find his ride incapable of moving, and his Internet access cut off, until, at least, he’s sufficient “re-educated”!

        • I just rented a Ford Fusion and the nanny state crap it had drove me up a wall. I don’t need the shuddering ASS or collision avoidance and swerving alarms.

          Most of all, I don’t want to see the dreaded coffee cup, that shows up when the car thinks you’re drunk or drowsy. No, I was drifting to the left because of cars entering the highway.

          I was glad to return it. I got tired of flashing lights and alarms during normal driving.

  10. The Plan, the plan. The surprising benefits of taking cars off our city streets
    Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better

    My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages.

    World Economic Forum ( :Agenda

    • What the utopian leftist dreamers forget, is that those cities can not support life without input from the countryside and the people who work it. As the countryside empties, and only us self-sufficient homesteader types are left, the cities will be reduced to cannibalistic apocalyptic wastelands of decaying infrastructure.

      Those dreamers who are always speaking of preserving the environment, are the very ones who want to turn the countryside into wastelands of electric generating plants and factory farms. It ain’t gonna be pretty!

  11. Once the war on carbon dioxide “emissions” is in full swing and IC vehicles or other sources of combustion are no longer a thing, then anything else that produces said “emissions” will be quickly eliminated.

    Yeah, you can probably guess where this is headed.

    • The oil execs bought into the GoreBull warming scam. Now they’re paying the price.

      Rex Tillerson arrives at Manhattan Supreme Court for Exxon testimony
      By Priscilla DeGregory
      October 30, 2019 | 10:21am | Updated

      Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived at Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday morning for his expected testimony at a trial that the New York Attorney General’s Office brought against ExxonMobil for allegedly hiding from investors the financial costs of climate change.

      Tillerson — one-time CEO of the oil giant — is slated to be called by the AG’s Office as it continues its case arguing that Exxon used two sets of books to account for the economic impact of climate change, one that it held internally and one that it disclosed to the public.

      AG’s Office lawyers allege that this agenda went all the way up to Tillerson.

  12. And good ol Schumer was “elected”, like AOC, Pelosi, McCain and ALL the rest by Americans who would never allow the Constitution to be desecrated, nullified,,, never allow useless wars, never allow government to counterfeit our money, never allow gulags, never allow a Gestapo police force, never allow unlawful trespassing of our borders, never allow laws to prevent free speech, never allow laws to confiscate our defensive weapons, never allow LEO’s to rob citizens on the highways and byways, and never ever allow government forcing citizens to remove shoes and pose nude in a machine to travel and on and on. Nope,,, we’re a free country and citizens aim to keep it that way by only electing only people of character, honor and loyalty….(that was difficult to type)
    So it goes without saying that Americans will never allow their only decent form of transportation to be destroyed.

  13. What I’m about to say is like saying water is wet and the Pope is Catholic, but I notice none of the media talking heads are saying:

    With the power cutoffs and fires in California, at least if I have a gasoline/diesel/CNG vehicle, I can load it up, hop in, and get the hell out of Dodge if necessary. Even if I have 1/4 tank left, I can find a filling station quickly, fill up in 5-10 minutes, and be on my way.

    Not so if I’ve got an EV.

    The same is true during a hurricane: I don’t need to tell you about what could happen if everybody, or even most folks, were driving EVs.

    And in a blizzard, I lose a ton of range, even if I go absolutely nowhere.

    Bottom line: EVs as they are today are super vulnerable to a lot of natural disasters, and will cause a lot of people to be hurt, or even killed, simply because you might not be able to load up and head out to somewhere safe if you need to in a SHTF situation.

    But you might say, “if you are fully charged, you’ll be OK.” Nope.

    Yet why is no one even mentioning this problem?

    • After enduring a few interviews with that sonofabitch, I no longer wonder why so much anti-Semitism. I now marvel that (thankfully) there isn’t a helluva lot more, and we don’t see the rise of an American Nazi Party to render the USA “Juden-Rein”!!

      • Ah, a synonym for “Judenfrei” – no matter how old one gets you learn something new every day!

        I agree, and you have a case in point below. As though religion has anything to do with it. You might just as well tally up the number of people with brown eyes, black hair, or light skin going after Trump or doing whatever else you don’t like, and start talking trash about them on that basis. Makes just about as much sense.

    • The hoax impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is almost entirely Jewish in nature. This is just a fact. It is being led by the subversive Jew Adam Schiff and further amplified by Jewish media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and others.

      That’s why it was not shocking to see that this military man they found to testify against Trump in these stupid closed door hearings is a Jew. And not only is he a Jew, but he’s a Jew who is said to be a former refugee from the Ukraine.

      • Oh, my word, there are JOOOS involved! He’s a Jew and so is his cat!

        Of course this is the usual pantload from the feckless aryan warrior contingent. As usual this poltroon fails to notice all of the good White Christians arrayed against Trump.

        Keep the laughs coming, Bobbie.

        • Jason, where do you think those witless Christians got their “views” so to speak? By watching the Jew owned MSM. Like the false video of the Syrian war that was really a military demonstration in Kentucky. What happened to them? Nothing. not a damn thing. Since I have nothing but a smart tv that doesn’t get (because I don’t want to pay for it or see it)network bs, I don’t have to watch or hear it. I wonder how many watched it, heard it and formed their opinions and never heard what was probably the briefest apology(if it was that)done?

          • Thought experiment: If the MSM were owned by Christians, or Mormons, or Masons and doing the same thing would you see the same level of animosity towards them?

            I’ve found that for Christians who are Zionists their views come from their interpretation of what the read in the Bible rather than the garbage put out by the MSM.

            • Jason, those who know and care about truth, merely call out the players and point out the facts. Why do some get so upset the minute a group of Jews are called out for an evil that they do, but don’t seem to mind when someone bashes Catholics/Jesuits for the evils they do???

              The Jews may get called out more often because they are so often involved in these nefarious activities…and have been throughout history.

              Why have they been banned from nearly 150 countries over the last 2000 years? Just because people are irrationally “antisemitic”, or because a large and powerful contingent of them continually have been observed to interfere in a detrimental way to the economics and cultures of their host countries?

              Just the behavior of the phony modern nation of “Israel” should be enough of a clue to warn off anyone who might defend the modus operandi of their major players.

              • Nunzio,

                I have not seen anyone bashing Catholics etc. on this site (and others) they way they continually bash Jews. (If anyone would care to I will be just as happy to jump down their throats.)

                There is nothing wrong with “calling the players out” but a certain mindset excludes non-Jewish players or blames the Jews for their actions. Gentiles of all stripes have been and continue to be involved in exactly the same evils that so many people lay exclusively at the feet of the Jews. The “proofs” offered by the bigots is of the same level as that of the flat-earthers and the climate cult and I treat them the same way.

                The fact is that “the Jews” are no different than anyone else. In point of fact, Whites, Christians, Muslims, or for that matter any ethnic group you want to point a finger at have also been involved in nefarious activities throughout history. Talk to some American Indians sometime to get an idea what they think of YT. I once met Russel Means (look him up if you don’t know of him) at a libertarian function quite a long time ago. He described the founders of the U.S. (mostly good White Christians) as “Hitlers” – and from his perspective that was 100% correct. There is plenty of blame for evil to go around for all ethnic groups.

                As far as being “banned by 150 countries” it is because xenophobia is rampant in human nature, and when looking for a scapegoat to blame evil on it is much easier to blame those “different” people over there than one’s own. It was particularly so in centuries past when most of those actions took place.

                As far as Israel is concerned, it is a terrorist nation that has pulled the wool over the eyes of rank-and-file Jews (who have been convinced the Nazis will come after them but for Israel, a notion that the bigots do nothing to dispel), as well as the Christian Zionists who far outnumber their Jewish counterparts. (I have stated on quite a few occasions that there should be no foreign aid to Israel, or to anyone else for that matter.)

                Hey, I like you even if you are of the same ethnicity as that miserable socialistic witch Nancy Pelosi. However all this railing against “the Jews” here is an example of unbridled collectivism of the worst kind.

                  • Oh, come on Nunz, you might have been critical of Catholics from time to time but nothing approaching the rabid, seething hatred we see for Jews from the bigots that pop in here. (I don’t number you among those malicious bigots, by the way. I get the impression that like myself you pretty much dislike everyone equally. 🙂 )

                    I’ll close this with my favorite little Jewish ditty about brotherhood and good will towards one’s fellow man…


                    • Hey Jason!

                      I do agree with most of what you’ve said above, except for the part about Jews being banned from so many countries because of Xenophobia.

                      The reason they were banned so often is because of the propensity of the “elite” rich Zionist ones among them who always get into the banking and political systems of their host nations, and manipulate them to their own advantage, and at the same time to the detriment of their host nations.

                      Yeah, other groups of all stripes have done similar at various times and in various places….but not consistently throughout time and in so many places.

                      Provoking wars, and profiting from both side; manipulating economies via banking and political intrigue; creating rebellions and political movements; infiltrating social and political institutions [The Jesuits are neck and neck with ’em in that though!]…pretty much everything they’ve done in the US for the last 150 years…..and in Medieval Europe; and the A-rab countries….etc. you’ll always find a Jew behind the scenes.

                      Granted, some people just hate all Jews, just as some hate all schvatzes or Beaners, etc. – but that does not lessen the legitimate reasons for calling out the contingent of them who do the nefarious things, and those who support them. (And today, in America, those who support them include a huge number of professing Christians).

                      As for the Calf-licks…..I have indeed ragged on that institution and it’s adherents- many times right here on Eric’s site.

                      I’m not gonna spend hours looking for the relevant posts….but as a few eggsamples:

                      In my diatribes mentioning my dislike of Tom Woods, I’ve expressed the opinion that “someone who is an adherent of an organization like the Catholic church, which manipulates national and local politics to it’s own end, and which ultimately sees itself as the ruler of this world; and which seeks to physically gain that power, must be awfully conflicted in being a Libertarian while being a practicing member of such an organization”.

                      And I’ve mentioned the Catholic’s push of socialism in developing countries- espcially in South America; and their Jesuit’s infiltration of social and political institutions (even protestant churches), especially here in the US.

                      And interestingly, what’s our Supreme Court made up of these days? A majority of Catholics, and a few Jews.

                      The Jews and the Catholics have essentially the same agendas; which they seek to achieve though many of the same tactics (Social and political control)- The Jews represent a much smaller minority- but actually have greater control at the present time, since they have concentrated their efforts more on finance; direct politics; and propaganda dissemination through mass media and pornography on a worldwide scale.

                      While the Catholics have significantly more adherents, their control isn’t as great, as their ranks encompass many different cultures; while the Jews are a tighter group, representing essentially one culture; and are thus able to have a much more cohesive membership regardless of location.

                      Anywho, you got that right: I dislike most people equally!

                      But I like you! Hey, we can banter over names and groups, but regardless, we both know the score, and know what is right- and that is the thing that matter most. Heck, you and I would get along great in-person.

                    • Correct-a-mundo Jeremy. Lehrer is one of my favorites!

                      Nunzio, I get what you’re saying, but to me one might as well say you’ll always find someone with brown eyes or a bald head behind the scenes. I really don’t see what religion has to do with it.

                      I know you’ve ragged on the Papists, and the current Pope certainly seems like an abomination. However I have not seen the kind of rabid, foaming at the mouth hatred against Catholics to the point where they are accused of conspiring to “destroy the white race” or “take over the world” (visions of Pinky and the Brain!), nor do I see malevolent bigots calling for Catholics to be eradicated. (If you troll around some of the “aryan” sites you will see people openly calling for the extermination of Jews and subjugation of the “mud races.” Really sick stuff.)

                      Here in the U.S. we have our own homegrown nefarious elites to contend with and many if not most of them come from Christian backgrounds. The Rockefellers. The Mellons. The Morgans. Others most of us have never heard of. These are the ones that, for example, George Carlin rants about being “the real owners of this country” that own all the important resources – and effectively own most of us.

                      Most of the leaders responsible for the unlimited growth of government in the U.S. have not been prohibited from eating port. Hamilton, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson… all the way through to Obama. For that matter the clandestine meeting at Jekyll Island that saddled us with the Federal Reserve was attended by a bunch of banksters with intact foreskins. Bilderberg attendees? Lots of WASPish-sounding names there.

                      As I’ve said, plenty of blame to go around.

                      Anyhow, yeah I get the feeling that while we may disagree on some of the details we both know what the score is. I also think we’d get along just fine in person.

                      By the way, here’s a kind of interesting take on Yids from a Saudi writer!


                    • Oy vey! That should have been: “Most of the leaders responsible for the unlimited growth of government in the U.S. have not been prohibited from eating PORK.”

                      We really need a way to go back and correct typos at least for a few minutes!

                    • Hi Jason,

                      I’d very much like to enable some kind of editing (after the fact/post) function; however, WP won’t allow it without granting Admin access and for all the obvious reasons, I can’t do that. I continue to hope that at some point I’ll have the means to get the site a custom-made template and a full-time computer dude (or dudette) to hand all this stuff!

                    • Hey J(son)

                      O-K, I think you’re overlooking one thing in this: It’s not a “race” or religion thing. Many Jews (and MOST of the ones in the US) are indistinguishable from other Caucasians- Hell, most aren’t even truly ethnic Jews….

                      Here’s the thing: There are what, 20 million Jews in the whole world? Yet, there are WAY over-represented in world politics; banking; media, etc. -So their actions are very prominent, vs. the small number of them in the world.

                      On the other hand, there are 1.2 BILLION Calf-licks in the world. So a good chunk of the world’s population is Catholicc[shudder], so of course, they’re not going to criticize their own.

                      And even then…. My mother (A quasi-Calf-lick) lived in South Carolina years ago…. Believe you me, the people there (before all of the NYers invaded), even the schvatzes- did NOT like Calf-licks…and were very vocal about it!

                      Sure, you’re not gonna see it in NY or Bah-ston, ’cause half the population is Catholic….and now with everyone moving around and abandoning the Northeast, etc. and all of the other distractions, ya don’t see it as much (unfortunately), but in many places, Catholics were just as hated as Jews- and still are to some degree.

                      Ironically, here where I live, people seem to have no opinion of Jews, ’cause they have experience with them. You can’t even tell a Joke about Jews here, ’cause no one “gets” them.

                      As for the higher-ups of both groups wanting to control the world….well, the Catholics DID used to control most of Europe and a good part of the Americas- and if you do some research, you will see by their own words, that they believe it to be their prerogative and purpose to rule humanity. They lost much of their power in the 18th century- but they have been steadily trying to rebuild….both politically and socially- and I’d say, that by the very existence of the current filthy POS Marxist “pope”, that they are positioning themselves to take back the power they once had.

                      Heck, you’re old enough to remember when Bishop Full O’ Shit…err…uhh…Fulton J. Sheen(ie?) used hawk his BS on TV in NY and dictate the political behavior of millions of local Calf-licks; and the Blue Laws, and all of that. Quite powerful, even while at the bottom of their power stroke.

                      And to what other “church” does the US send an ambassador; and what other church is represented at the UN? (under the guise of “Vatican City”).

                      The Jews, having the same goals (Well, the top tier of them, anyway) must operate differently- since they barely comprise a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the world’s population. They instead work through manipultion of the goyim via politics and economics and propaganda (Whereas the Catholics need merely control their own, since their numbers are sufficient that if they do that, all else will fall into place).

                      And if you doubt that the Jews have the same goals…you need only read their own writings- from the Talmud, to modern Rabbis and Jew statesmen…even there liturgy. (Just read “Jew” when you see “Israel”).

                      What should amaze us, is that the actions of such a small group of people (actually, an even smaller subgroup!) could have such a visible impact on the world, and have for so long, that their nefarious actions can be recognized by so many….. I mean if you’re[generically] part of a itsy-bitsy minority of which the majority of people in the world have never even personally come in contact with…and yet can be so notorious as to be universally known and abhorred…maybe the problem is YOU[generically] and not the rest of the world…dontcha think, huh?

                    • Eric, independent site comment sections do not allow editing as a rule. From my ancient web site coding experience I believe this is necessary to protect the website. It can be done, but the code would need to be tight.

                      Thus the only place I find comment editing available are social media sites and those using 3rd party comment engines.

                    • Hey Eric!

                      Re: The site & this comment section:

                      Meh… works fine the way it is. Nothing’s perfect, but it’s the content that matters (and that is supreme here!) and it works quite well…. I mean, for what ya’d have to pay to have someone tending to it, why have the expense?

                      Half the time, the custom sites that have a dedicated person taking casre of ’em, have problems on a regular basis. The good thing about WP is that it seems to be very stable.

                      The really frustrating thing, is when a site that you’re used to makes major changes. You get used to something, and then they change it; and then you get used to that, and they change it again!

                      Lack of a specific feature, or a little annoyance, is easy to deal with once you’re used to it…as long as things remain the same.

                      tl;dr: If it ain’t broke, why waste money fixing it?

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    “They instead work through manipulation of the goyim via politics and economics and propaganda”.

                    All political power is derived from manipulation, propaganda and theft; the Jews are not unique in this regard. As for the disproportionate influence wielded by a small subset of a small group, maybe they’re just smarter than most and better at the game. How many of that subset are of Ashkenazi descent? This group consistently ranks highest in intelligence. Funny, the Jew haters tend to put a lot of stock in IQ, but deny that may be the main reason for Jewish success, instead insisting that no, it’s because they’re cunning and evil.

                    As for the widespread hatred you observe, I’m again going with Mr. Occam. Any minority that consistently outperforms the majority will be resented and hated (read Nietzsche on ressentiment). Such a minority will become very tribal and insular in self defense. This is a much simpler and more plausible explanation for the hatred.

                    The majority, incapable of accepting that the success of others may be due to their superior intelligence, invent wild theories of nefarious conspiracies to explain the disparate outcomes they observe and resent. This is simple stuff. Note that the hysterical antisemites hate the Jews for being better at what they wish their own “tribe” would do; cultivate a strong identity and encourage placing their own interests first. White supremacists just aren’t very good at it.


                    • True Jeremy, they all do work via politics, economics and propaganda- but I should’ve have been more clear; the distinction I was trying to make is that the Catholics do so more on a vicarious [pun intended!] level, by manipulating their adherents, who in turn work from the bottom up- whereas with the Zionist Jews, they act more directly, and from the top down.

                      And yes, high IQs, which a lot of Jews do possess, can obviously be used for good or evil. When it is combined with a nefarious purpose- especially one that has been inculcated through culture, tradition and religion [Note: NOT the Mosaic religion- but rather Talmudism; NOT average JoeIra working/middle class Jewish culture/tradition] then it is a powerful and lethal combination- as we can see by the fact that such a small minority has such great sway over super-power nations and economies.

                      Hey, a friend of mine had a business partner who was a not-so-high IQ Jew [Born in Transylvania…of all things!]….this guy couldn’t make a profit if he were the sole supplier of ice water in the desert!

                      And of course, I’ve witnessed many intelligent Jews prosper because of their intelligence…and be hated by some for it- but then again, the same holds true for many non-Jews who have done the same. Envy knows no bounds.

                      But that doesn’t invalidate the legitimate criticisms of a good number of them- Just like not all blacks are criminals, but you can’t fault people for being leery of all blacks when they’ve observed the negative behavior of so many of them- or ditto Wops and the Mafia. When a good subset of one’s culture is so notorious that it establishes a stereotype, I feel that it is really up to the individual who doesn’t fit the stereotype to prove that he doesn’t fit that stereotype. One can’t blame the observer for merely drawing a conclusion which is based on common universally-observed behavior.

                      The only people who are truly neutral, are those who havbe never had experience with a particular group, and thus never had a chance to observe their what others have come to report as stereotypical because it is so common. Like here where I live- people don’t know anything about Jews one way or another…so have no hatred of them, and assume that any dislike is therefore irrational. (The same largely applies to blacks here as well, since there aren’t many- and since the media always portrays them as victims….that is, until their daughters shack up with one, and he starts practicing what those of us who are familiar with them would quantify as stereotypical behavior.In fact, because of that, I have actually seen attitudes towards blacks changing here from neutral/positive, to negative, by a growing contingent, just since I’ve been here.

                      You have to admit, there is some truth to most universally-observed things. Then of course, there are just the “haters” who are quite rare in reality, and of course, such people tend to be easily identifiable by their other irrational ideas/behaviors.

                      G’night, my friend.

                    • Jeremy, we have to remember or acknowledge the govt. does everything it can to create hate between any and every group.

                      Why did the US Air Force bomb the “black” part of OKC? There was nothing going on except they had created their own, segregated part of the town that was a great economy than the white portion. Why else send US Army troops in to slaughter and lay waste to people who hadn’t done anything to anyone?

                      We have the same thing going on today only it’s against everyone regardless of race.

                      With the Koch brothers bringing in more than $1B dollars a years and buying the senators, of mainly, the Republican party although they don’t care which party as long as they get laws written their own way.

                      Trump is of the same mind and more and more takes his marching orders from that deep state that’s nothing more or less than the elite, the .1% of the .1% of the richest people in the world.

                      Why these people who are really trillionaires and don’t want to admit it need more money is anyone’s guess.

                      Are they really human? Why the need to control the entire world and make everyone poorer and poorer unless they really are immortal and are actually not of this planet and want to kill human kind off?

                      The big tax cut Trump rammed through didn’t help anyone who didn’t have a good amount of wealth. So why that? It’s to kill off the 47% that supposedly pay no taxes which is a lie. The laws passed by the shrub and that horrible bunch started the real taking from the poor and giving to the rich. It simply gets worse every day.

                      If you get some money(not much) and can do ok, the govt.(IRS, cops, etc.) will come for you any way they’re told to do.

                      To think any cop is your friend and protector is the ultimate irony.

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    Some people in every group will be ruthless and immoral. Jews are not unique in this. White Nationalist types only consider encouraging tribal identity and placing the interests of that tribe ahead of others to be nefarious and evil when done by Jews. This seems just another example of ressentiment. The Aryan warriors, here and elsewhere, resent the fact that Jews are better at it. None of the critics here object to legitimate criticism of Jews, or anyone else. We object to the irrational, blanket condemnation of all members of a group and the assertion that such condemnation is legitimate because “that group” is uniquely evil.

                    As for blacks, please read some history of post WONA black advancement. From the early 1900’s through the mid to late 40’s, the black family was more intact than the white family. Black unemployment was lower, and blacks were advancing economically at a faster rate than whites. Black entrepreneurs built thriving business districts that catered almost exclusively to blacks. These people promoted self reliance, community, family and individual property rights.

                    This culture was destroyed, largely by the actions of white people, some naive and well meaning, some virulent and racist. Black neighborhoods and business districts were destroyed, some directly through violence, some indirectly through policy.

                    Then came the toxic combination of veiled racism and naive do-goodism known as the great society. Minimum wage laws had a hugely disparate impact on blacks,
                    ended their accelerating economic gains and led to widespread unemployment, especially for young black males. They did so because minimum wage laws encourage racially discriminatory hiring policies by rendering such economically costless. Before minimum wage laws, blacks (or any undesired group) had what economists term a compensating differential. Namely, their willingness to work for less money.

                    Welfare policies, that pay black women to be single mothers and discouraged work, destroyed the black family. Add in the drug war, which gave job opportunities in the drug trade, to those rendered unemployable by minimum wage laws, and you have all the conditions necessary for the tragic rise of pathological black culture we see today.

                    Of course, none of this excuses the glorification of this culture by many blacks, nor the even worse attitude of whites, who either share the enthusiasm or excuse it by claiming that it’s all due to racism. But, neither can this be ignored. At the very least, it casts serious doubt on the claim that blacks are innately violent and incapable of assimilating into civil society.

                    Also, of course it’s rational to be leery of blacks due to the widespread nature of pathological black culture. Any white that claims to be equally comfortable in the south side of Chicago as in Beverly Hills, is a liar. Remember when Eddy Murphy got flak for saying he was relieved when a white woman got on an elevator instead of a large black man?


                • “The jaws” is a tacky fake as fake looking&being can be mechanical shark named Bruce sold to amygdale via color camera angles\trickery. Children of all ages believe its real. Most of ‘em, these other porn – food o’ the godlets — kiddies, wanna’ grow up to be Quint – & most of ‘em succeed.

                  Or to be Bruced like Wm Wallace was in that other the jaws (“different species”) movie – lots of that success story makes the humanimal world go ‘round, too. et tu, Bruce?

                  Lenny Bruce – no relation to the “Scot” scut, except in reality, since Lenny was related to everybody, as am I, as are you – had a short intense career pointing out the ticky-tack little Spam boxes that children of all ages imagine into forts & Camelots – “ours” & the dreaded “others”.

                  (A chick nascar-passed me on the road yesterday. her vanity plate read “1love.” Then I heard Marley or somebody singing that same refrain on the radio. When I got to where I was driving, saw another vanity plate as I parked, “Iluv10s.” Obverse\reverse of the base10 us•them porn token in one short drive.)

                  That “brit” duet’s makin’ me think of “murikan” Meatloaf’s tune: Paradiced & chopped by the dashedboard lights that usta’ be called idiot lights are on but nobody’s home. Names change but changin’ names, or any of the rest of the symbols, don’t change a thing. Symbolic humanimal is diabolic.

                  *linklynx gobbled a Spamelot link, here*

                  (much of) Life is like a box o’ chocolatestupidity. And no little sampler, either.

                  *linklynx: the world’s largest box of chocolates*

                  Willie “wonka’ em” Sherman weren’t the first – not even close — to fantasize a final solution\s to his personally infinite problems, nor was he close to being the last asshat ouroborus. Nietzsche & boys(terous) say the loop is closed, the play button’s pressed, & the tune’s forever & ever. So far so true.

                  *linklynx: a mises piece on wm t shermanimal*

                  chocolate genius, in a great cover – ain’t that peculiar — sings about some of it:

        • Hey Jason,

          When Jews do bad things it’s because they are conscious participants in a conspiracy to undermine all that is good and decent in the world. When “others” do the same, it is because they have been duped by evil Jews. Absent Jewish influence, they would be tireless crusaders in favor of honest, constitutionally limited government.


      • And the whole impeachment sham is likely just to take people’s minds off of all the damning Jeffrey Epstein evidence against so many powerful people in high places. Notice how quickly that has faded from public consciousness (and therefore I assume it’s not being mentioned in the media?)- likely buried forever, never to be heard of again.

        • Hi Nunz,

          Yes – I was mulling the Epstein business over just yesterday. The way it just … went away. I don’t believe the story we’ve been told because I cannot accept that a high-value prisoner would be left unsupervised by people who knew he was a risk for “suicide” given the very powerful people very interested in such an outcome. It’s almost comical. Almost.

          In actuality – very sinister.

          • Everyone, even my sainted mother, knows what happened to Epstein. That the media are pretending it wasn’t a mob hit is telling just how far up Uncle’s ass they’ll crawl. Here’s a story that has everything: outrage, titillation, potential Godfather levels of “you didn’t see nothin’,” and palace intrigue, yet we hear nothing. We should see OJ-esque coverage of this story but we get crickets.

            • Hi RK,

              Yup. And it’s even worse, arguably. Because for this to have happened as expected, pretty much the entire capo regime had to have been complicit. Which implies that these SOBs are also deeply mottled by pederasty as well as their sociopathic lust to control and dominate and punish adults.

              • eric, I watched a video yesterday with an autopsy specialist who said the 3 broken vertebrae are indicative of homicide. And the ruling has been changed to homicide.

                He also said there were DNA samples taken from his fingernails but there’s still no word on that or the DNA that has to be on the ligature.

                Funny how the DNA was determined only 3 hours after Baghdadi was killed(for the 6th time) but the DNA will undoubtedly be corrupted or some such for Epstein.

                The whole thing stinks as bad as Epstein’s pants after being murdered.

          • The whole Epstein business was blackmail bait. Get enough dirt on enough people and you control everything. Ever wonder why some senator or supreme justice changed his/her vote at the last minute or voted totally unexpectedly ???? (I’m gathering that Justice Roberts has been a “client” // wink-wink)

            The irony of the situation is that the same folks that engineered all this would just as soon that this kind of behavior was mainstream and accepted, yet they used the fact that there is still enough public disgust for it that it is effective at blackmail.

          • Eric, I “knew” that was going to happen to Epstein. No way is someone with that much dirt on so many powerful people going to be allowed to spill the beans….dead men tell no tales.

            Watch, all the evidence as to who played on his island will magically disappear, so that if somehow any inquest should be made in the future…. “Gee, we ‘lost’ the evidence”.

            And I don’t ev en hear anyone among the general public even talking about it . No one’s saying “When are they going to start examining all of that Epstein stuff, and bringing up the dirt on all of these politicians and elites?”.

            Nope…they just forget all about it. Just like the Clinton bitch is still free…..and no one even says “What happened to ‘Lock Her Up’?”.

            • I assume they must have been able to take out what they thought was Epstein’s dead man switch. Then they killed him. Otherwise he would have simply been off’d years and years ago.

              • Brent, soon after he was arrested some fellows posted a video of his island, home and other facilities.

                They used drones and looked in the windows of his home and there were computers and all sorts of similar. Then a week or two later they did it again and the house had been cleaned of anything of that sort.

                But this was before any “law enforcement” got near the place.

              • Hi RK,

                I have no “inside baseball” knowledge, but I’ve come to believe – because it’s the only thing that makes sense – that they (the real-life Corleones) have something similar to hold over the head of Justice (sic) John Roberts. His tortured affirmation of the legality – constitutionality – of Obamacare makes no sense to me otherwise.

                • Morning Eric,

                  “…they (the real-life Corleones) have something similar to hold over the head of Justice (sic) John Roberts”.

                  Perhaps, but I favor Mr. Occam’s sharp insight. The simple reason is that, just like all of them, his rulings are based on his personal desires and beliefs, not principles, which will always be twisted to support the former.


                  • Amen Jeremy, those “rulings” are based on someone’s preconceived, bought off opinions.

                    Federal courts commonly bring back rulings that are bought and paid for opinions that go against common law and the Constitution.

                    But when SCOTUS rules corporations are the same as an individual, it’s not difficult to see they are paid for shills.

                    I’ve been through some of the worst court rulings. I had something the judiciary wanted and took. It ain’t rocket science.

  14. Hmmmm…now it’s starting to make sense: They create a culture where the young are no longer “car people”- so that they are literally clueless about the detriments of EVs, and instead think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, since EV’s are hyped non-stop in the MSM without a word of dissent or mention of said detriments.

    Now they’re coming for we, the car people, by destroying the old cars which we know offer superior reliability, economics and performance, through plans like this, and the fact that all of the new cars are essentially disposable. So we will soon face a market where all of the desirable older cars are gone; and the newer cars will not be viable as used vehicles because of their lack of durability, and planned obsolescence.

    So, when are they gonna start building all of the new generators to supply all of increased demand for electricity, and the infrastructure to deliver that increased demaned when everyone is driving an EV???

    And of course, they’re using OUR money for this nefarious scheme….money with which we could be investing in older vehicles and gas……’cause “Uncle knows best”.

    “FOSSIL FUEL IS EVIL…..EVIL I tells ya!*

    [*=When it is burned in privately-owned internal combustion engines…but of course, it’s great when used to generate electricity!]

    The world is committing suicide before our eyes.

    • Nunz, I’ve tried to find a TED talk with a woman who speaks of what’s wrong with the country. It’s mainly because there are now over 2 million bureaucrats that do things without any authorization. It’s a really good talk and I can’t seem to find it although I listened to it waiting at the doc’s yesterday. I was proud to find it and be able to find a seat facing away from The View and thankfully couldn’t hear it. I’ll keep looking.

      Meanwhile, a bit about subsidy and EV’s.

      • Ahhh, 8, we know what the problems are- bureaucraps, and the people who elect ’em.

        Just look at the Rogue’s Gallery of scum and communists at every level of federal, state and local government- and remember that every one of ’em was put there by a sizeable number of people who “chose” them. Even if the politicians would go away, we’ve still got all of those people who put them there.

        The main problem is that people just don’t care about liberty- not their own, not their children’s, and certainly not their neighbor’s- in fact, getting their “elected representative” to rob their neighbor seems to be their highest priority.

        “Representative” is right- they certainly do not represent us…but they sure do represent a majority of the people who vote for ’em.

        Yeah…TV’s in every waiting room… This is why, whenever I take my mother to the doctor, I wait in my truck. It truly sickens me to hear that shit. If it were Gilligan’s Island or I love Lucy, I wouldn’t mind…but these modern shows, even if you’re far enough away not to be able to make out the words, it just sounds so unnatural. The speech patterns; the muffled homogenous clapping; the commercials….and the predominant voices always seem to be women (usually some mixed-up mulatto mutt- anything but white)…or effeminized men. I literally can not endure exposure to that stuff for even 60 seconds.

        And how ironic- in a day when everyone and their poodle has a phone in their hand, and is watching/listening/fooling with something of their own…they still have to have a Tee-Vee…perish the thought that anyone should be allowed to just sit quietly and THINK, or read….

        It’s 1984.

        • I observed something interesting back in the late 80’s during the last couple years of working my way through school. I lived in the cheapest dive I could rent and had black and white TV. I noticed that just by losing the color- by watching the same thing in black and white- it lost almost all of its effectiveness as propaganda. The B&W made it obvious to the subconscious mind that it was NOT real- and made it much easier for my filters to work. Now the fact that my hearing is mostly shot has a similar salutary effect.

          • Wow! That’s a BRILLIANT observation, Ernie! Never thought of it, but now that ya pointed it out, I do believe you are 100% correct!

            Small screens; B&W; 1 or 2 tinny little speakers…..yeah, it was much easier to ignore- consciously and sub-conciously.

            and meanwhile, today, they even use specific colors to manipulate people’s emotion. Notice all the blue in news and current-events/political talk shows?

            But man, now that ya mentioned the B&W, that makes me realize how lucky I was, that as a kid and even into adulthood, untill I gave up TV when I was around 30, I had always had B&W TV’s, except for maybe the last few years before giving it up!

          • Like real-life “They Live” glasses.

            The odd thing is back in the days of all B&W TV what you saw on screen and what your brain constructed were nothing at all like reality. Makeup for black and white was all extremely dark (to make better contrast), the sets were very brash colors and the amount of light required to run the cameras blasted the sets.

        • “The main problem is that people just don’t care about liberty- not their own, not their children’s, and certainly not their neighbor’s- in fact, getting their ‘elected representative’ to rob their neighbor seems to be their highest priority.

          ‘Representative’ is right- they certainly do not represent us…but they sure do represent a majority of the people who vote for ’em.”

          Sadly this has long been the problem with the world. The most onerous people are always the most motivated to seek power. Those of us who have some sense usually just don’t have it in us to organize and mobilize for a purpose – and since evil abhors a power vacuum, evil and incompetent “rulers” take power and use it to harass and burden those who just want to live our lives. It’s like homeowners’ associations – they probably wouldn’t have their well-known bad reputation if all they were was a local level of recourse against people who do genuinely harmful things like let their dogs run loose and attack people. But most of them quickly become a magnet for rulemongers, busybodies, complainaholics, and “queen bee” types, harassing people over toys in the yard or cars in the driveway or siding painted the wrong color. Even city councils are vulnerable to this. It doesn’t really matter how long your town has been relatively free and “unmanaged”; all it takes is a few queen bees or virtue signalers to get into office and suddenly, just as an example, you have to go miles out of your way to get plastic bags. Alaska’s state government is actually the most perfect example I’ve found. Second least populous state in the union, less than 700K people for the whole giant slice of land, should be fairly easy to keep the state government under control, right? Wrong. When we send a new face down to Juneau (a podunk little fishing village down on the Panhandle which can only be reached by air or sea, set up as the capital many, many, many moons ago when the whole state could only be reached by air or sea; there have been several proposals to move the capital but they are always resisted), they quickly forget all the good things they said on the campaign trail and join the cancerous Good Ol’ Boy Network, within which securing mad loot for yourself and your public employee union buddies becomes top priority. When we do get someone, like Governor Mike Dunleavy, to go down there and whip the place into shape, they manage to get about half the job done before the Machine stalls their advance and then starts exacting vengeance against anyone who tried to cut its size or funding.

          This is why I laugh when people act like different manifestations of government are actually independent of each other. In the end, it’s all the Machine. I’m not saying you could trace a direct chain of command from some podunk HOA, PD, or city council all the way to George Soros or Ban Ki Moon, but they all perpetrate the same injustices and for about the same reasons.

          • Right-ON, Chuck!

            That is why just the existence of government precludes liberty.
            Why it doesn’t matter who holds a particular office.
            Why it doesn’t matter what party is “in”.

            As long as the infrastructure is in place for men to rule over other men by force and coercion, we will only have MORE of the very thing which those who advocate governance claim that their governments will eliminate.

    • Hand the typical 16 y.o. boy these days an adjustable wrench and he’ll probably wonder if he was given some manner of pervy sex toy.

      • Hi Doug,

        This is true… and it causes me to slide into a cataleptic state. I did manage to get one kid interested in cars, though… so that’s something!

  15. Luckily, Chucky Schmucky’s party is in the MINORITY in the Senate. I don’t think Leader McConnell will let this turd come up for a vote, let alone PASS the damn thing! Chucky Schmucky is doing what he always does-grandstanding…

    • A pimp is a legitimate business man. He doesn’t steal anyone’s money. In my opinion, it’s a gross injustice to compare a pimp to Shoooomer.

      • At least the pimp offers something that is FREELY wanted, hell, guys risk having their rides CONFISCATED if they’re caught “pandering”. Yet another scheme to grab assets from the “average Joe” whom is just out to have a good time in keeping the world’s oldest professional a viable business.

  16. It is only a matter of time before this electric car industry collapses. Unlike the cash for clunkers which also did a lot of damage to the used car available Market. Electric cars can’t hide their glaring shortcomings from average Americans. Most wont bite. Of course the next scheme will be outlawing ICE cars but I don’t think many will put up with this here.

    Interesting times are ahead. Sooner or later someone is going to break with the pc fantasy on electric in the “motoring press” (that unlike Eric who tells it like it is) has been toeing the line,and it will be all over for electric.

    There is a reason why they failed over 100 years ago. It will happen again. History does repeat itself sometimes when you fail to learn from it.


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