AGWs Shoot Unarmed Woman Seven Times

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The taxpayers of Las Vegas, Nevada may be on the hook for $7 million dollars after armed government workers gratuitously shot a disoriented woman seven times for wandering toward them while dragging a gardening shovel.

The AGWs – in full battle dress – claim the doughy, middle-aged woman constituted a “threat to their safety” and they opened up on her.

She survived – and is now suing the city for $7 million, one million for each bullet she absorbed. If she wins her case, the taxpayers – who didn’t shoot anyone – will get to pay the freight.

It’s a miracle (and testimony about the poor marksmanship of AGWs) that she is alive to sue anyone.

Back when we had cops instead of AGWs, one of them would have just grabbed the shovel and that would have been the end of it. A grown man who can’t handle a middle-aged woman with a shovel without using a gun  . . . seven times is someone who has no business anywhere near a gun.

We’ve been anesthetized to this sort of thing by its almost daily occurrence – but that only makes it more horrible. Once upon a time, there would have been national outrage over a single atrocity such as this.

Few seem to care anymore because the pathological has been “normalized.” We had a clinical psychopath as president for eight years.

And now we’ve become used to it.

Which makes us pathological, too.

. . .

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  1. eric – “We had a clinical psychopath as president for eight years.”

    Which one wasn’t a psychopath? Carter. Maybe.

    Anyone who seeks power is last person you would want to allow to have it.

    • Hi Anon,

      The Chimp.

      Bad as the others were, The Chimp was worse. A literal frog-torturing sicko who enjoyed hurting – killing – things. A smirking simian who should have been frog-marched before a war crimes tribunal and hanged for his deliberate acts of fomenting aggressive war and mass murder. Who routinized and legalized and habituated the people of this country to open, unapologetic torture as a tool of statecraft. Who gave us the “Homeland” and TSA and Hut! Hut! Hutting!

      Leaving aside the rest.

      • Don’t be too hard on cheerleader Georgie. He was just a tool, literally and alliteratively. I believe the guy was far too dim to do the evil which hatched under his watch- but he was the perfect patsy/figurehead/stalking horse for the deep state to implement its long incubated agenda.

        • Ernie, he thinks his shit don’t stink because he’s a”Bush”.

          When he was in office I walked into the Holiday Inn bar in Midland, Texas after a hard day. I sat down and ordered a beer and noticed a guy or two….and then everybody in the bar was smiling at me, a big joke. So I finally ask what gives? A guy sitting down from me said “You’re sitting in his set”. I was clueless so I said “whose seat?” and he said Georgie’s seat, that’s his seat.

          Turns out he “held court” there before he was even guvnah with his security detail. He was used to “special treatment”. Ever notice he had no look of surprise reading a children’s book and getting the news of the “terrorriissttsss attacks”?

          • That description surely fits Cheerleader Georgie. Bushes… We don’t need no steenking Bushes! It just popped into my head, beer talking for me I’m sure…

            • A bit of beer speaking on my behalf and now, just a sip of Evan Williams…to clear my palette, to clean my teeth… put a little warmth in my innards.

  2. I enlisted in the army for a two year stint back in the early 70’s. During basic training I was first in the battalion in rifle shooting and fourth in the physical fitness tests. During the few times that I was on guard duty I was given an M16 (auto capable) but was only given one bullet and was told to bring that bullet back. I like to joke with people that the only reason I was given only one bullet was because I only needed one bullet.
    I did my stint as a wheel and track mechanic and drove the an APC. Maybe that’s why I love cars so much.
    I owe my success to weight training. Everyone should get involved with that hobby in addition to auto’s.
    Some police these days sure like to waste bullets and money. That’s taxpayer money!

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I had not seen this until you called it to my attention. But I am not surprised. Things are going to get hairy. I fully expect any “rhetoric” the government decides to label “inflammatory” (or “hateful”) will likewise soon be criminalized as well. As Emperor Palpatine once said: So be it.

      It’s not a fight most of us want. It’s a fight most of us would do practically anything to avoid. But god help them if they make us fight.

      No quarter. It will be merciless. Sippenhaft. The works.

    • Basically already there in Canada.
      If someone breaks into your home while you are there, the law is almost entirely on their side. You have to retreat unless you have no other possible option. Guess who it is up to to prove there was no other option?

      Any self preservation action taken that inflicts harm on the intruder must be justified ‘In the view of the court’. Ever been to court? Yeah.

      Never mind that it is YOUR house and the criminal is trespassing and an unknown threat. But a cop can gun you down with little worry of penalty, because ‘the officer felt threatened’. You have to retreat as ‘feeling threatened’ is not enough justification for a mundane.

  3. The average person has no sense I came to believe long ago. A very small friend was attacked by a crazy woman. She was larger than me, highly muscled and wielded a 5.5″ Buck knife. She was actively trying to kill my friend…..for no reason anyone could understand. I gave her a right cross that only slowed her down and would have gladly shot her since she’d turned her attention to me. Never leave home without a gun I guess. I was socially ostracized for “hitting a woman”. If I’d had a bat or a mesquite limb I’d have used that. When I heard the guy’s grandparents were dissing me…..for saving his life by hitting a woman, I knew the world was upside down. I wouldn’t do it again. It would be a 3 S’s situation.

  4. Wait! These pigs actually thought a middle-aged woman with a garden shovel was a mortal threat to them? Good Lord, I’m waiting for one to gun down a toddler for throwing a teddy bear at him.

    Bunch of M-F pussies!

    • Hi BlueGrey,

      It boggles, doesn’t it? I have a concealed carry permit. If I shot a woman half my size who I could simply have walked away from (or easily just grabbed the shovel from) I’d be in jail, right now, pondering at least second degree murder and probably years in a penitentiary.

      But I would not have shot the woman – because I’m not looking to shoot anyone. The thing to come to terms with is that many of these AGWs are psychopaths and want to kill someone. They became AGWs for the same reason that pederasts are attracted to the priesthood.

    • Well if the drug addict across the crick came at me with a shovel, I would shoot him no hesitation. He’s already promised to kill me so just waiting for his next move. Hopefully he freezes to death in his shed or OD’s first.

      Different situation.

  5. I was an MP in the Army and we went up against trained killers with combat experience and special hand to hand combat training and never had to fire my weapon. Pig piled a lot of them to subdue and just used common sense which cops no longer possess. A lot of coward, pussy men and women.


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