Reader Question: No Future Fixing?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Chris asks: My son, who is 17, likes cars (my fault) and is interested in possibly pursuing a career as a professional mechanic. I worry, though, that there isn’t much of a future fixing cars given the electric car “future” and (as you’ve written about) the disposability of new cars. Would love to get your thoughts.

My reply: I think there’s more of a future fixing cars – or rather, knowing how to fix them (and other things) because I think there is no electric car “future.” I think it is going to be the greatest belly flop in the history of industrial civilization. I think that when average people apprehend the truth about EVs, they will abandon them like sour milk in the ‘fridge. The government may try to force people to drive EVs, but even in Cuba, the old stuff somehow lingered. I suspect the same will happen here and that people competent to fix ’em will never go hungry.

Besides which, the ability to fix cars is fungible. If your son learns how to do it, he’ll be able to fix other things – and  able to quickly pick up related disciplines. A sound understanding of mechanical/electrical things is a sound understanding of the real work – worth its weight on gold vs. a “gender studies” degree, for sure!

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  1. I can’t help but notice there’s often nothing more than diagnosing and then fixing some software or maybe a sensor nowdays. The guys making the most money are the ones who can diagnose the countless problems that will shut down a car. Once you get your own shop then you get a bigger cut of the mark-up on parts and get paid whatever rate you set.

  2. It’s twoo, its twoo what you say about us!!! (Blazing Saddles) I started out repairing cars then went to plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and lots of other objects to repair all because I learned how to repair cars.


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