Reader Question: GM’s New Battery Plant?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Oskar writes: Have you heard about GM’s new $2.3 billion “investment” in an electric battery plant? (New story here).

My reply:  Yes, I have. And I fail to understand how GM expects to earn a return on this “investment.” Oh. Of course. GM is counting on being able to force people to buy (and subsidize) its “investment,” on the Tesla model.

We live in lunatic times. There is a very good reason almost no one made any “investment” in EVs or EV batteries until about 15 years ago, when the government began transferring money from the productive economy to Tesla. That reason, of course, is that electric cars are not competitive with non-electric cars except as virtue signaling status symbols and on the basis of criteria such as acceleration and being “neat.”

But they’re impractical and far from being economical. Hence, money losers, except perhaps as boutique/specialty cars for a handful of very affluent people with money to burn on a toy.

But these expensive/uneconomical toys are now being quite literally forced down our throats by the corporate-government interests, who’ve decided they are the perfect vehicle to mulct  us of our money and our liberty.

From that point of view, EVs and EV batteries are an excellent “investment.”

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