Reader Question: Bluetoof Radiation?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom writes: I listen to you every week on Bill Meyer’s show KMED Medford Oregon – Thank You! You appear not to be concerned in your advice about microwave exposure in your stereo advice/etc.

I encourage you to examine this issue much more carefully before advising people to expose themselves to yet more microwave radiation with its accelerated aging/DNA breakage and more. Please go to “environmental health trust” as a start to investigate this topic.

My wife got rid of her ’03 Subaru because she would get very tired and agitated whenever she drove it. With our Cornet 88T meter we discovered an extremely high electromagnetic field right at the horn on the steering wheel where her heart would be when she drove. Myself, my lower back would go into acute spasm after about an hour of driving that car. I always attributed that to the car seat although it seemed comfortable enough, but now I think it could have been the magnetic fields. I encourage you to get a Cornet meter too ( and start measuring the new cars. Some of them are like driving around in a microwave oven (well, sort of). God only knows what the new electric cars are like, haven’t had a chance to measure one of those yet but it can’t be good.

My reply: I haven’t had a chance yet to look into this but have heard a little about it. I don’t think car stereos emit microwave radiation. That said, there may be excessive electromagnetic radiation emitted from the car – specifically, from any of the several saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety features that most new cars have. Also in-car WiFi (4G) and “connectivity” generally.

I think you’re most correct about electric cars – because large and powerful electric motors, which (as I understand it) produce EM fields. Whether this is a health problem, I honestly have no idea – but will look into it!

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  1. I have done a great deal of study of microwave and the health risks for animals and not just humans.

    I saw this coming years ago when so many parts of cars were controlled by a different BT device. Some cars have a s many as six emitters controlling various parts. It’s the reason I won’t put a bluetooth anything in Blackie. I’m much rather have an FM/CD/tape machine like the old Z 71 with knobs and no need to look at anything. That type of machine doesn’t mean you have to settle for less quality and in fact, turntables and records have made a big comeback along with old solid state amps and like we had in the house and there used to be in cars. Sure they were larger and used more power but emitted just a fraction of the new stuff.

    This isn’t my opinion, it’s fact. If you want to stay up with the latest about health and microwave sign up for Joseph Mercola MD site. He’s been having hell beginning with Google making him hard to find(but I haven’t used the G word since 08 when DDG came on the scene and recorded nothing of any search you made and had literally hundreds of search engines it uses for a search.

    Now he’s embroiled with a lot of legal crap with big pharm and big ag. But there are larger and larger amounts of physicians and health researchers banding together to fight back at chemical and radiation poisoning.

  2. How about the radar for all the sensing systems on new cars? With blind spot, auto distance cruise control, auto braking, etc. has anyone looked into that? Is the Monday morning commute crawl slowly cooking the lemmings?

  3. Bluetooth operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, same frequency as a microwave oven. But as usual the Internet gets the facts right but ignores the one key difference: A microwave oven blasts 1500 Watts of RF energy a few inches away from the food being heated, in an enclosed Faraday cage that is optimized to make standing waves, further concentrating the RF energy, which is why most ovens have a turntable. Bluetooth operates at a fraction of that, measured in milliWatts of RF energy. The equivalent comparison (because RF “radiation” is just another form of photon emissions), would be staring at a lightning bug at 10 feet or a high beam headlight 3 inches away. For sure the headlight would be uncomfortable to be near, you probably couldn’t even close your eyes and get relief. You might not even notice the lightning bug if you were in a room with a lit table lamp.

    People turn to magical thinking when it comes to various problems. Last month I went down a rabbit hole because my forearms were itching constantly. After reading a few pages of search results I was convinced I had a somewhat rare condition where a compressed disc in my back would pinch a nerve, causing the itching. Then after a day of fretting that I realized over the summer I switched to a different brand of soap, and it has a higher PH than my old brand. Once I went back to the old stuff the itching was gone. I’m not saying that we should always trust Occam’s razor, but doing more than a cursory Google search into what might be a problem before jumping to conclusions might be a good idea. By the brief description of your wife’s lethargy I’d look for a leak in the exhaust as a start. Small gaps and holes aren’t usually obvious, especially under the hood. And there are a ton of magnets in vehicles. Solenoids, motors, relays, etc. All have magnets and/or magnetic fields. Your house is full of them too. Most metal will have enough stray magnetism to draw a compass away from true north, most sailing ships have to have a calibration done when they add new equipment, especially near the bridge. And of course there’s the Earth’s magnetic field, which we all live under and our species has evolved with.


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