Reader Question: Bathed in 5G?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bill asks: Will being constantly bathed in 5G radiation affect automobile electronics? I suppose not since they will be designed as Internet of Things vehicles and will use the 5G it is being bathed in.

My reply: I think the real question is – will it affect us? We’re told 5G is harmless – in terms of health – and maybe so. But will it be harmless in terms of our liberty? Our privacy? Our right to be free from ubiquitous monitoring – and control? I have grave doubts about that.

We are about to be immersed in what is styled the “Internet of Things” – everything “connected,” ostensibly for convenience – but the fact is that the tech can be used for purposes not so benign. Even our homes will be part of this electronic collective – and that creeps me out.

I’d trade my right one to be transported back to 1970 – at my current age – so I’d be too old to care once we got to here again!

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  1. I’d be more worried about our bodies being bathed in 5G; our overlords say it’s harmless but five years down the road when us mundanes start getting who knows what variety of cancer it will be too late.

    • Mike, it’s a done deal as to the danger of 5 G. If you look at the “About Phone” on any smart phone you’ll find studies showing real danger of microwave with studies as far back as 1970.

      While 5G doesn’t have the range of 4 or 3G, it’s much worse as far as being inundated by it since the towers are so close together. I wouldn’t be surprised to see new cars go bonkers driving close to a tower. Even back in 1980 when I had my first honest to god real radar detector(Escort), it would sometimes give a single yelp in the middle of nowhere. If you looked around you’d eventually see one of those towers that AT&T built back in the 70’s. It wasn’t unusual to have a brief false if there were military aircraft nearby although some of those weren’t so brief.

      Plenty studies already show the increased incidence of cancer over the already plenty dangerous 4G. I swear I’ve had a problem concentrating since we got a 4G wifi hotspot.


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