Lexington & Corona Concord

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At Lexington and Concord, the American colonists pushed back.

The same is beginning to happen at Lexington and Concords all around the country, from the beaches of California – where Face Diapering at all times has just been mandated by the governor and is being hugely ignored by the population – to the fields of Carlisle, Pa – where the Corona Karens have declared the car show must not go on but the car show’s organizers and attendees reply – just try to stop us.

They are ignoring the Karens – right to their Face-Diapered faces!

The car show at Carlisle – it’s much more than just a car show – usually draws a six figure crowd. This enervates the Sickness Psychotics – who are actually just psychotics using “sickness” as the latest pretext for imposing their need to control everything and everyone – to suck the life out of everything. To demoralize the people and keep those people “locked down”  . . . by fear.


A creature – have a look at it – named Rachel  Levine is the exemplar of these psychotics who have latched onto sickness (something that is always with us and so very handy as a pretext for everything, indefinitely) as their new-and-improved justification for never leaving us alone, ever again.

This person is the Health Secretary of Pennsylvania – a Gesundheitsfuhrer – and she is suing Carlisle Events, which hosts the annual Spring and Fall car shows/swap meets and general get-togethers that have been held in Carlisle, PA for decades.

How dare they!

Meaning – translated – how dare they assert their own authority rather than obey hers.

Don’t they know granny might die?

Note the similarities: The “climate” is in danger! You are driving too fast! Buckle-up for saaaaaaaaaaaafety!

She – and her despicable overlord, Governor Tom Wolf, screech that people admiring and showing off their antique vehicles, swapping car parts and so on constitute a “risk of a bump” in “cases” of the WuFlu (more about that here) and so must be Hut! Hut! Hutted! if necessary.

Which of course it isn’t, except politically.

Note that this creature – again, have a look – evinced no such concern about a “bump in cases” and ordered no Hut! Hut! Hutting! when other creatures – those useful to her – flagrantly ignored not only social distancing “guidelines” but also laws against arson, riot and looting. Her overlord, Governor Wolf, participated in those festivities – and was not Hut! Hut! Hutted! or even threatened with a ticket.

But a peaceful gathering of car buffs – all of whom attend willingly and so implicitly accept that they might catch a cold and aren’t worried about dying from it?

Can’t have it.

Saith the creature:

“When individuals choose to ignore those safeguards – such as by holding an event anticipating 100,000 attendees – they put the lives of Pennsylvanians at risk and threaten to reverse the significant progress that has been made to resolve this crisis,” adding – with the usual fangs bared, but always selectively: “That dangerous conduct must be stopped before it can occur.”

Deconstructing this could be a college course in political psychopathy.

“When individuals choose to ignore those safeguards”?

Says who, Frau Levine?

Whose “lives are at risk”? Is anyone being made to attend a car show? Can’t the CoronaPhobic stay home and thus avoid the “risk” by “safeguarding” themselves, if they feel the need?

The Frau says it is not “safe” to attend a car show. But it is “safe” to attend a riot. Or at least, such politically useful creatures won’t be punished if they do.

The Frau begs a question, too.

If it is not “safe” to attend a car show, then why would 100,000 people willingly attend it? Is it your assertion that these people are all reckless idiots?

Of course it is.

And of course, they’re not. Rather, they are people who understand – despite your best efforts to mislead them – that “cases” doesn’t equal cremation. That this business of “locking down” not just car shows but human life because of a assertions – serially disproven – that “lives are at risk” is demagogic fatuity.

Lives are always at risk, mein Frau.

They are at risk so long as one has a pulse. Even staying in bed carries with it risk – of bed sores that can suppurate into serious infection and led to . . . cremation. Hence most people get out of bed, if they are able.

Your sick urge is to chain them to their beds, in the never-ending name of “keeping them safe.” But this is not your choice, Frau – let alone your right.

The people have had enough of being bullied by psychotics in the name of sickness. They are increasingly on to the Corona con. They understand – in spite of your best efforts – that while granny might die (given she’s 97) death will not ensue from checking out a car show if you’re not 97.

As of today, the show is still on. The Frau and her overlord have not succeeded in stomping the life out of life in Carlisle.

Health – psychological health – is spreading.

Here’s to not flattening that curve.

. . .

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    • Hi Luke,

      The Gauleiter of Virginia – Ralph Northam, aka “Coonman” – isn’t Jewish. Neither is the Gauleiter of New York or Californinia. Their “race” – and religion – is authoritarian collectivism. And that is our enemy. If we collectivize others then we have no basis for objecting to collectivism.

      Identity politics is a variety of collectivism which – like all such – leads to authoritarianism in its name. I am not a man accountable for what I have done – and free of guilt for what I have not done. I am a straight white man and thus both “privileged” and “oppressor.” The black man I see across the street? He isn’t a man, either. He is a black man – threatening to me on that account; someone to be avoided automatically and someone I am obliged to be obsequious around lest I “trigger” him by my whiteness.

      Exhausting, isn’t it?

  1. A creature – have a look at it – named Rachel Levine

    Jeez Louise, Eric! That was uncalled for! My dinner is all over my monitor now, and I’m not gonna be able to keep food down for at least a week! There also ain’t enough eye bleach to scrub the sight of that thing away! You shoulda issued a trigger warning!

    As for maskerbatory ordinances, our chickenshit RINO bitch of a governor here in Arizona, true to his usual spineless and brainless form, just decreed that the decision to impose mask requirements in public here is to be “left up to the cities and counties.” And of course our liberal mayorette, a “paper American” and card-carrying La Raza member, has decreed them mandatory effective as of 6:00am tomorrow. I, and I hope MANY others, have raised my middle finger in response. ¡Come mi polla, puta!

    To their credit, cops hereabouts have kept a VERY low profile over the last few months. It would behoove them to stay that way. Enforcing Covidiocy ordinances will lead to life becoming very unpleasant for them.

    • Hi liberranter!

      One of my hopes about this business is that they have overstepped, pushed too far. Of course I base on this on my own perception of the intolerable, which may be a mistake. The number of people Face Diapering in my part of Virginia has increased, in spite of the fatalities being almost nonexistent (appx. 1,500 out of a population of appx. 8.5 million, with almost all the fatalities in Northern Virginia and almost all of them the near-already-dead).

      But the “cases” are up! Oh my!

      • Assholes…..what they don’t say is the cases are up because of more testing. Fatalities aren’t up. Last week they said there were spikes in Ohio and Texas. Texas spikes were in one prison where no testing had been done.

        They also won’t admit the tests are bogus with an 80% false/positive. You can certainly get the numbers up there that way. Gill Bates is a wanted man and without his army of protection he’d be dead.

        the B&G foundation vaccinated CHILDREN in India causing nearly half a million deaths. I bet he added more security after that.

  2. Here’s a logical breakdown of every possibility about the PA govt’s attitude toward the carshows. BTW this is what I do to discover the truth about anything going on in the world:

    these two are the only possibilities:

    * They hate ppl and vyruz is fake = this could be true, this is the highest probability.
    * They love ppl and vyruz is real = this could be true but is probably false because they act like they hate ppl in many other ways/situations.

    these two can’t be possible:

    * They hate ppl and vyruz is real = this must be false because if they really hate ppl, then they’d want them to go to the carshows so they’d get sick.
    * They love ppl and vyruz is fake = this must be false because if it were true they’d be allowing of the carshows to happen.

    Logic does not lie — logic dictates they hate people and they know the vyruz is fake (a big scam).

    • Hi Krazy,

      I’ll raise you – and go deeper! They “allow” people to go to car shows? This word says it all. They regard themselves as our keepers, as in livestock. We are their cattle, to be managed and used for their purposes.

      As Patrick McGoohan’s character Number6 said in the old Prisoner series: I am not a number! I am a free man! I allow myself to go out or not. These bastards have nothing to say about it.

      That’s the attitude Americans must recover if America -the idea of it – is to survive. If you haven’t harmed anyone, you haven’t committed a crime – and it’s criminal to harm you.

      The corollary is you have a right to resist – to defend yourself.

      • Yes, the fact that they think they can tell people what to do shows they hate the people, or at least think they own the people so they think less of the people.

        Their only reason for trying to control everyone is because they CARE about the people SO much. Yet, we know that’s false because they’re always trying to torture & kill the people in a million other ways — gmo’s, vack-insane’s, for-profit healthcare industry, wrecking businesses & peoples’ livelihoods, high taxes, numerous grifting scams, fraudulent elections, too many people are poor, etc.

        The amount of their LOVING CARINGNESS is waaaaayy toooo much! It’s over the top ridiculous. It’s smothering everyone to death. But they keep loving us even more, even though it’s destroying everything. Me thinks they care too much.

        Actually, me thinks there are space aliens that are really trying to kill off all the humans so that they can repopulate the planet with a hybrid species, but they can’t just have a big war because they’d lose alot of soldiers and the humans have too many numbers … they’d never win that war… so the only way to wipe out the humans on this planet is a slow full spectrum war… poison us all to death, vack-insanes to make us sterile and die sooner, make us all hate each other & fight, destroy our infrastructure (power plants, etc). But they have to try and make all their war crimes sound like something GOOD, in order to fool us, because otherwise we’d all realize that we’re being warred upon and then we’d start getting defensive and that would make it impossible for them to wipe us out.

          • Yup — all planned. Same things going on worldwide all at same time is too much to be a coincidence. I think global cabals are working with aliens to kill off all humans, but regardless who it is, IF vyruzes could really kill anyone then we’d all be dead already — more logical proof that vyruzez don’t really hurt anyone (not much anyways). That’s why they’re hell-bent on getting our guns because there’s NO WAY they’re going to win the war against the humans when most humans have rifles. People think rifles are trivial and not very effective, yeah sure, compared to a tank or whatever, but rifles are actually VERY effective at lots of things including acquiring heavy military equipment like tanks etc LOL. So they MUST get our guns if they’re ever going to conquer the humans.

  3. That is the go to picture the Supreme Court decided to defend. Years back when sanity prevailed these were considered mentally unstable. Today they are given government positions. This one is attempting to tell the People of Pennsylvania they are sick. For sure the pot calling the Kettle black.
    Eric,,, you scared the hell out of me… I thought I somehow got to some sicko transvestite site. Refreshed twice! Some of us have sensitive stomachs.

  4. In my area, only one town has the balls to still put on the full slate of festivals, shows etc that had been planned for this summer. Just one. All the others have cancelled nearly everything for this summer. I bet they will be packed as they will be the only thing around. I will probably go to most of them. Masks not required either.

  5. Remember the meme from Lord of the Rings where the old king proclaims “You have no power here”?

    How we should be to Richard Levine and his Tom Mutts

  6. In yet another bizarre manifestation of unexpected Covid-19 effects, the Manheim used vehicle price index hit a record in mid-June, rising about 4% year over year, 7% compared with the May reading, and surging more than 16% compared with the April pandemic-induced low.

    Talk about a whipsaw — I sure didn’t see this coming.

    Partly the run on used cars is attributable to reduced supply during the shutdown. But what’s happening on the demand side?

    One theory is that millions of the laid-off who find themselves temporarily richer on unemployment than they were before, are now buying used vehicles. I know of some examples personally.

    How they’ll keep making payments after July — well, that’s up to the generosity of our kindly abuela Nancy Pelosi, as well as how badly the worried Orange Man wants to get re-elected after being dealt a bad hand in the economy.

    Surely some kind of mutually beneficial (for them, not us) compromise can be reached around, oh, 3 am on August 1st.

    Meanwhile, today’s red-hot used car market gives “cash for clunkers” a whole new meaning this time round!

    • I’m sure the Jews thought it was just a passing period when Germany started demonizing them. Which is why Germany disarmed them before loading them on trains to work camps. Something our new breakaway nation of Chop,,, formally downtown Seattle,,, is now considering.

      • Hi Ken,

        Indeed. One of my now-ex friends (Because Corona) is Jewish. She is all for the lock-downs and Face Diapers and everything else. I pointed out to her that people like me – who oppose this – are being characterized as a health threat. Guess who else was characterized that way? Hitler, I told her, regarded the Jews as a plague – as a biological pestilence – which had to be treated as a hygienic threat to Germany.

        She doesn’t see it. Probably why some of her family rode those cattle cars.

  7. God bless the gentlemen who are organizing the Carlisle auto show. I applaud their courage to stand up to the penny-ante tinpot dictators in the state of Pennsylvania. I hope this is just the beginning of a groundswell of civil disobedience that sweeps across the land.

    As for myself I will steadfastly refuse any order to stay home, wear a face diaper, cooperate with contact tracers, and the only way Bill Gates will get his vaccine into me is into my cold dead body.

  8. Ugh, Eric, did you have to put the picture of that revolting thing up where unsuspecting people visiting the site would to see it before eating their lunch? Cripes, it makes my eyes want to vomit. Ruined my appetite. Sick, sick, sick, put that disgusting creature in a rubber room and throw away the key…

  9. That frau is really a fraud!

    I have relatives in Penciltucky….it’s really despicable what they have to endure there. Too many NYers in PA. now ‘splains it! PA. used to be somewhat of an island of sanity in the Northeast…but no more…..

    • Like Californians invading Arizona. Sure, I’m all for a border wall – on the Colorado River separating Ehrenburg and Blythe!

  10. The thing that BLEW UP the corona narrative was the almost total silence on the recent protests and riots. There were huge crowds of people; they weren’t doing physical distancing; and they weren’t even wearing masks! Ah, but soon as POTUS announced his upcoming rally for tomorrow, the corona narrative resumed. Isn’t it funny how that works?

    If you want to see one example (of many, I might add!) of this rank, blatant hypocrisy, simply go to the PJMedia link I’ll post below. It’s not necessary to read it, nor is it necessary to read the NPR pieces that the PJMedia piece discusses; all that’s necessary is to look at the two, recent NPR headlines, and that’ll say EVERYTHING that needs to be said about the corona psychosis and hypocrisy.

    What I can’t wrap my arms around is how the media can expect us to FORGET the recent, nonstop 24/7 corona narrative; you couldn’t get away from it! Then, the riots, er “peaceful protests” by lefties, come along, and the mass media are quiet as a church mouse. Since these events are so recent, how can they think that any sane person will forget this? How can they think that any sane person will miss this? I mean, if it’s all right for a large group to rally and riot in cities, why is it not all right for Pres. Trump and his followers to hold a rally? Why is one large gathering all right, while the other is not? Does the mass media think we’re that stupid? I could understand pulling this (i.e. running a contrary narrative) months or years after the fact, but how can they expect anyone to forget the recent 24/7 narrative about how CV is going to kill us all?

    Here’s the PJMedia piece showing NPR’s rampant, blatant hypocrisy: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2020/06/09/with-trump-rallies-returning-the-media-suddenly-remembers-the-coronavirus-pandemic-n512638

  11. What about the enormous number of people who delight specifically in TAKING RISKS. Jumping out of airplanes, strapping a tank of air to their back and going underwater, skiing, etc. It’s my life. if I choose to risk it, it’s my business.
    I suspect that a great number of such self proclaimed saviors are those that have utterly failed to control their own lives, and so relish controlling the lives of others. A great many of them don’t look particularly healthy. The balance are simply psychopaths seeking power over others for their own personal benefit.

  12. That’s a man, baby!

    Can we please dispense with this notion that progress has been made or that their edicts have had any positive effect on the virus? All they’ve managed to do is destroy the economy and prolong the inevitable. And compound that by making a goodly portion of the population neurotic.

  13. Let’s not forget that Frau Levine is a man pretending to be a woman. If HE can’t even get HIS own biology straight, how is HE to be believed on anything HE says? Also, didn’t HE follow the lead of Comrade DiBlasio & send those with the dreaded Wuhan flu into nursing homes – where people that are most susceptible to getting the Wuhan flu were housed? Remember, if you can’t even recognize your own biology, you shouldn’t be put in charge of anything else.

    • A transvestite that belongs in the looney bin no less but found comradery in a political party that embraces communism and insanity! I would love to see something like the Hells Angels, Pagans and Mongels have a national meet in PA. To just see the fear and reaction on the governor’s and the tranny’s faces would be priceless. I bet they shut their pie holes up about social distancing (I HATE THAT PRAISE) and masks.

      • A transvestite that belongs in the looney bin

        Let’s be honest: wouldn’t that thing make for the perfect president of the cancerous abomination that is now the (dis)United States?

  14. I go to the Chrysler event just about every year. Most of the show is outdoors, except for a few buildings which are open to the air.

    If it’s on, I’ll go for one of the days.

    I do, however, have this concern: If “social distancing” requirements diminish the experience overall, for example, masks outdoors in 80 degree weather, limited food service, no water fountains, etc. then maybe it’s better not to go.

    And I’ll say this: Old car enthusiasts tend to be white, male, 40-and-up, working-class to upper-middle-class (in outlook as well as income) and conservative. In other words, we’re “deplorable bitter clingers.”

    If this event was not predominantly attended by this demographic, you bet they wouldn’t be as keen to shut it down.

    • I don’t know about that Bryce. Considering the way that they turned nursing homes into killing fields, they may just be glad that any older white demographic is exposed!

      • At this point, I’m not surprised by anything. The point is that certain protected classes can literally get away with mayhem.

    • Any remaining legitimacy in big gov mandates for shut down/enforcement went out the window when the police refused to act on the looters in the same manner that they’ve hut-hutted regular folks who didn’t stay at home or self isolate as per the edicts.

        • No, Nunz, they were breaking up business meetings of churchian franchises – non-profit scams which, God willing, will soon be driven out of business. Real churches continued to assemble during the shut down. It’s just that no one noticed because they don’t follow the form of the heretical chimera that has eclipsed it in the public eye.


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