Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 10/20/20

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Here’s the audio of my chat earlier today with Bryan Hyde, who hosts the very Wrongthinkful Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about weaponized hypochondria and the one undeniable “tell” that lets anyone who isn’t out of their minds with sickness psychosis that this whole thing is about something other than a physical sickness.


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  1. Eric,
    I’m happy to report that I went into Fry’s today, which is our version of “Kroger’s”, and actually saw a few other people sans Diaper. One was a rather large man leaving the store, with no visible mask on his person. This stoked my hopes. In the check-out line, there was a woman and her daughter, both unDiapered. The supermarkets have been places of ~100% compliance, save for me, of course, for months. I hope more people begin to remove the Mask of the Beast. Americans have to come to their senses and summon a little courage and rebellion from their dormant inner selves.

    • In my neck of the woods mask compliance is about 50% at places like Dollar General and the smaller stores. But at Walmart, very nearly 100% of customers wear masks. Walmart isn’t even enforcing the mandate, yet for some strange reason people are scared to death to go barefaced in Wally World.

        • Being old and all I am getting fragile. I still wear leathers on a bike along with the goofy looking 1966 Bell with goggles that has done so well since 1973. You can’t but those any more so I have to go with the fathead open face.
          I do wear Depends outside of my drawers if I need to go to a mask only store. I just pull the goggles down over the mouth when passing the diaper police and point to my hip in baby blue diaper. By the time they call the cops I leave with my toothpaste.
          My car is all blacked out so they cannot see that I do not wear my helmet and goggles with no mask.
          Is this fair to the terrified?

    • Morning, BaDnOn!

      I hope so. I had a miserable experience at Kroger yesterday. Full Diapering. I was the only person showing my face. This bucked the trend of the prior two weeks, when I saw 3-4 or so fellow Face Showers and felt the ice was maybe beginning breaking. I stayed home yesterday, feeling extremely depressed.

      • Same here, Eric. After a couple of weeks of *slightly* diminished diapering, the last few days have seen full diapering at the big-name grocery stores. I suspect it might have something to do with the upcoming election.

        I’m still hoping against hope we see at the very least a visible minority (10-20%) of people removing the diaper after the election. Otherwise, I see no end in sight.

      • I hear you, Eric. It IS very depressing. I used to visit the gym 3-5 times a week, and I loved it, but they were shut down until they promised to force everyone to wear The Diaper. Haven’t gone since. Try as I do to keep in shape, I know my fitness is decreasing, which is WONDERFUL for my health.
        I never thought this country would be so submissive, and it seems most who would be the burly rock-n-roll rebels that would give the establishment the finger, are either absent or have gone all-in for supporting the hysteria. Bizarro World.


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