A Thank-You and Christmas Wishes!

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This is a thank-you card and a Christmas card – to everyone who has helped keep the wheels turning here and to help me get out of bed on the days when it is very easy to stay in bed and try to forget the Freak Show that abounds out there.

I am reminded daily that we have an exceptional group of people here. I never fail to be impressed by the intelligence, the wisdom and humanity of the posters here – who bring to bear firepower of 16 inch caliber.

This fight cannot be lost with such people – and that’s all of you.

I also wanted to especially thank a few people who have been incredibly generous as far as their financial support, notably: Mr. Liberty, Slave Larry, Martin, Greg, Cindyk, the Dobsons and Dr. L

I owe you all a great deal more than a beer!

For now, I hope Merry Christmas – Undiapered and stalwart- will do!

Your Friend, in Liberty –




  1. In a year where doctors and nurses have been lauded as heroes (and rightly so) I would personally like to thank a group of men and women that are usually overlooked and under appreciated….electrical repairmen.

    After spending the last two days with no electricity due to a massive ice storm that hit my area (we do have a small generator that kept a few lights on, the refrigerator cold, and the emergency heat going); I offer my heartfelt thanks to the people that are willing to work out in 25 degree weather, ice filled tree branches breaking all around them, while playing with 7200 volts of power, sleet and rain dousing them, doing it 12’ in the air, in the middle of the night. You have my eternal thanks for literally, putting your lives on the line (no pun intended). Just got power back at 3:30 this morning. I am going to celebrate by taking a shower! After that I am going to look at purchasing a cistern, because 5 gallon water jugs just don’t cut it.

    In closing, I wish everyone on here, from the posters to the lurkers, a sincere wish for the upcoming New Year to be filled with good health, prosperity, and much happiness for each of you. A major thank you to Eric for having such a great site.

  2. And thank you for fighting the good fight. Most of us aren’t able to go full-time freedom fighting, and certainly not the wordsmith you are. We depend on you to compose our message in ways we cannot.


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