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George Washington was not a particularly great military commander – but he was a superb leader. He understood the importance of keeping the forces on his side from fighting each other so they could fight the common enemy. The Southern states could have benefitted from that kind of leadership, which accounts for why the Southern states lost – notwithstanding their many superior generals.

The above is my preface to the news that David Knight has been let go by InfoWars, for reasons that remain unclear but which apparently have nothing to do with David’s character or competence – which makes this a setback in the fight to reclaim the freedom which is under unprecedented assault in this country.

As many  of you know, I have been a regular guest on David’s show for years. So I know him to be everything a journalist ought to be – meticulous, considered, insightful – and above all else, fair. He is everything the TelePrompted “news” readers who smile their fake smiles and regurgitate the party line are not.

It is a god-damned shame that InfoWars took him out of this fight at just the moment people like him are so badly needed. I know how not-easy it is to carefully explain complicated ideas in a conversational, approachable manner. And I am not on the air – live – every day for several hours, on the fly.

David is.

Well, was.

But I expect he’ll be back – soon. It is hard to keep a good man down – and David is a very good man.

I would be pleased if Alex were to reconsider. Whatever the issue that triggered this break, at the end of the day, people on our side should not be cutting off the legs of people on our side. There is a “target rich” field of fire across the lines.

Let’s focus on that – and settle our squabbles after we’ve won this fight.

I’ve told David I will do whatever I can to help and that I would be honored  to be a guest on his Bitchute channel.

Hopefully, more soon.

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  1. Like I told David, Alex would’ve been smart to have someone like him to have been doing his commercials since most reasonable persons turn down the sound when Alex comes on!

    • Hi NW,

      Alex and David obviously have different styles. I will say something very (as Lenin would say) bourgeois: David appeals to middle and upper middle class people, who generally dislike shouting and other such theater. Who like calm, reasoned discussion. Alex seems to be targeting people who enjoy the theater. It doesn’t appeal to me personally. But then, I am bourgeois; a middle-aged/college-educated middle class guy.

      My hope is that both enhance the freedom movement. I’m disappointed that Alex dropped David as this dilutes the effort and – worse – has created internecine friction at precisely the moment when such a thing can only aid and abet the people undermining the freedom movement.

      • My background is almost exactly the same as yours. Interestingly, though, the last name Jones is in my close family tree and in my case, and I’m guessing Alex’s, it reflects his Welsh heritage, which can lead to a “choleric” or extremely passionate communicative style. My wife and daughter have noticed this trait in me from time to time when discussing politics or current events (ahem). In an ethnically diverse society (even among Anglos) I suspect that a preference against this choleric style is not necessarily an inherent aspect of being middle class but rather an expectation of the conditioning of that class. Don’t make waves. Get along to go along. Selfishness is not a virtue. I am my brother’s keeper. Romans 13. Law and Order. Support the troops. You get the idea.

      • Don’t be surprised when you exhort middle class white folks to get fired up and ACT and nothing happens. Maybe some libertarian LARPing and arguments about who is a seventh level NAP wizard with sharp defending the undefendable skills. Maybe, just maybe, a sparsely attended lockdown protest, appropriately masked and distanced, of course, and quickly dispatched by motivated AGWs. On the other hand, like you saw this summer, large numbers of some other folks burned this motha’ down, albeit under shady circumstance and for nefarious political reasons, while the law and order crowd stood down (or was ordered to.) Not for freedom, not for liberty, or any other principle. No expectations of quiet, polite, logical and reasonable arguments petitioning for redress of grievances, either. I know my first, conditioned, reaction was, how wrong and “uncivilized” it seemed. Yet, here we are, in late December, still subject to ridiculous mask requirements, debilitating economic restrictions and actual curfews like its Jamaica in the 70s. Yet, simply yelling about it tends to offend middle class sensibilities.

  2. On the subject of the fight, there’s a newly launched completely free directory of businesses who choose to remain open in the face of tyranny: http://www.StayOpenStayFree.com

    Hope to see more Virginian business owners joining that list, rather than walking proudly in lockstep to the slaughterhouse. This ain’t a K&W Cafeteria you’re bein herded into, folks..

  3. David is the most brilliant analytical commentator on the air and InfoWars credibility will suffer without him. I hope we will know soon where David will take his show and when it will be available again.

    • I follow David on Parler; he made the announcement over there. Many people responded, and they encouraged him to get on Rumble, Bitchute, etc. to start a regular podcast or something. Many folks said that they’d be willing to pay to watch him, a la Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV. Anyway, I hope Dave gets a platform again, because he’s the BEST out there, bar none!

  4. I always found Alex Jones to be just a tad too shrill for my tastes. Much like the Snowflake SJW Wokesters. Passion, like any other emotion can be carried too far, regardless who’s side it comes from. And so I know little about David Knight. If he’s as good as Eric makes him out to be, and I have no reason to suspect otherwise, let’s all hope he finds a better venue, perhaps one a little less shrill.

  5. Alex, keeps taking down my comments and has been doing so for years; the man doesn’t like truth, and is definitely an info warrior to control your mind. Three times, today, the comment below has been deleted off of his sight, a sight he named to protest banned speech.

    Dear Alex,

    There is a song with lyrics, “You’re so unbelievable”; however, you are not.

    Absolutely believable is you would, during a crucial time of organization and survival, eliminate one of the more remarkably important voices, our nation has been afforded, from your studio, i.e. David Knight.

    Your unleveled disposition, (to eliminate his voice before President Trump needs to deny Biden the White House), speaks of disorder more than acts of betrayal and disloyalty, (to dishonor just before Christmas), and with lying statements, ‘It is financial…,’ do tell—once again—of your typical con-man salesmanship.

    Is it a financial problem you have Owen Shroyer advancing his elder, [i.e., the more thoughtful and wise voice of David Knight on banned dot video]? No. Yours is a spiritual and moral blindness typical of a man running amok for decades.

    Meritocracy is not of popularity nor is it of revenue according to our Scriptures, the word of the one whom you claim is Lord over your life, however, within a system where money is seen as your provider and the love and trust of it as your father, certainly, by all means, ‘Owen is to be placed second in the lineup, ahead of the wiser more respectable man,’ says the blinded and deluded man to his company of companions.

    You mishandle your mouth and your life, and your disrespect is accompanied by no sign of repentance, only more and more transparent trickery.

    If David will allay his pride, you must bring him back; God willing, you understand. And, hopefully, he will leave in good time, because, without reform, your organization continues of the devil.

    Yours in Christ, sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone, III; 18 December 2020

    CC, David Knight’s

    • Hi Joseph,

      I am also appalled that Alex “would, during a crucial time of organization and survival, eliminate one of the more remarkably important voices, our nation has been afforded, from your studio, i.e. David Knight.”

      I am hopeful we’ll have his voice back, soon.

  6. Alex Jones talked about it today on the new show today, National Journal. Alex Jones said David was talking about quitting and how he didn’t think Alex should interview Steve assuming Steve is too inaccurate about the ballot watermark and sting operation theory. I like Steve. I like David. I like Alex. I am not totally sure if Alex made the best choice in letting David go. Infowars is running out of money and I understand why Alex made the decision he did. It’s a tough decision to make. I don’t know if Alex is accurate enough in everything he said regarding this situation. I want to believe Alex was only doing what he thought was best for everyone, especially if David really was unhappy with working for Infowars. I mean, if David really was threatening to leave for years, then David probably should have left. But David didn’t leave. So, Alex said he decided to do it for him. Again, I don’t know what I would do if I was Alex but I want to believe Alex made an appropriate move.

  7. ⚡️David hits on all 12-cylinders !!! PS-The truth can get pretty ‘scary’ at times .✨✨🎭 David , ‘All the Best’ for ‘you & yours’ !!!🙏🏼✝️🎄✨

    • Same, Steve –

      I much prefer David’s style. No shouting/hysterics. He never comes across as unbalanced and that is crucial at this time. A person who hears him for the first time is, in my view, far more likely to listen to what he has to say than he would be to someone who is practically screaming in his face.

  8. Shame, he was the only host I truly aligned with on infowars. I liked his level-headed approach to any topic he was presenting and his criticism of Trump. Alex is the one losing in this deal, I will not be going back to infowars anymore.

  9. Agree 100% plus he is one of the MOST OBJECTIVE COMMENTATOR on the Web–Period!! Disagree 100% -David Knight Should NEVER EVER Go back to Infowars –because Alex has become Trump a**kisser! Basically, infowars is all about hero worship of Trump and you cannot say anything even if it is 100% True! Right including conservatives (so called) have become the sheeple that they made fun of the lefties! Yes, the Trump apologists are as bad as obama apologists —-should I say devotees!!
    David, start your own podcast, millions will follow- you! Do NOT besmirch your good standing among objective liberty loving citizens by going back to that infowars swamp!!

  10. Eric,
    On yesterday’s Alex Jones show he basically said that they have been getting less money from product sales and that he is downsizing his operation because he doesn’t have enough funds. He said he let his Nightly News staff go and said he wouldn’t let anyone go if he could afford it. He said was very sorry to lay off David Knight and thanked him for all the outstanding work he has done over the last 9 years working for InfoWars. I’ve heard him over the last year basically beg people to buy from him so he can expand his operation and not contract. He has been saying his audience is growing but fewer people are buying products. It’s nothing personal, he just had to make tough choices on who to let go.

    • hey Charles, I have a oil field in Nigeria, could you send a money order to my address? It is people like you — either so gullible or alex/trump devotee the reason —that David was fired!! You need to get your head out of the sand ….Question Everything!
      David Knight has been 100% honest while Alex is an a**kisser of Trump –hope you can figure out some basic logic?

      • Tompa Tom – Believe what you want to believe. I’ve listened to Alex Jones nearly daily for 10 years and he has always spoken very highly of David Knight, although sometimes highlighting opinion differences. I believe Alex Jones. If that is fault, then I guess I am guilty.

      • Tompa: Yet another NeverTrumper making sure the universe understands their Psychosis. You get a C minus for content and form. Perhaps if you focused on facts vs. your fragile emotions and simple minded understanding of something more intricate than a conventional mousetrap your genius would shine through. Maybe. Or not.

      • Hi Steve,

        This is a very valid point – and among the reasons why the Orange Glow no longer comforts me. You’re right. The OM did nothing – and he could have – to stop the suppression of speech by the tech oligarchs simply by ending their outrageous exemption from liability, which they claim they are entitled to because they are not publishers – which is ridiculous. I also resent the OM for not doing a thing to prevent the mail-in voting juggernaut nor – more fundamentally – do or even say anything to fundamentally contradict the WuFlu hysteria that enabled Biden’s “win” and the destruction of the economy and the imposition of a Sickness Cult on this country.

        • Eric,

          In order to repeal Section 230, an act of Congress would be needed; good luck getting THAT from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats! That said, Trump COULD have done something: charge the Big Tech CEOs for lying to Congress. The last time I checked, the DoJ is in the executive branch, which means Trump is their boss.

          If you remember, back in the fall of 2018 when the GOP still controlled both houses, hearings on tech censorship were held. Please also keep in mind that these hearings occurred AFTER Alex Jones and Laura Loomer had been banned. The Big Tech CEOs lied their asses off; they denied that they were censoring anyone. Ergo, charging them with lying to Congress should’ve been a slam dunk!

          Granted, this wouldn’t have gotten them for censorship, per se, but it WOULD have sent a powerful signal to them that there are certain lines you don’t cross; cross them, you’ll suffer the consequences. Charging the Big Tech CEOs for lying to Congress would’ve been akin to getting Al Capone for tax evasion; while it wouldn’t have punished the real crime, it would have been punishment nonetheless. Does anyone think that Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Pichai, and company would have been so arrogant and brazen during this past election cycle if they’d been arrested, cuffed, perp walked, and spent time in the graybar hotel for what they did in 2018? I think we all know the answer to THAT one!

  11. A lot of folks have posited that Alex Jones is “controlled opposition”. If that’s the case, maybe David Knight’s truthful and accurate reporting was beginning to touch a nerve.

    • Yeah, controlled opposition can still tell the truth too, though.. I’ve seen people throw that claim out there about a lot of personalities.. Jones, Ron Paul, Larken Rose, the list goes on..but it’s not the individuals we should be following, it’s the ideas that matter and when those follow logically then they stand on their own, even if the one influencing may or may not be consisten. It’s really up to each of us to look into things for ourselves and determine whether or not what they’re telling us at the time is true, and Jones is too goddamn charming for me to write off, even after everybody’s talk about him peddling snake oil and being CO

      • I agree; Alex Jones has woken a lot of folks from their slumber, and I still hold out hope that he hasn’t sold out

        It just seems odd that he axed his most talented news man, not long after axing Millie Weaver.

    • Did you see how he treated Millie Weaver in DC–he tried to steal her limelight! alex is No Different than lefty arrogant “me. me..me” insecure guy!! David Knight is Brilliant & Objective and Truthful 100% of time —alex is a Trump a**kisser…do not have to waste my time going there now!

  12. I used to listen to Infowars, before they seemed to go all-in for the Orange Man. I will say that David Knight was probably their most level-headed and reputable reporter. Although I like Alex Jones much of the time, he’s also a bit of a maniac, which is simultaneously his greatest strength and greatest weakness.
    Interesting though. I’m curious to know what happened.

    • I think that’s what I hate the most; we have Owen and Alex who are both lovable on their own, but they tend to be “outrage casters”, whereas David would have me challenging my own thoughts and thinking about who the real enemy is. I just don’t get it; if I had to choose the War Room or The David Knight show, I choose David.

      • alex & his minions are FRAUDS!! they are controlled oppostion just like rush, tucker hannity & levin etc.
        If you are still with faux news…it is all about $$$$$$……if these people had any self-respect, they would left faux news long back!
        alex shilling for Trump when trump wants vaccination by military….do not care if Trump loses…he lost most of us with untested dangerous vaccines –Period!!

  13. Not sure how much truth there’s been to it but it’s sounded like their funding has been an issue for awhile in light of all the legal shit, he’s mentioned how he’s had to cut others loose to start other sites and channels on their own without him. May not be personal at all, dunno.

  14. Eric,

    Thanks for this. I MISS DAVID’S SHOW ALREADY! I literally built my day around his show; that is to say if I had any business to do, like a Dr. or vet appointment, I scheduled it for the afternoon. Today felt so strange without him on… 🙁


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