Latest Radio: David Knight Show 11/26/19

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Here’s the audio of my chat yesterday with David Knight; my segment starts about 10 minutes in!


  1. Speak of the Devil!

    I compared some of these shows to The National Enquirer, and how that association with them might well kill one’s credibility, no matter how spot-on one’s message is…..

    Whelp….now, The National Enquirer has published an article proclaiming that LBJ ordered JFK’s assassination- and though that may very well be true, the fact that such has now appeared in The National Enquirer- with no evidence to back it up, of course, will essentially relegate what likely is the God’s honest truth forever to the realm of wild tin-foil hat conspiracy theories- and thus essentially remove such a scenario (that of LBJ ordering the hit) from the list of credible options as to what really happened.

    See how this works? They can use the very truth- saying it openly and plainly- but because of it’s context and association, that truth is actually used against itself, and actually aids the lies….

    These bastards are diabolically clever!

    • A lot of evidence has come out in the last decade that solves the JFK assassination pointing directly to LBJ. The most damning are the death bed confessions. The reason why those files are still sealed is because they aren’t all dead yet or the CIA fears the people figuring out what it participated in. Furthermore it may be the reason Trump is still around. They don’t dare do that again with this stuff hanging out there.

      The National Enquirer has over the last several years run a few real stories the mainstream media won’t touch. It’s a strange sort of publication.

  2. I FIBALLY had the time to watch one of these things- That was GREAT, Eric! I have to watch more of these things!

    (Awww, geez…. now there’s Alex Jones[?] hawking some magic pills……. WHY do they do this? This ruins their credibility. What a shame. I was gonna send a link to this to my niece, but I’d be embarrassed to now, and that will prejudice her against everything else…. WTH?!

    • Alex Jones has all of the telltale signs of an intelligence asset.

      Another “alternative” media figure that’s compromised is Matt Drudge. I’ve lost count of the amount of warmongering headlines he’s posted.

      • Absolutely, Handler- I’ve been saying that about Jones forever.

        Despite the fact that shows like this appear to give real-deal guys like Eric a platform, in actuality, I believe what they are is damage-control for the overlords.

        I mean, sure, for guys like us, we can just listen and enjoy and say “Amen!” and ignore the magic pills and such- no problemo-

        But….get someone who isn’t in the know, or who may be starting to wake up to listen, and they hear the BS and over-the-top stuff, and…instant turn-off- “These people are tin-foil-hatters!”- and thus anything that anyone connected with the show says; any concepts they espouse, no matter how painfully and obviously true, become discredited; and in the listener’s attempt to not be associated with “kooks”, they dive onto the mainstream bandwagon.

        I’ve seen it happen with the 9/11 “truther” movement.

        It’s sad. You’d think that getting the truth out there by any means possible could only be a good thing- but even the truth when put in a bad context, can actually be used against itself and those who proclaim it.

        As an analogy, I think of the irreparable harm that the Calf-lick church has done to the credibility of Christianity. I know more people who became atheists because of their past involvement in the Cat-holic religion……

        I mean, just think: If you had, say, a store and wanted to play this broadcast in the establishment, figuring that some customers being exposed to the obvious truths which we espouse might strike a chord with them and set them on the path of inquiry towards the truth- they’d hear the ranting about magic pills and some of the crazy theories, etc. and would conclude that anything connected with such a show must be tin-foil hat stuff for morons, and would likely from that point forward be forever resistant to anything they remotely associate with such people.

        “Climate change is a hoax?- Hahaha! That what those crazy tin-foil hatters who buy Alex Jones’s magic pills believe!”.

      • It’s like trying to proclaim the truth in The National Enquirer, right next to an article about someone’s cousin in Alabama being abducted and anally-probed by aliens from space.

    • Nunzio,

      AJ and Infowars sell products to support and pay for their operation. They were totally deplatformed from all social media sites; they were banned from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, everything. Before the ban happened, they saw the writing on the wall, and they prepared for it. What they do takes money, so they raise it selling stuff people want to buy.

      I haven’t tried any of their supplements. However, I have tried their toothpaste, and it’s the BEST I ever used, hands down! I won’t use any thing else now; it’s that good. My mouth feels like it’s really clean. Better yet, I don’t have any stinky morning breath an hour or so after brushing. Even after using mouthwash, my mouth would just feel like it was spewing bad breath when I used all other toothpastes. With their toothpaste, I don’t get that any more. Plus, my teeth are literally squeaky clean.

      • It’s simply a cover to hide the fact that he has a silent partner. I highly doubt selling supplements covers all of his business expenses along with his lavish lifestyle (lives in a mansion and owns $50k+ cars).

        • Hi Handler,

          I’ve not yet spoken to Alex; I do know David Knight a bit as he has interviewed me several times and he seems to be a good dude. I do worry that, by appearing on the AJ Show, I am setting myself up to be characterized as a “tinfoiler.” Which is why I am studiously careful to be measured and reasonable.

          • Hey Ya Eric!

            I rather like what I’ve seen of David Knight. I don’t think that he, nor you, nor many others who participate in such broadcasts are bad guys; on the contrary, I’d say most are very good guys- or at the very least, guys who are honestly making it their priority to proclaim the truth and thus help people; and most are likely doing so [like yourself] to the detriment of their own finances, because they believe in what they are doing, and aren’t in it for the money [If they were in it for the money, they could just as easily work in the mainstream and make a lot more, right?].

            It’s the people higher up; the ones who run these big shows, and those whom they work for, who are the problem. They use you good guys, throu8gh such techniques as I described below in my reply to MM, to discredit and do damage to the very cause you’re trying to advance.

            It’s only the small independent individuals with their own sites/shows ,such as yourself, who can really do any good. No, you[plural] can not get the numbers that ‘they’ can; but it doesn’t matter, ’cause even most of their numbers are just preaching to the choir; and what mainstreamers they do attract- of the ones who give enough of a damn to care, will be turned against what you[plural] say almost instantly, as I described in my reply to MM below. One could say that any exposure where one is allowed to proclaim the truth unfettered is good exposure….but I do believe in the context of purposely-designed bad advertising and among other guests/hosts who may be fearmongers, rumormongers, speculators, nut-jobs, provocateurs, etc. such exposure is actually detrimental, both to the cause and the one proclaiming it.

            I mean, sheesh, you just have to mention the name Alex Jones to any mainstreamer- and if they’ve heard of him at all (as many now have) they have an extremely unfavorable image of him, and basically write him off as a kook and the king of the tin-foil-hatters. (Heck, I’m certainly no mainstreamer, and that’s MY opinion of him!)- So picture someone who is otherwise clueless coming across your spot with David Knight- Even though you were FLAWLESS and wonderful, and presented a wonderful, logical, seamless argument which can not be refuted- then Alex Jones comes on selling a magic pill regimen wherein you’re supposed to take 35 pills a day to stay healthy…. PFffftttt! Everything that person hjas heard you say, and may have even been mulling over, is now out the window, as he clicks away/turns it off and says “Ha! They almost got me with that tin-foil hat stuff!”.

            If I were in your shoes, I would want to be above this stuiff/far away from it. I mean, when the Brady Bunch aired back in the day, the network didn’t run commercials during it’s airing for morning-after pills and divorce lawyers…..

            • I stopped listening to AJ quite a number of years ago now because he got to be so over the top. Early on I could ignore his antics and go to his sources. That was valuable. It probably still is. The articles and stories were usually very well sourced. Going right back to the government documents and other original source material. It was simple task to ignore what they wrote/said and go to the cites read them for myself and draw my own conclusion.

        • Alex Jones should be making some serious coin without selling all the supplements and stuff. He was doing rather well before starting that part of the business. I think he looked at who was advertising on his show and decided that he could make money doing that himself. Some of the first stuff as I recall were joint efforts with those who bought commercials on his program.

      • Hi Mark,

        Thanks for bringing that up. I have talked off-air with David Knight and know the problems they have in re de-platforming and de-monetizing. The same happened to me. I decided to base my survival on direct reader support – without trying to sell people anything. I can get away with this because I don’t have staff and I have a low overhead. But, it does limit what I can do. I can’t afford a full-time computer person or even a copy editor (which I would give my right nut to have). And I can’t afford to build a custom web site or do the marketing and promotion AJ does.

        I’m glad he reaches a large audience; I’m trying to do the same on a Blue Light Special budget!

      • Hey, MM,

        Yeah, I get advertising and capitalism and all…. and I don’t doubt that your toothpaste is great (You’re making me want to try it!)- but here’s the thing: NO ONE spends hundreds of dollars to buy a regimen of non-specific magic pills, because some ex-FBI dude with a raspy voice hawks it on some broadcast (a broadcast which bills itself as having “no commercials” no less!). It is nothing more than a psychological ploy to subliminally say to mainstreamers: “This stuff is for crazy people; ignore and move on; and any time you hear someone knocking EVs or climate change or vaccines, just remember that these are the people who buy magic pills and email-marketing courses”.

        I think part of the problem is, that any of you guys who still watch TV/MSM, have become so used to all of the disingenuousness off modern advertising, that it has just become expected and normal- so rather than taking offense that the media would try to ply you with psychological trickery, repetitiveness[the simplest and most effective form of mind-control] and the treating of you as though you were an idiot, you simply ignore it.

        So why wouldn’t people just ignore the magic pill ads? Well, on TV, the shows are designed to work on an emotional, rather than logical level. With a TV show, you are not being out-right presented with new ideas and information to rationally analyze, and so your rational, logical senses are mostly asleep, and it really doesn’t matterr what’s being advertised, since the shows aren’t asking you to believe a new or foreign-to-you concept; or one which is not widely accepted and reinforced by society at-large, it doesn’t matter what they are selling, or how sleazy the ads are….just that you WATCH the shows- and since you see them as entertainment; or even “news” (as long as it’s mainstream and socially accepted by large numbers of people) they know that you won’t care.

        On the other hand, when you are listening to something that is presenting you with information which may be foreign to you; is presenting you with a scenario which is outside of the mainstream and not believed by the average people around you, and which contradicts what you have heard in the media; in school, etc. not only does your brain immediately switch to LOGICAL-RATIONAL mode )instead of passive emotional mode), but you become skeptical (and rightly so) everything connected with that source of information.

        So, someone hearing the wonderful truths proclaimed by someone such as Eric, who may never have considered such things [The very people ostensibly for whom such shows as Info Wars exist] before, and who may be willing to at least give such ideas a little consideration; upon being presented with an ad for magic pills in the midst of such a presentation, is going to laughj and say “What am I, crazy, even thinking for a second that these people who are hawking this crap could be serious?! By advertising this stuff, and in such a way, they obviously think that their audience is comprised of idiots! Ergo, these “conspiracy theories” are purely for idiots! I’ll nev er give such things even a passing thought again, because I am not an idiot!”.

        If you don’t believe that context is importasnt, just look at how it works in reverse: How many advertisers will boycott/withdraw support from a TV show if they feel that it portrays a negative image/socially unacceptable message/etc.?


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